Fishing Days

by curious2c

Copyright© 2004 by curious2c

Sex Story: Husband is kidnapped at the lakeside cabin. Three women do the kidnapping and what follows is... well read the story and find out.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Light Bond   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism   .

Having been married for over ten years, our sex life had gotten a bit boring. My wife liked sex, but didn't always feel like having sex. I guess that she had to think about it for a bit to get warmed up, and life being what it is, she just didn't think about it too often.

I, on the other hand, always wanted sex. Some of our biggest fights had been over sex and her not being available or wanting it more often than she did. My frustration had been growing for the last two years. It seemed that the more frustrated I got, the less she wanted it.

Finally, I began to go out on weekends with my buddies, fishing or hunting. Pretty much every weekend I would be out of the house doing something with friends. Cheryl, my wife, didn't care, matter of fact she welcomed my being gone since I wouldn't be pestering her for sex.

One weekend I went out to the cabin on the lake to do some fishing. My buddies who were supposed to come out with me didn't make it. I got a call at the cabin about two hours after I got there that Friday night and both of them bowed out. Since I was there, I decided to go ahead and stay and fish anyway.

I spent that night getting the boat ready to go out on the lake, and then went into the small town that was nearby to get some food for the weekend. As I pulled up, three ladies came out in a small huddle, laughing and carrying on. They appeared to be around my age and I overheard them talking about the cabin they had rented for the weekend.

I stood by as they walked past me and I caught one of them giving me the once over. It was a long and slow bottom to top and back down look. She didn't miss much of my body at all either since I was wearing cut-offs and a T-shirt.

They smiled and said hi as they moved past and I just nodded to them. I went in to find the guy behind the counter still blushing from their commentary. I hadn't heard them, but as I paid for the stuff I got he mentioned that those women had embarrassed him quite a bit.

Evidently they had been making comments about taking advantage of him in the back of the store, one at a time. He had gotten a bit nervous since they seemed serious, and he wasn't sure how much of what they said was joking. I had arrived at just the right time to cause them to take off instead.

I joked with him about the ladies, and then left to go back to the cabin. I put my food away and then made a small supper. I called Cheryl and let her know that I was by myself, and tried to talk her into coming up to spend the weekend with me. As I expected, she begged off saying she had lots of house work to do.

"Sam, you know I don't like that place. It's too rustic, too isolated."

"Come-on Cheryl, it has plumbed water and inside bathrooms and is even a bit nicer than our home. What is so bad about this place?"

"If I come out there you won't leave me alone. You'll pester me for sex constantly. You know I don't like it when you do that."

I saw another fight cropping up, so I just dropped it and finished our conversation without trying to get her to come out. I was disappointed, but not surprised. Usual stuff for me by now.

I settled in and ate my dinner by the fireplace as it was a cool night, and then went to bed. In the morning, I got up early and went out on the boat for a few hours fishing. I caught some nice trout and took them back into the cabin, cleaned them and tossed them in the freezer. It had gotten pretty warm, so I stripped down to T-shirt and cut-offs again, and then took a walk on the beach.

Our cabin is pretty far out and away from all the other lakeside cabins. My grandfather had bought quite a bit of land years ago, and it kept our part of the lake quite isolated. I walked from one side of the property to the other, about two miles in length. It helped to clear my head of the stress that built up over time from the last time I had been out.

I saw a boat out in the lake and once in a while I could hear laughter carry out over the water to where I was standing. As I got back to the boat dock, I heard some shouting and looking out I saw that whoever was in that boat, was having serious trouble. It appeared that it was getting low in the water, as in sinking.

My boat being right there and ready to go, I jumped in and without another thought ran out to where they were. It was those three ladies and their boat was sinking. Somehow they had managed to hit a rock somewhere and it had torn a long gash in the stern.

"Oh, our hero is here to save us. Thank God you came along when you did, or we would have had to swim. I'm not a good swimmer either."

"My cabin is right over there, I saw you were having some trouble, so I came right out. I'll hook on to your boat and tow it into my dock. We can haul it there and inspect the damage."

"Thank you. I don't know how we hit that rock. We were going along and suddenly POW, knocked us flat on our backs too. I think it may have damaged the motor as well, it stalled right after that and we haven't been able to get it started since."

"Hop in my boat, just in case, and I'll tie your boat off to mine. We'll have to hurry, you're sinking pretty fast now."

Their boat was getting low in the water and I was worried about making that run to the dock. I took out my knife and had it ready to cut the line should their boat sink too far. I didn't want my boat following theirs under.

I made the run in pretty fast considering that their boat was a solid drag on mine, and I put it right on the ramp. One of them had their bilge pump on and as they held the boat in close to the dock, I ran my trailer down and we pulled their craft out.

