Roller Coaster Ride

by mannyjackie

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Swinging, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: His wife finally has another man or does she?

About two years ago I told my wife what I felt at the time was a very deep dark secret. I shyly told her about my little fantasy I had been hiding for a few years which evolved watching her with another man. Her reaction was not as bad as I had feared, she told me that it was one weird fantasy and jokingly told me to get some professional help. As time went on I was able at least to get her to play along a bit with me and call me by another name in bed but that was about it. She was very open sexually otherwise and had been very active before we got married so I always held out the glimmer of hope that someday she would meet someone that would get her thinking about having another man with my approval. She also still looked great so I know she attracted her share of attention.

Once again summer had arrived and my two kids went to camp for two weeks, this was something we looked forward to every summer cause we became a kid less couple. We would enjoy going out more, more quality sex and just the general piece and quiet.

After a great weekend together I went off to work Monday morning as is normal, my wife only works during the school year so I left her sleeping when I left. It was a very hectic morning at work with a few meetings and a few stressful problems. In my last meeting at about 1:00 with a couple of people my phone rang. I saw it was my wife's cell number calling so I picked it up. My wife said Hi and sounded like she was at some kind of bar as I could hear a lot of noise in the background.

I asked her where she was and she reminded me that she had told me last week she was having lunch with a friend, she then quickly asked me if I was sure I wanted to have my fantasy come true. Well she sent my head spinning, I had people in my office so I couldn't really talk to her in detail but I wasn't really sure what she meant or what fantasy. I vaguely remembered her telling me something about lunch last week but I was watching a game on TV and didn't really pay attention. I stuttered and she firmly asked yes or no, I responded a half hearted yes and she said, okay then I love you babe and hung up.

After the call I couldn't focus on what I was doing so I wrapped up the meeting and sat by myself. I tried calling her cell and our home but got no answer on either. My mind was going a mile a minute as I tried to remember who she was having lunch with and what fantasy was she referring too. I mean it had to be some kind of vacation or Yankees tickets; it couldn't be my "her with another guy fantasy". The next couple of hours seemed like an eternity as I went from nervous to excited and back to nervous.

I couldn't take it any more at 4:30 and decided to make a lame excuse to leave work early. The commute home seemed like it took forever but finally I got home at about 5:15. I stood there for a moment and looked at her car in the driveway wondering what I would see inside and what my reaction would be. I remembered something a guy on the Internet that had watched his wife with another man told me. He said it was like a real kick ass roller coaster ride; it made your adrenalin pump exciting you, while also scaring the crap out of you. After a few minutes of reflection I walked up to the door and entered.

I called her name but didn't hear anything back, then I heard the shower running and went over to the bathroom door afraid to open it I said Hi sweetie. She yelled back Hi babe your home early I will be right out. I relaxed thinking that I had over reacted about her phone call. God knows what lame fantasy she was talking about I thought to myself. I walked over to our bedroom to change into some shorts and I was taken back at what I saw. The bed was slept in not made which was very unusual for my wife at this time of day since she is a clean freak. I also then noticed her clothes all over the floor. I think I was getting a little sick to my stomach. Then as I walked to the other side I saw a used condom on the floor. I sat on the bed and held my head thinking Oh my god she did it. At this point I didn't know whether I liked my roller coaster ride or not, I felt scared but not excited.

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