Doing My Naughty Niece - Part II

by Tom Land

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Uncle, Niece, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Tom runs into his niece, Jessica, and they go to a local motel to renew their relationship from earlier days. Jessica has matured in more ways than one.

Chapter 1

The first time Jessica and I had been together, I'd rapidly introduced her to the world of grown-up sex -- of a mature man and young woman getting it on and pleasuring each other. That had been a far different world from the one she'd been living in for several years with a man older than she was. Jessica had been used and never allowed to be the mature young woman she was with her ex-boyfriend. She'd basically been a warm pussy for him to jack himself off in and when she'd left him finally and come to stay with me, we'd turned that bad trend around very quickly.

If you've read "Doing My Naughty Niece" and all its segments, you already know that Jessica quickly responded both to the coercion I used on her and then her own sexual desires and needs that I'd awakened within her. That series ended with Jessica having made the decision to quit her birth control, and she'd ended up pregnant by me. In just a few months of Jessica's advancing pregnancy, she decided she'd carry out baby full term but she did give it up for adoption. I agreed to her desire to do that and we also agreed not to get married when she decided not to keep her baby.

That had been 3 years ago and then last Friday night I saw Jessica again. And the young woman I saw Friday night was amazingly mature and sexy compared to the Jessica I'd known when she left my home those years earlier. Jessica was wearing a very nice looking, sexy top that showed a lot of cleavage and there was no question that giving birth and maturing a few more years had given Jessica some awesome tits. She also had on a nice matching pair of black dress pants and she was looking totally hot. There was no way to look at her chest without drooling over the treasure barely concealed inside that top. Awesome. I'd seen those titties naked several times before, but as I stood looking at Jessica the other night, I could tell her breasts had grown bigger, fuller and much more mature. No, no augmentation, this was all natural enlargement.

"Hi, Jessica," I said. "You're sure looking good tonight," I continued as I boldly stood there and looked her up and down. You might be tempted to be less straightforward but once you've been intimate with a woman and part ways in good relationship with each other, you can look straight at her awesomely sexy body and let her know you enjoy what you see and be sure that she's probably enjoying your reaction as well. Jessica thrived on my appreciation of her sexiness. I could tell that as she stood there and there was that slightly perceptible further out-thrusting of her chest as she knew I was admiring how big her tits were.

"Would you like to get together for old times sake after this is all over tonight, Jessica?" I asked, hoping she'd say yes.

"I sure would, Tom," Jessica responded. "I've missed you so much, you wouldn't believe how much, and I'm so horny I could scream," my sexy young niece said. My cock began to grow hard and thick from the immediateness of her answer and I knew we had a fun evening ahead of us. After the ceremony was over, I showed Jessica to my car and we drove to a nearby cafe for a bite to eat. She'd said she was hungry and I realized I was, too. Then, I drove us to a nearby motel where we booked a room and could be alone for a few hours.

Once inside our room, Jessica came into my arms like the long lost lovers we were. I'd missed her too but I figured she knew where I was and she could come back anytime she wanted to. Since she hadn't, I hadn't bothered pursuing her. Now, we were alone again, and I was going to enjoy having some of Jessica's sexy hot pussy again for the first time in quite awhile.

I loved the feel of Jessica's sexy full breasts against my chest as I embraced her warmly. Her tits had been nice and big when she'd been living with me those few weeks but her pregnancy, and just maturing had to have given her at least another cup size larger in her bra. She may have been a solid C-cup before her pregnancy, but Jessica was for sure at least a D-cupper now. And those sexy nice big D-cups looked just hot on Jessica's figure.

We kissed and our hands were all over each other's bodies. Jessica had learned a lot in her days in my home and my bed, and she'd remembered everything I'd taught her. She knew just what to do and how to turn me on. Not that I needed any extra stimulation to be hot for Jessica. Just having a chance to be with her again had already gotten my cock seriously hard.