"Your outdrive is gone."

"Yeah, I figured that we had damaged it. Can it be fixed?"

"I don't think you understand... your outdrive is flat gone. It broke off the motor and is on the bottom of the lake I guess. It isn't there anymore."

"Oh no. Is that real expensive?"

"Next to the motor, the most expensive thing on a boat like yours is the outdrive. Your looking at several thousand dollars at least. Actually, you may be better off junking this one and getting a new one. The hull is pretty torn up too. From what I can see just like this, your whole stern, outdrive, and motor will need to be replaced. A new boat would probably be cheaper."

"Damn. That bad huh? My dad is not going to be happy with me. He expects me to take care of his baby and I just killed it. How much is a 26 footer like this anyway?"

"Well, this model is worth around... I'd guess... $40,000.00 or so. Pretty nice outfit for the lake."

"Oh shit. Dad is going to kill me. Right after he disowns me."

"He may have insurance that could cover it... check and find out. You can keep your boat here at my cabin, I have lots of room. I'm planning on leaving my boat in the water for the summer anyway."

"This is your cabin?"

"Yeah, my home away from home. I spend quite a bit of time here. Wife doesn't care for it, but it is all mine, inherited. My grandfather built it years ago. Um... you need to make a phone call to your dad? I have a phone right inside there."

"Oh that would be great."

"You all can come in. I have some beer and soda pop if anyone is thirsty. I need to clean up a bit before I take you girls to wherever you're staying."

I had just now noticed that they were all wearing bikini's and they filled them nicely too. My thoughts were on their predicament so I was trying to be helpful. I led the way inside, and pointed out the phone and bathroom to them. I went on into the kitchen and got some pop for all of us and set them down on the coffee table.

Cleaning up in the master bath, I heard them giggling and laughing. For having had such a lousy day, sinking their boat and all, I was surprised that they would be so jovial yet. I had lathered up my face with soap, so my eyes were closed, when I felt the cool air of an opened door.

Hands began to caress my body as I struggled to rinse my face off. I was in a panic by the time I could open my eyes. Looking around I saw all three of them reaching out to touch me here and there.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?"

"What does it look like we are doing? Checking you out. You have a nice... body you know."

The way she said that, with that hesitation and all, let me know that it wasn't just my body they were interested in. I could see that I was in trouble here and tried to change the subject.

"So, were you able to get a hold of your dad?"

As I said that one of them grabbed my cock through my cut-offs and was holding it tight.

"She didn't get a hold of her dad, but I got a nice hold on you. You're packing quite a weapon there stud."

I pulled away from them all, and then pushed past and out into the bedroom. I knew that I had to get out and away from them as soon as I could. They were the most aggressive women I had ever seen.

"I'm married."

"Yeah? So?"

"Well, you shouldn't be touching me like you are. You're three grown women, you know better."

I was backing away from them, trying to get around them without seeming to panic.

"We know that we like what we have here. You're a man, with all the right... tools to satisfy us. A girl needs satisfaction you know. I'll bet you know how to do that just right too. Married men are always the best when it comes to sex and stuff."

The quiet one began to talk now. Her tone was friendly, but at the same time, edgy.

"Yeah, you are quite handsome, and your cock is nice. We've been checking you out. Wanna play?"

"Look, you are all quite good-looking and everything, but I have never cheated on my wife in over tens years, I'm not about to start now."

"Who said anything about cheating? We don't want to cheat, we want to fuck."

"Yeah, we just want to play, and besides we owe you for the tow and rescuing us and all too."

The third one chimed in now, having been moving around to block my escape.

"Hey you guys, lets get his clothes off and show him how thankful we really are."

"Good idea Mandy. Carol, grab his arm. Mandy, take his other one. I'll get his clothes off."

I jumped away and ran out of the bedroom with them in hot pursuit. I made it to the living room and one of them tackled me. As I fell I ended up half on and half off the couch. Immediately the other two had my arms held back.

I struggled to get loose, but they were able to hold me. As I began to argue with them about this incredible scene Sue, the one whose dad owned the boat, began to undo my clothes and take them off.

I struggled a bit here and there, beginning to get worried about this whole thing. How would I ever explain this to my wife? Sue ran off and soon came back with some rope that had been in their boat.

After struggling with me, they managed to get my legs, then my arms tied up pretty well. I was spread eagled, and naked in my living room. Three strangers, women, having overpowered me rather smoothly.

As I laid there they stood around and talked about my body and what they planned on doing to... well, with me.

"Wow, he has a nice cock. Circumcised and everything. Kinda soft, but I'll bet we can change that with some... work. What do you think Mandy?"

