Transformations: the Beginning

by Shrink42

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Desc: : Immersion therapy had been amazingly successful - twice. Could it be used to help whole groups of people? To build a business?<br>This is a foundation for a new set of stories. It draws characters from 'Pygmalion Project' and 'Redmption.' The sex will definitely come in the later stories that use this foundation.

Author’s note:

This story sets the scene for a number of later stories. Consider it a foundation for a new ‘story universe.’

Everything takes place in the here and now, with real current laws and real current mores. That is not to say everything will be believable - far from it. Hopefully, the stories will be about unbelievable things the reader wishes could be true.

This new Transformations universe is a follow-on to ‘Pygmalion Project,’ and to a lesser extent to ‘Redemption.’ Characters from both are included. The short story ‘Gary’s Gauntlet’ should definitely be read before proceeding. ‘Nice Guys Club’ will be referred to, and will follow.

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