I stepped back from Jessica and reached over to unfasten her blouse. When I peeled it back away from her chest, I loved the sexy bra she'd worn that night underneath the very low-cut blouse she'd put on. She'd almost looked like she didn't have a bra on, but she did. It was a hot demi-bra that cupped her large full tits just right, and once I had her blouse off, I quickly got her pants off and took Jessica to the bed in her bra and high cut French bikini panties I got her on her back and then I dove in between her shapely thighs. My mouth covered her pussy through the thin material of her panties and I quickly had the crotch soaking wet between her own juices and my saliva as I licked and sucked her pussy through her panties. Jessica loved me doing that before I got her totally naked and I wanted her so hot that her pussy would be very wet and she'd literally melt my dick when I sunk it inside her hot pussy.

Jessica's hand had been down in my crotch, caressing and rubbing my dick when we'd been embracing and now my cock was fully aroused and hard. I kept eating Jessica's pussy through her panties and I got her hot enough to bring her off that way. When she started to orgasm, she bucked her pussy up into my face, and the moaning and humping she was doing made me ready to fuck her.

I leaned up from where I'd just been eating Jessica's pussy, pulled her skimpy panties off her body, and I noticed that she'd continued to shave her pussy just as she'd done when we'd been together. I loved the sight of my horny hot young niece's pussy and I wasted no time in moving in between her legs and sliding my big engorged cock into her tight pussy. Even though Jessica had been well-fucked and had even given birth once, her pussy was nicely tight and snug on my cock as I slid smoothly inside her pussy. I surprised her because I'd left Jessica's hot bra on for our first fuck. As soon as I got my cock fully inside her and began thrusting in and out, I moved up over Jessica's body, my ass driving my cock hotly into her body and then I reached up, undid her bra and flipped the cups off of each titty and then I took her left nipple in between my lips and began kissing and sucking on it while I played with her right breast. That drove her wild. I knew Jessica loved having her tits sucked and kissed and I figured the combination of my cock fucking her and then my taking her nipples into my mouth would take her straight to an orgasm. I was right. Jessica began moaning and whimpering and in only a couple of minutes she was climaxing the second time on my cock.

As soon as I'd ensured Jessica had gotten off at least twice, I started fucking her like I would never fuck a pussy again. I leaned up, holding Jessica firmly by her hips and I was driving my cock as firmly and as powerfully in and out of her body as I could manage.

My unrestrained fucking with Jessica quickly heightened my own sexual arousal and I soon knew I was going to shoot off inside her pussy. I kept driving in and out and when I started to cum, I didn't give a single thought to where I shot my wad. At her age and experience now, I figured Jessica knew enough to either be on birth control or take the consequences. As I was cumming, I thought about it but by then, it was too damn late.

Chapter 2

Seeing Jessica again was more than I'd hoped for. I knew I'd see her or run into her again sometime, but just never knew when. I'd basically lost contact with her after our short affair and her pregnancy, and then when we encountered each other that night, I felt like our relationship was almost being renewed once again.

We'd just shared our first fuck there in the motel room where Jessica and I had gone after meeting again. I'd given her a hot sexy fuck and now I wanted to have Jessica fuck me one of the ways I enjoyed doing it most with her -- with her in the saddle on top of my cock and riding me like she was some kind of hot cowgirl. She loved us getting it on that way, and I totally loving having Jessica on top. I don't care what other guys say -- I'm not threatened by the woman I'm fucking being on top -- there's nothing quite as hot as having a sexy babe impaled on the length of my hardon and riding me up and down until we both cum. And, the nice thing was that I knew Jessica knew what I wanted, she knew how to do us both that way, and I knew that she loved it. Nothing better than fucking in a position that you know you both totally enjoy.

"Jessica, girl, I want you on top this time," I told my horny niece, as I lay down on the bed and lay there stroking my hard meat while I waited for her to climb on top and mount me. "Jessica, you're so fucking sexy, baby," I said as I lay there naked, watching my sexy niece and enjoying her well matured young womanly body as she prepared to fuck with me a second time. I loved how large Jessica's tits were and her pussy and her fine rounded asscheeks. Mmmmm.

