Private Inspection

by Jonas Micah

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young female private is put through a sexual inspection by her male Drill Sergeant.

A young woman dressed in snug military attire stood before me. Her posture was ram-rod straight, with breasts thrust outward, trim stomach pulled in, and eyes focused above my head. She was at full attention, and deadly serious in her demeanor. But despite all that, I couldn't help but notice how strikingly beautiful she was. Her uniform clung to her figure deliciously, accenting every curve of her womanly figure in snug camouflage. On her head, was a green cap tilted just slightly off-center. The luxuriant golden hair beneath it was pulled firmly into a disciplined pony tail that hung straight as an arrow down her back. Her eyes were crystal blue, and her lips were the palest, flushed pink I had ever seen. Judging from the protrusions in her uniform blouse, her breasts were firm, but on the small side. She gave the overall appearance of a very sexy tom-boy in uniform.

"It's time for inspection, private," I bellowed firmly. "Are you ready to be judged?"

"Yes, Sir!" She called back in a firm, feminine voice.

"Open that blouse, private!" I ordered.

"Yes, Sir!" She immediately replied. Her hands quickly fumbled with the buttons of her uniform, slipping them loose from their cloth holes. Within seconds, her camouflage shirt was opened all the way down to her navel, but still tucked-in at the waist. She thrust her chest out even more firmly, revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts were small, but firm and sexy. The nipple on each was crinkled and erect, pink against pale flesh.

"What the hell are those, private?" I called out, taunting her.

"My breasts, Sir!" She called back firmly, her face slightly flushed.

"I don't think so, maggot! Only women have breasts, and you're no woman. In fact, you're nothing but a little girl playing soldier, aren't you?" I goaded her further.

"If you say so, Sir!" She shouted back, a slight tinge of anger showing at the corners of her mouth.

"You're god damned right, I do! Women have breasts, soldier. But little girls just have tits. Now, what the fuck are those little things poking out from your uniform, private?" I shouted, attacking her self-esteem.

"Those are my tits, Sir!" She fired back, the flush creeping down her neck and chest now as well.

I walked up to her and firmly thrust one hand inside her open blouse, grasping a handful of tit-flesh. I squeezed it firmly, rubbing my calloused thumb over her erect nub. I watched with amusement as her bottom lip trembled weakly. "You're pathetic, soldier! These aren't even a handful. Maybe when you get older you'll grow some real breasts. Don't you agree, private?" I pushed her further.

"Yes, Sir! When I grow up I'll have real breasts just like a woman," she replied, knowing what I expected to hear.

"Drop those trousers, private!" I bellowed, pulling my hand away from her warm, enticing tit.

She quickly unfastened her belt and buttoned fly, shoving her camouflage pants down to her ankles. This left her standing with her shirt now untucked, hanging open and loose. She was wearing a pair of official-issue green boxers, which hung off her slender hips loosely. Her belly was tight and noticeably muscled, while her legs were sleek and toned.

"Boxers too, private!" I shouted, angry at her for not removing them on her own.

"Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir!" she quickly shot back, hooking her thumbs in her waist band and shoving the loose boxers down to join her pants around her ankles. Her pussy hair was a closely-shaved swathe of blonde turf between her slender thighs. It looked for all the world as though she'd given a buzz cut to her bush. She looked firm and sexy, without so much as a spare ounce of fat on her petite, toned figure. Her butt was round and enticing. It stuck our firmly from her backside, high and tight.

"Take position, private!" I shouted, as I began to unfasten my own belt and fly.

"Yes, Sir!" She called back in that same feminine voice that I enjoyed so much. She shuffled over to a nearby wall the best she could, with her ankles being lassoed by her camo pants and boxers. Once she reached the wall, she leaned forward, placing her palms against it's brick surface. She then thrust her naked ass outward and ducked her head down, assuming a submissive pose.

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