To Serve and Protect: Undercover Operations

by Patricia51

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Female detective goes deep undercover in pursuit of a drug smuggler, getting close to his girlfriend to try to catch him. Her fellow officers may have to come to her rescue when she gets in too deep.

Note: This is the third part of our ongoing series. The "our" refers to my friend Linda_s. Since she's not registered here when I attempted to use her name also, the story was filed with another Linda's name. No fault. It was as close as the site could come. You do not have to have read the previous two installments in this series to enjoy this story. But it WILL make a lot more sense in a hurry if you have read them.

"Not there! Lower. And for heaven's sake faster."

"Faster? How fast does it need to be?"

"Faster than what you're doing, Pat. I can barely even feel anything. And you're all out of position."

"Linda, show me again where you want me to be."

"Left hand there. Right hand there. A little bit higher... higher... right there. Okay, now twist and HEAVE."

This time it worked. Lieutenant Linda Shannon of the Sheriff's Department landed flat on her back. Pinning her to the mat at the Regional Police Academy gym was her friend and newest undercover officer Sergeant Pat Gibson. The follow through on the take down maneuver had been executed perfectly. The other woman smiled down at her boss only to almost lose her position when Linda tried to flip her in a surprise move.

"Good, Pat." Linda smiled with pleasure at the failure of her attempt. She slapped the floor twice and Pat got off her, responding to the signal. The two women walked over to the bench where they had deposited their gym bags and sat down. They each opened a bottle of water and relaxed.

"Pat, you're really doing well. I know you think I'm pushing you, but it won't be long until unarmed tactics will be all you have. You are an exceptional shot but in the position you'll be in you won't be able to carry a firearm. Is Mike still teaching you improvised weapons?"

Pat nodded. Her husband, SWAT team commander and former Marine Mike Gibson was not happy about his wife going into a deep undercover narcotics operation. But he accepted it and was doing his best to prepare her.

"Okay then," said Linda. "I'm going to take a shower. You need one too," she pointed out.

The Sergeant leaned her dirty-blonde head next to Linda's dark haired one and whispered. "Is that a recommendation Lieutenant? Or an offer?"

"PAT!" Answered Linda in a strangled voice, torn between indignation and laughter.

"I know," replied her friend. "We promised to let that weekend be a delightful memory. I couldn't resist it though. I'm headed home. I'll see you tomorrow."


Linda smiled as Pat gathered her things and sprinted for the gym door. Linda herself headed for the showers. She passed the doors to the open bay showers and instead entered one of the private ones reserved for department white-shirts, that is Lieutenants and up. She locked the door, reached into the shower stall, turned on the water and pulled her exercise clothes off. As soon as the water became hot she entered with her shampoo, conditioner and body wash. She closed the stall door and leaned into the water.

Linda mechanically washed while she smiled to herself, remembering that lovely morning two weeks ago. It had been so long since she had awoken in someone's arms. She had lain there just watching Pat sleep, enjoying her soft breathing and the warmth of her body. She had brushed a lock of hair from Pat's face and that movement, gentle as it was, had startled the other woman awake.

Pat had turned her head and smiled at Linda. She reached out with both arms and drew Linda close to her, meeting her lips with a long soft kiss. The kiss deepened and Linda had taken Pat in her arms also. They had tasted each other, letting their tongues explore each other's mouths again while their bodies came together. The kiss had deepened. Pat had pulled Linda's slender body over her shorter, more rounded one. Her hands had clutched Linda's back, then slid down to the cup the firm, taunt cheeks of Linda's ass.

The two women strained against each other. Smooth thighs rubbed each others' womanhood, becoming slick with the juices freely given. Stiff nipple wobbled against stiff nipple. Kisses became quick and fast, pulling at each others lips and taking turns sucking wiggling tongues. Yet even as Linda shifted to bring her wet bush directly against Pat's pussy there was none of the wild need and urgency there had been the night before. They made love like old dear friends, moving more gently than passionately, allowing each other to respond to unspoken directions.

Pat spread her legs and used the bottom of her feet to stroke up and down the sides of Linda's thighs. Linda moved her whole body in a circular motion, letting breasts, stomach and mons all together stimulate Pat. Her wet slit moved up and down, kissing Pat's swollen lips and firmly letting their clits rub one to the other.

