Her Birthday Present

by JackBro

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Masturbation, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young girl gets a male stud for her birthday

It was finally my birthday, and I felt really excited. Mother said she was going to reward me with something special. She wouldn't say what it was, but said it was for all the hard work I did over the summer. We had a bumper crop that fetched a good price. The stores were full and we had a tidy sum to put into savings. Mother said there was more than enough left over to buy me a special present. I wondered what "special" meant and couldn't wait to find out.

It was my fifteenth birthday. Early that morning, she had left. Mother surprised me by having the servants wake her before dawn and then hook up the horses and wagon. She was set to go before I was even out of bed.

"It's your birthday," She waved me back to bed when I attempted to help. "It's your day to rest, so why don't you take it easy while I go into town to run a little errand."

I turned around and went back to bed dreary-eyed and tired. I wasn't thinking at first, not until a few minutes later when I turned more awake. She was going into town to by my present! Yes, that had to be it! She left to buy my birthday present.

... or at least I had a strong suspicion she was. I didn't know for certain because she never said. She never even told me what my birthday present was going to be, except to say it would give me "great pleasure."

It was now dinnertime. She had been gone all day, and it was starting to get me worried. Mother had taken day trips before, but never before on my birthday. She should have been home long ago. She should at least be home to help me celebrate my birthday, maybe bake a cake, or even have the servants do my chores for me. Instead, I had to do the chores of the servants while she was out shopping all day.

Assuming, that is, she really was shopping. The longer she was gone, the less I cared about my birthday present. "Maybe she's injured?" My imagination churned. The wagon could have flipped. The horses may have bolted. A hundred things could have happened on the long road into town. Enough possibilities to make my excitement turn to worry.

I went back inside our quaint little house to start dinner. Usually the servants cooked, but I needed activity to take my mind off the worry. The servants had already prepared a chicken. I added some vegetables and struck a light to the oven. At least one of us needed to get something to eat.

A few minutes later I heard a commotion outside. It was the sound of horses and barking of a dog. I would have recognized that bark anywhere, the bark of our dog, Samantha. Mother was finally home.

"Happy Birthday Debbie!" She greeted me as soon as I opened the door.

Mother was well. The wagon was fine. Both servants returned along with her and rode in the front.

"Where have you been?" I welcomed her with more anger than I should have upon seeing everything was normal. "You've been gone all day. I was starting to get worried!"

"No need to worry!" She let out a laugh as first the servants stepped down and then they helped her. "You should know better than to worry about me by now. It just took a long time to make the round trip to Decatur."

"Decatur!" I said in surprise. Decatur was three towns down the road and at least 30 kilometers away. No wonder it took all day. I immediately grew curious as to why she had to go all the way to Decatur.

"What did you get?" My anger turned to curiosity as soon as I realized she was safe. Perhaps a fancy dress? It could be some sweet smelling perfume. Maybe it was even something better!

"It's in back," She pointed.

I immediately ran around to see a white canvass covering the bed of the wagon. A large bulge formed underneath. Definitely not a dress! Too large to be sweet smelling perfume! I couldn't imagine what kind of present would take up the entire bed of a wagon.

"What is it?" I asked, turning more anxious with every passing second.

"It's your birthday present," Mother finally admitted. "It's something that will give you great pleasure."

I looked more closely to see it move... or at least I thought it moved. Something seemed to be alive under the canvass, like maybe some kind of animal.

"Well?" Mother asked patiently. "Are you going to unwrap your present or not?"

I stepped forward, but it moved again. This time I saw it for certain. There clearly was something alive and very large under the canvass. It looked to be about the size of a large animal.

"Well?" Mother asked.

I was too afraid to look.

"Well if you're not going peak, I will!" Mother motioned one of the servants to uncover it. With one mighty tug, the strong man reached forward and pulled off the sheet.

I looked but I couldn't believe it! Beneath the canvass was a man. He laid face up on the dirty bed of the wagon, his arms tied to the front corners and his legs spread wide to the rear. Best of all, he was a naked man. He was bound with ropes to the four corners of the wagon showing everything he had to offer!

