Instant Messaged Fantasy

by Eros Alban

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, Fiction, Cheating, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: My ex's fantasy about a stranger knocking at my door

This is a story that my ex- sent me... I hope you like it cause it really got me off.


You are sitting in your room, wearing shorts and a tank top, slowly you run your hand down your chest to feel the stiffening cock through the shorts pushing on it, so that it rises to full erectness. You start to rub the head and feel the precum leaking through the shorts arching your back and kicking your legs out spread eagle, your hand goes inside the shorts and using the precum as lube you slide your finger across your tender waiting hole

The other hand starts to move up and down on the shaft, as you probe deeper into the hot hole sliding your hand up and down on the shaft, your hips begin to buck in time as your finger gets deeper and deeper in the hole you feel a stirring in your balls as precum leaks out the head, taking a finger you taste the saltiness and groan with one finger in your mouth, and the other inside you, a pressure builds up in your massive hard dick grabbing it firmly you jerk fast to bring the orgasm,... when suddenly there is a knock at the door. Cussing you get up, the boner still very evident through the shorts to answer the door

Gamera2099: hmm, who is at the door?Phortyjk: that hot dumb jock... that came thru work last night

Opening the inner door, and looking through the screen so that the bottom half of you cant be seen outside and standing there is a big, built jock type guy..." hey, my car just broke down, mind if I use your phone?" he asks. Looking into his blue eyes, you can't say no uh, sure come in" you say as you step back and let him into the house. He walks past you, and you see he is wearing a button down shirt, open to show off his nice pecs and abs, a little trail of hair creeps up out of his board shorts and onto his tight belly " so where is your phone?" he asks, and you notice him staring at your hard dick, still throbbing and leaking from the near orgasm. "Over there by the kitchen" you say. As he walks past you, you notice his tight bubble butt flexing in the tight shorts.

Looking over his shoulder he bends down to get a pen that has fallen off the floor, and stands there for a second giving you an even better view.

"Hope I wasn't interrupting something," he says as he is staring at your manhood.No. You stammer as you notice he is starting a boner of his own.

"Mmm, its so hot out, I wish I could just run around naked today." he says as his hand slowly runs across the top of the shorts, pushing them down a little so you can see part of his bush. You can't help it and run your hand down the front of your shorts, feeling the stiffness of your cock. "Well there is no reason you cant with a body like that." you say looking at him.

"Really? You wouldn't mind?" he asks. "Well, only if I get to take them off," you dare to say.

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