Best Deal I Could Get

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: I was very afraid during those first few days, but when nothing happened I thought that perhaps things would be all right and I started to relax. Oh I knew those pictures were out there but as long as they didn't surface it was ok, well not ok really, but bearable.

I was very afraid during those first few days, but when nothing happened I thought that perhaps things would be all right and I started to relax. Oh I knew those pictures were out there but as long as they didn't surface it was ok, well not ok really, but bearable. I don't remember much about that night other than my drinks must have been spiked and there was more than one guy involved. One thing I did remember clearly was those flashes going off, so I know someone was taking pictures. Weeks went by and I really started to relax and get on with my life, I had a few guys asked me for a date but I hadn't accept any until out of the blue Pete Lindon asked me out.

I had thought that Pete Lindon was out of my league, captain of the soccer team and definitely the best looking guy in the whole college; the girls were queuing up to go out with him. We went to a burger bar and we had a nice evening, then before taking me back to my dorm he parked up and we kissed. At first all he wanted was to kiss and to put his hands on my boobs. I didn't mind either of those things, although at first I did feel a little uncomfortable. Only when he put his hand on my leg did I stop him.

"Come on Jenny," he said putting his hand under my short skirt again.

"No please stop it," I said pushing his hand off for the third time.

"You didn't stop those guys the other night," he said, "I've seen the pictures."

Well it was like being hit hard in the stomach for my breath was knocked completely out of me.

"W-what," I barely managed to get out.

"You seemed to be enjoyed getting fucked by those guys the other week," he said crudely.

"Oh no," I wept.

"In fact you fucked all three of them," he said.

I was totally lost for words and I didn't have the strength to push his hand off my thigh.

"Why do you think I asked you out," he said.

"W-what?" I stuttered.

"Because you fuck, that's why," he said.

"But you go out with loads of girls," I pointed out.

"Yeah and I fuck some of them too," he grinned nastily, "not as many as you would think, but a few. So when I know I'm on to a dead cert I dive right in."

"No please, I was drugged," I said realising his hands were on me again.

"Didn't look like it to me," he chuckled. "Looked like you were have a great time."

"I wasn't," I pushed at his hands, "so please stop."

"There's no way I going home tonight without fucking you," he said and he started tugging at my knickers.

"Stop please," I struggled against him.

He was too strong and at last he pulled them down my legs and with out tearing them too.

"Right lets get it on shall we," he laughed and pulled my legs open.

I felt his thingie brushing my thighs so he must have unzipped himself. Then he pushed it into me, I was still dry so it hurt quite a lot.

"Fucking tight," he said pumping into me hard.

"Please stop," I yelled, but I knew he wouldn't, not now.

He didn't last long for soon I could feel him pumping his stuff into me.

"Yeah, that was all right," he sighed rolling off me.

I lay there numb, not knowing what to do. I knew I couldn't tell anybody about this evening, that's for sure.

"Lets get your kit off and then you can suck me hard again," he said pulling at my clothes.

I wasn't wearing much for it was still quite warm out, so soon I was naked in his car. He then pushed my head into his lap.

"Right slut suck me," he said with a short laugh

It was still slimy from being inside me and it tasted disgusting, but it didn't take long before I felt it swell inside my mouth.

"Right this time you can sit on my lap so that I can play with your titties," he said.

"Come on, move that arse," he said after he had pulled me into place.

It was totally humiliating but the sooner he came the sooner I could go home. Oh course this time he took ages before again he spurted inside of me and all the time he was slobbering over my boobs.

"That was fucking fantastic," he said with a big grin. "You're coming back to my dorm with me."

"What no, please take me home," I begged.

"No way slut," he laughed, "I going to fuck you again when I wake up tomorrow morning. Now get dressed."

He drove fast and I prayed that he would be stopped by the police, but he wasn't; he dragged me out of the car and into his dorm.

"I'm not allowed in here after lights out," I said clutching at straws.

"It be ok," he said, "I've done it dozens of times."

"Who's she," said his roommate.

Oh no, I hadn't realised that like us he would share a room with someone else.

"This is Jenny and she a great fuck," he said and he pushed me onto his bed. "Now get your kit off and get in bed."

I was thankful that it was quite dark as I slipped out of my clothes for the second time.

"Can I have her after?" said his roommate.

"No, now shut the fuck up and go to sleep," he snapped.

"Go on, she won't mind I sure," he pressed.

"Fuck off," he said and he climbed naked into bed with me, his arms went around me and he hugged me tight. He kissed my neck and then he settled down to sleep. Somehow I slept too although I never thought I would, then it was morning and I was woken up by being pushed onto my back and my legs pulled apart.

"Just fucking love a fuck first thing," he said pumping into me hard.

"Don't hog her all to yourself," said a voice from the other bed, "let me have a look."

I felt the covers being thrown back.

Fucking nice bod man and great tits," he commented, "please let me have ago after you've finished."

"Fuck off," he grunted, "she my fuck, find your own."

"Get her on top so I can see her better," the voice said.

I felt myself being pulled about until I was straddling his body.

"Will you look at that," the voice said, "go on please let me have a go."

"No," he said and then he slapped my rear, "move your arse slut."

I closed my eyes to blot it all out and moved my hips.

"How about she wanks me or perhaps a blow job," he asked.

"Would you like that slut?" Pete asked, "do you want to blow Danny this morning."

"Please no," I said.

"There you go Danny," Pete laughed, "you'll have to wank yourself."

I sensed that he was near so I pushed down on him extra hard and with a loud groan I felt him spurt.

"I better get you back to your dorm," he said.

"Please Pete," said his room mate, "just a quickie, I so near I won't take long."

"Oh all right," Pete relented, "just suck him off Jenny."

My head was grabbed and his thingie was pushed to the back of my throat, he roughly mauled my boobs while pulling my head back and forth violently; within seconds he was spurting his stuff down my throat.

"Right you've finished then," said Pete to his roomie, "now get dressed and I take you back," he said to me.

As quickly as possible I pulled on my clothes and the drive back to my dorm was made in complete silence.

"Right I'll pick you up tonight," he said as he let me out.

I just walked away with out answering. I could sense that my roommate was as jealous as hell.

"You spent the whole night with Pete Lindon you bitch," she said as I walked in. "What was he like? How big is he, you know down below? Is he any good in bed?"

I just ignored her questions and headed for the bathroom to soak away all the dirt.

"Please tell me where you saw those pictures?" I asked.

"What pictures," he said, when he stopped kissing my naked boobs.

We had parked up in the same spot and he had soon stripped me out of my clothes and was getting ready to fuck me again.

"You know my pictures," I said.

"Oh Rod got those," he mumbled.

"Rod who," I pushed.

"Thomas," he said. "Now stop talking and get your arse over here.

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