Jack and Sarah: Wedding Night Bliss

by Bailer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jack and Sarah are getting married. Both are virgins, both are feeling quite horny! See what they get up to on both their wedding day and their wedding night!

Jack & Sarah were the perfect couple, both were virgins, both were brought up in respectable families and received good educations. They both went to university and studied Psychology. They graduated in the same year, in the same class. They fell in love, eventually got engaged and today was the day they were to be married.

Sarah looked beautiful in her pure white dress. Her flowing, long blonde hair was tied back onto her head, all except for a few small wispy strands that fell beside her face. She breathed deeply and she stared into her own piercing blue eyes in the mirror. She looked at her body in the dress, she looked good, in fact she looked great! Sarah looked at the tops of her luscious breasts, just peeking out of the top of her dress. Her body was slightly tanned and her skin was silky smooth. She was proud that she looked so good, and she was only 25.

She giggled inside herself as she thought of the stockings and garter belt she wore underneath her dress. She felt so sexy with them on, not to mention when she moved! And she had a special surprise for Jack... she wasn't wearing any underwear...

She looked at the clock, noticing it was nearly time to leave. "Calm down" she thought to herself. "I love him and I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him.". Suddenly, the door opened and in bounded Laura, her over enthusiastic sister/bridesmaid. "The car's here!" squealed Laura in excitement.

Sarah took another deep breath, lifted her trailing dress and walked down to the car.

Meanwhile, in the church, Jack was panicking too..."What if the car gets lost? Or stuck in traffic? What if she backs out and doesn't turn up?" Jack managed to splutter out. "Don't worry. She'll be here. Its always tradition for the bride to be late." His best man, Steve, replied.

Jack was a tall, muscular man of 26. He had short brown hair, brushed back over his head. He had deep brown eyes which was what first attracted Sarah to him. He was well built due to his short period of weight lifting in university and this gave him a firm ass, which Sarah loved to squeeze.

Jack sat down trying to regain himself. He wasn't feeling the best today. He was still suffering from the hangover he got the night before at his stag party.

His mind was full of blanks from last night. All he remembered was that him and the guys went for a meal and then out for a few drinks. He only had two or three beers... but... Then he realized, the guys must have spiked his drink with something really strong. He couldn't believe it..."Where'd you get the goat from?" Jack laughed. Steve smiled and laughed. He thought of how him and the guys had tied Jack to a lamppost in the middle of the city, stripped him to his boxers and handcuffed him to a goat. He laughed even more when he thought of how they came back later and painted his entire body blue.

"Have you got the rings?" Jack asked. "Yes, for the fourth time." Steve replied.

Suddenly a hush overcame the church. Stephanie, Jack's little 7 year old sister was walking down the aisle, sprinkling rose petals over the ground. She beamed a smile at him, her little brown eyes sparkling, proud to be a part of her big brother's big event.

Next came Laura and some of Sarah's friends. They all looked so beautiful, but Jack couldn't wait for the next person to come down.

Then she was there, Sarah, the woman of his dreams. She looked like a princess. Thoughts flickered through his head of what he would love to do if no-one else was there. Quickly he looked back at her, not wanting to miss a moment of her beauty. His cock stirred slightly at the beauty before him.

As she neared him, they smiled at each other, never breaking the soon to be lovers gaze between them.

Just before the minister started to talk, Sarah whispered casually in his ear "I thought you'd like to know, I'm not wearing any panties."

Jack gave a low inaudible groan and once again his cock started to rise.

The minister continued on with the service for what felt like an age to Jack. All he could think about was that Sarah wasn't wearing underwear... the more he thought, the harder he got. He missed lines, made mistakes and dropped the rings because he wasn't concentrating. Sarah gave him a knowing smirk and a sultry wink. An idea of what was to come later.

Eventually the service ended and Jack was instructed to kiss his bride. He practically dove on her. He wanted her so much but felt inhibited because they were still in a church. Nevertheless, Jack felt a tongue slide in-between his lips and explore his mouth. He was surprised at Sarah's daring nature, but he returned the kiss as deeply as he had received.

