Game of Surrogate Wife

by mannyjackie

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Swinging, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: A game with a childhood friend gets out of hand

I guess I should start by telling you a little about us. We are pretty average couple; at 35 we have been married for 8 years and have a couple of little ones. We were both pretty open with each other sexually sharing many fantasies together. We had even role-played a few. My favorite fantasies involved celebrity type men while my husband's favorite involved us swapping with another couple. Although we both acknowledged why people are attracted to that lifestyle we also felt that it wasn't quite for us. I have always been a flirt and a slight tease and by no means a prude having had quite a few sexual experiences especially in college. My husband had always showed an interest in my flirting. He would say that me flirting with someone but going home with him was like having a hot car, you love showing it off to your friends, maybe even take them for a spin in it however they couldn't drive it.

The other person in our story is Tom. First off Tom was actually my long time friend, he lived next door to us when I was a kid. Tom and I never were really boyfriend /girlfriend in our teens. We tried and actually were each others first kiss but I guess we knew each other to well and although great friends it never went any further. When I met my husband he eventually met Tom, to my delight they hit it off and became great friends.

Thru the years we shared many great times with Tom and a few of his long-term girlfriends. My comfort with Tom was very obvious in my displays of affection towards him and our relationship. My husband didn't feel threatened by Tom and as a matter of fact got a bit of a sexual kick out of our flirting. Once talking about swapping after seeing a TV show about the topic my husband asked me if I had to make love to a man that I knew not a celeb who would it be, my answer without hesitation was Tom, my reasons were that he was cute, gentle, I was somewhat curious about what he would be like and just to tease my hubby I ended by saying he was a good kisser. The kisser comment was because of something that had happened a few years back.

It was the end of a New Years eve party and Tom was quite drunk, as he was leaving getting a ride from another friend he said goodbye to me at the door, as I gave him a normal tight hug and peck on the lips, he squeezed me towards him more then normal and opened his mouth and shoved his tongue in my mouth. I was surprised but knew he was drunk and didn't want to embarrass him so I acted like it was okay ended the kiss and he left. My husband a had seen and was also surprised but didn't think much of it as he knew Tom was drunk, he also kidded me that watching me swap spit with someone was pretty hot and suggested I kiss all the guests that way when they left including the women.

The next morning Tom was at our door and looked like hell, he had a hangover and felt awful. It was sad as he feverously apologized to my husband and I for the kiss, he felt terrible he said over and over again. He was a great friend (One of our kids godfathers) and I had a soft spot for him, since I knew my husband hadn't been upset (actually turned on) by the whole thing, I walked up to Tom and told him to be quiet, I said that it was not a big deal, it was just a kiss and I had enjoyed it, with that I grabbed his face with my two hands and planted a five of six second wet tongue kiss on him. When I let him go I said there now we are even but don't expect those all the time just special occasions, I am married. We all chuckled and sat down to some breakfast. Since that day the kissing thing had always been a source of kidding and flirting. I would tease my husband about Tom being a better kisser and enjoyed giving Tom sexy kiss every now and then, not often but a birthday, special thank you etc. I guess I probably kissed him a dozen times the last three.

The past few years had been a bit hard for my husband and I as we had two kids, I stopped working for a while and we bought a house. Although we had enough money for our day-to-day stuff we hadn't had a vacation in awhile. Tom came to the rescue as he was going to be in Miami for a week at a conference and had a suite at a Residence Inn in Miami Beach. He gave us anniversary gift of two plane tickets to come down and stay with him and use his rental car. Basically a free vacation as all we had to do was drop him off at the conference center in the morning and pick him up at the end of the day. So we had a week's vacation for almost no cost, Tom even said that we could have the privacy of the bedroom and he would stay on the pullout couch in the living room. The hotel room even had a kitchen so we did have to eat out every day if we didn't want too. Well we couldn't say no so we planned our week.

We flew down on Sunday night with Tom and arrived at about 9.By the time we got unpacked and bought a few things to have in the room it was bedtime. I didn't want to take the big bed in the bedroom but Tom insisted saying he wanted us to have some privacy during our vacation. We all went to bed.