Linda felt her pulse quicken and moved faster against Pat. Still the mood was of gentleness. Almost inaudible moans of pleasure replaced loud cries. Linda watched Pat close her eyes, hold her breath and then let it out in one long gasp as a long shiver overtook her body. Linda herself closed her eyes and felt herself more float away than be swept away as her own orgasm came over her like gentle waves on a shore.

Linda started. She found herself leaning against the back wall of the shower cubicle. One hand was cupping her breasts, allowing the thumb to rapidly flick the nipple. The other hand was buried between her legs. Two fingers parted herself and rubbed up and down in a frantic massage. She ground the heel of her palm against the top of the slit. She pinched her nipple and released a deep groan as she plunged her fingers inside her and brought herself to a shuddering orgasm.

Recovering, Linda finished her shower. She dressed and combed her hair, looking at herself in the mirror. Following that morning She and Pat had decided not to carry their relationship any further. Primarily of course was the fact Linda was now Pat's direct supervisor. Secondly, they found that thought they enjoyed each other in bed their non-sexual attraction was more that of good friends rather than lovers. Finally there was the issue of Mike, Pat's husband and Linda's longtime friend. Still though, Linda thought it had been a lovely weekend. She was still smiling as she left the shower room and made her way down the hallway.

"Errrrr, excuse me Lieutenant?" asked a contralto voice.

Linda turned to look at a young female officer in a cadet's uniform. "Yes?" she smiled.

The young woman hesitated, "Lieutenant is everything all right? I thought I heard a groan or something like that from your shower."

"Oh," replied Linda, refusing to blush. Her eyes swept more closely over the cadet, taking in the blonde hair, blue eyes and nice figure under the uniform. "Had a bit of a muscle pull. Everything's all right. Thank you," Linda looked at the woman's nametag, "Cadet Adams."

Linda walked briskly out to her unmarked car. She drove to the Sheriff's Department and took the stairs up to the second floor annex marked "Narcotics Strike Force". For a moment she savored the sign painted on the window in the door at the end of the area. In large letters it proclaimed "Commanding Officer". Under that in smaller letters it read "LT Shannon." She entered, unlocked the center drawer and took out the folder containing the information developed by the DEA and the State Attorney General's Office. She looked again over the cover developed for SGT Pat Gibson. It was good. She closed her eyes for a moment and said a silent prayer it would be good enough.

Linda sighed, reached for her phone and dialed the extension for SWAT. "Mike I have to talk to you. Can you meet me at Hogan's Alley?"

"Sure Linda, say about in one hour?" responded the deep voice on the other end.

Hogan's Alley was the Academy's combat training range. Mike had held the record until Linda tied it while she and the then SWAT sniper were dating. They still talked there when they needed privacy.

"Hi Mike," called Linda as she saw the SWAT Commander approach.

"Alright Linda, what's up?" Linda walked to Mike and handed him Pat's cover file. He read over the documents and handed the file back.

"Mike, that cover is better than any I have ever done before. I know you're worried about Pat, but god Mike, she's good, maybe the best we've seen for an undercover operation." She walked back to her car and locked the file in the trunk.

"OK, OK, I get the point. I'm worrying too much about her but she is my wife." He hesitated. "And I don't think I could go through it again."

Linda knew he referred to the death of his first wife from cancer. She smiled determinedly. "And I'm pushing her hard, I know. The deal is this: I stop pushing her and you stop trying to coddle her."

Mike hugged his one time lover and still dear friend. "Deal."

As the two senior officers prepared to depart the Academy Superintendent asked them to demonstrate the course to the current cadet class. Neither of them had to be asked twice. Soon a cadet was holding two 50 dollar bills to go to the winner. The course was timed with penalty seconds added for any shooting mistake.

"You first Mike. After all, you're not getting any younger," giggled Linda.

Mike made a face of false anger and drew his S&W Model 4003 40 caliber sidearm. He began the walk down Hogan's Alley. As he moved down the course, targets would randomly appear: some good guys, some bad guys. The objective was to hit the bad guys only. Linda never seemed to tire of watching how agilely Mike could move for such a big man. She heard Mike call "Clear", the signal he was done. Then came the announcement; 3 minutes 15 seconds, perfect score.