"Your very own cock slave," Mother presented him. "Now you can have a white nigger buck just like your Mother, and your own cock to enjoy whenever you want."

"Oh Mother!" I couldn't believe it. "This is great!" It was the best present she ever could have given me!

He looked terrific. This buck was young and fit, looking not much older than me. Old enough to perform but most definitely still in the teens. His face was handsome and his body looked strong. I could see pronounced muscles struggle with the ropes. And best of all, I liked what stood out from between his legs: A cock and balls that looked ready for my abuse.

"I hope you derive great pleasure from him," Mother padded me on the back. "I know you're a little young, but you've been a hard working girl who I can't do without. It's about time you had your own cock to pleasure yourself."

He struggled some more at the mention of his cock. The slave also moaned, but no words came out through the gag around his mouth. That was the only clothing he had on: the gag. The rest of him was bare. Someone even removed the hair to give me a clearer view. The top of his head contained a messy mat of long blond hair, but down below was nothing.

I thought he looked terrific, especially with the way he was all tied up and gagged. It made me think about what I would do with him later, but then I remembered my age.

"Aren't I too young to have my own cock?" I questioned. "I mean most girls don't get their first until they're 17 or maybe 18."

"You mean your virginity?" Mother got right to the point, just the way she always had a way of doing. Her use of the word "virginity" made him struggle and moan some more.

"I guess so," I answered with embarrassment in the presence of the male.

"Don't you worry about that!" She assured me. "You don't have to use him for fucking right away if you don't want to. I'll teach you lot's of ways you can derive pleasure from a cock without using your pussy."

The slave struggled some more, this time at the mention of my pussy. I smiled. I couldn't wait for Mother to teach me everything she learned during the 20 plus years since her own 17th birthday present. Often I heard her servants cry out and plead behind her bedroom door or sometimes when she took them out to the barn. Clearly, it didn't all come from fucking. She was using their cocks for other purposes too, purposes she would soon teach me.

"Besides," She added. "You're unusually well developed for your age. You look plenty old enough to have a cock of your own."

Her eyes took a casual glance to my chest. The slave lifted his head and look too. Both reminded me of my early development. My mother and all my girlfriends often told me I will be sure to harden every man I meet.

"I can't wait!" I nearly jumped up and down in excitement as I turned my attention to the slave in the wagon. I couldn't help but think he would soon harden for me too. He looked impressive right from the start, but it was hard to tell at first. It is always so difficult to tell the true size of a man until he is lengthened. From experience I knew some inflated just a little while others doubled in size.

"Just remember to always keep him fit and healthy," She gave me her first piece of motherly advice. "In addition to your entertainment and pleasure, remember we also need him in the field and to do chores around the house. Don't do anything that might damage him."

"Don't worry!" I assured her. "I'll be careful, but I have to warn you that his cock might be a little sore over the next few weeks." I giggled. "You know, because of what I'm all going to do with it."

"That should be expected," She didn't seem the least bit concern about it. "Just don't permanently damage him because he was quite an investment!"

I remembered the cost and all the money it took to buy him. "Thank you!" I hugged her. "But how did you ever afford him? I thought you were going to put the extra money into savings?"

"I got a good deal," She didn't seem concerned about the cost either. "That's why I went all the way to Decatur. I heard about a special shipment they had from Australia. They are trying to break into our market, you know, with what they say are some special breeds."

"Special breeds?" I questioned the term.

"He's supposed to be specially breed," She informed me. "I don't know if it's true or not, but they say only the big ones are allowed to breed down in Australia. This is supposed to be of the third generation, specially bred for female pleasure."

"Looks about average to me," I stepped up to the edge of the wagon to take a look. He naturally squirmed a bit when I bent down to take a closer look at his dick, but of course he could not prevent me from looking as close as I wanted.

