Wife's High School Reunion

by mannyjackie

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Desc: Sex Story: Old flame seduces wife into her first cheating experience

My story is about my wife and what happened at her high school reunion a few years ago in her words.

Well I guess timing in life is everything, my high school reunion was coming up and it just so happened that it came at a low point in my marriage. After almost ten years of marriage I was feeling kind of lonely and not very desirable. Our conversation seemed rare and mostly about our child, while sex had become infrequent and when we did have it, was very short and quick if you know what I mean. Despite this I was very much in love with my husband and never thought about anything drastic because I knew it was just a little rough spot all marriages go through.

I made plans to attend the reunion without my husband because I figured it would be much easier then getting a babysitter for our little one and then having him feeling out of place all night anyway. Besides I wanted to be able to hang with all my old girlfriends and talk about the old days.

Well that night came and I had brought a black dress that looked great on me. It was a little short a bit tight and had to be worn without a bra. After I put it on I thought maybe it was a little too sexy but figured what the hell. Well as expected my husband did not even notice, as he was too busy watching a ball game.

I arrived at the party and the first person I saw was on old ex named Joe, he had gained a little weight on his thin frame of years ago but still looked handsome. Joe and I had dated in freshman year and then again for a while in my junior year, he was a great guy but had been very quiet. I never slept with him and don't think I had gotten past a breast feel as he was pretty shy and I was not very aggressive in those days.

Well right away I realized he was quiet and shy no more as he came right over gave me a big hug and a peck on the lips. He couldn't stop looking at me and saying how great I looked and how pretty my dress was. Well the complement and the strong air conditioning had my nipples bursting through my dress and I felt a bit self-conscious about it. Well we chatted away and met many other friends but Joe never left my side for more then a moment. I guess you could say we were flirting with each other but it felt so good to have a man look at me like that. Every time I glanced at him I would catch him looking at me. After the last few months of getting no attention at home I was so happy that Joe was there.

The night flew by as talked and had dinner. After dinner he asked me to dance, we danced for quite a while and then a slow song came on and he held me close, well it was electric. I don't know what it was but I guess it was all the attention he gave me, feeling his body rub against my thin dress or the wine but all I know is that it felt great and I didn't want the night to end.

We danced a few more slow songs as the night went on and it got closer and closer, I guess you could say we were grinding each other pretty good. He never touched me in any forward way but I could feel his body against mine. After seven years of marriage this was the first man in many years that I had danced with like this other then my husband. Then the music stopped and the bands said good night and have a safe trip home. I walked back to the table thinking what a great night I had just had. Then Joe grabs my arm and says that a few people were going out for breakfast if I would like to join them, like an old married fool I said I wasn't hungry. But then he said well then lets just go for a ride or sit out side for a while and talk. Well I didn't want to be seen driving in his car so I said had to get home soon but we could talk in the parking lot for a while.

It seemed innocent enough and it pretty much started that way, we talked for almost an hour just leaning on his car when I started fussing with my high heels, which by now were killing my feet. He noticed and said we should sit in the car, at first I said oh it's late and I have to head home but he said just another few minutes.

Well I got in his big car and he asked me to put my feet on his lap, I just kind of sat there not knowing what to say and he said I am just going to rub them silly. Well I still didn't know what to say so I shifted and put my bare feet against his leg. As if all the attention he had given me was not enough now the guy was rubbing my sore feet for me, well as he did I noticed his eye wander a bit because my short skirt coupled with raised feet were giving him nice glimpses of my legs maybe even my panties. As we talked and he rubbed my feet I continually pulled at my skirt.

Well we chatted and I got more comfortable as he gave me a great foot massage, never going any higher then my ankles. Time flew and I started to get a little nervous as I looked at his clock and saw it was 3am. I was in a dark deserted parking lot with my high school boyfriend rubbing my feet, what the hell was I going to tell my husband I did from 1 to 3am. Well it was at that point that I told him I better get going. He politely said that he understood. As I tried shifting myself around and not totally show him my underwear he asked me for a good night kiss, I looked at him a little puzzled but he gave me these little puppy dog eyes and said please just one like in high school. Well I froze for a minute knowing I shouldn't but all I could think of was he had treated me like a princess all night long and never done anything out of line, how could I not give him a kiss.

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