"Oh yeah. I want to see how big he gets. I hope he is bigger than the last guy we had. That little six incher was disappointing."

I wondered about that guy. Had he been a willing participant in their... 'fun'? Somehow I doubted it. These 'ladies' knew what and how to take what they wanted, like they had done this quite a bit before. I could see myself being in the headlines. 'Dead man found floating naked in lake.' I was in trouble and not sure how much trouble I was in for sure yet.

Mandy had begun to lick and kiss my cock, holding it up in her hands as she did. Sue stripped off her bikini, revealing a clean-shaven moist pussy. She moved to straddle my head, and as I looked up I saw drops of liquid hanging on her soft and tender pussy-lips. I knew what was coming, and realized that I had pretty much no choice in the matter, so I resigned myself to participating until I could hopefully get free.

Sue lowered her pussy down and soon my nose was rubbing her slit as she began to ride my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked her finding that her taste was quite sweet and fresh. I felt her shudder as the tip of my tongue touched her clit.

I couldn't see anything but Sue's pussy up close and personal, so to speak, but I could feel two tongues fighting over my cock. Despite my fears and misgivings, I was soon sporting a hard-on and those tongues and lips were going like crazy on it.

Here I was, a middle-aged man, married and faithful to his wife, being 'taken' like the proverbial hundred pound weakling. They did have to work on me to get me hard so I felt a bit better about everything. I had never figured that a man could be raped... and here I was, proving that it could happen.

"If you suck and fuck us real good tonight, in the morning we will let you go. I promise that you will enjoy our fun as much as we do too. No hard feelings? I mean, we know you are married and all, but if you are here and your wife isn't, then you must not be getting enough, ya know?"

I couldn't answer since her pussy lips were grinding on my mouth and nose. I just mumbled and as I did she moaned and began to really rub herself on me. Realizing that the vibrations from my mumbling must have brought her close, I determined to get her off fast, and hopefully quicken my ordeal.

I began to hum, and as I did her moans became cries of passion. Her legs locked around my head and she ground down harder and harder, causing me to not be able to breathe. I forged on with the humming, in hopes she would cum soon and let me breathe.

"Ohhhh... Fuck... yes... YES... YES... God... mmmm... mmmphhh... YES... FUCK..."

Her cries were louder and louder, her hips jerking as she came pretty hard. I tasted her juices as she squirted a rather large amount into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could and managed to get most of them.

Sue collapsed off of me and rolled to the side, her breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

"Oh Jesus girls, you gotta try this guy's mouth. He really knows how to eat a girl out good."

Mandy, her eyes locked on mine, moved up and straddled my face, just before she lowered her pussy down on me she smiled and caressed my cheek with her hands.

"Okay lover, do me just like you did Sue. She has never came like that before and I want to experience that same feeling. See? I told you married guys knew what the fuck to do when it comes to fucking girls."

As she said that last part she was lowering down on my mouth. Her thinly trimmed pussy beckoning to my senses. I tasted my third pussy in over ten years, and the second in a matter of minutes. The last time I had eaten my wife had been several months ago on our anniversary. She hadn't liked it that much, nothing for sure, like these young ladies seemed to like it anyway.

I felt the mouth on my cock leave and then a warm and wet glove slipped over the head of it and slowly slipped down until I could feel her mound rubbing on my pubic bone. Pussy muscles grasping my shaft and alternately tugging and then relaxing, massaging my hardness.

Mandy's eyes were on mine as she moved around on my face, my nose rubbing her clit just right as her moans were telling me. Her hands were behind her and on my belly. Carol, the young lady on my cock reached out and began to caress Mandy's breasts.

Mandy's eyes closed as the stimulation from my tongue and mouth, combined with Carol's hands and fingers drove her into a trance. I moved my body to try to get a bit more comfortable and as I did my cock drove up farther into Carol's pussy.

Moans were coming from all around me and I just let things go beginning to lose my fears and getting into the act of sex. I closed my eyes for a bit until I felt someone releasing one of my hands.

Sue was pulling on my arm and positioning it and soon my fingers were getting wet with warm juices from a very tight pussy. Here I was, getting fucked by one girl, getting my face literally sat on by a second and my hand being guided to the pussy of a third. I forgot about being married, forgot about being at my cabin, and just reveled in the sexual nirvana I was participating in.

Mandy began to get close to her climax and I began to hum, just as I had done for Sue. It didn't take Mandy long and she was rocking back and forth hard on my face, cumming exquisitely. She rolled off me, overcome by my humming and moaning laid beside me.

Carol, leaned forward and let her breasts rub on my chest as she bounced on my shaft. Her orgasm was approaching, as was mine. I raised my head as best I could and licked her nipples three times before she orgasmed hard and I shot off inside her. Her head ended up by mine, her lips on my ear.