Jessica moved up over me, leaning over to kiss me hotly and tenderly and then she moved back down where she was kneeling in between my legs and she took my cock in her hand, jacking me up and down to get me fully hard again. She bent over, took my cock in her mouth and flicked her tongue over my swollen cockhead and then she moved back up above me, straddled my jutting hardon and aimed the head of my cock straight up inside her pussy. I loved seeing that Jessica shaved her pussy as she'd been doing when we'd first been together. Nothing like a sexy woman with a nicely shaved pussy for me to eat and to fuck. As Jessica sat down on my cock, it spread her sexy hot pussy and she slid down onto me until the wetness of her pussy smacked against my groin.

I reached up, cupping both of Jessica's sexy full breasts and I began caressing and kneading them as I diddled her nipples and pulled on the hard little nubs.

"Ohhhhh, baby, yes, yes, play with my titties," Jessica moaned as she began to use her sexy thigh and leg muscles to drive herself up and down on the thick penetrating length of my cock inside her. Once I'd shown Jessica how sexy and hot it was to have her on top in a fuck, she'd learned how to do it as well as any woman I'd ever been to bed with. Any woman is hot on top, but a sexy babe like Jessica, nicely built, well-endowed in the chest, and experienced enough to know how to ride a man's dick can make a "female superior" fuck one of the hottest. The only thing superior about it is that she's on top; don't get hung up on the words. And, let's be honest, when the babe's riding your dick, she's controlling the fuck for the most part.

Jessica loved to be on top and there was an element of her being in control of the fuck she was getting from the dick inside her. I let her have her way with our fuck, and as I played with her tits while she rode up and down, she quickly brought herself to the point of orgasm. I reached down where my cock was joined with her pussy, rubbing her clit and caressing her sexy engorged pussy lips as they clasped my cock tightly. I helped Jessica reach her climax and she literally collapsed forward onto my chest when she started cumming. I loved that. She was in orgasm, my cock was still buried deeply inside her pussy and when she was prostrate on top of me, I began thrusting my ass up from the bed, slamming my cock in and out of Jessica's pussy and giving her a hot fuck from underneath. I was very tempted to pull my cock out and elevate the head slightly, penetrating her backside and fucking her ass but I figured there was yet time for me to fuck her up the butt.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Tommmmmmmmm, yes, yes, fuck me," Jessica moaned as she felt her orgasm exploding and knew I was going to continue thrusting in and out while she was lying forward on top of me. I was fucking her pussy royally and she loved it. Jessica had grown to love ardent lusty fucking and I loved that too. I kept on bucking my ass powerfully from the bed and driving my cock all the way inside her as she recovered from her cum. When she'd finished orgasming, she sat upright again and then Jessica resumed riding me and writhing up and down on my fuckpole until she came yet again. That time she climaxed and then she rode up and down, over and over for about another 10 minutes and then I felt my nuts release and my cum exploded deeply up inside her pussy.

I wasn't sure what Jessica and I were going to do next, but we were far from being finished for that night.

Chapter 3

Jessica was amazingly hotter and sexier than when we'd been together for that first brief time. I needed to remember that when she first came to stay with me, I'd basically taken a young woman who was physically a woman but still emotionally and mentally a teenage girl. When I'd taken her in to my house, her sexual education had been my efforts to make her satisfy my adult male sexual needs and desires, but she quickly began to find what we did very sexy and very hot. And in no time, Jessica had become much more the mature sexual lover she should have been for her age. Our relationship had taken its natural course at that time, and when she'd left me, she was pregnant from our unprotected fucks and she'd gone ahead, carried the baby and given it up for adoption. That was then, and this was now.

We'd just shared two hot fucks together there in the motel room, and I had Jessica naked there with me in all of her physical beauty. As she'd finished our second fuck with her on top of my cock, I lay there with Jessica's pussy still filled with my cock and I reached up, enjoying the feel and roundedness of her sexy big titties. Mmmmm, I loved a babe who's got a nice rack of tits and Jessica's definitely one of those now. Her nipples hardened at the flick of my fingers or my lips across them, and her pussy would clench my cock whenever I'd rub a finger across her tit.

Jessica slid off of my cock after we'd finished fucking and she immediately amazed me as she flipped around, took my pussy juice/cum wet cock in her hand and she began slowly stroking me and caressing my balls as she leaned over, opened her mouth and took the head of my cock inside her lips. I'd taught Jessica how to suck cock, and she'd obviously remembered everything and then improved a lot more on her early lessons. Jessica quickly had me not only moaning and putting my hands on her head in encouragement, but she also had my cock quickly back in full erection.