"Damn," thought Linda as she pulled her Browning, "One second off the record."

"I'm not THAT old," yelled Mike in a mock taunt. Linda comically crossed her eyes and stuck her tongue out at Mike's words.

Linda now started her walk. Mike watched closely at the grace with which Linda moved through the course. He knew that grace was not that of a star athlete but came from years of ballet training. Linda called "Clear" and the two friends waited for the announcement; 3 minutes 14 and one half seconds, perfect score.

"Okay!" cheered Mike. "You win this time." Leaning closer he added, "Looks like you have an admirer too." He motioned with his head towards a female cadet. Linda almost blushed as she recognized the cadet from earlier.

As she pocketed her winnings Linda leaned close to Mike. "Mike, I need to ask you something, something important." At his questioning look she plunged on. "Mike, that never bothered you, did it? I mean..." she titled her head towards the female cadet. "It wasn't the reason we broke up, was it?"

"Good golly no, Linda. We simply weren't ready I thought then or still actually. Too much baggage for us both. But it certainly wasn't THAT. Why?"

Linda couldn't bring herself to say anything more. "Just wondered. Thanks for the money," she said as her eyes twinkled.

Mike laughed. "I'm going home and see if I can't get some sympathy there. Bye Linda." He started off and turned. "Take care of her."

"I will."

Linda spent the next few weeks coaching Pat on handling her new identity. She was amazed at how Pat easily responded to her trick questions at very inopportune times. Linda also made sure Pat was comfortable with the handling of "works" (a junkies needle, spoon and other items for the use of drugs).

"Ok honey" Linda told Pat, "that's all I can do. Don't worry, I'll always be nearby".

That night Pat and Mike cuddled together on their couch, just enjoying their time together.

Mike broke the silence and said, "Hey, I think Linda has an admirer now." He filled Pat in on the aftermath of the shooting match at the range. "I hope so, she's been lonely for so long."

"You don't mind?" asked Pat, not realizing she was echoing Linda's words from that day at the range.

"No, of course not," her husband replied. "I knew Linda was bi before we dated. I never found it a threat. Not then, certainly not now. I just want her to be happy," Before Pat could respond Mike tipped her head back and looked into her eyes. "You're not jealous of her and I having dated at one time are you? She's my friend, but I love you."

Oh no, I'm not jealous darling," Pat replied. Thoughts of Linda and Liz and even of Joyce filled her head. She took a deep breath. "Mike, I have something important I want to tell you."

What she was going to say was interrupted by a soft knock on the door frame. They both looked to see the two girls looking in. "Dad," Carol, the older daughter said hesitantly, "Can we have a word with Pat?"

"Sure, sweetie," answered her father. "Would you like me to leave?"

"No Dad," the younger Stephanie broke in. "Please stay."

The couple sat up on the couch as the girls approached. Mike slid over to allow Carol and Stephanie to sit on either side of Pat.

"Pat, we know you're going on an undercover assignment," began Carol. "We thought," she stopped for a second, "We thought we should tell you how proud we are of you, and how happy we've been that you married Dad." Pat took and squeezed Carol's hand. Stephanie took Pat's other hand and did the same. Carol looked at Stephanie for a second, who nodded at her older sister. "We're proud to have two parents who are cops. We lost one mother. PLEASE come home safe to us... Mother." With that the girls fled the room.

Pat turned to Mike, her eyes shinning. "Did you?" She began.

"No," interrupted her husband. "I had no idea and I did nothing to plant that idea. It was all them. But they're right, you come home safe." He paused. "Thank God, Linda is watching out for you. There's no one I trust more. Okay," he said brightly, trying to lighten the mood. "What did you want to tell me?"

Pat found she could not say anything to break the moment. "Nothing, except to tell you I love you."

The following day saw "Pamela Goodwin" move into the same apartment building as Maria, Terry Robert's girlfriend. Not right next door, but on the same floor and conveniently close. The move was timed for when Maria was home and she came out to watch the activity as three brawny men (all plainclothes officers) moved Pat in.

