Night With Friends

by Irishrose1215

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Desc: Sex Story: Two long time friends meet a new one.


I heard the familiar voice of my best friend come to me over the phone lines, and I smiled as I addressed her.

"Hey, what's going on?"

"Oh hi, Jess, not much, just sitting around."

"Oh yeah? You doing anything tonight?"


"Do you wanna do something tonight?"

"Bitch, what do you think?"

We both laughed.

"Meeting that guy, you know, I've showed you his pic. He's in town."

Bri'Anda's voice went from her normal, I'm-just-sitting-here-and-really-hating-it voice, to one that sounded very interested in what I was saying.

"Really? The guy, with the big..."

She giggled and didn't finish her sentence. I laughed again.

"Yeah, Theron."

"Where're you meeting him at?"

"Where do you think?"


"Yeah, hell, I figured I talked about it so much that it was only right if he actually saw the place."

"What time you meeting him?"


"Nobody'll be there by then."

"I know but that'll give us a chance to see each other in person before Mike starts the music and no one can hear."

"Can I get ready at your house?"

"Yeah, sure, come on over."

"Okay, be there shortly. Bye."


I laughed again as I hung up the phone, she sounded so excited, and I bet she was jumping around the house, finding her keys and purse. I also knew that even though it was only eight, she'd be here in fifteen minutes. I sat back down on the couch, lit a cigarette, and waited.

I was right she was there in fifteen minutes flat. She burst through the door, making my golden retriever run to her, and become just as excited as she was. I shook my head, I expected her to do just that. Bri'Anda was a highly excited person, always moving, jumping, and flaying about. She could never sit still in the many years that I had known her, and she was always ready to get up and go somewhere, as long as she didn't have to sit in the house. I laughed before I began to talk to her.

"Bitch, sit down! Relax, damn it's only eight!"

"Why I gotta be your bitch, I thought you were always my bitch."

She winked as I stared her down.

"You know that ain't right. You want something to drink?"

"I know, but I thought that I could at least try. Yeah, what you got? Any coffee? I'm nervous, and it always calms my nervous."

She knew I had coffee; I always have it freshly made. I got up and got her cup, doctoring it up just how she liked it. I came back and handed her the cup. She smiled, sighed, and took a sip, trying to get herself to calm down. She looked at me again, and smiled.

"So, tell me more about this guy."

I looked at her annoyed. I hated talking about people, and I wished she'd just wait to meet him. Then she could ask the onslaught of questions I was about to be hit with.

"His name is Theron and he's from Texas."

"Well, I knew that! Tell me more!"

"Like what?"

"How old is he?"

"In his 40's."

She smiled broadly, and bounced in her seat.

"Oh yes! Some one who knows what he's fuckin' doing!"

I laughed at her. Bri is a year younger than me, 24, and through our years of knowing each other, I knew she'd love the fact that Theron was older. She'd always had a thing for older men, but then again, so do I.

"What else?"

Her voice was getting louder in her excitement, and I pressed my fingers to my lips to make her quiet down.

"Like what? Why don't you just wait, you'll see him in a couple of hours."

"I know but I want to be prepared. What does he look like? Ever seen a picture of him, that wasn't his cock?"

"Yeah, a long time ago, but I lost it."


"He's tall, well built, brown hair, brown eyes. I stared at his pic for like twenty minutes."

"Did it make you wet?"

"Of course, the guy is gorgeous."

"Well your description sucks."

"Maybe so, but you'll see him soon!"

"C'mon tell me more!"

"His lips are thin; his eyebrows are shaped real well, and give his eyes a kind of stern look. He has a set jaw line, and goddamn it, he's just fuckin' gorgeous, you'll see him!"

"Okay fine! Wanna get ready?"

"It's only eight-thirty."


I shook my head, and got up, holding my hand out to her and helping her off the chair. We went into my bedroom, and began to rummage through my closet. Bri had brought a big duffle bag with her own clothes in it, but we both knew she'd wear something of mine and not even look at the clothes she'd brought. I settled on one of my favorite outfits, a black soft leather tank top with a purple dragon setting in the middle of the chest and a soft leather black mini to go with it, along with my thigh spiked heeled boots. Bri, just a little more conservative than I, choose a bright red tee-shirt with the words, "Bad Girl" written in silver across the chest, a mini jean skirt, and a pair of silver lace up sandals. We laid the clothes on the bed and went into the bathroom.