I wasn't sure if Jessica wanted to suck me to orgasm this time or was just using her sexy feminine tools to get me hard enough to go another fuck with her. I lay there and let Jessica have her way with me as she was really giving me one heck of a great blowjob. I was loving how hot she was making me, and as Jessica was consumed in her attentions to my cock and balls, I reached over, cupping one of her sexy full breasts as it dangled there naked from her chest. I had the tip and about half of her tit in my hand and I diddled the nipple and squeezed the mound of her breast, making her moan from my titillation.

Jessica's mouth was sucking firmly on my cock, and her hands were gently but firmly kneading my balls, causing the sexual pressure inside them to grow rapidly. "Ohhhhhhhh, baby, where did you learn to suck a dick like this, Jessica?" I moaned and she took her mouth off my cock momentarily, looked me in the eye and said, "From you, Uncle Tom," and her mouth immediately returned to my cock and now she was not only stroking me and playing with my nuts, but her head was bobbing up and down, up and down on my cockhead and nearly all of my cockshaft. In no time at all, Jessica had me moaning and then I began bucking my tight ass up from the bed, fucking Jessica's sexy face as she was rapidly bringing me close to another powerful orgasm.

I realized that Jessica was intent on sucking my cock to orgasm, and the second I knew that was her plan, I began to ardently buck my ass up from the bed, fucking my cock into Jessica's tightly sucking lips in an effort to bring myself off and to give Jessica what she was after -- a big sexy load of my hot cum right down her throat. I was moaning and bucking up, fucking my dick in and out, and Jessica was stroking me, kneading my nuts and then I felt my orgasm arriving.

"I'm gonna fucking cum, Jessica," I moaned and I stopped moving, my cum beginning to spurt hotly from my nuts and straight into Jessica's mouth. She didn't miss a single drop. I couldn't believe what a sexy young woman Jessica had matured into and when I felt her sucking every last drop of my jism, I was so turned on that I knew as soon as I got hard again, I'd roll Jessica over and fuck her horny pussy again.

While Jessica finished sucking my cock to orgasm and swallowing my cumload, I reached over and grabbed her body, moving her over until she was lying to top of me, face down with my cock in her mouth and hands, so I could eat her hot wet pussy. Yeah, my cream pie was seeping from her pussy lips but I didn't mind eating Jessica's pussy and sucking up my own jizz. My cum taste pretty sexy and I wanted to return the sexy favor that she'd just given to me. As soon as Jessica realized what I intended to do, she went right along with me, letting me spread her legs and start eating her hot cunt while she worked on my cock to get me hard for the next fuck with her. It didn't take very long at all with me licking and kissing Jessica's horny pussy to hear her start moaning and pressing her pussy against my face and then she was cumming for me.

While I knew I was getting Jessica off, my cock had quickly grown back into full hardness and thickness and I got the two pillows on the bed underneath us as I got up from my prone position and prepared to fuck Jessica doggy style. I got her belly propped up with the bulk of the pillows and then I maneuvered behind her, spreading her legs and I quickly mounted my horny niece and slid my cock home into her horny young pussy. Jessica's hot wet tightness felt so great around the rampaging length of my cock and I was soon slamming my cock in and out of Jessica while I reached down, cupping and holding her sexy large full titties in my hands. I was flicking her nipples and squeezing her sexy tits while I was pile-driving my cock in and out, in and out, until I could hear Jessica moaning in the throes of another orgasm. I'd forgotten what a sexy hot body Jessica had and it had only gotten better since I'd last fucked her. I loved the feel of her hot tight pussy on my cock. Every time I sunk my dick as far inside her as it would reach, I thought I was gonna spurt my spunk deep into her pussy. When I heard her getting her jollies again, I really began pouring my cock to my horny niece and I spewed another full cumload deep inside her hot pussy.

This was so hot I didn't know when either Jessica or I would tire that night. I knew both of us still had a lot of pent-up sexual energy and I knew I could generate quite a bit more cum to fill her pussy with.

