My Sexy Niece - Part II

by Tom Land

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Uncle, Niece, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Tom meets his sexy niece, Libby, again after several years and he finds out that his cute sexy little teenage niece has grown into quite the hot young woman. And, Libby gives him a graduation present.

I hadn't seen Libby in quite awhile. Several years in fact, and when I saw her this time, the image I had in my mind was of the Libby I'd known before, but my first glance at Libby took my breath away. I'd been used a very attractive vivacious young teenager who had been developing rapidly into quite a young woman. What I saw this day was the young woman in full bloom. I'd known Libby's older sister and how she'd developed and grown into a well-endowed young woman in her late teens, and there'd been every reason to think that Libby had developed in that same fashion. It had just eluded me that Libby would be such a sexy young lady.

Libby's face showed the maturity of her 18 years, and her breasts were so rounded, so much larger than I'd ever seen them before and they thrust out so proudly from her chest, that it gave me a huge and instant hardon. Her breasts had grown from the budding and developing little round orbs of the young teenager into the sexy full B/C-cup titties of a young woman. I wanted to grab her instantly and cup both those sexy breasts in my hands but I managed to resist the temptation at that very moment.

"Mmmmmm, hi, Libby," I said as I embraced my young niece and pulled her close into my arms. Libby embraced me just as warmly, and as she pressed her breasts firmly against my chest, I cupped her ass with my hands.

"You like my tits, Tom?" Libby asked as she knew the answer and she smiled lovingly and sexily up into my face.

"You know I do, Libby," I answered.

"Good, because they're all real, they're all me, baby, and they're all yours tonight to play with, suck, and do whatever turns you on," Libby said. Libby and I had enjoyed a sexual encounter earlier in her life but now she was 18, legal, and a woman. No doubt about that as I looked at her. The young woman I'd fucked before was a developing young woman but this young lady was totally 100% mature and grown.

"What are you doing for the next couple of hours, Libby?" I asked, hoping the answer would be what I expected.

"I think I'm going to get myself royally fucked, Tom, what do you have in mind?" Libby said as she took me by the hand and led me down the hallway to my master bedroom. She'd come over to visit me after her high school graduation a few days earlier, and she was going to spend some time with me before she started preparing to go off to college and that sort of thing. I was so hot for Libby that it's hard to describe. She's one hot beautiful sweetie and I wanted to fuck her brains out. Apparently she had the same sort of things on her sexy young mind as well.

"Libby, I don't know how you've managed to grow into such a sexy beautiful young woman," I said as I took Libby into my arms and let my hands and fingers start doing the walking. We began to kiss and I quickly forgot that this was my niece in my arms. She simply became a very sexy young woman that I was alone with and about to have a hot lusty fuck with, too. I quickly caressed and felt up Libby's sexy big rounded tits on her chest. Her hands were all over me too and her pussy was pressed firmly against the hardness of my erection. I got my hand up underneath her top and I soon had her top off over her head, leaving her in a very sexy demi-cup bra. She was busy undoing my shirt and pulling it off of me and then I got her pants off just as she did the same thing with me. It was when I got Libby down to just her bra and her sexy bikini panties that things started getting super hot for us.

Like many women today, Libby's bra was a front-closure style and when I'd gotten her nipples hard inside the cups of her bra, I reached up, unsnapped the clasp to her bra, and then let the cups of her bra dangle to the sides as I started kissing and caressing her hard nipples and the shapely orbs of her breasts. I could remember when Libby had been a little girl but this female in my arms now was a full-blown and very sexy woman. I licked and sucked on her hard nipples and that made Libby all that much hornier and hotter for me to fuck her. Before I ever took her bra on off completely, I slid my left hand down inside her bikini panties after I'd already felt the beginning signs of her pussy growing very moist and very hot to be fucked.

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