Doing My Naughty Niece - Part II

by Tom Land

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Uncle, Niece, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Tom runs into his niece, Jessica, and they go to a local motel to renew their relationship from earlier days. Jessica has matured in more ways than one.

Chapter 1

The first time Jessica and I had been together, I'd rapidly introduced her to the world of grown-up sex -- of a mature man and young woman getting it on and pleasuring each other. That had been a far different world from the one she'd been living in for several years with a man older than she was. Jessica had been used and never allowed to be the mature young woman she was with her ex-boyfriend. She'd basically been a warm pussy for him to jack himself off in and when she'd left him finally and come to stay with me, we'd turned that bad trend around very quickly.

If you've read "Doing My Naughty Niece" and all its segments, you already know that Jessica quickly responded both to the coercion I used on her and then her own sexual desires and needs that I'd awakened within her. That series ended with Jessica having made the decision to quit her birth control, and she'd ended up pregnant by me. In just a few months of Jessica's advancing pregnancy, she decided she'd carry out baby full term but she did give it up for adoption. I agreed to her desire to do that and we also agreed not to get married when she decided not to keep her baby.

That had been 3 years ago and then last Friday night I saw Jessica again. And the young woman I saw Friday night was amazingly mature and sexy compared to the Jessica I'd known when she left my home those years earlier. Jessica was wearing a very nice looking, sexy top that showed a lot of cleavage and there was no question that giving birth and maturing a few more years had given Jessica some awesome tits. She also had on a nice matching pair of black dress pants and she was looking totally hot. There was no way to look at her chest without drooling over the treasure barely concealed inside that top. Awesome. I'd seen those titties naked several times before, but as I stood looking at Jessica the other night, I could tell her breasts had grown bigger, fuller and much more mature. No, no augmentation, this was all natural enlargement.

"Hi, Jessica," I said. "You're sure looking good tonight," I continued as I boldly stood there and looked her up and down. You might be tempted to be less straightforward but once you've been intimate with a woman and part ways in good relationship with each other, you can look straight at her awesomely sexy body and let her know you enjoy what you see and be sure that she's probably enjoying your reaction as well. Jessica thrived on my appreciation of her sexiness. I could tell that as she stood there and there was that slightly perceptible further out-thrusting of her chest as she knew I was admiring how big her tits were.

"Would you like to get together for old times sake after this is all over tonight, Jessica?" I asked, hoping she'd say yes.

"I sure would, Tom," Jessica responded. "I've missed you so much, you wouldn't believe how much, and I'm so horny I could scream," my sexy young niece said. My cock began to grow hard and thick from the immediateness of her answer and I knew we had a fun evening ahead of us. After the ceremony was over, I showed Jessica to my car and we drove to a nearby cafe for a bite to eat. She'd said she was hungry and I realized I was, too. Then, I drove us to a nearby motel where we booked a room and could be alone for a few hours.

Once inside our room, Jessica came into my arms like the long lost lovers we were. I'd missed her too but I figured she knew where I was and she could come back anytime she wanted to. Since she hadn't, I hadn't bothered pursuing her. Now, we were alone again, and I was going to enjoy having some of Jessica's sexy hot pussy again for the first time in quite awhile.

I loved the feel of Jessica's sexy full breasts against my chest as I embraced her warmly. Her tits had been nice and big when she'd been living with me those few weeks but her pregnancy, and just maturing had to have given her at least another cup size larger in her bra. She may have been a solid C-cup before her pregnancy, but Jessica was for sure at least a D-cupper now. And those sexy nice big D-cups looked just hot on Jessica's figure.

We kissed and our hands were all over each other's bodies. Jessica had learned a lot in her days in my home and my bed, and she'd remembered everything I'd taught her. She knew just what to do and how to turn me on. Not that I needed any extra stimulation to be hot for Jessica. Just having a chance to be with her again had already gotten my cock seriously hard.

