A Submissive's Tale

by lizzifs

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: A fairly inexperienced sub gets to meet her Master for the first time.

Self consciously I walked out of my back garden gate, down a short alley then onto the main road. Looking at the number of people still about I wished we had arranged to meet later. My split to the crutch skirt gaped open with every step almost exposing my naked shaved cunt.The sheer chiffon black top I wore clearly showed that I was wearing a red PVC basque underneath that showed my nipples. To make me look completely like a whore I also wore red fishnet stockings and impossibly high "fuck me" shoes. Contrary to my instructions I had a light jumper slung over my shoulders which I kept trying to drape over my breasts. I had a small overnight bag containing the items I had been told to bring and I tried to hold this in front of me as much as possible as I walked. This had no effect as everyone I passed stared at me in either admiration or disapproval.

As I walked past the off license a group of teenage boys whistled at me. I felt quite embarrassed but I also felt quite aroused by exhibiting myself in this way. This intense arousal I was feeling led to a renewed confidence so I shrugged the jumper off my shoulders, moved the bag to the side of me, thrust my tits forward and held high I walked to our prearranged meeting spot with confidence. A quick glance at the time on my cell phone told me I was a few minutes early so I smoked a cigarette and thought about this enigmatic self confessed sadist I was about to meet for the first time.

He had sent me a message about ten weeks previously in response to an I had placed on an Internet dating site for those with an interest in BDSM. Before then I had had a little real time experience as a submissive and had no interest in anything other than real time. However up until this meeting all our contact had been through email, phone or instant messaging and I had loved every filthy minute of it. He had been very attentive, phoning on an almost daily basis. He was polite, respectful, articulate, very dominant and absolutely filthy in both his desires and his language and it was such a turn on. My inhibitions had just gone not only did I get more pleasure out of masturbation than I ever had; never had I made myself orgasm so often or so loudly (or so publicly!).

Our phone calls had gone from me simply using my vibrator and Cumming on command to:


"Hello what slut?"I quickly plugged in my hands free kit, as instructed beforehand.

"Sorry, hello Sir" It took me a long while to remember to address him as Sir or Master.

"So Princess are you ready to be my nasty dirty fuck slut?"

"Yes, very ready"

"Tell me what you have got sticking out of that wet cunt!"

"The big green vibrator"

"And your arse?"

"The small butt plug"

"Only small? By now you should be able to use the bigger one I sent you"

"But this one is still hard to insert!"

"Are you in pain sweetness?"

"A little"


"No Sir"

"Put the nipple clamps on, and then walk round ramming that vibrator right up your fuck hole"

Moaning and breathing heavier I knew I could easily come but also knew I would not be allowed to yet.

"Take the butt plug out, go and stand in front of that mirror, with one hand pull your lips apart, the other still thrusting that vibrator in and out. Tell me slut, what do you look like?"

"A complete dirty slut"

"That's because you are, my dirty slut, my piss wet whore". I knew what would be next and shamefully looked forward to it.

"Go and stand in the bath and piss as you come, I want to hear it splashing"

Humiliated by enjoying this humiliation so much a powerful orgasm ripped through me and I came noisily for my Master.

"Good my sweet slut, do you know that soon you will be begging for my piss to cover you, your tits, cunt, arse and face?"

I gave a kind of non committal grunt as I really could not ever imagine me begging anyone to piss on my face, although I craved it on the rest of me.

He laughed gently "You will Princess, you will".

"Bye for now slut"

"Goodbye Master".

He had also made me exhibit my body in various poses via web cam, telling me to fetch various objects to masturbate with. he had also set me various tasks, like making myself cum in the ladies toilets of my local supermarket, or in the car whilst in a crowded car park. After the many hours we had spent talking we knew each other quite well and he had an ability to get inside my head, to read my mind it seemed at times. He slowly made me less inhibited and more and more willing to every filthy thing he asked of me but that that still didn't make me any less anxious about actually meeting him.

My thoughts returning to the present, wishing he would hurry up as my feet were hurting from the high shoes. Just then a large dark car pulled up by me and the passenger door swung open, recognizing him I moved forward and put my bag in the back then climbed in.

"Hello Sir, how are you? Isn't it hot today? Did you find your way okay with the directions I gave?"

"You must be feeling nervous slut to be talking so much"

"Bastard" I thought" Bloody mind reader"

"Yes I am a little"

"Mmmn" was his only reply, the silence that followed making me even more nervous.

"I'm really hot do you mind if I open the window a little please?"

"Yes that's fine-then pull your skirt right up, spread your legs and put two fingers inside your cunt"

Surprised at his lack of small talk I did as told. I stopped after a few minutes to pointlessly rummage in my bag.

"Did I say you could stop?"

"No sorry"

"Get the vibrator out of your bag, put it up you, turn it on then shut your legs and leave it there"

After that he made me expose my tits so that whenever we drew alongside another fairly high vehicle the occupants would be able to see them. The first man I noticed looking made me avert my eyes in shame but after a while I started enjoying it.

We drove for about twenty minutes; we were in the New Forest. It was still light but the sun was going down now. We pulled over in a deserted car park and got out the car. We followed a well trodden path through thick woods for a short distance then we veered off into the forest. The ground was uneven and not exactly easy to walk on in 8inch stilettos. He stopped abruptly, pushed me back against a tree and kissed me hard, his tongue exploring my mouth, his teeth biting my lips as his finger and thumb found my erect nipple and squeezed hard. Moaning loudly I pushed against his groin. He stroked his fingers gently down my cheek then grabbing me by the hair he pulled me over to a low branch.

"Lift your skirt and sit over that branch so your cunt lips are touching it"

Reluctantly I obeyed.

"Now rub yourself on it!"

"Oh shit, I can't believe I'm doing this" I thought with humiliation showing in my lowered eyes and red face.

"You are a dirty fuck slut aren't you? Now turn around and bend over the branch, skirt up showing me that fine arse of yours"

He gave my buttocks several sharp slaps I could feel the heat from his smacks and my cunt got wetter. Inserting a couple of his fingers in me he remarked

"So my slut is wet and gagging for my cock"

"Yes I am, please fuck me now"

My reply was several more hard smacks. I heard a rustle of clothing then felt his cock slide in me not stopping until his whole length was inside me. A long pause then he roughly fucked me. Hard and fast just the way I love it, I was about to cum when he pulled out.

"No no, you've got a long wait for that"

By the time I stood up straight and turned round his jeans were zipped up.

"Did you drink a lot as I told you to?"

"Yes Sir"

"Good, lift your skirt again, open your legs and piss where you are."

He stood watching me as I pissed on the grass some of it splashing on my legs. When I finished he held my hand, lit me a cigarette and we walked back to the car. Five minutes later we pulled up in front of a small hotel. He told me to wait in the car and he went and checked in. He gave me the room key and told me where it was and to go on ahead while he got his bags.

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