The first two days of our vacation were great. Either my husband or I would drive Tom to the conference center then comeback to the room eat breakfast and head out to south beach. We enjoyed the beach all day getting great sun and the wonderful Florida water; I also got to tan my breasts. I hadn't gone topless in years but there were many people on that beach topless so I did. My husband loved the idea of me laying there in nothing but my little bottom while guys walked by and glanced. At about 4 we would leave pick up Tom and head back to hotel, shower and get dinner. After dinner we drove around town or walked around checking out sites before going off to bed.

Wednesday was a little different because Tom would only have meetings till about 1 so he could come to the beach. I dropped him off at the conference center and then my husband and I headed to the beach. When it was time my husband left me on the beach while he picked up Tom, he kidded me saying that when he got back I better make sure I got rid of all the young hunks that would be hanging around me while he was gone. Well that didn't happen but it was a great boost for my ego when a young handsome guy came over and started a conversation with me, as I lay there topless. I have to say I felt so sexy talking to this young stranger with so little on, I did let him know I was waiting for my husband and he then left after some small l talk. After the young man left I put my top on, as I figured Tom would be coming and I would feel weird being topless in front of him. Although he had seem me many times in sleepwear and I am sure had gotten a few peeks at me down a blouse thru the years I didn't feel right about being topless.

My husband and Tom arrived at the beach and my husband commented on my top, asking why I had put it on saying he and Tom were disappointed. I didn't want to get into it so I just said I had felt uncomfortable, my husband took that to mean while he wasn't there so he said well I am here now. I thought about it for a while and started to think that maybe it would be quite sexy to be topless in front of a good friend. Well I took it off and Tom was stunned.

We lay there and I would occasionally notice Tom glance at my breasts especially when I applied some sun block to them. After a few hours we went back to the hotel and showered for dinner. During the ride my husband made a crack that I had failed my duties as a Toms surrogate wife by not wanting at first to be topless in front of Tom after I had showed perfect strangers my breasts for days and not asking him to help with my sun block since he had been so nice as to take me on vacation. I laughed it off as usual and said that I would be a good surrogate wife in the future.

The surrogate wife comment had become a bit of a tease by my husband. In the last few years Tom hadn't really had a steady girl so many times he would ask me for dating tips, help with clothes shopping, I had even done his laundry from time to time. This along with our little kissing thing and general flirting had my husband teasing that I was his surrogate wife. So occasionally he would make the comment however this time was a little different. He wasn't talking about me doing his laundy or cooking for him or even a kiss. He said it with regard to being almost naked in front of him and allowing him to touch me as if it was my duty.

So I kind of wanted to get even with him, in the past whenever he would say that I would make sure I did something playfully wife like for Tom. This time my husband had a made his comment more sexual. So I thought about a come back.

That night at dinner we chatted about the next day as Tom would not go to any meetings and do some site seeing with us, somehow the conversation turned to shopping and I playfully mentioned that Tom would have to take me shopping as his surrogate wife, my husband quickly reminded me that I hadn't been a very good one lately. I then said not to worry starting when we woke up in the morning I would be Toms official surrogate wife for 24 hours. That caused a few comments back and forth and eventually the conversation went back to ordinary stuff. That night we went to bed and I stayed up thinking about what I would do as his wife.

I figured I would play along like more of a date, making sure I occasionally held hands, arm around him, sat next to him in the car, etc. I never planned on doing anything wild but the day would take some interesting turns.

