The House

by Rambulator

Tags: Ma/Fa, Cheating, Pregnancy,

Desc: : Paul builds his wife a house for their anniversary but there is one more surprise for his wife.

I had slept in this morning after coming in on the late flight to DFW from being in San Francisco for the last three weeks overseeing the biggest project I had landed since opening my own security business four years ago.

After getting up and having me a shower. I wandered down to the kitchen and found a note from Beth Ann, saying that she had to run an errand and would be back about 10 O'clock. I figured since it was just about nine now that I would fix me some toast and juice then start going over my notes of the different situations that I had encountered. I had just started going over them and dictating some plausible solutions on my pocket recorder when Beth Ann came thru the back door.

"Hi darling, " she said. ì I thought I would let you sleep in for a while since you didn't get in until late. I'm sorry I wasn't here when you got up but since Gary was going to be busy today working on their new deck Diana and I decided we would go and look at lawn furniture."

That's Fine, I needed to go over these notes anyway and besides the sooner I get it done the sooner I will have time to show you how much I missed you while I was gone."

"Ooooh that sounds like a lot of fun better be snappy at it then because I can't wait too long myself." Beth Ann said as she came over and gave me a very passionate kiss.

I went back to poring over my notes and dictating, about five minutes later a slight rapping sound came from the sliding glass door, it was Gary. I laid down my recorder and went to let him in.

He said. "Paul old pal I hate to bother you but while I was finishing up the molding for the deck my router gave up the ghost. Could I borrow yours until I get done?"

"Sure I'll go get it."

When I got to the garage it took me awhile to find it. I guess Beth Ann had gotten in one of her cleaning moods and had put it in the wrong place.

Beth Ann and Gary were talking when I came back. They quit talking as I came into the room.

"Here it is Gary, keep it as long as you need to I don't need it at the moment and that way Diana will be able to spend more for the deck furniture."

"Thanks Paul, I appreciate this." Gary said over his shoulder as he went out the door.

About an hour later I was done and had started to put all of the papers back in my briefcase when all of a sudden Beth Ann grabbed my hand and started to lead me to our bedroom saying. "Good, your done I can't wait any longer."

When we got to the bedroom it was a race to see which one of us could get our clothes off the fastest.

I won barely just because all I had on was shorts and a t-shirt.

As soon as she was done she pushed me onto the bed and straddled me and started to ride me as if there was no tomorrow. I had just started spewing my load into her when all of a sudden she seized up into a massive orgasm shouting, ìGive it all to me Daddy. I want you to knock me up again." And then she collapsed onto my chest.

When we were able to get our breath back I said. "What was that all about baby?"

She said, "You are going to have to get your router back from Gary quicker than you think to start in on our nursery."

I hugged her close to me and asked. "You mean that you are pregnant."

"Yes darling, I lied when I said I was with Diana this morning. I actually had a doctorís appointment and he confirmed what the home test I took Wednesday."

"Okay," I said. "Here's the deal this is Friday and since I don't have to be in the office till Monday, lets go out and eat tonight and celebrate."

"Paul, I would just like to cook you a good romantic dinner at home and then just the two of us spend the rest of the weekend in bed if you don't mind."

"That sounds like a plan to me."

Monday morning I greeted Alexis my secretary with a big smile.

She said, "Alright, what's with the big shit eating grin this morning, you win the lottery?"

"No Alexis, better than that I found out this weekend I'm going to be a daddy."

She said, "Congratulations," but I knew it was a put on. Beth Ann and she never got along. I guess it was because I dated Alexis in college before I met Beth Ann and she met Barry.

Right after I started the company Alexis's husband was killed in a car wreck. He had insurance to cover the house and his burial but Alexis had to go to work in order to cover the rest of the bills. I gave her a job as my secretary over objections from Beth Ann.

I handed over my notes and the recorder to Alexis and asked, "Can you get Patty to transcribe these to some semblance of order for me."

"Sure no problem Paul, she should have them back to you later on in the day."

"I'm not in a rush, just when she has some spare time will be fine."

"Okay, Boss."

About 10:30 Patty buzzed Alexis on the intercom and when she picked up Patty said. "Alexis there is something wrong with Paul's dictation tape, can you come and listen to it and tell me it what I am hearing is correct?î

"Hang On Patty I'll be right there," and then she punched the intercom off and took of to Patty's office.

About ten minutes later Alexis came into my office and lay the recorder on my desk and said, "Paul, Patty says that she couldn't understand some of the tape and thought you should review it."

"I'll get right on it since I'm taking a long lunch to meet with James. He says the new house is almost finished and I want to surprise Beth Ann Saturday with it as an early anniversary present. I would like it if you came out Saturday to see it too."

"I don't think that would be a good idea Paul. You know Beth Ann and I just don't get along, besides it is your present to her it just wouldn't be right."

"I'm sorry about Beth Ann, she just can't understand that basically you and I were just friends and that Barry was the love of your life."

"I still miss Barry so much but it is time I got on with my life and things have just started to look up."

"You mean you have started dating again?"

"No, but I think that a rare man has just become available and I would like to see where it might go in the near future."

"Good, I know you loved Barry very much but I think it is about time you put the grieving behind and got along with your life. Youíre still young and you would make a great mother."

"Thank you Paul, but enough about me I have to get back to work and you have that tape to review and then your lunch with James."

"Okay, but you know my door is always open if you need anything."

"That goes both ways Paul," Alexis said as she went back towards her desk.

An hour later as I started out the door, I said. "Alexis I'm going to be busy the next few days but I want you there Saturday and bring along Patty. I will not take no for an answer. I have invited Beth Ann's parents, Gary & Diana for the festivities also."

"Okay Boss," Alexis said looking pissed off but inwardly smiling.

Saturday morning I woke Beth Ann up and told her to get dressed as we were supposed to meet her parents for breakfast at the pancake house in thirty minutes.

"What are my parents doing in town? They weren't supposed to be here till next month for our anniversary." Beth Ann asked.

"Well since you called them and told them you pregnant they wanted to be here when I give you, your early anniversary present."

"Early present? What did you get me?"

"I can't tell you, you will just have to see it."

"Come on tell me, I'll make it worth your while in bed tonight."

"Nope, no can do."

"Not even a little hint?"

"Okay, It's big and is going to put you into shock you is all I'm going to say."

"If that is all you are going to tell me I guess I will just put you on half rations tonight." Beth Ann said while laughing.

We met up with Joan and Herb for breakfast and within a few minutes Gary and Diana showed up and sat down with us.

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