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Desc: Sex Story: It's so easy to miss things if you don't look properly, especially your best mate's sister.

I'd been staying at Graeme's house on and off for as long as I could remember. We met when we were about seven, and we'd gone through hell together on numerous occasions. We treated each others homes as though they belonged to both of us, and both my parents and his were happy with it that way. We only lived four houses apart, and as we were going through our early teen years, we would crash wherever we found ourselves at the end of the evening.

If we were messing with model boats, we'd be at Graeme's place. Girlfriends were better entertained at my house. My mum would leave us alone, and was fairly liberal about how the lounge ought to be used. Graeme's parents, while they were nice enough, especially to me, were God-fearing Christians, and would allow nothing they thought untoward. Somehow, as a result, Graeme had a collection of magazines that stayed at my place. My Dad used to borrow them, for God's sake!

I was the last of four children, and I guess my parents had been trained by the other three. I never seemed to be able to push them off the edge, though I definitely got in some messes from time to time. If there was ever real trouble to be had with Graeme's parents, we tried to send Mum in first, to smooth the waters. Mostly she did, and mostly it worked.

Now we were older, there seemed to be less trouble. His parents had calmed down, and we were realising that there were some things you just kept away from the house. Like girls.

This night, Graeme and I had been out and had a few beers, played a few games of pool, and headed back to my place to watch a movie. After the movie had finished, one of my sisters had come home, and was determined to make a lot of noise, cook smelly things in the kitchen, and generally make a nuisance of herself. We dealt with this they way we normally did. We went up the street, and crashed at Graeme's.

It must have been about one in the morning when we got there, and the house was quiet and dark. His parents must have assumed that Graeme wouldn't be coming back, and had locked the door. This wasn't exactly unusual, and we knew how to get in, and got to his bedroom without turning on the lights and waking anyone. Graeme's room had two beds. One of them was referred to by everyone as 'Tim's bed'. I dragged my clothes off, and fell into the bed in my underpants. I assume Graeme was doing the same thing across the room. Nothing was said, and before I knew it, my eyes had closed, and I fell into a deep sleep.

As happens after drinking beer, my bladder woke me a couple of hours later, and told me I desperately needed to piss. I lay there for a while, trying to convince it not to bother me any more, and then reluctantly got up, and headed for the toilet. Half asleep now, I forgot where I was, and didn't put any clothes on, just stumbled down the hallway in my underpants. It's debatable if I would have bothered, even if I'd thought of it, but the idea of being caught by Graeme's mother in my jockeys would likely have meant I would have made some sort of effort.

Some part of me must have figured out where I was, as I managed to make it to the toilet and fix the problem. I realised around then that I really ought to have put some clothes on, and tried to sneak back out of the bathroom as quietly as I could. I made it as far as the hallway corner, and banged straight into Vivian.

I'd known Vivian as long as I'd known Graeme, but largely ignored her existence. She'd played various parts in my life, mostly bloody nuisance. I could recall years ago how Graeme and I had to be quiet because the baby was asleep. How in Hell could we hold a war-game and be quiet? Then there was the period when Graeme would not be permitted to leave the house, because his parents were going to some sort of worship thing, and he was required to babysit. One time we thought we had that sorted, and invited a couple of the girls from school around for a video. Vivian caught us snuggling on the couches, and snitched on us. That was one of the times that my Mum stepped in and stopped things getting out of hand. After that, I largely kept out of her way.

Anyway, stumbling around in the dim hallway, I banged into her; actually, I knocked her to the floor. I guess I have good instincts, or my mother has trained me better than I thought, because the first thing I did was put out my hand to help her up. Viv must have realised straight away who it was, and let me help, standing up next to me, a big smile on her face, and beckoned me toward the lounge, further away from her Parents' bedroom.

I followed her quietly into the lounge, and she shut the door behind her carefully, and then burst into laughter. "Tim, you dumb shit, what the fuck was that?"

"Oh Vivian, I'm sorry. I didn't see you."

"I hope not. Shit, you gave me a shock!"

"Yeah, I... what's with the language?"


"Fuck, shit... you don't say words like that."

"Tim, how long since you've had a conversation with me?"

"Well, lemme see, it's... well... Jeeze, must be a couple of years."



