Getting Grandpa's Help

by Tom Land

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Incest, Daughter, Grand Parent, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Nicole and her husband are desperate for a baby, but so far they haven't had any success in getting Nicole in the motherly way. Nicole has another idea that she tries to see if she can manage to get herself knocked up.

Nicole and her husband, Phil, had been married for four years and they'd been trying to have a baby for over two years without any apparent success. Every time Nicole would take an early pregnancy test, it would always turn out negative. Nicole and Phil had figured out everything they could to ensure that she got pregnant but so far it just hadn't worked for them. Finally, it became obvious to Nicole that the reason she wasn't being knocked up by her frequent fucks with Phil was because of his either having a low sperm count or possibly that he was not able to impregnate her.

Nicole was so desperate to have a baby that she began to think of all the possible avenues she could pursue to get knocked up. One thing she didn't want to have to do was tell Phil that the reason for their failure to get pregnant was him. She felt there were lots of possible problems with his realizing he was virile and potent enough to knock up his own wife. So, Nicole began to try to figure out another way around their fertility problem. She finally decided on a rather unorthodox solution that she hoped would get her pregnant and that would keep Phil from realizing that he was their baby's actual father.

Three days later, Nicole showed up at her grandfather Bill's house and she knocked on the door and then let herself in when she heard him shout "I'm in the sunroom, baby." Nicole had called ahead and asked her mother's dad if he could let her come over and discuss something very important and very personal with him. She loved her grandfather Bill dearly and she felt he might be the answer to her problem.

Nicole was a very pretty vibrant young woman in her early 20's with a nice body and dark hair that came down around her face that made her look very sexy and very desirable. She knew her husband Phil loved her deeply and she didn't want to do anything that would hurt him or harm their relationship. In preparation for coming to her grandfather's house, Nicole had showered and fixed her makeup and her hair so she'd look especially good for her granddad Bill. She knew that even though Bill was about 60 years old or so, he was in extremely good shape and physical fitness. He worked out 3 times a week, jogged regularly and loved to play handball. Nicole knew that as far as what she had in mind, Bill was up for it and then she laughed to herself as she thought about the word "up".

"Hi, Granddad," Nicole said as she walked over and hugged her grandfather in a very warm, loving embrace. Bill hugged her back with just as much love and gladness to see his pretty young granddaughter.

"How's my favorite granddaughter doing?" Bill asked as he showed Nicole to a seat there on the couch beside him in his sunroom. "I've missed you and I'm so glad you came over, honey."

"I'm OK, Granddad Bill, but I've got a problem that I thought maybe you could help me with," Nicole said as she boldly went ahead and started broaching the sensitive subject of her inability to conceive a baby.

"Granddad, let me be straightforward with you. I think the problem Phil and I can't have a baby is Phil and I want a baby so bad I can't hardly stand it any longer. I wanted to ask you if you would help me to get pregnant?"

"How do you mean "help you get pregnant", honey?" Bill asked as he felt his cock growing very hard in his groin in response to the unusual topic of conversation that Nicole was having with him.

"Granddad, I want you to make love to me without any condom or protection and I want you to cum inside me and see if you can help me get pregnant with a baby. Will you do that for me, please?"

"Nicole, I'm speechless. I mean, isn't that incest, isn't it wrong for you and me to have sex since your mother is my daughter?"

"Granddad, I really don't care what it is -- maybe it is incest and maybe it's wrong, but I want a baby, and I don't feel comfortable asking my own father to fuck me and I thought maybe you'd be willing to help me see if I can conceive a baby. Granddad, the bottom line is I need your help and if you won't help me, I'll see if someone else will," Nicole said as she started to get up and leave her grandfather's house.

Bill suddenly realized that his response to Nicole had seemed to turn her down cold and she was going to leave his home and his chance for this to happen if he didn't act quickly. Bill stood and walked over to his beautiful granddaughter, taking her in his arms.

"Nicole, I would be more than honored to do what you've asked. And, I'll do it not only because you asked me to, but because I want to enjoy the experience of making love to you," Bill said as he stood there holding his beautiful young adult granddaughter in his arms and felt his hardon pressing firmly against his pants.

"Can we begin fulfilling your request right now, this afternoon, Nicole?" Bill asked as he took his sexy granddaughter's hand and led her out of the sunroom into the main part of his house.

"Oh yes, Granddad, I hoped we could give it our first try this afternoon," Nicole said as she felt her nipples harden underneath her top and her pussy beginning to grow wet in arousal. "Will you take me to bed right now, Granddad, and make love to me, please?"

Bill hadn't been at all prepared for his young granddaughter's sexy request of him, but he knew a good thing when he saw it laid at his feet. Or maybe, "getting laid in the bed" would be a better way to express it. He couldn't deny that he'd thought about Nicole in a sexy, erotic way on many occasions and even at his age, he'd jacked himself off many times since his wife and her grandmother had died, imagining himself being naked in the bed with his sexy young granddaughter. Bill took Nicole by the hand, leading her down the hallway to his master bedroom and the bed where he and her grandmother had fucked more times than he could remember.

When Bill and Nicole got into the bedroom, Bill took his 20-something granddaughter into his arms, and he pulled her against his body, wanting Nicole to feel the rock-hard cock that was already jutting against his pants. He wanted her to know that he was more than ready not only to make love to her but that he had just the hard cock she needed to have sliding in and out of her young pussy and shooting his jism inside her to get her "with child".

Bill was caressing Nicole's tight shapely asscheeks through the material of her pants that she'd worn and then he stepped back from her, letting his hands slide up over her full shapely C-cup breasts that were cupped inside the bra she had on underneath her top. Bill was kneading and playing with Nicole's breasts, feeling the hard points of her nipples already pressing hard against her bra and showing very visibly through the material of her top.

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