Our First Soft Swing

by mannyjackie

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Swinging, First, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two couples cross lines on a weekend getaway.

Before I start you have to understand that neither my husband nor I had any intention or even conversation about swinging before this vacation. We are married now for 10 years and have two kids. As most couples with kids after a family vacation there wasn't much time or money left over for just a couple’s retreat, so we hadn't planned on any good one on one time for us. Our neighbors of 5 years Peter and Tina were in the same situation as we were with two kids and a somewhat limited budget.

Peter, Tina, Manny and I has gotten pretty close over the years, with kids same age and living next door we had enjoyed each other's company for barbeques, dinners out, movies etc. They are a great couple and have similar tastes to ours. They were always a little bit more adventurous then we were, Tina had told me a couple of stories of visits to nudes beaches before they had kids. Nothing sexual had ever happened between us other then a little kidding around on occasion.

Well one day last month I got a call from Tina telling me that Peter had been given the use of a huge beach house in Virginia that belonged to a client of his companies that apparently had a few bucks. She asked if we would like to join them, as the trip would cost very little and they knew that we were dying to go away without the kids this summer. I felt kind of awkward but she kept insisting saying that we would split the car expenses and buy groceries and take turns cooking so we wouldn't have to eat out ever night. I said I would ask Manny and let her know.

Manny's reaction was hell yeah why not! The more I thought about it I came to the conclusion that it was a no brainier. I called Tina and told her we would love too. I had a few second thoughts the next day because Peter & Tina were a bit wilder then we were with both drinking and being adventurous but I figured it never was a problem before.

Well the day came and we drove off in the morning. We drove for about 8 hours and arrived to find a very nice little house. It wasn't anything special from the front but was on the beach and had a great patio with barbeque, Jacuzzi, outdoor shower and lots of chairs to lie in. It was already late afternoon so Tina and I said we would put sheets on beds and clean bathroom a bit while the guys found a local market and bought some food. By the time they got back and we put everything away we were hungry and tired. We went out for some fast food and stopped in a pub as the guys had to have a beer. Once back at the house we all turned in and hit the sack.

We woke up to find Peter had been up for a while making coffee and exploring the surroundings. He was quick to tell us about the great beach and view and the privacy. He ended by telling Tina that this was a great place for nude bathing something they hadn't done in years. Well I didn't say anything and wasn't exactly crazy about the idea. My body is still petite and in good shape and I did kind of wondered what it would be like to go nude and seeing Peter I was sure wouldn't be bad for the eyes as he was a rougher version of my husband sharing similar physical traits but I was nervous about it. Well we finished having coffee and a little breakfast and Peter said he was going out to the beach. He went into there room and came out wrapped in a towel. At that point I realized that he was probably not wearing trunks underneath. He walked out to the beach and Tina walked over to me and asked if the nude thing bothered me she would remain in a suit, I didn't want to seem like a prude and was kind of curious so I said don't be silly it will be fun. Well Manny looked at me with a pretty shocked look but didn't complain.

Manny and I went out to the beach and joined them; I remember the rush I got from both seeing Peter nude on his back while I slipped off my towel exposing myself. Well the next few hours were interesting, on one hand we laid out chatted and read no different then if we had bathing suits on, but we didn't I for one felt very sexy and turned on. As the day went on we stayed nude even as we went back and forth to the house to get drinks and snacks. We made some lunch and continued nude as we read or laid out, it was as if we had been nudist all our lives.

We decided that we would have dinner out as we all hung out on the patio, so Peter said he would shower first. He left for a while but then to my surprise came back out with a towel and soap and stuff, I then realized he was going to use the outdoor shower. Well that was hot, I tried not to look but I would glance at his wet body all soaped up. When he soaped up and washed his semi erect cock I couldn't even pretend not to watch. When he was done Tina did the same and my husband couldn't keep his eyes off her. I felt a bit awkward showering in front of them so when Tina went in the house to get dressed and Peter hadn't come back I quickly showered before they got back

Well we all got dressed went out for dinner and drinks, by the time we came back it was late and both couples were horny so we retired to our rooms. Well Manny and I couldn't wait to fuck, he entered me almost right away and didn't last very long but to my surprise neither did I. We both came and then laid there talking about the events of the day, as we did he got hard again and we started to fuck again. This time he was in control and fucked me like he had not in a long time. We fucked for what seemed like hours and countless orgasms for me finally collapsing when he exploded inside me and we fell asleep.

