Watching Shelly

by Kenny N Gamera

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Shelly has a scene to shoot for an amateur internet site, but the guy doesn't show. Fred fills in as does his new girl friend.<br><i>Given 9,10,10,10 by Crimson Dragon, this story also received an honorable mention on her list of best stories for July 2003</i>

© 2003 Kenny N Gamera

I looked at my watch, but Shelly still wasn't due for another ten minutes. I released the latest in a chain of sighs at the thought of another ten minutes of waiting in a college bar alone. It sent shudders through me. The thought of another ten minutes of waiting in a college bar with Fred in was even worse, but I intended to wait for her even if it meant watching him chase nineteen-year-old girls.

I could have done without having to watch him make out with the nineteen-year-old girls, but that was a mostly different story.

I concentrated on the bar's main door and the occasional good band and ignored Fred and the over-endowed girl who consented to be captured. She had light brown hair. A tattoo was partially exposed between her shirt and jeans. I could say little else about her as Fred blocked her face with his head.

I felt something on my leg. It was the over-endowed girl's left hand. I picked it up and took a moment to admire her engagement ring, before placing it on Fred's leg. Maybe it didn't belong there either, but had slightly more business on his than mine at the moment. She moaned disappointedly into Fred's mouth.

I flagged down a passing waitress with my empty No'Drools bottle.

"Another?" she said.

"Yeah!" Over her shoulder, I saw someone entering the door and added, "And a gin and tonic for my lady."


As the waitress walked away from the booth, Shelly sat down next to me. I placed my hand on her leg just below the ragged hem of her denim cutoffs and began to gently stroke her thin thigh. She leaned back against the booth. After a soft sigh, she mumbled something.

"What," I asked

"I said, 'I can't believe I let myself get talked into this.'"

"Cat litter."

It was her turn to ask, "What!"

"I said," this time slightly louder to be heard over the band," "'Cat litter.'"

Laughing, she kissed me on the cheek. "Speaking of which how is your article coming?"

"Not too bad. I'll finish it tonight if Fred and whoever she is," I made the appropriate gesture toward the pre- occupied couple next to me, "don't make too much noise and her boyfriend doesn't show up at our place looking for her."

Shelly snuggled against me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and gave her a kiss on top of her head. We stayed like that in the short while it took before the waitress dropped off our drinks. Shelly showed her fake ID in exchange for her gin and tonic as I began sipping at my not beer. Fred made a motion to his and over-endowed girl's empty glasses without breaking their lip lock.

Shelly smiled after the first sip of her drink. "Gawd, I still can't believe that I'm doing this. I find it harder to believe that you are coming with me."

"Shelly, you know whenever you feel the need for moral support you can just ask me."

"Moral support," she said with a snort. "I'm about to get fucked by someone I never met for a porn video."

"Okay, whenever you feel that you need immoral support just ask."

She giggled.

"Thanks, Ken. I needed something to smile about."

"As always, my dear, it is my pleasure."

"And thanks again for coming along with me. It will be nice to have a friend there with me." She took a long sip of his drink before she continued. "Though I still don't see why. You'd think that you'd be getting upset or something."

"Don't worry about it."

"Doesn't it bother you to know that other men fuck me," she asked as she played with her lime using the stir stick "It has bothered some of the other guys I've seen."

"I knew you were a porn star before we started dating. Hell, I met you, when you were fluffing a gangbang video."

"Some of the other girls have lost guys who knew when they met. Besides, if I really were a porn star, I wouldn't be doing another of these stoooopid web-site videos." Shelly drank a big gulp of her tonic. "And I've got my mid-term in organic to study for tonight, too. If I didn't need the money, I would skip it."

"Want to come over after work? You can study while I write. We'll get some pizza and..." She started to laugh. "What's so funny?"

"You. You're twice my age but you sound like college student."

I used my hands to present the whole bar. "Where are we?"

She laughed again and kissed my cheek. Her hand dropped to my lap and began stroking my thigh in time with my stroking of her thigh. The waitress smiled at us when she dropped off the drinks that Fred had ordered.

"Well, do we get together after work?"

"We can't do anything. I do need to study tonight."

I shrugged, "Hey, I got homework to do myself. I may even pester you for some help."

"You? Ask me? For help?" Her smoky eyes sparkled with humor. "Heck, I just hope that you remember your chemistry."

"Oh, well." I sighed an exaggerated sigh. "At least, there'll be pizza."

"And I'll pay tonight."

"Why do you say that?"

"First," she said, "You'll be helping me with my studying. Second, I'll be getting a pretty decent check tonight."

"And," I added, "you want me to owe you, so you can get in my pants later."

"No, I get all the dick I could ever want. I just want you for your brain."

"Just my brain," I asked with mock shock.

"Oh," Shelly said with another sip of her gin, "and your personality."

"Doesn't that strike you as a just little bit shallow. I mean what about my good looks and my fortune?"

She gave me the giggle that I hoped for and a kiss on the cheek that I didn't expect.