"Balls are maybe a little swollen," I concluded. "Sort of like your servants when you punish them, but I assume that's just because he's been in captivity."

"They're probably full," She looked too. "Probably hasn't been allowed for quite some time."

I looked again and then thought about what she meant. Her reference to full was in reference to his sperm. His balls looked to be nearly bursting with it.

"Looked about average to me too," Mother agreed. "The same to the other women at the auction as well, I assume, which is why I got him at the good price I did. You'll have to check him out later."

I thought again of his soon to be hardened cock. I couldn't wait. I wanted to take him back into my bedroom right away.

"One more thing," Mother informed me. "They say he just came in on the ship, so he's probably inexperienced."

I was in shock. I knew what her words meant, but couldn't believe it. "You mean this is an inexperienced slave?" I asked.

"For all I know he might still be a virgin." Mother shrugged her shoulders.

I couldn't believe it! My heart started racing. I looked at his naked body and thought about all the things I could teach him and all the ways I could shock him. Images flooded into my mind about all the various cock games I heard about over the years. Virgin sex slaves were supposed to be better than used models, I also heard. It would be interesting to check this one out myself.

"I can't wait to have him," I voiced my desire to Mother.

She seemed to hold back a laugh. "I know you're anxious, but I suggest you be patient. You've got a long night ahead of you and need lots of energy. Why don't you first step in and have a bite to eat?"

I reluctantly agreed. As usual, Mother was right.

"Why don't I have the two slaves take him to your bedroom and chain him against the wall?" She suggested. "And then later, after you get done with dinner, you can go in and molest him."

"I guess so," I had little choice. "But I wish I could molest him right now! The way he's tied down in the wagon makes him look so delicious."

"I know," Mother took a deep breath. I think she was turned on by his young body as much as me. "But you can wait. You waited fifteen years. You can wait an hour longer."

We both turned and went inside. It was hard to take my eyes off his cock and I made sure I could see it until the last possible instant. I desperately wanted to see it erect and squirting across the room.

It was difficult to eat. I kept thinking of him in the next room, realizing I now had a male sex slave of my very own. The image of his naked body kept forming in my mind. I couldn't wait to go back to molest him. I never molested a man before, although I often heard my mother from the next room or when she took them out to the barn. It was fun to put my ear up to the wall to try to listen. Most of the time there wasn't much noise, but on a few occasions I got to hear one of the male slaves pleading for her to stop or to finish him off.

I also got to see it once. There was a classmate of mine in school named Katie. She came from a rich family and her parents bought her a sex slave for her 12th birthday - even before she started to blossom. It was ridiculous for a girl to own a sex slave at such a young age, but it made no matter. Like Mother said, her parents had money and were free to spend it however they wanted.

To make matter's worse, Katie used to brag about him during recess, telling us how much fun it was to molest him and how much pleasure she got when she fucked him. It used to make me angry, but a few weeks later she invited me over to watch. I swallowed my pride and agreed to go along. My curiosity was more powerful than my resentment.

The experience was very exciting for me - to say the least! I'll never forget his erect cock. She made it inflate to like double its regular size! I was so amazed at how much longer and wider it got. She didn't let me touch him, naturally, but she let me kneel by the side of the bed while she brought him to erection and then played with it. He was tied down naked by his arms and legs so he couldn't break free. He could do nothing to help himself as Katie took advantage of his helpless cock.

Then, she stroked it in front of me. I remember the way it got wet and slimy. The more Katie stroked, the slimier it seemed to become. It was great. I also noticed that the slave resisted her. The more she stroked, the more he pleaded and fought against her - just like I heard my Mother's slaves plead with her. He didn't seem to like the fact I was in the room. I guess he was shy about a young teenager watching.

A few minutes later I found out why, for it didn't make any difference how much he pleaded.

"Watch this," Katie told me anyway, and a second later she made him squirt. I'll never forget the sight of his ejecting cock. The way it squirted out those blobs of white sperm was incredible, and then the way it throbbed and pulsed as it squirted looked pretty exciting too. It was the first ejecting cock I had ever seen.