We were awakened by Peter who had come in our rooms to wake us, I was embarrassed a bit, I mean he had seen me naked all day, but at this point I looked like shit and had that been fucked all night look! Anyway we had breakfast and hit the beach once again naked. Something different happened this time however that would change the course of the day. Manny stayed behind to go to the bathroom and Tina and I lay on our stomachs. She asked Peter to do her back with sun Block and he did her back her sides, then slowly her ass. When he was done Manny had not yet come out and he said lucky me and started to do my back. As he did to Tina he did my back but seemed to do the sides of my breasts quite a bit and then started my ass. Again he did my ass quite slowly enjoying my cheeks; it was then that Manny came out saying hey I will have to get even for this laughing. I was kind of surprised he took it in such good sprits. Peter then said don't worry I will let you do Tina's back in the outdoor shower later. They laughed and Tina said don't you just love the way men just treat us like property! I thought she was a little annoyed at the comment but wasn't sure.

The rest of the morning went as the day before, we stayed nude sunned ourselves, read, chatted, took swims etc. Then at about 2pm we decided to hang in the patio and make a few hot dogs. As before we stayed totally nude, Tina and I jumped in the Jacuzzi while the guys cooked. We eat lunch and continued to drink, by now I was feeling no pain.

Then Tina said she was going to shower off as her skin felt awful from the sand and the salt water and take a little nap. I didn't think much of it as she left and came back as Peter had yesterday with her things to shower. She got the water temp ready and then looked over to Manny who was sitting in a chair and said well come on its your payback time. Manny got up but very timidly, unlike Peter who was aggressive Manny seemed afraid to join her. I didn't mind thinking that she was going to let him do her back and I was turned on and feeling no pain.

Manny walked to her but was still not making a move, she must have sensed this and took matters into her own hands saying "you First" as she pulled him under the shower to wet him. She then pulled him out a little and to my surprise starts with both hands (one with bar of soap in it) to wash his shoulders. My eyes were glued to what I was watching. She slowly did his arms then his chest openly playing with his nipples and then bent down and washed his legs. I was in shock and then she stood back up lathered up both hands and gave his cock a quick but playful wash. He was harder then I have ever seen him as she did this. She then said okay my turn picked up the soap and handed it to him.

Well at this point he wasn't shy any more, he proceeded to wash her as she had him. Starting with her arms, shoulders and then her breasts. Although he washed her breasts he still didn't look comfortable as he washed them quickly. As he did neither Peter nor I said a word. He worked his way down her stomach then her ass and bent down to do her legs. After finishing her legs he stood like he was thinking if he should go further, then as she had before, he lathered his hand up and put the palm of his hand right on her pubic area. He quickly rubbed soap on her taking 4 or 5 passes and stopping. Tina then went under the water to get soap off her. At that point Peter made cracks about he and I getting even as they had gone to far. I laughed and stayed in my chair.

Well Tina now clean came and sat next to me, we chatted a while by ourselves. She started to say she was sorry if she had gone to far with the tease in the shower but she assured me that it was all in fun and wasn't looking to swap or cheat and didn't think a little touching like that was so bad. She also commented on how great her sex with Peter had been the night before because of the nudity and hoped the shower would do the same. I told her I was cool with it also as long as nothing got out of hand. Well it was then that Peter came over and said come on lets show them how to shower. I got up smiled at Manny and went under the water.

I started washing him first as I truly couldn't wait to touch his cock which was quite hard already. Despite being built much like my husband his cock seemed a couple of inches bigger and also thicker. This coupled with his more roughed look was quite a turn on for me. I washed him just as Tina had done to Manny slowly down starting at his shoulders and working my way to his chest where I stayed for a few seconds on his nipples. I then bent down to do his legs slowly enjoying the view of his body. I then stood and lathered up my hands and gave his cock a soft but quick wash with both hands. I didn't want to do it any longer then Tina had and she had been quite quick with Manny giving it just a few strokes so I did the same. But I can't explain how erotic it was to touch another mans cock.

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