"Yeah. Ever since I caught you fucking that girl on the sofa."

"No, it can't have... I wasn't fucking her!"

"You weren't?"

"Hell no. I didn't know how."


"Oh, what?"

"You mean you do now?"

"None of your business, nosy."

"Oh, calm down. Listen, I'd love to chat, but I really, really need to pee, especially after you gave me that fright."

"Oh, go, go. I don't want to get blamed for that too."

"Blamed? Oh. Listen Tim, I'm sorry. I was young, and stupid. And I was cross with you."

"Huh? Well, thanks. You're forgiven, I guess. Cross? What in hell for?"

"Ahh... gotta pee. Tell you when I get back, okay?"

"Yeah, alright. Must be a doozy of an explanation then."

"It is Tim. Wait there."

"Yeah, alright."

As she turned to leave the room, I sat on the sofa to wait. There were two things I wanted to work out then. Firstly, I had to know why she had been cross with me. Second, I wanted to know what was wrong with me. I never noticed until she turned to leave, but she was a real looker. Vivian was one of those girls with very pale skin, and contrasting jet black hair. It was near midsummer, and she was wearing a thin white cotton nightie that barely covered her decently. I could see the outline of her dark panties clearly even in the dim light, and I couldn't see a bra strap at all. I couldn't wait for her to return, to confirm my suspicions.

Suddenly I realised that my interest had become rather obvious with the tent in my briefs, and I grabbed the blanket that I knew would be behind the sofa and threw it over my lap, and left it there, despite the heat. Just as I relaxed back on the sofa, Vivian floated quietly back in, and closed the door carefully behind her, before plopping herself carelessly beside me on the sofa, her nightie flicking up at the front, to reveal her panties briefly before settling down without covering up much more. I couldn't quite comprehend how I had managed to not to notice her before.

My suspicions were confirmed as well. There is no way that restrained breasts can behave the way these did as she sat, bouncing a few times before also coming to rest.

"A blanket Tim? Isn't it a little hot?"

"Well, I umm... I'm not really dressed, you know."

"Yeah, noticed that before. Nice ass."

"Huh? What happened to the other Vivian?"

"She grew up, you just didn't pay attention."

"Yeah, I'm noticing that."

"About time. You want to know why I was angry?"

"Yeah, tell me."

"You should be able to guess, really."

"I should? Why is that?"

"Because, Tim, you just admitted that you did it."

"Vivian, you're not making sense. Did what?"

"Ignored me."

"Hardly surprising, after what you did, is it?"

"No dummy, not then. Before."

"Before what?"

"Oh, you're not much use this late, are you? Before I dobbed you in for getting it on with that girl..."

"I didn't get..."

"... while I wanted you..."

"... it on..."

"... to get it on with me."

"... with... You?"

"Yes, me. I had the biggest crush on you, and you never even noticed. I wasn't cross because you guys were misbehaving. I was cross because I wanted you to misbehave with me!"

"Yeah, but I... I... Really?"

"Yes, really."

"Oh, God. I'm sorry Viv. I never realised."

"No, that's apparent now."

"God, Viv, it's... Wow!"

"Yeah, well there you go. Now you know. I'm really sorry you got into such trouble. Mind you, your Mum fixed it in the end, didn't she?"

"Yeah, she did, luckily. Listen Viv, I don't think badly of you, you know. I'm not mad with you. I was just trying to keep out of more trouble."

"Yeah, I know."

"Oh. But now... well, where do we stand?"

"With what?"

"Well, the crush, I guess."

"Oh, that. I got over it Tim. I met another boy, and he and I... well, we sorted it out."


"Yeah, we, well, listen, I don't know what I can say to you now. You might tell Graeme."

"Not me, Viv. Not this. Not ever. Promise."

"Alright then. I decided I needed to find another boy, and get you out of my head. So I found one. At school. He was nice. You probably saw him here a couple of times. Lance."

"Oh, I remember him. Tall weedy guy?"

"Yeah, him. He wasn't much of a conversationalist, but he had nice fingers."

"Oh. You mean, you guys..."

"Had sex."

"Ah, yeah."

"Yeah. Not straight away. We got to it gradually."


"Yeah, 'oh'. You want more?"

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