by his_collared_lady

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: Master's possession used for His pleasure

turning over and smiling, i say 'good morning Master'. already i see that gleam in Your eyes that tells me You have something planned for today. You turn me over and swat my butt as You tell me to prepare for the day. scurrying out of bed, i head quickly to the bathroom, turn on the shower and adjust the water. running my hands over my body, through my hair, i sigh with delight as the warm water runs over me. spending a little more time than usual in the caress of the shower, i hurriedly wash my hair with a lightly scented jasmine shampoo and smile as the fragrance fills the room, continuing to shave and wash in preparation for my Master. knowing i have spent longer than usual preparing, i dry myself with the fluffy soft towel and slip into my silken robe. stepping into the bedroom i see that You have laid an outfit on the bed, one that i have not seen before. i smile to myself as i hear You rustling in the kitchen, wondering just what it is You have in mind. slipping into the sheer soft black material, i notice the cutouts. as i continue to dress in my new outfit, i tingle at the contrast of sensations. feeling the air on my breasts as they poke out of the strategically cut holes; the cutout crotch exposing my pussy and ass, as the material softly touches my skin. looking in the mirror i see You behind me. 'you look lovely, My special one' You say as i smile with satisfaction that You are pleased. i watch as You caress my neck, tracing the leather collar, sending chills through my body. watching my nipples hardened in the reflection of the mirror i press against You. 'don't be so anxious, pet', You chuckle as You step back. 'now slip into your shoes and put on your jacket'. quickly obeying and while still wondering what You have planned, You call to me.

walking out of the bedroom, i see the keys in Your hand and i feel a strange panic as i realize that we are going out. and me dressed like this 'but Master... ' i begin to say. 'come hither' is all i need to hear as i follow You out the door. we get into the car and i am dying to ask where we are going but know better. for almost an hour we drive, as You tell me how much You love me and we talk of our devotion to each other. You remind me of my place, of how i willingly enslaved myself to You. i smile, comforted in knowing that my Master loves me dearly.

we pull into the driveway of a house i don't recognize. there are soft lights coming through the windows and my heart begins to pound. 'I love you, My special one, and I want you to enjoy this as much as I am going to', You say as You lean over and kiss me. i smile nervously as i hear my heart begin to pound in my ears. 'i love You Master and i trust You', is all i can say as we walk to the front door...

taking a deep breath, i enter the house with You. 'take off the jacket' You say as i quickly scan the room, immediately noticing the wooden stocks in the center of the room. You walk over to it and with one look i know what i must do. as You lift the wooden slab, i rest my neck and wrists in the cut grooves. as the stock comes down over me, i hear a click and know there is nothing I can do now but submit to Your desires. You walk behind me and spread my legs wide as i feel the restraints being wrapped around my ankles. is that voices i hear? i didn't see anyone when we entered. a hard slap on my ass brings me back to the situation at hand. You stand in front of me, leaning down, kissing me. 'you are Mine, My special slave'

Your lips leave mine and they are replaced with a gag, as i hear the voices again, my mind struggling to grasp the situation. as i watch You walking out of my sight, i hear You greeting someone. no, wait... it is more than one. desperately i try to look but i soon realize it is hopeless. the wooden stock is not only holding me prisoner but is blocking me from seeing anything but that which is before me. suddenly i realize how vulnerable i am, locked and spread for all to see. my breast, with hardened nipples hanging out of the cutouts; my legs spread wide.

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