"Oh yes, your fortune." She acquired a thoughtful look. "I can use that to tip the pizza guy with tonight."

Well what could I do? I stuck my tongue out at her. The little brat bit it. After that, we started doing something similar to what Fred was doing with the over endowed girl.

"Whoa! Summer. Who's the geezer!"

Our lips parted, and Shelly turned to look at the frat boy look-a-like behind her. I looked around her head and totally, utterly, failed to be impressed. After all, except for making out with freshmen, I didn't act as if I was still in college.

"Hi, Dirk," Shelly said with a total lack of enthusiasm.

"Well, Summer?"

"Well what, Dirk?"

"Who's the geezer?"

"I'm," I stuck out my hand, "Grandpa Isle, but you can call me Pepo just like my little Summer."

Shelly would have stifled her laugh if her hand had been in the way. It wasn't, so she didn't. Dirk, however, wasn't amused. It was just as well seeing as how it was such a lame joke. Still, he could have taken my hand. With a shrug, I took it back.

"This is my boyfriend, Ken Gamera." She turned to me and winked. "Ken, this is the famous Dirk Hardsteele."

I didn't laugh. I didn't smile. I didn't tell him about the drunken, warrior hafling from my role-playing days.

"Hi, Dirk. Nice to meet you."

"Yeah, hi!" He began to ignore me. "Anyway! Bad news, Summer! The dude you were going to tape with didn't show! Sorry!"


"Sorry, babe! No dude, no tape!"

"Damn. I needed that check for rent."

"Hell, I feel you, babe! I need something to post on the site tomorrow! If you know where we can get a dude..."

I tapped Shelly on the shoulder. "Shell, how about..."

"No, Ken."

"Of course not."

We had talked about doing something together but neither of us liked the idea; she didn't want to cheapen our relationship and neither did I.

"I mean..." I pointed at the lovebirds next to me.

"Fred?" I nodded to let her know that she had guessed correctly. "You wouldn't mind?"


"I know that he is into the whole porn thing, Ken. But, he's your friend. I don't know how it would look."

"Fred isn't as bad as what you could end up with. He's been tested. Besides, I wouldn't want to see Mr. Sparkles on the streets."

She looked back at Dirk. "How about my friend with the girl?"

"Hey! If he'll do it, I'm cool!" He looked less unaware, enough that maybe I could describe his expression as thoughtful. "See if you can get the babe, too!"

I tapped Fred on the shoulder. He broke the kiss and twisted around to look at me.

"I heard. If it's okay with you, Ken, I'll do it." He looked back at his friend. "How 'bout you, babe?"

"Wha... ?"

"Wanna do a porno?"

Thinking for a moment, she smiled as if she just had a wonderful idea and said "Kewl!"

Feeling that someone should check, I asked, "You are over eighteen, aren't you."

She rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah."

"Okay," I said with a shrug. "Shell?"

She took a long pull from her gin and tonic. After a long moment of staring into empty space, she looked over to me. I winked and mouthed the words "cat litter.'

"Let's do it," she finally said after a long sigh.

"I'll be back!" said Dirk as he stood from his chair. "I need to get my camera and stuff from the trunk of my car!"

Shelly reached around me and tapped the again preoccupied Fred on the shoulder. He mumbled into the over-endowed girl's mouth. Shelly tapped again. He mumbled, again, but broke the kiss to look back at us.

"Thanks, Fred."

"No sweat." His big grin defeated the casual shrug. "Anytime."

Shelly peered around Fred's head and said to the girl. "And thank you, too. I..."

"Back!" interrupted Dirk. "I need you two to sign some releases and show me your licenses!"

As Fred and the over endowed girl signed the paperwork, he said, "We'll start filming here, then go to my place for the sex! I'll also copy your IDs there! Just follow Summer's and my lead! Oh, and have fun!"

Fred took Dirk at his word; he and his friend had locked lips again. I shook my head and when she noticed, Shelly giggled. I crawled out from the booth to stand a little distance behind and away from Dirk. I had a good view of the camera's folded out view screen.

Dirk announced action and pointed his camera at Shelly. Shelly had stifled her giggling fit by the time Dirk said, "Hi, this is Dirk Hardsteele at and looky who I found here, dudes! It's Summer Isle!"

Shelly waved at the camera with just her fingers. She added "Hi, guys" then blew a kiss.

"Whachu doing tonight, Summer?"

She smiled for the camera and winked. "Just relaxing over a drink with my friend Fred."

She dropped her hand down to Fred's leg. From where I stood, I could see her hand kneading Fred's thigh. Dirk moved around to the side of the table and moved the focus of the camera down slightly. He zoomed in on her hand, lying over Fred's leg. With a smooth motion, he panned up Fred's torso stopping at his face, which had merged with the over endowed girl's.

"Well, dudes! Looks like Freddy here has found himself a friend!"

The over-endowed girl broke the lip lock and looked at the camera. She waved and said with a giggle, "Hi."

"So, what's your name, honey!" Dirk asked, as he panned the video camera up and down her body, pausing for a moment at her cleavage.