We woke up and got dressed and headed out the door. As we did I turned to my husband and gave him a goodbye kiss, he was confused and then I said that his wife had left the building and Toms wife had arrived. With that I grabbed Toms hand and all three of us went site seeing. We did a number of sites around town and had a great time, stopping at a famous Cuban restaurant for a late lunch and then the mall. Thru the day I made sure that I walked with Tom sat next to him and showed a little affection. My husband was getting quite a kick out of it and Tom although at times I felt him get tense he did seem to enjoy my attention. At lunch we had said that we would take it easy tonight, watch a few movies maybe order a pizza if we got hungry and get a couple of bottles of wine. Just then we walked past a Victoria's Secret store and I mentioned to Tom that I needed something nice to wear this evening while we watched TV. Now I didn't think Tom would pick out anything raunchy and if he had I would have said no, my husband made a few suggestions to him that were a bit much, but as I suspected Tom felt a bit awkward about this and he picked a very nice chemise with matching panties. The chemise looked like it would show a little cleavage and is about half thigh length and was silk not see thru. The panties were sexy but not thongs so I tried it on and figured it was okay. He paid and we continued on our day.

At about 6pm we headed home, my mind was thinking about what I would do next, I was in the mood to be a little naughty plus I was looking to tease my hubby a bit maybe get him to the point of a little jealousy and have him end our little game. We arrived and Tom said he was going to shower and get comfy to watch a few movies, I think he was looking forward to me wearing his outfit. Just then I got an idea I thought would be fun and get my husband back a little. I mentioned to my husband that he should take his stuff out of the master bath and place it in the other one, as it was Tom's turn to have the nice bath. He did move his stuff and Tom moved his shaver and stuff into the master bath. I don't think either one of them knew where I was going with this but when Tom entered the bedroom with his shaver I told my hubby we would see him in a bit after a shower and I went in the bedroom and closed the door behind me. Tom looked rather nervous but didn't complain.

I had to think a little quick as I wasn't sure where I was going with this so I got my new outfit ready, turned on the shower water and mentioned to Tom that I would go first just incase he thought we were showering together. After some thought I figured since he had already seen me topless the previous day I could strip down to my panties and give him a treat. So that's what I did with him in the bedroom looking at me and making conversation about movies available on pay preview I took off my tank top exposing my breast and then slipped out of my shorts exposing my panties to him for the first time I then entered the shower which had a beige shower curtain for privacy and took my panties off out of his view. I proceeded to shower and wash my hair while he chatted with me from the sink as he shaved. He offered at one point to wash my back but I said to late I already did it. When I was done I asked if I should leave water on and he said yes. I wrapped my self in a towel and stepped out of the shower, I was rather surprised to see him as he walked by me to get in that he was naked, I didn't think he would be that daring but I guess with the door closed he felt safe to try it, I acted cool, as I gave him a little look and playfully told him he looked great in his birthday suit. He did look pretty good, he was in good shape, had a nice ass and his cock which was in a chubby state looked a nice size. He showered and I brushed my hair and my teeth, seeing him naked had increased my interest in our little game so I waited for him to come out in my towel. He came out and dried himself in front of me, I wasn't ready for total nakedness but I walked to the bed and slipped my new panties on under my towel with my back to him thinking that maybe he got a glimpse of my ass, I then dropped my towel and again allowed him to see my top as I slipped on my chemise. As I did this he put on a pair of loose gym shorts. We giggled at what we had just done and headed out of the bedroom.

My husband was out in the kitchen when we came out pouring us wine, he seemed cool so far showing no signs of jealousy and seemed turned on and curious, making a few comments as questions about whether I was a good surrogate wife or not as he tried to figure out what had happened, but Tom appeared awkward and didn't say much and I playfully told him it was between a man and his surrogate wife. I little while later as my husband poured me wine and Tom was in the bathroom I kind of let him know that I had just let him see me undress and get topless, that was about it, I did admit it had been very sexy sharing that with him knowing my real husband was just outside the door. Tom came back and we sat and watched the first of two movies.

Tom and I sat on the couch; I rested my head on his shoulders as we watched the movie but nothing else as we got into the movie. When the first movie ended we had a pizza delivered and ate and had some wine. We chatted as normal but I was getting very turned on wearing my little outfit as all three of us chatted, between the air conditioner and being a bit turned on my nipples at times looked like they would rip thru the silk chemise.

