The Other Woman

by Gato Medio

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Fiction, Rough, Light Bond, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: It all starts when the man breaks the news to the woman: he wants to include another woman into their relationship. Faced with the choice of accepting his decision (and the other woman) or losing the man altogether, the woman reacts in an astonishing fashion.

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The woman was lying in bed, awake but with her eyes closed. She was still in a state of shock; it felt like she had been anesthetized and the numbing effect of the drug was still lingering, wearing off very slowly. Her hand moved to the left side of the bed, the place where she might feel the man’s body, resting. But she didn’t really expect him to be there. She wasn’t surprised when her hand only found the crumpled bed sheet.

The woman opened her eyes. The empty pillow still showed the depression where the man’s head had rested. The bed sheets were in a disorderly tangle after their passionate love bout that had lasted into the small hours of the morning. Her face brightened as she remembered how he had made love to her. It seemed that the man had been eager to prove to her that he continued to love her, and she had been trying to please him as much as possible in a vain hope that he might abandon his crazy plan.

The top of the night table was empty. It was true then. He had taken all his belongings, the small things which had found a permanent home in her bedroom for the last three years. He would be back in the evening to get her response to his proposal.

The evening before, the man had dropped a bombshell. He had told her there was another woman. He had slept with that woman, only once, but that one time had been enough for him to know that he wanted to have a permanent relationship with her. He didn’t want to have any secrets. He didn’t want to hide his passion for another woman from her, living in fear that she might eventually find out, become suspicious, be told by other people. He declared that he still loved and desired her, that his feelings for her had not changed one little bit. It wasn’t a case of leaving her for someone else. That was a solution for narrow minds. Creative people like him came up with bold, unconventional solutions. He wanted to live with two women, both of whom he loved with equal fervor, both of whom loved him enough to agree to share him with each other. And he would be the happiest man on earth if the two would become friends rather than compete for his exclusive love.

That had been his proposal. He wanted her to agree to a ménage à trois without having met the other woman or even knowing her name. Names were irrelevant at this stage, he had said. She had all day to think about it. In the evening he would return to hear what she had decided. Then he would either take her to meet the other woman or leave her forever.

The other woman had already agreed to his proposal. For her, the decision was much easier. She had met him only recently and knew from the beginning that he had an ongoing relationship which he did not intend to terminate. She knew he wouldn’t be hers alone.

The other woman was a model and actress. She had met the man when he was looking for an attractive female to appear in a commercial. His agency, ‘Creative Marketing Inc.’, employed around twenty permanent staff, all of whom were living off his ideas. Right now, they were shooting a TV commercial which showed a woman taking a shower. The clip wouldn’t show any intimate details - he didn’t want to get into trouble with the advertising standards authority. But to create the realistic image of a woman having a shower, it was best if the actress was in fact naked, at least from the waist up. The other woman hadn’t hesitated for a moment. She had shed all her clothes and behaved quite natural throughout the shooting. It was this natural behavior which had attracted him to her. For her it was a normal part of her job. Afterwards he had invited her for dinner. She accepted, just as she accepted his suggestion to have another drink in his apartment. He was the man in charge, so it was only natural that she would do whatever necessary to please him.

The woman tried to imagine the two in bed. The man hadn’t gone into any details. He just told her that they had spent the night together, and as a result of that one night he had decided he wanted to have her permanently on his side, along with his first woman, whom he also loved.

He had already found a suitable place for them to live. A house in a new development where each woman would have her own suite, and there would be his ‘master’ bedroom, the largest in the house. There would be a bed large enough for three people to make love, or sleep, if that’s what they wanted to do, and a Jacuzzi of a suitable size on the sheltered veranda. He had painted a picture of three people dedicating their lives to the pleasures they derived from each other. This life was hers for the taking. All she had to do was say yes. Their financial situation was secure. There was enough money, even if he never sold another commercial for the rest of his life. He would make sure that both his women were provided for, come what may.

The woman remembered that he had often called her attitude towards sex conservative. She wasn’t opposed to sex; most of the time she enjoyed it when the man made love to her. But there were certain things she didn’t feel comfortable with, that she only agreed to after a lot of cajoling. Had the other woman sucked his cock? Had she let him come in her mouth? It seemed quite possible, considering how she had accepted going to bed with the Creative Director as a natural step in the process of landing a contract. Had she let him fuck her ass? The woman abhorred those crude words, but ‘fuck’ and ‘ass’ seemed the only appropriate words to talk about such an unnatural an barbarian practice. She had so far resisted all attempts by the man to soften her resistance to it. But if the other woman had let him do it, then she had a huge advantage over her. If she agreed to live with the two, wouldn’t he expect her to show the same dedication and willingness to satisfy his desires? Was her resolve so strong that she preferred to lose him altogether rather than let him penetrate her rear? And what did he mean when he talked about the two women becoming friends? Was he suggesting that she should make love to the other woman? That she behave like a lesbian?

She had until the evening to decide. Enough time to visualize the life and love under the new circumstances. She imagined herself, kneeling in front of the man, sucking his cock, swallowing his sperm. She saw herself belly-down on the bed and the man pushing his cock into her rear, the hands of another woman spreading her cheeks, guiding the hard rod into her hole. Finally, she visualized herself on a huge bed with another naked woman, embracing, kissing, caressing each other. She saw the hand of the other woman fondling her breasts, touching her pussy. She imagined what it would feel like to touch another woman, to be touched by her.

The dull pain, the fear of losing him, had given way to apprehension, the uncertainty of what life as part of a threesome would be like. She realized that the scenes which passed before her mind’s eye only served to help her accept the inevitable. The decision was already made. She couldn’t contemplate losing him. She would swallow her pride, accept her fate. She would be ready for him when he came to get her answer. The response would be in her eyes, her face, her dress, her posture. There wouldn’t be any need to say anything.

The woman thought about how he had frequently commented on her lack of really sexy clothes, her reluctance to let him and other men catch a glimpse of her feminine beauty. She put it down to her job. Working for a firm of estate agents, the emphasis was on a sober, respectable appearance. Being young meant lacking experience and clients preferred to deal with mature, knowledgeable professionals rather than attractive but inexperienced newcomers. She had found a way of dressing that made her appear older than she really was and somehow this style had carried over to the clothes she wore in her free time.

But it wasn’t only because of her job. She couldn’t understand those women who seemed to invite men to leer down their cleavage or peek up their skirt, to drool as they undressed them with their eyes. She considered that kind of revealing attire vulgar, but he called it seductive. She found the thought of advertising the physical qualities of her body disgusting. It made her feel like being put on display for inspection by potential buyers. This would have to change. She was going to fight. Not for his exclusive attention, but she would make it difficult for him to chose the other woman when it came to the question with whom he would spend the night.

It seemed that she had just discovered another part of her personality which had been hidden so far. She pictured it as a small side cave, the entrance to which had been blocked by a massive boulder. The man’s revelation, his forcing her to make a decision, had caused that boulder to shift and the side cave had become accessible. It was still difficult to get in there, but it was possible. In this side cave she found another woman, one who was proud to display the beauty nature had bestowed upon her, one who was eager to use every part of her body to give and experience pleasure.

The decision was made. It was time to get out of her stupor. She opened the doors of her wardrobe to see what she could wear. There were a few dresses she had bought on the man’s suggestion, but never worn because she considered them too revealing. She tried them on, one by one. She looked at herself in the mirror. She admitted that she looked quite sexy in these dresses, but not sexy enough for her purpose. She didn’t just want to be seductive, she wanted to be devastating. She rummaged through the drawers where she kept her underwear. There was nothing that would fit her new image.

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