Pat saw Maria watching. She had checked out the guys and then Pat noticed she was inspecting her. Pat looked right at Maria and smiled. The older buxom Maria approached. "Hi there," Pat smiled. "I'm Pamela Goodwin."

"Maria Smith," the other woman replied. looking Pat over carefully with a slight frown of puzzlement. Then her face cleared.

"I know you. Didn't I see you one evening at Regonetti's?" questioned the larger woman. "With your girlfriend I think. Or at least an attractive woman I seem to remember you kissing.

"I DO eat there sometimes," admitted Pat, without any additional mention of companions. "I don't remember seeing you though."

"Well you were quite occupied."

Pat looked over the other woman, carefully taking in her large but firm appearing body. She allowed a touch of frank appraisal enter her scrutiny. "I'm amazed," she admitted. "I can't imagine overlooking someone as attractive as you."

Maria made a face. "I was with my boyfriend. He's rich and knows how to pamper a woman. But being with him rather limits my chances for," she looked knowingly at Pat, "meeting like minded women."

"well," answered Pat. "I assure you, I'm not interested, at least not in your boyfriend." She let a little emphasis creep into her voice on the last word.

Pat sensed she had set the stage enough for a first meeting. She smiled and told Maria, "Nice to have met you. Let me get started putting these things up. I hope to see you again."

"You will I'm sure," replied Maria with an almost predatory look as Pat nodded and entered the apartment, closing the door behind her. Pat took a deep breath and moved to the phone. She knew it was being continually swept for security and called the number she had memorized.

"Contact made," she reported. "all going well."

Beginning the next morning Pat would leave each morning to go to her "job". In case she was ever followed, her cover had arranged for her to be officially employed downtown at a telemarketing company. By arrangement with the owner Pat was assigned to a cubicle in the back. She actually just fussed with papers whenever anyone approached as though she was performing secretarial work. She left the building only for lunch and to go home. She was not allowed any contact with her family.

Over the days Pat attempted to become as visible to Maria as she could without being obvious about it. She often "accidentally" met the other woman at the mailbox or out in the hallway. Maria became more and more enamored of the smaller woman and went to great lengths to impress her. She invited Pat to lunch several times and also had her over for a drink on more than one evening when apparently she was not on call for Terry. Pat was able to remember snippets of information Maria told her and passed them to Linda.

The only downside to the situation was Maria's unabashed desire for Pat. The redhead took every and any opportunity to touch Pat, sit close to her or make suggestive remarks. Pat tried to play a middle road, flirting enough to keep things going, but not enough to extend an open invitation to her. Finally though, one afternoon Maria stopped Pat in the hallway.

"Pam," she looked at the other woman. "How about tomorrow night we go eat some dinner together and then go clubbing? My treat."

Pat knew it had reached the point where she needed to agree to keep the information conduit open. "Sure, Maria," she smiled at the larger woman. Love to."

"Pick you up at seven then. Wear a nice dress," Maria instructed. "I like my dates to look nice."

"Well, that really put it out in the open," Pat thought. She went into her apartment and made her routine call.

The next night Pat dressed for her "date". She had dated other women before and thought nothing of going out with another woman but she definitely was put off by Maria. She did wear a nice green dress, fixed her hair and makeup and was ready when Maria came to pick her up. Her last glance in the mirror almost made her laugh, she remembered picking out this dress in a long day of shopping with her... daughters Pat thought decisively, not step daughters anymore, and a wildly reluctant Mike. He had protested and moaned and complained the whole day (except at lunch she recalled) but he had been obviously delighted at the bonding she had made with Carol and Stephanie. Sighing, she replied to Maria's impatient call, "Be right there."

Hours latter Pat was exhausted. Who could have thought an evening dinner and dancing could seem like a week? Maria had never stopped acting as though she was showing off her newest toy. She had wrapped her arm around Pat continuously, holding her in a proprietary fashion. She had barely allowed Pat out of her sight even in the ladies room. When they danced she insisted on holding Pat and having her follow her every lead. Wouldn't have been so, Pat thought, if Maria could have danced worth a hoot. Finally Maria announced it was time to head home. Stifling a sigh of relief Pat rode back to the apartment building in the cab Maria had summoned and made it safely to the door of her apartment.