As we sat to watch the second movie I thought I would do something sexy, first I got the comforter so we could lay on couch, considering what I was wearing this would be sexy, I then also sent my husband a little teasing message saying if we were to drift off to sleep he should wake Tom and I up cause it was Toms night to be in the master bedroom. Tom looked a bit shocked and even my husband looked as if he didn't know if I was kidding or not. Anyway I told Tom to lie down in the back of the couch on his side with his head up towards the armrest, I lay in front of him on my side with back to him with my body slightly lower on couch so he could see TV. The couch wasn't big so when I lay down and covered us with the comforter we were doing some serious spooning. We just lay like this for a while and then Tom being out of site under covers and darkness got a little daring and started to softly caress my left side and stomach with his fingertips. He must have known I enjoyed that soft touch stroking from my husband because he does it all the time. Tom's touch was nice and soft and he continued to do this in a sort of circle softly up-and-down my left side and stomach. Although I had on a chemise the silk made it feel almost like he was on my skin. Tom would go as high right below my breasts and as low as my panty waistband. After a quite a while of this he whispered that I should get on my stomach and he would do my back.

I noticed my hubby glance as I got on my stomach and I think he could tell that Tom doing something with his hands on my back. The short chemise had ridden up to almost my waist as I rolled over, as Tom caressed my back he realized this and slipped his hand under it and caressed and scratched my back very lightly on my bare skin. For what had to be a good half hour Tom would lightly caress or scratch from the back of my neck down my back and sides, down to the waistband of my panty then skipping over my butt cheeks and doing the back of my legs as far as the back of my knees which was as far as he could reach. He continued following this trail and it felt incredible I felt both totally relaxed and aroused at the same time. He started doing a little something different when he got to my waistband, he would pull it a little and slip the tip of a finger or two and run across my waist, maybe an inch under my band. He did this every time as he made his round and I figured he was testing the water, wanting to do what he was doing to my bare cheeks. This type of caress on my ass is something I love and was more then willing at this point to let him do it but he didn't make a further move. I then did something that I was comfortable with, however might have sent the wrong sign for later, I figured there wasn't any harm in him massaging my butt so when he got to my band the next time I slipped my arms down and slowly lowered my panty a bit to right below my cheeks, I figured by doing it in that way I was saying it was okay to touch what I had uncovered but no further. Well he of course took the hint and started slowly lightly caressing my bare butt, I was in heaven. This soft caress continued for quite a while and was wonderful. I would glance at my husband in the chair and occasionally catch him looking. I wasn't sure what he could see with only the TV as light and we being under the comforter but I was pretty sure he could tell that Tom was giving my body some kind of massage or caress.

Then Tom leaned in my ear and said why don't you roll over, as he said that he pulled the back of my panty up to cover my ass, what a gentleman. I should have said no at that point, I hadn't planned on this whole game going this far and wasn't sure how my husband was reacting. Rolling over and letting him access to the front was dangerous, but I did it. I guess it was a combination of arousal and maybe I thought he would continue to be pretty much a gentleman with his touching.

As I rolled over again my outfit climbed up, he started like he had by back. Slow soft strokes around my neck down to just above my cleavage, then he would slide his hand under my top and do my stomach and sides. He then would skip over my panty and do my legs down to my knee. This routine continued for another long while, I laid there in total enjoyment with my eyes closed no longer even watching the TV. I had even stopped looking at my husband. Then Tom got little more aggressive as his hand slid up from my stomach, first just caressed between my breasts but eventually these caresses included them and as a little time passed they included my nipples. Once he did my nipples I was done, I was his for the taking as my nipples are my weakness. I guess he realized my excited state from my breathing and occasional body movement because her started sliding his fingers under my panty waistband as he had before on my ass, only now when he came around the third time he just slid his hand in and proceeded to caress my pubic hairs and then slid to my clit, I was soaking wet and powerless and instinctively moved my right leg down and off the couch to allow his access. For the next 15 minutes or more he caressed very inch of the front of my body, spending special time with my nipples and clit. He slowly rubbed my clit with his thumb while he plunged his middle finger inside me. I was on fire and might have cum right there had the movie not ended.