I wanted to do the same thing with my new sex slave. I wanted to turn his dick into an erection and then to stroke it. I wanted to make it wet and slimy just like Katie made her slave's, and then I wanted to force it to squirt out its juices for me. It would be great!

Afterwards, I wanted my sex slave to do other things for me too. After Katie's slave nicely squirted for her, she got angry with him. She said he was guilty of something called premature ejaculation, and therefore would have to be punished. I didn't stay for the rest, but as I walked out he was pleading and begging her to let go of his balls. I was curious about what a male sex slave got for premature ejaculation, but I was satisfied with his squirting erection.

"Anxious?" Mother interrupted my memories from across the table.

"Of course," I returned to reality. "I can't wait to play with him."

"Just don't hurt him," Mother warned once again. "I bought you a young, vibrant sex slave. He'll fetch a high price for years to come. Always keep his cock in good working order."

"I know!" I answered. "You already told me. I promise not to hurt his cock in any way - except maybe to make it a little sore over the next few weeks."

Mother laughed. "I suppose it will be. Men are only designed to fuck once every 72 hours, you know - or at least that's what they say. I suspect you'll be doing yours a little more often than that."

I laughed back. "More like three times a day," I told her with no intent to exaggerate.

"I wouldn't be surprised," She agreed. "He's going to have one busy pair of nuts."

"How were you planning to take him tonight?" Mother asked as we walked into my bedroom.

'Take Him!' I said to myself for amusement. She talked about the slave as though he was nothing more than an object, a piece of merchandise selected off the shelf. She just as well could have been talking about a newly purchase horse and asking where I was going to take him on a ride. I would ride on the slave too, but not quite yet.

Giving a sneaky little smile back to mother, I gave an exaggerated answer: "Fuck his brains out!"

She returned a serious stair. "Now wait a minute Debbie! Remember what I told you before."

"I remember!" I relieved her concern. "I was only joking."

He looked delicious. My very own sex slave stood on the opposite side of the room. He began to struggle and tried to break free as soon as we entered, but of course he could not. He could do nothing to prevent me from doing whatever I wanted. His naked body was mine, and it remained pleasantly tied to the far wall waiting for me.

I think my words about fucking must have frightened him when I first walked into the room - or maybe it was the skimpy little outfit I wore. Mother suggested it, the outfit that is. She said I might as well show him what I had, and the low-cut cut-off and panty did an excellent job at that! I especially liked the top because it emphasized my boobs while at the same time left half of them exposed. I normally do not like wearing revealing clothes around males, but she said the outfit would help harden him. I didn't need any more convincing!

"He looks hot!" Mother complimented.

Like me, she also dressed skimpy, wearing a similar bikini bottom and cutoff, but not as skimpy as me. Still, it was clear where I inherited my oversized tits.

"Even hotter than on the wagon!" I agreed.

His wrists were pulled high up above him with leather bracelets. His ankles were similarly secured to the floor. His mouth still contained a gag so he could not talk.

"They did a good job," Mother complimented. "I must remember to thank the servants for the most excellent job they did in securing this one."

"Yes!" I agreed. "I especially like the way they left him free enough to make his dick bounce around when he struggles."

His struggling suddenly stopped when I said this, indicating his understanding of my words. I may talk with an accent from his point of view, but it is nice to know that he understands perfectly well.

"Yes, that's nice too," Mother admired for a moment. "But actually, I was referring more to his open legs. Notice how his ankles are pulled wide to make his toy more vulnerable."

I didn't notice it at first, but then took a closer look. His dick hung down free. So did his swollen balls.

"Let me turn on a lantern to make sure you can see," She offered.

I thought it an excellent idea. Though still light, it was approaching dusk, and the two small windows in my bedroom did a poor job at allowing the light to stream inside. Perhaps later I would play with him in the dark, but for now I wanted to see everything.

"May I make a suggestion?" Mother asked before she left him to me.