I turned on the shower, and stepped in, a couple of seconds later Bri followed. When we went out, we always showered together to save time. No, we did not do anything with each other, Bri and I have never had sex, though, I've dreamed and hoped that one day it would happen, and I know she's done the same. Bri has this thing about us being friends, she's told me that, though, she's spent many times fucking herself to the thought of me licking her pussy, and she'd never really do it, because it might screw up our long friendship. I respect Bri, and so I've never pushed the issue.

We stepped out of the shower, dried ourselves off, and stood before the mirror. Bri stands seven inches taller than me, and so she had no problems seeing over my head. As I looked in the mirror, trying to figure out just what I was going to do to my hair, I felt and saw Bri's hand move over my shoulder and grab my breast, which only heightened the feelings I was having from seeing her wet and naked.

"Look at these! I wish I had boobs like you."

She always compared my breasts to hers, mine were bigger but not by much, me being in a D cup and her in a C. I smacked at her hand and laughed.

"Stop it. C'mon!"

She didn't stop, but placed her other hand on my other tit, and began to knead them, smiling and giggling as she did so. I decided the best thing to do was ignore her, I ignored her a lot, since if I didn't I'd probably pounce on her. But, I couldn't really ignore it either, I could see her in the mirror, and I could see her big green eyes growing dark with desire. She still smiled, her full lips softly curving up, both cheeks dimpled. Her long brown hair lay in clumps around her, not brushed yet, and her olive colored skin lying against my fair skin, I had to do something. I turned quickly, and grabbed her tits, squeezing them roughly and smiling up at her.

"Do you like it? Hmmm? Do you?"

She laughed and pushed me away.

"Yeah, I do."

"Shut-up, C'mon lets go get dressed."

With our clothes back on, we re-enter the bathroom. Bri grabbed a brush and began to brush out my hair that had already begun to dry. She gently sent the comb through my shoulder length red hair, before grabbing the hair dry. After my hair was finished she did her own. All she ever does to it is brush it out and put a clip in it. I looked at her.

"You should wear it down for once."

"It's too long."

"But it's so pretty."

Her hair reaches her butt, and is thick with natural waves.

"I know, but it's too hot. I'm getting it cut next week."

I nodded, I always hate when she cut her hair, but she and I both cut our hair for good intentions, letting our hair grow long over the winter and then cutting it short to donate the hair to children with cancer. We finished getting ready, and by the time we're done we had twenty minutes to get up there, just enough time.

We hopped in my car, and were on our way. As we veered onto the highway Bri looked at me.

"You gonna fuck him?"

"Hell yeah! You gonna help me?"

She giggled.

"I think I might."

"You will. You know that's why you came."

I winked at her and she laughed loudly.

"Yeah okay, I know."

As mentioned Bri and I have never had sex, but that doesn't stop us from having sex with other people together.

We pulled up into the parking lot. Joshua's sits inside a hotel, and I knew Theron had a room there, and I hoped that he was already downstairs in the club. We walked in, not having to pay the cover, we know the doorman, and he always lets us in free. I had told Theron that he should sit in the chairs that over look the dance floor, and as Bri and I turned our heads that way, we saw a male figure sitting there. His front was turned away from us, and though there were only a handful of other people in the bar at the moment, we both hoped that it was him. We walked up, and I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around slowly, and looked at me.



"Hi, I'm Jessi."

I winked and smiled at him, my smile growing larger as his lips formed their own. I pointed to Bri.

"Hope you don't mind, I brought a friend, this is Bri'Anda."

I watched happily as his eyes lit up. I had spoken of Bri to him, he knew all of mine and her adventures together, and he was happy to see her. She stuck out her hand, and he shook it, moving his eyes back and forth from me to Bri.

"Bri, this is Theron."

She gave a nod of her head, and let go of his hand. She smiled, and I could see a slight blush on her cheeks. She looked at me.

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