Chapter 4

That evening with Jessica was turning out to be far more than I'd ever planned. For one, I hadn't planned on even seeing Jessica again, and now I was in a motel room alone with her, naked, getting my cock sucked and fucked royally for the first time in many many months with this sexy young woman. This evening could never have happened had not our earlier affair occurred. Jessica would have been as naive and as uneducated in the ways of adult sexual play as she'd been that first time. Had she not taken shelter under my roof, the chance to be her first true sexual teacher would never have occurred.

I'd fucked Jessica and she'd fucked me just as hotly. I took her by the hand and we headed for the motel room shower. Fortunately, the motel was a nice one and the shower was actually big enough for both of us to join in a session there. Yeah, I intended to wash some of the sweat and weariness from a long day off under those hot cascading waters, but more than that, I intended to give Jessica another hot fucking under the water as it splashed down over both our naked bodies.

I let Jessica step into the shower first and her hair and head and her upper body were quickly wet and soaked from the warm strong blast of the shower's water coming down over us. I actually decided to soap Jessica up and wash her before I fucked her. I took the shower soap, started lathering Jessica's shapely womanly body all over. I loved that and in no time my cock had responded to the hotness of actually caressing and touching Jessica's large full titties, her shapely back, ass and belly, and her shaved pussy. I had her soaped up, had her medium length hair all lathered up, and then I began to rinse her off. I took the detachable shower head and was spraying Jessica's body all over to get rid of the soap, and then I decided to try something else while I had the head off and where I could aim the spraying water.

When I started first spraying the warm water onto Jessica's tits, she loved that, but then I began moving the strong spray on down over her belly and quickly had it aimed in between her legs onto her clit and her shaved baby-smooth pussy. That really got Jessica started. The spray on her clit was feeling very good and she spread her legs, reached over and took the head of the spray nozzle and aimed it right where it was stimulating her pussy the most.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Tommmmmmmm," Jessica moaned as she felt herself rapidly moving toward an orgasm from the warm spray of water hitting against her hot pussy and clit. Then, Jessica began to orgasm and she nearly collapsed there in the shower from the force of the water's hot spray. As soon as Jessica recovered from her orgasm, I pushed her back against the side of the shower, and I got down where I could get my mouth on her aroused pussy. With my tongue and my fingers I began eating Jessica's hot horny pussy and she started bucking her pussy against my face.

"Ohh yeah, ohhhh yeah, Ohhhhhhhhhhh," Jessica moaned and I lost control as I licked, kissed and sucked her pussy avidly. It tasted so hot and sweet, I wanted a faceful of Jessica's hot pussy juices, and I quickly was rewarded with just that. I cupped her naked asscheeks, pulled her pussy firmly against my mouth and my tongue was fucking in and out of her horny pussy lips. Then, as Jessica was cumming again, I knew my cock was raging hard. I had noticed that the shower had a small ledge, and I quickly stood up in front of my sexy hot niece, spread her legs as I backed her against that ledge, and then I aimed my hardon straight into Jessica's waiting pussy. She was quickly impaled on the head and several inches of my thick hard cock, and I began bucking my cock in and out of Jessica's pussy as I proceeded to fuck her.

Jessica's pussy was so hot, so tight, and almost immediately my horny niece started climaxing again. I held on tightly to Jessica's slippery wet body and I had her by the waist as I was sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. I wanted her to fucking cum like she'd never cum with me before. I wanted her to scream in orgasm, and I soon got my wish. I kept on pounding my cock in and out as Jessica came again on my cock, and then I whammed in and out a few more strokes until I began orgasming, too.

When we'd finished our shower fuck, I helped Jessica get toweled off as we headed back to the bed for whatever we wanted to enjoy doing next.

Chapter 5

Jessica and I had spent the entire evening together fucking our brains out. It had been like old times that we'd experienced before only much much better. We'd finally fucked ourselves into near exhaustion and then I took Jessica back to where we'd met that night and where she'd left her own car. And, before we parted ways that night, Jessica walked into my arms again, kissed me passionately on the lips and asked me if she could come back and move in with me. My cock jumped in my pants at hearing those sexy words come from my hot sexy niece's lips.