I was more than willing to accept any suggestion. I heard various bits and pieces of information about the best way to do a man before, mostly from Katie, but I figured Mother's advice would be more valuable.

"What do you have in mind?" I wanted to know.

"I suggest a little game," She offered. "I used to play it quite a lot with my first sex slave, and still play it once in a while with my older ones. It's an excellent game to play with young sex slaves because they tend to cumm too quickly. It draws out the game so you can have a lot more fun."

I smiled at her, expressing my interest.

"Hear that barking?" She asked.

It was our dog, Samantha. She was outside barking and trying to get in. She always barked at night, wanting to get inside the house where it was warm.

"Yes, I hear him," I said, thinking she was changing the subject and wanted me to let her in. I didn't know what she was getting at.

"Now, see your slave's cock?"

"Oh yes!" I answered with intense interest. I didn't know what Samantha's barking had to do with his cock, but happily looked anyway. It seemed to already start to grow, perhaps as a result of my bikini.

"I can see it all right," I stared. "It looks excellent!"

"Yes it does," Mother agreed. She was momentarily distracted by the sight of his cock, perhaps noticing it's growth too, but then quickly came back down to reality.

"About the game," She explained. "There is only one rule in this game. You have to stroke on his cock each time Sam barks."

I gasped. My sex slave moaned at the same time. That was all I needed to hear. I liked the game right away! So did he, my slave, but in a different sort of way. But that was good, for it would help me get what I wanted: An erection.

"The rule is that each time Sam barks," Mother explained again. "You have to take a stroke up the entire length of his wiener and then come back down again. At first you won't have much to work with, but don't worry. It will get better as the game goes on."

I knew exactly what she meant by this. So did my slave.

"You keep on giving him a stroke each time Sam lets out a bark," Mother continued. "She may bark slow, or he may bark fast. You don't know, which is part of what adds to the anticipation of the game. Neither of you know when the next stroke will be coming."

In the background, I could hear Samantha barking already. I think she was maybe chasing a squirrel around the yard. I pictured myself stroking my slave's shaft each time in turn, faster and faster, again and again. I knew I would soon be masturbating on his full hard-on.

"I'm ready!" I stepped up closer to him, but Mother wasn't done just yet.

"Hold on," She took me by the shoulder and held me back. "That's the rule, but there also needs to be an object. As with any game, there has to be an object to the game. You have to have a winner and a looser."

"Of course!" I agreed.

"He wins if he can hold out on you," She said simply.

It seemed logical enough, but I was more interested in my own purpose. "And me?" I edged her on.

"You win, if you haven't guessed it already, when you push him over the edge," She said what I hoped she would say. "The object of the game for you is to force his cock to ejaculate."

"You mean squirt?" I interrupted, remembering Katie's slave.

"Yes, squirt, or erupt, or blow his load, or whatever you want to call it," Mother had a rich vocabulary when it came to male cocks. "It's whatever term you want to use, but the end result remains the same. The object of the game for him is to hold out, while the object of the game for you is to force his wiener to squirt out his juices."

It still looked incredible - his cock, that is. It also looked a little longer than before, and it looked even better when I pictured it going through the game as she described. First, It would become hard. Later, I would make it wet and slimy. Lastly, I would push it over the edge. I wondered if it would squirt as much as Katie's slave.

"That's about it," Mother concluded. "The rules are pretty simple if you want to play."

"Interesting game," I answered in reply, wondering what a wet and slimy cock would feel like in my hand. "It sounds like fun, but you left out one thing. What's the time limit?"

"Time limit?" She asked back. "I'm not sure what you mean?"

"A time limit!" I said again. I thought it was obvious and didn't know why she was confused. "You know, there has to be an expiration clock. If I can't make his cock squirt before time expires, then he wins."

"Oh yes!" Mother finally understood. "You mean a time limit!"

"Yes," I answered, finally getting through to her.

Mother thought about it a long moment before answering. I didn't understand what was so complicated about the answer.