"Thanks for a lovely time Maria," Pat told her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you're not telling me its over are you?" purred Maria. She put her arms on either side of the smaller woman. "I would think at least a goodnight kiss is in order." She put her arms around Pat and pulled her almost roughly to her. She bent her head and began to kiss Pat. Almost at once her mouth opened and her tongue began to demand entrance into Pat's mouth. Pat had no choice but to accept the kiss and return it. Whether it was Maria's association with Terry or her calm assurance that Pat would fall right into her arms, Pat realized her attraction to Maria was rather perfunctory. When Maria's hand closed on her breast and began to squeeze it hard Pat seriously considered using Linda's move on her.

Fortunately she didn't have to. Maria's cell phone rang. Grumbling she answered it. Her expression changed and she almost simpered. "Yes, Robert. I'm home right now Robert. Just went out for supper." She paused and then continued with a bit of a whine in her voice. "Right now? You KNOW how much I hate that warehouse, even with the suite there. Yes, I'm on the way." She sighed and disconnected. She took Pat's face in her fingers and tilted it up. "I have to go. Next time you're mine." Maria turned and walked to the elevator.

Pat's knees almost buckled as she entered the apartment. Locking the door she leaned against it for a minute. Then catching her breath she realized she had been presented an opportunity and the cop in her took over. She kicked her heels down the hallway and grabbed a pair of jogging shoes. Pulling them on she peeked out the door and ran for the stairs. Hurrying down them she saw Maria get into a cab. Pat memorized the cab number and watched which direction it disappeared in. She returned to the apartment and called her control number and passed on the information. She then collapsed on the couch.

Several hours latter Pat heard the soft code knock on the door. She opened it and Linda slipped in. Linda looked at Pat and immediately took her and held her.

"Rough, huh?"

"Yes," Pat replied simply. "She's about as subtle and romantic as a kick in the ass."

"Here honey, these will make you feel better." Smiling Linda produced several letters from Mike and the girls. Linda's heart sank as she watched Pat's eyes become puffy and fill with tears as she savored each of the letters, reading each several times before handing them back.

"Okay, Pat," Linda told her softly, "We got a good line on where Terry is operating out of tonight by checking with the cab company. Good work there." She hesitated. "Pat? Can you hang in there? Or do we need to pull you out?

"Pull me out?" Pat said indignantly. "I've had rougher times wrestling with DUI's. We're close, Linda. I'm sticking it out."

"Okay," Linda hid a smile, knowing that Pat just needed a boost. She turned serious. "This is just about it. I will have someone on you 24/7, I will always be on call and I'll be on you when you're," she jerked her head towards Maria's apartment, "with Princess Charming there."

"Deal," Pat laughed. She stood on her toes and kissed Linda. "Thanks, Boss." Her eyes twinkled again.

Three days latter Pat notified Linda she and Maria would be going out again and this time Maria had promised they would go somewhere with "no interruptions." Linda was waiting outside the apartment with two unmarked units when the two women left. Tonight Maria was driving a Mercedes that a quick tag run showed belonged to Robert Terry.

As before, Maria insisted Pat sit right next to her in the car. She played with Pat's leg in the car and escorted her into the restaurant with one hand firmly clamped on Pat's bottom. She boasted to all who would listen or not about her "conquest". Pat had never been embarrassed so by any other date in her life, female or male.

During the course of the meal Maria consumed a number of glasses of wine. She pressed more on Pat, who was able to carefully ditch a lot of it in a nearby potted plant. She knew she had to keep her wits about her. Finally the dinner ordeal ended and Maria, tipping very poorly as she paid for the meal, walked "her girl" out to the car. She leaned to Pat and kissed her. "Now somewhere for desert," she winked. As she leaned to Pat her hand touched Pat's pocketbook. She lifted it and threw it in the back seat muttering, "You won't need that, baby."

Pat froze. Her cell phone was there. Linda and she had discussed her wearing a wire. Given the possible situation she might end up in the decision was made for her not to wear one. Pat prayed that Linda was trailing her but dared not look.

Linda was indeed behind Pat. She and the other two cars switched off to keep Maria from growing suspicious. All was going well until suddenly Maria floored her car and ran a red light, leaving blowing horns and the trailing cars behind her.

