Playful Friendship

by mannyjackie

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, First, Petting, Exhibitionism, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sexual tensions between a wife and husband's friend

We had all known each other for years. Eric and my husband go way back and he was one of my favorite male friends of his. This closeness thru the years between us had been on a very innocent level and Eric has always been a gentleman.

In this recent year however something had changed a bit. Our relationship had become flirtier. Maybe I was some signal I had sent out to him because my sex life wasn't quite what I would like. My husband and I still have good sex don't get me wrong but over the years it has gotten a bit stale and the quantity is not there. He also has not been caring at times when it comes to my needs, occasionally leaving me high and dry after his orgasm.

Eric and I had been flirting a bit and share many hugs and pecks on the lips but nothing more. We have seen each other a lot at the shore house in bathing suits and a couple of times accidentally partially nude. Once he caught me changing and I was in my bra & panties and once I caught him naked with his back turned. Along with this we had seen each other many times in pj's so we were quite comfortable with each other.

One night we met for drinks. It was supposed to be a bunch of friend's even Eric's wife but instead because of schedules it ended up just us three. It was a Hoboken club full of yuppies. We sat and stood at the bar and talked. At one point the conversation turned to sex. Whether it was my comfort levels with him or the drinks I had, I continued the conversation being very open and honest. We talked about a bunch of very personal things that surprised my husband. Things like whether we liked oral sex, whether I swallowed, even whether I had vaginal orgasms, as apparently Eric's wife didn't. We talked about sexy lingerie, and then the killer when I said my "husband and I don't have nearly enough sex!" This was said luckily when he went to the bathroom otherwise I would have felt really bad.

The night continued and we even danced a bit. Our conversation had taken its toll on us as Eric and I were much more touchier then normal. Whether it was just standing a little too close in the crowded bar knowing my butt was up against him or dancing it seemed we were always touching lightly. During one dance he had practically placed his hand on my butt. The night ended and we parted as friends due with a warm hug.

Both of us however from that point on seemed to join a tighter bond with each other and there was a sexual tension that had never been there before. Whether it was the innocent touches or the frank sexual discussion I didn't know.

A few weeks later we accidentally met at a local mall. I had gone to pick up some clothes after work and he was also shopping. My husband had picked up kids for me and was taking them to a little party. I was enjoying the quiet of a cup of coffee at starbucks when I saw Eric. He sat down got coffee and we chatted. After some innocent chatter I mentioned I needed to shop, he offered to walk with me since he also had to shop. As we walked we chatted a bit but nothing sexual.

Then we entered a footlocker. I needed sneakers and I sat down, I didn't realize it at the time but Eric sat directly across from me. As I tried on a couple of pairs I realized he was gazing at my legs as the parted. Now I love a good tease but this caught me by surprise. It was winter so his view wasn't that great, the skirt wasn't that short and my black panty hose made it pretty impossible for him to even get a panty flash. But it was very sexy to know he was trying to look at me, I pretended not to notice and tried another pair and brought one.

We left footlocker and walked around to looking for another store. As we walked I thought about teasing him a little more, I figured I might have to ask his opinion about an outfit. I felt pretty comfortable teasing him in a place like this since it was fun and very safe

The next store was old Navy, I was looking for some cheap sweats to wear around house, and he were looking for jeans. We picked out a few things together and headed towards the changing rooms, the young man gave us two rooms next to each other, as I went in I mentioned that I wanted your opinion on what I was buying.

I started by removing my skirt and putting on a pair of the sweats, I then came out of room and knocked on his door. He opened it a bit and to my surprise he was in his boxers not yet putting on his jeans, this caught me a little off guard however I had seen him a couple of times before in his underwear. He of course did it on purpose to see my reaction, I matter of factly asked if the sweats fit nicely, I turned and he said nice. As he did he was finished trying on his jeans. He turned and I told him they looked good but might try the smaller size. With that I went into my room and slipped off the sweat pants. I removed my sweater and threw on the sweatshirt I was buying just to be sure. Then he knocked on the door; I quickly debated what to do, as I hadn't put my skirt on yet. I had black panty hose and a black panty under so I was pretty covered but my naughty side thought it would be fun for him to see me like that and I was covered enough that it wouldn't be alarming. So I cracked door a bit as if being careful not to be seen but he of course were right there, he looked of course but also acted quite matter of fact about it. I told him those jeans looked great and then he commented that my sweatshirt didn't match my pantyhose. As I was reviewing his jeans I was putting on my skirt and laughed at his comment.

Well we both dressed and paid for our items and left the store. By now I was feeling very naughty and a bit horny, not that I was going to do anything about it but it had turned out to be a very nice shopping experience.

Then as we walked and commented about a conversation we had in the Hoboken bar, one thing we had chatted about was a thong. He had said how sexy they were but that his wife didn't wear them and I had mentioned that I didn't have any since my husband didn't seem to like them. So then he dragged me into Victoria secrets and started to look thru the panties. I am not shy but was a little embarrassed as he went thru picking out different ones, finally I agreed to two of them. He paid for them and handed me the bag, with a naughty smile he said that for buying them some day I should let him see how they looked, he even mentioned that he should get to see them before my husband did. I laughed and said not here, he of course answered maybe some day when I had the chance. My quick response of not here had pretty much implied that I would somewhere else. This hadn't really been my intention but it was too late.

We left the mall and he escorted me to my car, a warm hug and peck as always followed but I thought his lips had slightly opened as I felt a wetness on my lips but I wasn't totally sure. I drove off feeling incredibly sexy.

A month later we would be down the shore and some strange events would occur. It was a Saturday night and the three of us were in the den. Eric had come down for the weekend since his wife was at her moms. This by itself wasn't out of the ordinary what was however was that it had been a terrible rainy weekend and none of the regular friends and family came down. So there we sat after a rainy day we had consumed a fair amount of beer and wine. My kids were asleep and we just hung out talking and watching a stupid movie.

The first thing sexy thing that had happened earlier between us that day is that Eric had kidded me about my thong so when I showered that evening I had put them on. So later in the evening when my husband was in the bathroom and we were alone he asked to see them. We traded some shy comments, I kept saying I cant here, he of course figured kids were in their bedroom and it was safe for a quick flash. It was a little cool so I had put on some long pj pants from Victoria secrets and a tee. Eric had noticed the thong thru the pj's in the light. He insisted that all he wanted was a quick peek and I could easily pull my pants down for a second, well it was pretty scary but also very sexy so I did. I pulled down my pj's and showed him the front of the tiny thong and then turned quickly and showed the back. He told me I looked amazing and I pulled them right up. I was so hot showing off for him like that I cant describe, the thong was so small that it covered little, plus the thought that my husband hadn't even seen them yet also made it that much more naughty.

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