"Yes, Jessica, please. Do you want to come over tonight or soon?" I answered.

"Tomorrow will be OK. We're both worn out tonight, Tom, and tomorrow you can help me get moved," Jessica said.

Sure enough, the next day Jessica called and asked when I could be at her place to move her stuff. I couldn't get over there fast enough. I'd decided that I'd let Jessica get away from me once and I wasn't going to make that mistake a second time. I knew we'd have to downplay the fact that Jessica was actually my niece, but I also knew that if we seriously wanted to be together, we could make it happen.

Getting Jessica alone under my roof again was almost reminiscent of the first time she'd moved in with me. I'd never forget how I'd quickly coerced Jessica into having sex with me, and how quickly she'd learned much more about sex than she'd known up to that point in her life. When Jessica came to my house that day, she was also dressed much like she'd been the first time we'd been living together. She had on a sexy T-shirt that showed off her sexy nice big breasts well and a pair of nice shorts that made my cock flinch the minute I saw her. We got her stuff moved into my place -- at least all of it made it inside -- and then I couldn't wait to fuck Jessica again. I'd laid in bed most of the night before remembering the multi-fuck session we'd just had and felt my cock hardening again realizing that she actually wanted to move in with me.

I took Jessica in my arms, pulled her close to me, hugging her sexy womanly body close against mine and I loved the feel of her full breasts and her body against me. I cupped Jessica's asscheeks through the material of her shorts and made sure she could feel the hardness of my erection pressing against her pussy. It was hard to really believe we'd just fucked our brains out the night before and now I was so horny for Jessica I couldn't wait another minute to have her again.

"Mmmmm, Jessica, I'm so glad you decided to move in with me," I said as I began kissing her lips, letting my hands roam down over her T-shirt covered breasts. I cupped both her asscheeks, and then I pulled her T-shirt off over her head, exposing her bra-encased tits. Jessica had put on a comfortable bra for her move, but with her sexy large tits, any bra would have been sexy on her. I reached down, pulling her shorts down and off as well, revealing that Jessica had on a hot red thong panty underneath. I reached up between Jessica's tits, unfastened her front closure on her bra and peeled the left cup away from her breast, lowering my mouth to suck her nipple into my lips. Jessica immediately started moaning and put her hand behind my head to encourage me in suckling her nipple. Her nipples and her titties were very sensitive to kisses and caresses, and Jessica loved any attention I gave to her breasts.

"Ohhhh, fuck, Tom, you make me crazy when you suck my nipples," Jessica moaned as she thrust her sexy breast and hard nipple forward towards my mouth. "Mmmmm, I'm gonna fuck you good, baby," she said as she wriggled on out of her bra while I had her tit in my mouth. I lifted my mouth from her nipple, kissing Jessica and then I stood, pulling my briefs off and moving Jessica over to the nearby bed. I was so hot to fuck my horny niece that I could hardly wait. Before I put her on her back there on the bed, I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her thong, pulling it down off her shapely legs and the instant I saw her sexy shaved pussy naked, I dove down in front of her, spreading her thighs and licking up and down over the slit of her hot pussy. Jessica instantly began moaning and again her hand came behind my head, pulling my face snugly against her hot sexy pussy. My cock was raging hard in arousal from the hotness of just being in between Jessica's legs again. I was so hot to fuck her.

I kept on licking and kissing Jessica's swollen hot pussy, and she finally bucked her body up towards me as she exploded in orgasm. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk," she moaned as she spread her legs and relished the feeling of her climax washing over her entire body. With her having cum, I moved on up over Jessica as she lay there naked and waiting for me. I moved up until I could first kiss her sexy nipples and kiss and tease her naked rounded breasts, and then I moved up further and kissed Jessica on her lips. She returned my kisses hotly, and as she was flashing her tongue in and out of my lips, I moved my groin slightly until I felt my hard cockhead touching her wet pussy and then I moved a bit further and pushed forward, feeling my dick spreading her pussy lips and beginning to move inside her body.