"I HATE fucking red lights," Maria observed. Now Pat was really shook. She summoned her courage and remained calm. All she could do now was play it by ear.

"Damn it, lieutenant, we lost her," one of the officer's radioed Linda.

"Oh my God!" Linda thought. She thought rapidly and issued her orders. "You two try to pick her up on her last heading." Linda decided to gamble. If they were going back to the apartment building all would be okay. If not; they had traced the cab from the other night to a block of warehouses. One of those could be the final destination. Linda spun the wheel and slammed on the gas.

Linda reached the block and turned her lights off. She crept through the alleys around the warehouses and saw one that still had activity going on. She pulled up under a burned out light and parked. As she slipped out of the car she breathed a prayer of thanks when she saw Maria's car pull up to the same warehouse.

Pat was keeping a tight grip on her emotions. She knew that if push came to shove she could handle Maria. It was whomever else she would find at the destination she worried about.

They pulled up next to a warehouse and Maria got out. Leaning down she told Pat, "Come on honey. It might not look like much but there's a private office with a bedroom upstairs. And we're going to use that bed."

Pat got out and followed Maria. She stiffened just for a moment as a cigarette lighter flared for an instant, showing the unmistakable front of an unmarked car. Buoyant now, she followed Maria, who unlocked the door and went in. Pat realized the door was self locking. Looking around, she bent quickly and grabbed a small piece of wood. As she entered she jammed it in the catch. She almost sighed when she heard the door close without the click of the lock. She followed Maria upstairs. On the way she passed several men. She deliberately pretended not to notice at least two were openly armed.

Linda had rushed to the outside door. She grinned as she saw what Pat had done and followed her fellow officer upstairs. In dodging the inside guards she lost sight of Maria and Pat. Fortunately she was able to follow the noise Maria made. "Sometimes its good when someone won't shut up," she thought. She was even able to find a small dirty window to look into the office/bedroom Maria and Pat were in.

Maria took Pat in her arms and told her, "Enough delay. I've waited long enough for you. And I'm not waiting any more." She hungrily kissed the undercover officer, pushing her back towards the bed. Her hands roamed over Pat's petite form, almost pinching in her feverish excitement. Impatiently she wrenched at Pat's blouse and buttons went flying. One hand drove inside Pat's bra and tugged it down to free her breast. The other hand lifted the hem of her skirt and slipped between Pat's legs.

Pat had never experienced another woman before who was so rough and uncaring of another woman's feelings. Her first instinct was to fight back. She realized that until Linda arrived with backup she was alone and her only option was to go along with Maria. "What the hell," Pat thought, almost irrelevantly "Its not as if she can get me pregnant." With that she opened her mouth and accepted Maria's tongue.

Maria took Pat's acceptance as a license to do what she wanted. She fondled and squeezed Pat with enthusiasm unaccompanied by grace. Maria kissed roughly and demandingly, pinching Pat's nipples so hard a gasp escaped from the undercover officer that Maria mistook for passion. She grinned at Pat and shoved her in a sprawl onto the bed. "Yeah, Pammie," you like that don't you?" She kicked her shoes off and pulled her panties down. Straddling over Pat she lowered herself down, commanding the other woman, "Eat me Pam. I know you want me you little lesbian slut."

Pat reeled mentally as she tried to maintain her control. Grimly she hung onto one thought. "Linda would be here soon, Linda wouldn't let her down." As Maria pushed her pussy against Pat's face she fixed her mind; if she had to do this, it would be Linda, she would make love to Linda. Pat kept Linda's face, Linda's body in her mind as she reached out and cupped Maria's bottom in her hands. She imagined it was Linda she licked and lapped and sucked, Linda she darted her rolled tongue in and out of, Linda who rode on her face. She transformed Maria's broad soft ass into Linda's firm taunt one and when the moans of pleasure were replaced by cries signaling an orgasm Pat tried to hear them in Linda's soprano voice.

Linda had ached to intervene but knew if she did they would loose Terry. While they might gather the evidence in the warehouse and get his henchmen he wasn't here himself. They needed to bag everyone.

