Her Birthday Present

by JackBro

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Desc: Sex Story: Young girl gets a male stud for her birthday

It was finally my birthday, and I felt really excited. Mother said she was going to reward me with something special. She wouldn't say what it was, but said it was for all the hard work I did over the summer. We had a bumper crop that fetched a good price. The stores were full and we had a tidy sum to put into savings. Mother said there was more than enough left over to buy me a special present. I wondered what "special" meant and couldn't wait to find out.

It was my fifteenth birthday. Early that morning, she had left. Mother surprised me by having the servants wake her before dawn and then hook up the horses and wagon. She was set to go before I was even out of bed.

"It's your birthday," She waved me back to bed when I attempted to help. "It's your day to rest, so why don't you take it easy while I go into town to run a little errand."

I turned around and went back to bed dreary-eyed and tired. I wasn't thinking at first, not until a few minutes later when I turned more awake. She was going into town to by my present! Yes, that had to be it! She left to buy my birthday present.

... or at least I had a strong suspicion she was. I didn't know for certain because she never said. She never even told me what my birthday present was going to be, except to say it would give me "great pleasure."

It was now dinnertime. She had been gone all day, and it was starting to get me worried. Mother had taken day trips before, but never before on my birthday. She should have been home long ago. She should at least be home to help me celebrate my birthday, maybe bake a cake, or even have the servants do my chores for me. Instead, I had to do the chores of the servants while she was out shopping all day.

Assuming, that is, she really was shopping. The longer she was gone, the less I cared about my birthday present. "Maybe she's injured?" My imagination churned. The wagon could have flipped. The horses may have bolted. A hundred things could have happened on the long road into town. Enough possibilities to make my excitement turn to worry.

I went back inside our quaint little house to start dinner. Usually the servants cooked, but I needed activity to take my mind off the worry. The servants had already prepared a chicken. I added some vegetables and struck a light to the oven. At least one of us needed to get something to eat.

A few minutes later I heard a commotion outside. It was the sound of horses and barking of a dog. I would have recognized that bark anywhere, the bark of our dog, Samantha. Mother was finally home.

"Happy Birthday Debbie!" She greeted me as soon as I opened the door.

Mother was well. The wagon was fine. Both servants returned along with her and rode in the front.

"Where have you been?" I welcomed her with more anger than I should have upon seeing everything was normal. "You've been gone all day. I was starting to get worried!"

"No need to worry!" She let out a laugh as first the servants stepped down and then they helped her. "You should know better than to worry about me by now. It just took a long time to make the round trip to Decatur."

"Decatur!" I said in surprise. Decatur was three towns down the road and at least 30 kilometers away. No wonder it took all day. I immediately grew curious as to why she had to go all the way to Decatur.

"What did you get?" My anger turned to curiosity as soon as I realized she was safe. Perhaps a fancy dress? It could be some sweet smelling perfume. Maybe it was even something better!

"It's in back," She pointed.

I immediately ran around to see a white canvass covering the bed of the wagon. A large bulge formed underneath. Definitely not a dress! Too large to be sweet smelling perfume! I couldn't imagine what kind of present would take up the entire bed of a wagon.

"What is it?" I asked, turning more anxious with every passing second.

"It's your birthday present," Mother finally admitted. "It's something that will give you great pleasure."

I looked more closely to see it move... or at least I thought it moved. Something seemed to be alive under the canvass, like maybe some kind of animal.

"Well?" Mother asked patiently. "Are you going to unwrap your present or not?"

I stepped forward, but it moved again. This time I saw it for certain. There clearly was something alive and very large under the canvass. It looked to be about the size of a large animal.

"Well?" Mother asked.

I was too afraid to look.

"Well if you're not going peak, I will!" Mother motioned one of the servants to uncover it. With one mighty tug, the strong man reached forward and pulled off the sheet.

I looked but I couldn't believe it! Beneath the canvass was a man. He laid face up on the dirty bed of the wagon, his arms tied to the front corners and his legs spread wide to the rear. Best of all, he was a naked man. He was bound with ropes to the four corners of the wagon showing everything he had to offer!

"Your very own cock slave," Mother presented him. "Now you can have a white nigger buck just like your Mother, and your own cock to enjoy whenever you want."

"Oh Mother!" I couldn't believe it. "This is great!" It was the best present she ever could have given me!

He looked terrific. This buck was young and fit, looking not much older than me. Old enough to perform but most definitely still in the teens. His face was handsome and his body looked strong. I could see pronounced muscles struggle with the ropes. And best of all, I liked what stood out from between his legs: A cock and balls that looked ready for my abuse.

"I hope you derive great pleasure from him," Mother padded me on the back. "I know you're a little young, but you've been a hard working girl who I can't do without. It's about time you had your own cock to pleasure yourself."

He struggled some more at the mention of his cock. The slave also moaned, but no words came out through the gag around his mouth. That was the only clothing he had on: the gag. The rest of him was bare. Someone even removed the hair to give me a clearer view. The top of his head contained a messy mat of long blond hair, but down below was nothing.

I thought he looked terrific, especially with the way he was all tied up and gagged. It made me think about what I would do with him later, but then I remembered my age.

"Aren't I too young to have my own cock?" I questioned. "I mean most girls don't get their first until they're 17 or maybe 18."

"You mean your virginity?" Mother got right to the point, just the way she always had a way of doing. Her use of the word "virginity" made him struggle and moan some more.

"I guess so," I answered with embarrassment in the presence of the male.

"Don't you worry about that!" She assured me. "You don't have to use him for fucking right away if you don't want to. I'll teach you lot's of ways you can derive pleasure from a cock without using your pussy."

The slave struggled some more, this time at the mention of my pussy. I smiled. I couldn't wait for Mother to teach me everything she learned during the 20 plus years since her own 17th birthday present. Often I heard her servants cry out and plead behind her bedroom door or sometimes when she took them out to the barn. Clearly, it didn't all come from fucking. She was using their cocks for other purposes too, purposes she would soon teach me.

"Besides," She added. "You're unusually well developed for your age. You look plenty old enough to have a cock of your own."

Her eyes took a casual glance to my chest. The slave lifted his head and look too. Both reminded me of my early development. My mother and all my girlfriends often told me I will be sure to harden every man I meet.

"I can't wait!" I nearly jumped up and down in excitement as I turned my attention to the slave in the wagon. I couldn't help but think he would soon harden for me too. He looked impressive right from the start, but it was hard to tell at first. It is always so difficult to tell the true size of a man until he is lengthened. From experience I knew some inflated just a little while others doubled in size.

"Just remember to always keep him fit and healthy," She gave me her first piece of motherly advice. "In addition to your entertainment and pleasure, remember we also need him in the field and to do chores around the house. Don't do anything that might damage him."

"Don't worry!" I assured her. "I'll be careful, but I have to warn you that his cock might be a little sore over the next few weeks." I giggled. "You know, because of what I'm all going to do with it."

"That should be expected," She didn't seem the least bit concern about it. "Just don't permanently damage him because he was quite an investment!"

I remembered the cost and all the money it took to buy him. "Thank you!" I hugged her. "But how did you ever afford him? I thought you were going to put the extra money into savings?"

"I got a good deal," She didn't seem concerned about the cost either. "That's why I went all the way to Decatur. I heard about a special shipment they had from Australia. They are trying to break into our market, you know, with what they say are some special breeds."

"Special breeds?" I questioned the term.

"He's supposed to be specially breed," She informed me. "I don't know if it's true or not, but they say only the big ones are allowed to breed down in Australia. This is supposed to be of the third generation, specially bred for female pleasure."

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