"Mmmmmm, Tom, yes, fuck me, baby, fuck me good," Jessica moaned and she grabbed my tightened asscheeks, pulling my cock smoothly inside her pussy until my cockhead hit bottom. Jessica's pussy was still nicely tight and very hot against the length of my swollen cock shaft filling her hot young pussy. I let my dick soak there in her innermost parts for a few seconds and then I started pulling my cock out, until only my cockhead remained inside her. I leaned over, kissing Jessica's left nipple and then her right one as I began to strongly thrust my cock in and out, in and out, in and out, and I quickly felt myself moving rapidly towards my first orgasm.

"Jessica, your pussy is so hot, baby, so fucking sweet," I moaned and I reached underneath her rounded ass, cupping the cheeks and I held her firmly while I powered my cock in and out. I soon knew I couldn't hold out much longer, and I leaned up above Jessica, looking down at her beautiful face, hair and titties jiggling sexily under me as I pounded her pussy.

"Agghhhhhhh, I'm gonna cum, baby, I'm gonna fucking cummmmmmm," I bellowed and I drove my cock in and out several more times and then I buried my cock fully inside Jessica's pussy and kept it buried there while my first spurts of cum exploded from my cock into her horny pussy. Jessica began to cum again at nearly the same time, and we lay there, sweaty, hotter than fuck, and loving being naked in each other's arms.

Welcome home again, Jessica.

Chapter 6

Jessica had moved in with me again and we'd picked up right where we'd left off the first time. We really did. The only thing different this time was a much increased maturity in Jessica, a much hotter hungry for sex with her, and one thing that she quickly seemed intent on was getting pregnant with a baby again. Jessica soon told me after she'd moved in how much she regretted not having kept our first baby. She'd chosen to give the baby up for adoption but this time she told me that she badly wanted another baby and she wanted us to share the experience of bringing the baby up together.

That meant that the next night or as soon as possible, Jessica and I would start working on getting her knocked up. I was definitely OK with having a baby with Jessica and I could hardly wait for all that it involved for me. I assured her that this time, we would love parenting and loving together any babies that we conceived in each other's arms. Jessica informed me that she actually might have gotten pregnant our first night back together during that hot evening-long session of fucking and playing around. She'd been off her birth control for quite some time so it was quite possible that my cum spurted into her pussy that first evening had knocked her up. But, now she purposefully wanted us to try for a baby together and I was raring to get started.

I had helped Jessica get moved into my place and then we went out for a light supper before we returned to my place for the evening and for some hot lusty sex together. I was so horny knowing that Jessica was actually moving back in with me on a long-term and perhaps permanent basis. My cock was so hard and thick in anticipation of fucking Jessica that I could hardly wait to get back home and get naked with her. When we got inside the house, I quickly took Jessica in my arms and we began kissing and making out like a couple of hormonally-driven teenagers. I didn't care; I was obviously being driven by sex hormones and they were in serious overdrive around Jessica. Her full sexy tits, her pretty face and hair and her fined shaped round ass all made me hornier than fuck. I quickly got Jessica out of her cotton top she'd been wearing along with the shorts she'd had on and I loved it when she was standing there with me in only her thong panty and sexy demi-bra. Jessica had grown to be such a sexy young woman, and here she was living under my roof and she was asking me to conceive a love-child with her.

I soon had my own clothes off, and my cock was jutting up hotly from my groin. My hardon was eager to be buried inside Jessica's hot pussy and I could hardly wait to fuck her and spew my babymaking cum deep inside her fertile pussy. I took Jessica by the hand and led her into the master bedroom and straight over to our bed. There, I reached behind her back, undoing the clasps of her bra and then I reached down, peeling her thong panty down off her sexy womanly body until I had my hot sexy young niece naked and ready for me to fuck her.

"Mmmm, Tom, you're making me so hot, baby, fuck me and give me a baby, please?" Jessica moaned as she felt my lips close over her right nipple, sucking it and flicking my tongue over the hardened tip.

"Oh baby, I am going to give you a good fuck and I'm going to do my best to get you knocked up, Jessica," I reassured her. I licked first one hard nipple and then the other one until I had Jessica moaning lustily and begging for me to do her. That was all I needed to finally hear from her.