Maria had got off Pat with a grunt. Reaching down she had patted her cheek, telling her "Pretty good there, babe. You eat pussy really well. Now I got a treat for you." Moving to the desk Maria opened the bottom drawer. She turned with a large black strapon in her hands. Hiking her skirt she tied the harness on and settled the dildo in place. "Take those panties off, Pammie. I'm gonna give you a fucking you'll never forget."

Striding back over Maria reached under Pat's skirt and felt her. "Yeah, nice and wet." Without any additional kind of foreplay she laid down on Pat. She fumbled the head of the strapon against Pat's pussy and in one motion pushed it into her.

Pat's fantasy about Linda had fortunately excited her enough that she did have sufficient lubrication to keep Maria's immediate entry into her from hurting her too much. Pat had spread her legs since there was no other option open to her and tried to relax. It was not her first experience with a strapon, but certainly her least favorite one she was sure. As before, she closed her eyes and pretended. She pretended it was Mike making love to her.

The mere physical contact actually aroused Pat's body, although not to the pitch it normally achieved. Maria simply fucked her in the missionary position, She was not completely unskilled in the use of the strapon. She shifted her hips, and moved about to actually give Pat some pleasure. She moaned at the penetration of her pussy and finally lifted her legs to give Maria an angle to enter her deeper. The rubbing of Maria's large breasts against her smaller ones made Pat's fantasy shift back and forth from Mike to Linda until they both became a confused blur.

Linda heard a noise. Voices were approaching. She moved away from the door of the bedroom suite. She waited with bated breath. All the other guards and workers she had slipped by would not be expected to approach here. Was it him?

It was Robert Terry in the flesh. With him was a large heavy set man Linda pegged for a bodyguard. They both went to the door of the suite, opened it and entered without knocking. Linda tensed. She heard Terry speaking, "Damn woman. you brought another dyke here?" He didn't sound too upset Linda thought and she moved closer to the door on catlike feet.

Pat, to her own surprise, was rapidly building to an orgasm when the door opened. The desire immediately went away when she found two more people, both male were in the room. And both eyeing her. The body guard was grinning and rubbing himself through his pants. Pat's suddenly worst fears were immediately realized when Terry spoke.

"Okay Maria, glad you brought another playmate. Hope she likes two big dicks as much as the last one did. Sam," the bodyguard looked at him expectantly, "She can suck you. I'm going to see if Maria has worn out that little cunt of hers."

Linda snatched out her cell phone and faded into the shadows. She punched 911 and rapidly identified herself and her location to the dispatcher. "Officer needs assistance, NOW."

"Backup on the way Lieutenant", replied the dispatcher. "SWAT has been standing by and is enroute too." Linda broke the connection and called Mike's cell phone. As he answered she could hear the siren blaring. She described the situation, including the layout of the warehouse.

"Seven minutes, Linda," Mike told her. For the first time in the years she had known him she heard his voice tremble. She could almost feel him make a massive effort to get himself under control. "Can you buy us the time?"

"Yes," said Linda. "I promised you Mike." She hung up and took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing," she thought. She threw open the door to the office/bedroom and marched in.

Two male and two female heads turned towards her in surprise. Ignoring all else she walked right to Pat, put her arms on her hips and announced "So here's where you are, you little tramp! You've been sneaking out ever since you moved out and I'm telling you its not going to go on any longer. Another woman is bad enough but I find you with two MEN as well? When I get you home I'm taking a belt to that ass of yours."

Linda grabbed Pat's hand and pulled her off the bed. "You can dress latter. Come on." She pulled Pat towards the door, paying no attention to the others standing with their mouths open. Ten steps... six steps... three steps... almost there...

The hulking bodyguard slammed the door and shoved a pistol in Linda's face. Her heart sank as she finally recognized him. "Nice try there," he mocked her. "Boss, you know who this is?" He pushed Linda against the wall, covering her and Pat as he quickly searched them. With a triumphant snarl he wrenched Linda's Browning from her concealed holster. "This is the famous Lieutenant Shannon of the Sheriff's Department Drug Squad. This bitch put me away for five years. And if she's a cop then this other one probably is a narc too."

"SHIT," burst out Terry. He glared at Maria. "And you brought them right here." He looked at Sam. "Waste them," he ordered.