After the passionate kiss, Jack and Sarah hurried down the aisle to the doors of the church, to where their limo awaited them.

They were bombarded by camera flashes, confetti, shouts and cheers. They raced through it all, Jack helped Sarah into the limo and they were off.

The plan was that everyone would meet for the reception about 30 minutes after the wedding. There would be the reception and a party before Jack & Sarah left for their honeymoon.

Jack turned to Sarah in the limo and said " You're a very naughty girl, not wearing any panties." while wrapping his arms tight around her waist while pulling her closer to him so that they could kiss. "All the better for easy access" laughed Sarah. Jack smirked as he began to sneak his hand under her dress. "Not so fast lover boy" Sarah said as she closed over the flap, shielding them from the drivers view. "You've got the slightly more immediate problem." Sarah grinned, rubbing the growing lump in his trousers. Sarah removed Jack's hand from her dress and slunk to her knees. She rubbed his tenting trousers and slowly pulled down his zipper.

This was a new experience for both of them as they had both abstained from sexual contact with anyone apart from themselves until their wedding night.

Sarah worked her hand through his open fly and through the slit in his boxers. She automatically began caressing it by gently sliding her hand back and forth, rejoicing in it's smooth, warm hardness that seemed to beckon her. She began to feel a hot itch in her crotch.

Jack groaned slightly and with a sly smile Sarah pulled Jack's cock out of his boxers, opened her mouth and explored the underside of the head of Jack's penis with the wet tip of her tongue. Tasting the head and being overcome by the sweet smell of her husbands supple skin, Sarah engulfed as much of Jack's penis in her mouth as she could and began swirling her tongue around the glorious bar of hard flesh that would soon give her many sleepless nights.

Jack felt her warm, soft tongue scraping along the underside of his shaft and groaned even louder. He moved his hands down and began to stroke them through her hair and on her face.

Sarah took his penis out of her mouth and started to lick Jack's balls. Suck one into her mouth she continued to stroke Jack's shaft, bringing him closer to his impending orgasm.

Jack continued to run his fingers through Sarah's hair, pulling her mouth and her full lips deeper onto his hard cock. Sarah slowly took more and more of his shaft into her mouth, feeling it resting at the back of her mouth she stopped. She continued to suck Jack, letting him bask in the exquisite pleasure of the hot wet cavern surrounding his cock. Suddenly, the limo went over a bump, forcing Jack's cock down Sarah's throat. Jack was in heaven as his new wife deepthroated his seven inches. He could feel his orgasm building deep inside his body. "Oh fuck yeah baby, I'm almost there." He managed to groan. Sarah tried to mumble a reply, but her mouth was too full of cock. The vibrations caused Jack to go over the edge. He felt his burning hot seed race through his body and explode out of his cock and down his newly-wed wife's throat. "Here it comes!" he shouted. Sarah braced herself and began to swallow. "I must have got him really horny..." Sarah thought as she battled to swallow all of Jack's cum. As the warm, sticky fluid slid down her throat, Jack pumped his spent penis into her mouth, allowing her to rescue the last few remaining drops of his seed.

That was... unbelievable..." Jack gasped in between fighting for breaths. "Thanks" smirked Sarah as she wiped the corners of her mouth and licked her lips. "You're really sweet... in more ways than one!" she giggled.

Sarah tucked his softening prick back into his shorts and zipped his trousers up. "Thank you" he said giving her a loving smile. He gave her a lingering kiss and could taste himself on her lips. "Not too bad a taste actually." he thought to himself. "Now lets see if we can't do something for you!" he grinned as his hand once again sneaked under her dress.

Unfortunately for them, the limo had arrived at the reception. "There be plenty of time for that later, big boy... maybe even during the party." grinned Sarah. Jack returned the grin as they both hurriedly tided themselves.

Jack and Sarah went inside the hotel for the reception. Jack went to greet the guests while Sarah wen to brush her teeth and make sure all the cum was gone.

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