I stepped back from Jessica and reached over to unfasten her blouse. When I peeled it back away from her chest, I loved the sexy bra she'd worn that night underneath the very low-cut blouse she'd put on. She'd almost looked like she didn't have a bra on, but she did. It was a hot demi-bra that cupped her large full tits just right, and once I had her blouse off, I quickly got her pants off and took Jessica to the bed in her bra and high cut French bikini panties I got her on her back and then I dove in between her shapely thighs. My mouth covered her pussy through the thin material of her panties and I quickly had the crotch soaking wet between her own juices and my saliva as I licked and sucked her pussy through her panties. Jessica loved me doing that before I got her totally naked and I wanted her so hot that her pussy would be very wet and she'd literally melt my dick when I sunk it inside her hot pussy.

Jessica's hand had been down in my crotch, caressing and rubbing my dick when we'd been embracing and now my cock was fully aroused and hard. I kept eating Jessica's pussy through her panties and I got her hot enough to bring her off that way. When she started to orgasm, she bucked her pussy up into my face, and the moaning and humping she was doing made me ready to fuck her.

I leaned up from where I'd just been eating Jessica's pussy, pulled her skimpy panties off her body, and I noticed that she'd continued to shave her pussy just as she'd done when we'd been together. I loved the sight of my horny hot young niece's pussy and I wasted no time in moving in between her legs and sliding my big engorged cock into her tight pussy. Even though Jessica had been well-fucked and had even given birth once, her pussy was nicely tight and snug on my cock as I slid smoothly inside her pussy. I surprised her because I'd left Jessica's hot bra on for our first fuck. As soon as I got my cock fully inside her and began thrusting in and out, I moved up over Jessica's body, my ass driving my cock hotly into her body and then I reached up, undid her bra and flipped the cups off of each titty and then I took her left nipple in between my lips and began kissing and sucking on it while I played with her right breast. That drove her wild. I knew Jessica loved having her tits sucked and kissed and I figured the combination of my cock fucking her and then my taking her nipples into my mouth would take her straight to an orgasm. I was right. Jessica began moaning and whimpering and in only a couple of minutes she was climaxing the second time on my cock.

As soon as I'd ensured Jessica had gotten off at least twice, I started fucking her like I would never fuck a pussy again. I leaned up, holding Jessica firmly by her hips and I was driving my cock as firmly and as powerfully in and out of her body as I could manage.

My unrestrained fucking with Jessica quickly heightened my own sexual arousal and I soon knew I was going to shoot off inside her pussy. I kept driving in and out and when I started to cum, I didn't give a single thought to where I shot my wad. At her age and experience now, I figured Jessica knew enough to either be on birth control or take the consequences. As I was cumming, I thought about it but by then, it was too damn late.

Chapter 2

Seeing Jessica again was more than I'd hoped for. I knew I'd see her or run into her again sometime, but just never knew when. I'd basically lost contact with her after our short affair and her pregnancy, and then when we encountered each other that night, I felt like our relationship was almost being renewed once again.

We'd just shared our first fuck there in the motel room where Jessica and I had gone after meeting again. I'd given her a hot sexy fuck and now I wanted to have Jessica fuck me one of the ways I enjoyed doing it most with her -- with her in the saddle on top of my cock and riding me like she was some kind of hot cowgirl. She loved us getting it on that way, and I totally loving having Jessica on top. I don't care what other guys say -- I'm not threatened by the woman I'm fucking being on top -- there's nothing quite as hot as having a sexy babe impaled on the length of my hardon and riding me up and down until we both cum. And, the nice thing was that I knew Jessica knew what I wanted, she knew how to do us both that way, and I knew that she loved it. Nothing better than fucking in a position that you know you both totally enjoy.

"Jessica, girl, I want you on top this time," I told my horny niece, as I lay down on the bed and lay there stroking my hard meat while I waited for her to climb on top and mount me. "Jessica, you're so fucking sexy, baby," I said as I lay there naked, watching my sexy niece and enjoying her well matured young womanly body as she prepared to fuck with me a second time. I loved how large Jessica's tits were and her pussy and her fine rounded asscheeks. Mmmmm.

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