"Krystal! A pretty name for a pretty woman!" She giggled as if she had never heard that before. "So, Krystal! How long have you known Fred?"

"Just for today."

"Wow, Krystal! You move fast, don't you?"

She winced a little and then said with a smile, "If a guy is cute."

"Ever do a video?" Krystal shook her head and giggled. "Ever made it with a girl?"

"No," Krystal bit her lip and looked at Shelly, who gave her a wink and a smile.

"How about it, Summer?"

"Mmmmm," Shelly responded. "Wanna play, Krystal?"

"Me? and you?" Shelly nodded. "Like, kewl!"

Somehow, I found myself driving Dirk's car. Dirk sat next to me and filmed the backseat. Shelly sat in the back with Fred and Krystal, where things pretty much continued as they had in the bar. The main difference was that Shelly replaced Fred in playing tonsil tag with Krystal. Fred occupied himself with nibbling the back of Shelly's neck.

Ten minutes into our trip, Dirk announced a cut and ceased filming. Neither Krystal nor Fred must have heard because they continued to make out with Shelly as Dirk babbled about his video editing equipment. He liberally seasoned his block of conversation with exclamation points though without any other variety and little of interest. I just grunted on occasion, nodded my head, and thought about tree squirrels in the modern urban environment.

At his place, Dirk copied the necessary pieces of identification. With this done, everyone but me trooped back to the car so Dirk could film them leaving it and going inside. Shelly led Fred and Krystal into the living room where music-to-film-porn-by was already playing on the stereo.

She directed the two to a couch in front of a curtained picture window. To the rhythm of the music, she began to dance for the two of them and for the camera. Her tube top inched up over her sweet handfuls and found itself on the floor. The denim shorts soon joined her top making a neat little pile.

Shelly turned to face the camera. Leaning back, she sank down onto Fred's lap. Her hips rotated in time with the beat from the stereo. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip with her pearl white teeth. A soft moan escaped from behind them as her ass ground slowly into Fred's crotch.

Shelly reached over and took Krystal's hand. She placed the girl's open palm over of one her breasts. Krystal stroked it in a mesmerized way. Shelly released Krystal and brought her freed hand to the closest of Krystal's much larger breasts.

Shelly stood up from Fred's lap and slid over to the other girl. Using both hands, she lifted Krystal to a standing position. Moving her slim hips to the music, Shelly reached up to one of the straining buttons of Krystal's shirt. A long, bright red nail forced it, and then the next, through their individual buttonholes. She worked her way down, and with the last button undone, Shelly pushed the shirt from the girl's shoulders.

Shelly leaned down to the closest of Krystal's brown nipples and took it between her teeth. From her moan, I would guess that Krystal enjoyed the little love nip. Shelly sucked on the swollen bud and lowered her hands to the button of Krystal's one size too tight hiphuggers.

She pulled the two sides of the fly apart slowly enough that the zipper slid over its teeth without any hesitation. Krystal wiggled out of them as Shelly gave a downward tug. With a small, but not significant fuss, the pants were pulled over her plain white shoes leaving her in them and a pair of white ankle socks.

"Turn 'er 'round, Summer!" Shelly twisted Krystal by her waist so her butt pointed to Dirk and his video camera. "Nice tat' there, Krystal!"

Just above the crack of her buttock, she wore an angel with a flaming sword. Above it, flew a medieval like banner with the words "my angel" in gothic lettering. Below the angel, flaming capitals spelled out "Christopher."

"Whoa, dudes! Ol' Christopher is one lucky dude!" From where I stood, I could see Krystal wince. "Does she taste as good as she looks, Summer?"

Shelly knelt down and looked around Krystal to the camera. "Let's find out, Dirk."

Dirk maneuvered himself into a flanking position. After he had gotten into a good spot, Shelly moved close to Krystal's pussy. Her tongue out snaked and touched the spot where the other girl's clit nestled in its furry nest. Krystal took hold of Shelly's head and held it tightly to her body.

Shelly grabbed Krystal's ass cheeks and stroked them with her long fingers. Her spread hands covered most of the whiteness between the light brown of Krystal's waistline and the tops of her tanned legs. For several minutes, Shelly licked along the crease of the girl's outer lips, which caused her to let out a low moan.

Shelly moved her head from her co-star's pussy. She took her hand off Krystal's ass and, with exaggerated care, wet her index finger by sliding it into her mouth. After covering it with saliva, Shelly brought her digit to the panting girl's slit. She half turned to Fred and half turned to Dirk and the camera.

"Good news, Fred," she said. "She's tight as hell."

She placed a little more pressure on the finger. With a sudden movement, it broke through the barrier of her inner lips. It slid partially into Krystal's cunt before Shelly stopped her progress.

A shocked expression passed over her face, but a smile replaced it. She looked up through the gap between the girl's breasts. The finger came out of the girl. Shelly tasted it with a moan.

"Tasty." Shelly looked over to Dirk. "Dirk, honey. Why don't you ask Fred what he thinks?"

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