Water Works

by Jefferson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a story of a young woman caught on that road paved with good intentions and leading to Hell.

Copyright © 2003 by Jefferson

This story is a work of fiction. All events and persons, living and dead, are fictional. Any resemblence to an actual person or event is purely coincidental. The author in no way condones the actions in this story.

This story was edited by Terry Steyaert with my deepest and eternal gratitude.

Alexa Brady stepped into the locker room. She was one of the last customers of the day at Rudy's Gym. The aerobics class she took each Thursday night had ended more than an hour before. All the girls in her class had long since showered, dressed and headed home. Alexa had decided to stick around, run a few laps, take some time in the empty hot tub and spend a little time in the normally full sauna. She had enjoyed her workout very much.

She had seen a few people still working out, mostly dedicated men working to become serious body builders and she had seen a few women also, mostly irregulars who would come in after work whenever they felt like it. 'No dedication, ' Alexa thought to herself.

Alexa moved to her locker and pulled out the towel, soap and shampoo she kept there and pulled the elastic hair band from her hair. Her raven black hair fell down over her shoulders. She tossed the hair band into her locker and set the towel, soap and shampoo on the bench. She then sat down beside it and pulled off her shoes and socks and set them on the opposite side of her. She then stood up and pulled the dark blue spandex leotard off her shoulders and pushed it down over her large breasts. She continued to push it down and past her hips until it fell into a pile around her ankles. She picked it up and set it on top of her shoes. Her white tights followed. She picked them up and laid them on top of spandex workout outfit. She then picked up her shoes, tights and outfit and shoved them into her locker and pulled out the small flip flops she used as shower shoes.

She dropped the shower shoes on the floors and slipped her feet into them. Now naked except for the flip flops, she picked up the towel, soap and shampoo and headed for the showers. There were eight shower heads in the gang shower room. She decided to use the first one. She set her towel down on a bench right beside the showers so it wouldn't get wet, carried her soap and shampoo with her and stepped into the shower room. She played with the brass knob to get the water turned on and adjusted to a comfortable temperature and then stepped beneath it.

She set the soap and shampoo in the small hole in the wall provided just for that purpose. Then allowed the water to wet down her hair. It stuck to her back and neck. She let the water run over her, allowing it to relax her muscles. After a moment, she turned her back to the water and allowed the hot water to beat down on her shoulders. "Damn, that feel's good." She thought.

Feeling a little better, Alexa turned back around and picked up the bottle of shampoo. She poured a dollop into her hand and then closed the bottle and set it back in its place. She then stuck her head under the water and let it wet her hair again. She then began rubbing the shampoo into her long black hair. She threw her head back as her mother had taught her to keep the shampoo from running in her eyes but she was too late. Some soapy lather ran down her forehead and right into her eyes. She closed her eyes and continued to scrub her hair and scalp.

Alexa was still scrubbing her hair when she heard someone else step into the shower. "Hello? Who's there?" She asked, unable to open her eyes to look. There was no response. Without warning, someone grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back to them. She could feel strong arms holding her and then large hands cupped and squeezed her breasts.

"Scream and I will beat the shit out of you." A man whispered in her ear. "Do what you're told and this won't take long."

His hands continued to squeeze her breasts and she could feel his strong chest against her back. She knew he didn't have a shirt on. She wondered if he had already undressed. Alexa knew she was about to be raped and she knew there was nothing she could do about it. She had always dreamed of being taken, now it was coming true. She shivered; she wasn't sure whether it was fear or anticipation. The man continued to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples. She could feel him breathing on her neck and then he kissed and sucked at her neck. "Oh God!" she whispered. Her hands still tangled in her soapy hair. He twisted her nipples until it hurt and laughed a little.

The man pulled her firmly against him and dragged her backwards in the shower, her flip flops slid off her feet. "Don't look at me," he growled and then pushed her down. "Get on your hands and knees," he ordered. She complied and lowered herself to her knees. She finally pulled her hands from her hair and searched for the tile floor. The man used his foot and pushed her knees further apart and then she felt him kneel between them.

The man reached a hand between her legs and found her pussy lips. He pushed them apart and slid a fat finger in between. He found her clit and began to tickle it. Alexa began to cry as her pussy began to get wet from the stimulation. Alexa told herself, that it wasn't her. It was just her body doing what came natural to it.

"Getting nice and wet," the man said. Alexa was sure his voice was changing. When he had first spoken, his voice had been much deeper, then later it became a growl, throaty kind of talking and now it seemed less throaty, but not as deep either. She wondered if he was altering his voice but she didn't have time to think about it. The man's fat finger slid up her pussy and found her entrance. He pushed his finger inside callously and Alexa was pushed a little forward from the violence and grunted. Tears streamed down her face. Another fat finger slid into her and he continued to ram them into her brutally. Then, just as suddenly as he started, he stopped and his fingers were gone.

Alexa got only a short reprieve before she felt him rubbing against her pussy lips again. This wasn't a finger though. It was much too thick. She realized just as it slid between her pussy lips, that it was his cock. He was going to fuck her now. "Please use protection," she begged.

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