"Oh... baby... your cock is just perfect. It filled me completely yet not too much, and it's so big around... you stretched me... mmmmm... God... I want more."

"Uh... look, this has been good for me too ladies, but... well... um... hey, I won't say anything to anybody about this... lets call it a day huh? I don't want my wife to find out about this. She wouldn't understand."

"Sugar daddy, we aren't done by a long ways... we'll wear you out tonight and tomorrow... you'll need a break from sex after we're done with you. Trust me... we will all have fun tonight and tomorrow. Lots and lots of fun."

"But I'm married... it isn't right. Look, I did enjoy this just now, but..."

"Then you're gonna love later sweetie. Trust us... we are going to give you one hell of a sexual stimulation tonight."

The phone began to ring and one of the girls saw by the caller ID that it wasn't a number they knew. I was handed the phone and a they all sternly stared at me as I answered. It was my wife.

"Hi honey. How's things?"

"Uh... fine. Just... laying in the living room at the moment. How's things with you?"

I was afraid that my wife would hear or be able to tell I had just fucked well, been fucked by three women and was not sure what I should say or do. The last thing I wanted was for my wife to think I had planned or worked this all out in some way.

"Are you all right for sure dear? You sound... I don't know... winded. What's up anyway?"

"Oh... I was working out. Doing pushups and stuff."

"Oh? Since when have you begun to work out?"

"Uh... today. I have been thinking that I'm getting out of shape a bit and..."

"You? Out of shape? I hardly think so. You've always been in good shape. Who's there with you?"

"Um... nobody, I'm by myself."

"Are you sure? Sounds like you have three young sluts with you. What's going on anyway, Sam? Who's there with you?"

I was stunned and guilty as hell. How she could tell was beyond me and here I was, naked, still tied down, three naked young ladies all around me. I decided to fake it and make like a joke. I was not sure what would happen if she found out, or if these women decided I was telling her too much... I was after all their prisoner.

"Yeah... three nympho's grabbed me and took me prisoner. Fucked my eyeballs out. You really missed out Cheryl. It's been great."

Her voice began to sound strange. As if it was fading on the phone, but still loud.

"So, you admit to fucking three sluts huh? Mandy, Carol and Sue? Did they do you up real good?"

"What... you know?"

"Know? I arranged it Sam. A gift for you. From me."

"I don't understand... why... why would you do something like this? What's going on?"

Into the room walked Cheryl. Smiling as she looked at me still tied up, naked and three naked women around me. One of which was just beginning to lick my cock again. I was stunned and shocked. My brain was in neutral running at full speed trying to understand all that had happened.

"But... the boat... it was damaged... they were just here visiting... you... the call to her dad... I'm your husband... what's going on Cheryl?"

"Relax Sam. I wanted you to have the best birthday present I could think of. I know that you have been upset with me and my low sex drive for some time now. I didn't want you to cheat or go running around on me, with the possible chance of losing you. I arranged for these ladies to um... 'catch' you fair and square."

"I... but... I..."

"But nothing. I want you to have fun with them. I want you to get all the sex you have ever dreamed of. I want you to enjoy your gift. I am sorry that they scared you a bit at first... but I see that you overcame that fear pretty quick."

"I would have never cheated on you Cheryl. I would never have done that, or this for that matter."

"Sam... I want you to do this. I want you to remember who gave this night, hell, this weekend to you. I want you to be happy in this aspect once. Just relax and go with the flow."

"But... wait a minute. Did you do this for some other reason? Are you... have you..."

"Cheated, Sam? Have I cheated on you? No. Never. I know that my sex drive is too low for you. I didn't want to lose you. You are too important to me to lose you to some trollop that would steal you away from me with big tits or lots of pussy and then toss you aside later. I can't give you the sex you need or want personally, so I figured that if I arranged for these ladies to 'take' you, you'd get your sexual wishes fulfilled and I would still have your love and you afterwards. Can you understand that? I love you so I wanted you to have your cake and eat it too... in a open and good way rather than some tawdry cheating way and possibly losing you to boot."

"Cheryl... you didn't have to... I wouldn't have cheated on you. I love you. This..."

"Sam, you know Julie and Bill are getting divorced right? Did you know that Julie's sex drive dropped off just like mine over two years ago? That Bill had a weak moment that turned into a genuine love affair? That he decided to leave her for his lover? I couldn't let that happen to us. I love you too much."

"Bill was always a player though Cheryl. He even hit on you several Christmas parties in a row. You know that their situation was far different than ours."

"Not really Sam. Just enjoy your gift. I'll tell you this much... no love bugs, no leaving me... just enjoy your gift and come home to me after the weekend's over."

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