I helped Jessica climb onto the bed, her body totally naked, her sexy breasts and her hot wet pussy fully exposed for me. I quickly joined her and then I rubbed the full head of my cock in her wet pussy lips and got my dick lubed up to mount her. I slid the head of my hard cock into Jessica's pussy lips and then as I heard her moaning and sighing with the feeling of my hard cock penetrating her pussy, I pushed powerfully forward, totally impaling Jessica on the entire length of my dick.

"Fuckkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee," Jessica moaned. I intended to give her just what she'd asked for. I slid all the way inside her pussy and then I began a smooth slow sexy pumping of my cock in and out of her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm, Jessica, you're such a hottie, baby," I moaned as I loved the feeling of her tight wet pussy taking all of my cock deep inside her. I leveraged my body up a bit and I really enjoyed the sensations of my cock and my cum-filled nuts smacking against Jessica's body every time I fully thrust inside her. Jessica was enjoying being filled with my engorged cock as well. She spread her legs slightly, taking all of my cock deep inside her, and then I leaned over, licking and sucking on her hard nipples while I was pile-driving her pussy.

Jessica began cumming 10 minutes after I'd begun fucking her and I continued to drill her pussy for another 20 minutes before I felt my first cumload of the evening exploding out of my juice hole deep inside her open pussy. I held my spurting cock deep inside her body to enhance my chances of knocking her up, and for that moment, we just wanted her to conceive a baby, we weren't doing anything to enhance the selection of its sex.

After I'd pounded my cock into Jessica's pussy for those extra minutes, I felt my cum spurting inside her and then we lay together for a little while before I started to get hard and then I fucked Jessica again until I had another orgasm.

We'd know before too long but I felt like maybe we'd conceived a baby and we'd know in almost no time whether or not Jessica was a "mommy to be".

Chapter 7

It worked. Jessica had moved back in with me, she'd quickly told me how much she wanted us to have a baby together, and then we'd set out to get her knocked up and in the expectant motherly way. That night we fucked totally unprotected and with the intent of conceiving a baby inside Jessica's womb was one of the hottest I can remember. My little men knew what their mission was and I sent them on their way with my best wishes for "mission success". Well, they did their job. Jessica and I continued to make love regularly in the next few days but from what we could tell, one of those lusty hot fucks between uncle and niece resulted in Jessica becoming knocked up, and she quickly started to show the signs as she began her second pregnancy. Jessica seemed to be totally delighted to be expecting a baby again, and I was glowing in my own accomplishment of fathering a newborn with her.

Within only a few weeks, Jessica's breasts grew sensitive and tender as her pregnancy advanced and then, of course, her tits began to evidence her expectant condition by growing even larger than they'd been already. Jessica's nipples and the aureolae surrounding them grew darker, and her nipples seemed to harden into little nubs or arousal even more easily than they had before. I loved it when I caressed Jessica's tits and could feel her aroused nipples.

I don't know which of us was more excited with Jessica's pregnancy. I know I was thrilled thoroughly and I really started enjoying the fact that she was with child when her belly began to swell and show the evidence that she had a baby growing inside her. Between that (her baby bump as some call it) and her enlarged tits and then the glorious increase in Jessica's horniness, I was in hog heaven.

I'll never forget one of the nights when I came home from work, and Jessica was about 5 months along in her pregnancy, her belly was showing big now and she was really thrilling herself at the feel of the new life kicking around in her tummy. I loved putting my hand on Jessica's belly and feeling our baby's movements. I helped her with supper and then we cleaned up the dishes, and then we went straight to the bedroom. Our horniness was predicated on two things -- I'd been fucking horny for Jessica all day long and she told me if she didn't get my cock soon, she was going to go crazy. That settled it for me.

Jessica was wearing a sexy little skirt and a nice maternity top with a bra and panties on. I started caressing and playing with Jessica there at the kitchen sink, and she was doing the same with me. I loved it when Jessica stroked my cock, when she kissed me and I especially loved it when Jessica would encourage my caresses and touches by placing her hand over mine when I'd feel up her tits or her pussy. Jessica had a nice sexy fine ass too and I loved groping her nicely shaped ass when we were getting it on.

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