"Actually," Mother answered slowly. "Actually, there is no clock."

I was still confused. I still hadn't gotten through to her. "That's impossible," I concluded. "There has to be a clock. If there's no time limit, then there's no way he can win."

As soon as I said it, I understood. It wasn't Mother who was confused. It was I! She smiled back at me, silently indicating we had merged onto the same road.

"I think I'm going to like this game," I concluded as I looked down on his cock. Samantha barked in the distance.

"You better get started," Mother suggested as she started to leave.

I agreed. I was anxious to get going but also concerned about Mother.

"You don't have to go," I told her as I went down to my knees. His cock was suddenly much closer. It also twitched right in front of me. I don't know if it was due to my words to Mother or my closer approach, but I liked it. I liked getting a close up view while I stroked.

"You mean you want me to stay?" Mother asked reluctantly.

"If you want to," I check her progress with a quick look over my shoulder. As she stood in the door, she looked back at him. I could tell she wanted to check out her purchase. She wanted to see if he was worth the price.

"Really," I tempted her as I looked upon the slave's magnificent cock. "I don't mind if you watch."

It twitched again. The idea seemed to make him nervous. He appeared reluctant to allow another to watch - perhaps the same way Katie's slave did not like me watching either. For that reason and that reason alone, I actually wanted her to stay.

"I guess I could," She agreed none too reluctantly, just like I knew she would.

Samantha let out a bark from somewhere outside.

"That's three already," Mother spoke as she turned around and sat on the bed.

I reached out and touched it. I thought about holding back and savoring the moment, but the temptation was too strong to resist. I had already waited 15 years and couldn't wait a minute longer. I wanted my first cock!

The slave responded. He tried to pull away. First to one side and then the other, he swung his hips in an attempt to escape. His cock tried to avoid my hand, but he had little hope. His body stood too well shackled to escape. I wrapped my fingers around it anyway, and in response he let out the loudest moan so far.

"It feels good!" I complimented. "So soft! So vulnerable. It feels like a pillow."

Mother laughed at my inexperienced display. "I don't think you'll be saying its soft for very long!"

I agreed because I could already feel it! Most definitely, his member was a little bit larger than what it was in the wagon or even when we first walked into the room. Instead of hanging straight down and looking limp, it now pushed out at an angle and looked a little longer. It felt soft and delicate between my fingers. Sam barked a fourth time.

"It's going to be so much fun to stroke your Meat," I told him.

Those were the first words I addressed to the slave directly. It felt strange to be talking to a man while I held his limp dick in my hand, but I liked it. A second later I liked it even more, for I allowed my hand to travel down the length of his hanging pecker. I stroked down the length of his soft rod, which wasn't very far, and then I quickly did it again. I had to catch up with Sam. Mother told me I had to keep up.

"It feels great," I told Mother during the brief intermission between barks. "I think I'm going to really like him."

Sam started up again, so I started the same. This time, however, I stroked on him a little different. I pulled on his cock so it stuck straight out of his body when I pumped. This felt better, for his cock felt bigger! It even looked bigger when I was done. I could see it for myself after Sam finished and I let go. His member stuck nearly straight out of his body.

"Oh my!" Mother noticed it too. Her experience showed as she stood up against the wall and looked upon him from the side. I knew right away this gave her a superb vantage point to gauge his length.

"Bigger than it was back on the wagon!" I commented.

"Indeed it is!" She agreed. "I always said you would drive the boys wild."

Her prediction turned true. I saw it with my own eyes. Even without my hand, he still grew. Just looking at me got him aroused. Was it my pretty face? Maybe it was my deep blue eyes. It almost certainly had to have something to do with my ample breasts and narrow hips. Whatever it was, it worked. Soon his cock stuck straight out. Maybe it even started to rise a little.

When Sam finally barked again, I immediately took advantage of it. I had grown impatient in the waiting and actually wanted to check if it felt as good as it looked.