When the movie ended I was out of it, and didn't realize it at the time but gave my husband confirmation on what had been going on under the sheets. The minute the movie ended he clicked on the lights, my eyes were bothered by the sudden light and I was in a sexual fog, my first reaction was to throw the comforter off me and get up as I needed to clear my head and figure out what next if anything. What I didn't realize until he told me the next day was that when I flung the comforter off us, my husband saw my chemise which was up over my now exposed breasts, my nipples were rock hard and enlarged, and more surprising to him the front of my panty was down low enough that he could see my pubic and a little of my tattoo which of course confirmed that Tom had had his hands in there.

Anyway I got up fixed myself and went to the kitchen for a little wine, my husband came over to me as Tom had gone off to pee, I couldn't tell whether my husband was okay so I hugged him and playfully asked are you okay with my surrogate performance, and as I said it I felt his rock hard cock and looked, smiled and said I guess so. That was my sign to enjoy the rest of the evening. I waited for Tom to come out and then I said well bedtime, I gave my real husband a peck on the lips and said goodnight, Tom seemed concerned about following me in the bedroom but I waited by the door and called him in, when he did I closed the door and then pressed the lock, it made a clicking sound I was sure my husband heard.

Tom just kind of stood there obviously turned on as his baggy shorts displayed a large erection but also nervous, I on the other hand wanted to continue but had reservations about going all the way and how my husband would take it, so I knew I couldn't trust myself so I put it on Tom, I walked up to him and kissed him deeply as I rubbed his hard cock for the first time, I broke the kiss looked him in the eye and said, you have to promise not to fuck me, swear on our friendship you wont. He quietly promised and as he did I pulled his shorts down and he undressed me, we climbed in the bed and for a long time enjoyed a slow kissing and grinding each other, it was great. He had a great touch and the whole idea of being with him and my husband outside the door was totally hot. At a certain point he started to finger me and rub my clit and got me off, then he stayed on top of me slowly teasing me rubbing his cock on my slit.

We continue this nude make out session and he again attacked my clit while fingering me and brought me to an incredibly intense orgasm. After that it was his turn, he laid on his back and I kissed him, played with his nipples and massaged his cock, I was dying to take him in my mouth but he hadn't gone down on me I guess in respect of limits so I didn't, instead I got down and wrapped my breasts around his cock and gave him a nice tit fuck and let him cum all over them and my neck

After his orgasm we laid there a while exhausted and I got up to clean up in the shower, he followed me in after a while and chatted with me as I washed off and then he moved under the water as I left, as he moved under the water our bodies brushed and we shared a soft gentle lovers kiss. I wanted to get a bottle of water at this point and also wanted to tease by husband, I wanted him to spend the night thinking that more happened then had, this way if he wasn't okay in the morning the truth would be a relief. I stepped out of the bedroom in my towel with my hair wet, he looked like he was sleeping but I wasn't sure. When I came back I left the bedroom door open, this gave him a look at the bed, I then stepped out of my towel so he could be sure I was naked and got in bed, Tom also entered the bed naked. I figured if he was up he could peek in at our two naked bodies intertwined as we slept.

In the morning I woke up and my husband was up, I joined him in the kitchen and started softly kissing him and teasing him, telling him how much I wanted him. He was full of questions but I wanted to take my time, it was then that Tom came out. I went to him and told him that I needed some time with my real husband and if he could go get some bagels and coffee and take his time, with that I took my husband in the bedroom.

For the next few hours we made love while I told him details about what had happened, at times he seemed concerned but most of the time he was very aroused. When I told him he had only gone so far he was glad in a way but also disappointed. He told me what he had thought about all night. Meanwhile we just kept fucking, he came rather quickly at first but got hard again quickly and we just never stopped after that. Finally we stopped and eat.

My husbands perspective

Although this was a bit of a fantasy of mine I never really thought it would ever happen. As my wife has said in her story the whole thing just kind of happened and got out of control.

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