Suddenly the whole warehouse shook as an explosion ripped through the building. Terry's goons ran towards the sound. Gunfire sounded, first just several shots, then a crescendo of reports. Over the tumult a familiar baritone voice could be heard even without a loudspeaker: "This is the Sheriff's Department! You are completely surrounded. Lay down your weapons and come out with your hands over your heads."

"Don't shoot, Sam," Terry reconsidered. "we'll need a hostage to get out of here."

"Yeah, but we'll only need ONE hostage Boss." Sam leered at Linda. "But, hell, as much as I'd like to kill this one, a lieutenant's a pretty good one. And I'll show those bastards we mean business." He switched his aim to Pat.

Linda searched her mind for a diversion. As she desperately thought Pat suddenly spoke.

"Hey Maria," the gangster's girlfriend turned and glared at her. "I have to tell you I really do like women. Too bad you were such a lousy fuck."

Even under the circumstances Maria hissed and slapped Pat across the face. The blow sent Pat staggering back right into Terry who lowered his gun for a second. Pat whirled and dropped to one knee. "Left hand THERE, right hand THERE," she chanted almost under her breath, her hands flashing in the movements Linda had taught her. "Twist and HEAVE!" With that grunt, suddenly Terry was flying across the room to land on an old table.

"Well, I asked for a diversion," thought Linda. "I just never expected it to be so good it almost froze me too." With that she half turned and slammed a foot into Sam's fat gut. His gun went off as he doubled over. Fortunately Linda heard no cries of pain. The gunshot hurried her. Facing the bodyguard now she nailed him in the jaw with a front snap kick that made his eyes roll back in his head before he collapsed. Linda kicked his gun away and snatched her Browning from his belt. Turning she heard Pat speak.

"Stay right there, Maria," the petite officer warned in a cold voice. "You got one free shot in and I owe you, so don't give me the opportunity to collect." Linda almost laughed watching Maria back away from the woman she stood 5 inches taller than and outweighed by 60 pounds. It was clear who had the upper hand here. At that moment the door burst wide as a certain six two SWAT commander came through it without bothering to open it first. Taking in the situation he let his MP5 dangle by the strap and crushed his wife to him.

A moment latter Maria stammered, "Who is THAT?" From her position with her head resting on Mike's chest Pat replied shortly, "My husband, the tough one of the family." Maria stared unbelievingly. Her glance switched from Pat to Terry's still motionless form back to Pat and then to Mike towering over her. And with that Maria fainted.

Linda and a few of the SWAT team cuffed and read the suspects their rights. The heavily armed team led what was left of the drug lord's gang to the waiting police vehicles for transport.

Linda placed her hand softly on Pat's shoulder. "She was outstanding Mike, now get her home. I can take care of what needs to be done here. Pat take a few days off and I'll finish the reports."

"Okay," Pat answered. She stepped away from Mike for a moment to touch Linda's hand in a gesture that was more intimate than most kisses. Mike, his eyes brimming with the tears he had held under control, simply looked at her and said, "Thanks." With that they left the warehouse.

Going home Linda ate a small chicken Caeser salad and listened to some relaxing music before take her shower and retiring to bed. Thoughts of Patti and Mike still filled her head as she tossed restlessly in bed. She finally reached into her night table and took out a nice size soft latex dildo. She caressed it softly before licking and gently sucking it. Slowly slipping it between her legs between her swollen lips gently pressing its length in and out, her hips beginning to move rhythmically to the gentle thrusts. She moaned deeply as images began to fill her mind; images of Mike, his hard body thrusting over her in sharp contrast to the soft gentle caresses of Pat, her teasing talented tongue snaking over her hard clit. A loud scream echoed through the room as Linda's muscles began to contract then spasm wildly, sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her body. Linda took long deep breaths as her body relaxed, stretching out and turning on her side as a soft smile came to her lips. Sleep finally pulled its welcome shade over Linda's tortured thoughts.

Three evenings later Linda pulled up to the Gibson house and parked in the driveway. She had been called early in the afternoon by Pat who had asked if she would stop by for supper. Linda had been very busy, but Pat had prevailed on her. She knocked on the door and heard Pat's distant voice answer her, "If that's you Linda, come on in."

Linda entered the house. Out of habit she locked the door behind her. "Pat, where in the world ARE you," she called.

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