"Harder too!" I commented after my third stroke in response to her third bark.

"Indeed it is!" Mother agreed again.

It rose some more when I let go, and then it even started to grow a little bit longer too. The hardness was easy to feel with my fingers, but the length proved more difficult to gauge with my eyes.

"Oh my God!" Mother had the better view. She cried out like a little girl when I took my hand away.

"What's wrong?" I asked what she saw. The tone of her voice expressed surprise at something. I worried there might be something wrong with him.

"There's nothing wrong!" She padded her chest as though she might be having a heart attack. "It's his length. Oh my God, do you see how long he is?"

I turned my head to the side so I could take a look from her same viewpoint. His shaft did seem long, maybe a little bit longer than a few seconds before, but not noticeably so. It looked about the same size as the cock on Katie's slave.

"It must be an eight incher!" Mother said in amazement.

"No way!" I argued. Clearly, it was no more than six. How could she say his cock was eight full inches long?

Sam barked before I could question her further. Again, she did three quick barks in a row, to which I took hold of an even harder member and pumped it three times in response.

Sam didn't give me time to rest. As soon as I finished and let go, she barked some more. She gave three quick barks, and then gave three more. Sam seemed to like barking in groups of three. I had never noticed it before.

By the time she was finished, I no longer had to ask Mother the question. I could see it for myself. Clearly, he was longer. At least six, maybe closer to seven. His cock pointed up at a slight angle. It rose to salute me in response to the action of my fingers.

Sam then barked three more times, and then she barked more, and then even more. Every time it happened the same way. Just as I was about to let go, she barked. Little ol' Sam seemed to be in a groove. So was I. His cock felt harder and maybe even a little bit longer each time. It had turned from a pillow into more like a rock. In the background I heard both of them moan as I played upon it: both Mother and the slave. The slave I could understand, for I was handling the most sensitive part of his body. But as for Mother...

"Oh my God!" Mother said after Sam finally stopped long enough for me to let go. She seemed to really like it when I let go. I think it was because I uncovered him. My hand no longer blocked her view.

I joined her and looked from the side too. "Wow!" I agreed. "He sure is a big one, isn't he?"

His cock no longer hung down at all. Instead it stood up firm and strong. It pointed almost straight up. I could see it was a lot longer than Katie's slave, and the knowledge of his bigger size made me proud.

"My God!" Mother sounded really impressed. "He's even longer than I suspected, like maybe ten inches long!"

I looked again from the side; this time from the opposite side. Ten inches seemed a bit of an exaggeration, but he was long! There was no argument about that! And not only long, but plenty thick too! It was surprising how such a little pecker could grow into such a big strong horse-dick. No doubt existed any more. I realized I was looking at his full erection; the full erection of my own sex slave.

"I guess what they told you about breeding was true," I turned to a happy smile on Mother's face.

"Oh, yes it is!" She seemed to be off in dreamland. "He's so big! He's so fucking big!"

For a brief moment I worried. I worried she might be thinking about taking him for herself, but then quickly realized she was only happy about her purchase. She had indeed gotten a good deal. This one would fetch a high price if we ever decided to sell him - if we ever decided to sell him.

"You're going to have trouble just fitting him inside," Mother finally woke up a minute later. She stepped around to take a look at him from the front and then from the opposite side.

"Inside?" I questioned what she meant even though I knew perfectly well what she was talking about.

"It's going to be a tight fit to get him inside your virgin cunt," She said the words I wanted her to say.

The slave squirmed at this remark. His cock quivered, as I knew it would. I was getting to know his cock rather well in the relatively short time since we were introduced.

"I'm sure I'll eventually get him to fit," I resisted any attempt she might make to suggest a trade. Again I worried she might take him for herself, maybe even trade me for one of her used cocks. I didn't want no used cock! I wanted this fresh one. I wanted a stud of my very own.

"I don't know," Mother continued to worry. "He's awfully thick to be fitting inside your virgin hole. We may need to get you a dildo to practice with."

"No!" I resisted the suggestion. "It may take a lot of work, but I'll eventually manage it. I'll just have to work with him every night until I get accustomed to his size."

My words made him moan and his cock quivered once again.

Mention of a dildo had the opposite effect on me. I didn't want no dildo; just like I didn't want used cock either. No fakes were going to go up into my hole; only the real thing!

"Then you should at least try to widen yourself out with your own fingers," Mother suggested to my surprise. I had never fingered myself before, but I had heard others talk about it.

"In fact," She stopped to walk up to the slave. She reached up, reaching up to his bound wrist. My eyes followed as she felt his palm and pulled open his tightened fist.

"You may even want him to help you," She suggested. "He's got nice fingers. They may work better than your own."

The slave let out a loud moan and looked down upon me. I think his eyes looked down upon my panty, his imagination probably thinking about putting his fingers into the hidden pussy on the opposite side.

"You mean let him?" I wanted to make sure to understand what she meant. "You mean use the slave to finger my twat?"

She nodded.

"That kind-of sounds like fun!" I agreed to her suggestion as I pictured the fingers of his bound hand working their way in and out. Still not the real thing, but at least they would be a man's fingers. And he would have to work me a lot, and probably with several fingers at the same time. In fact, given his oversized hourse-dick of a cock, he would practically have to jam his whole fist into my cunt in order to approximate his size.

Sam barked again. I had almost forgotten about Sam. With the hard cock of the slave to look at, Sam's barking no longer seemed important. The dog first gave three rapid barks, and then she continued to bark some more.

"You're falling behind!" Mother reminded me of the game.

I almost didn't want to at first. I mean just looking at his fullness was arousing enough, but then I realized how much better it would be to feel it. I had never stroked a full length one before. Curiosity made me want to find out if the title of "hard-on" meant what I hoped it did.

Quickly, I grabbed it. I found myself falling behind and had to catch up, so I grabbed his cock quickly. Pleasant to my surprise, the thing felt hard as a rock. It felt hard just holding it still, and it felt even harder when I gave it a stroke.

"Wow!" I spoke with genuine awe. "Wow! Oh wow!" I couldn't believe how hard and firm it was. I spoke in amazement with each stroke of my hand.

The near-immobile slave moaned through his gag in roughly the same rhythm. So did mother. More barks followed, and then yet more. I was thankful for the barks, for I was thankful for his cock. I really liked pumping it. It was best when I could pump it hard.

Sam stopped. Much to my disappointment, I had to stop too. I didn't want to. I didn't even have to, I suppose. He was just a slave, and as my sex slave I could have continued to pump his cock as much as I wanted. He was helpless to stop me from doing it. But instead, I behaved like a good little girl. I obediently obeyed the rules of the game and stopped pumping when Sam stopped barking.

"My God, it sure is big!" Mother came down to her knees to admire him when I withdrew.

"He sure is!" I agreed. "I can't even fit my fingers all the way around."

Demonstrating, I grabbed him again, although this time didn't stroke because their were no barks to stroke to. My thumb and forefinger didn't touch. About an inch of bare cock remained exposed between as my hand only fit three-quarters the way around.

"Do you realize what his size means to you?" Mother asked.

"Yes!" I answered in a giggle. "It means he will be able to give lots of orgasms!"

"That too!" Mother agreed with a deep breath. She didn't laugh. I suppose she didn't think it funny. I sensed a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"I was really thinking along another line," She explained her true meaning. "Slaves with long peckers sell at much higher prices. They say every inch above 6 doubles a slave's price. They must not have known how big this one was before they sold him to me."

"I guess so," I said, not really caring about the financial aspects of his cock. All I wanted was for Sam to begin barking again.

"And if they didn't know about his meat," Mother continued. "Then they never tried him out."

I immediately realized what she meant. It was a virgin all over again!

"Yes, a virgin!" Mother read my mind. "I can't be sure, but I think you may have a virgin sex slave. This cock may never have been in a pussy."

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