How High a Price: A Long Ending
Chapter 1: Saturday

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Humiliation, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Saturday - This is an ending to Troubadors original start that deals with the pain and emotion of betrayal between two people who love each other deeply. It is not a stroke story. It points out that all transgressions come with a price to be paid by everyone involved, none escape. Hearts and lives are broken, careers made and destroyed, and there is a good old ass kicking. It is a journey of hope.

The closing of the sliding glass door was like a switch shutting off the last of the inner strength that had helped Early keep his emotions under control. As his protective shield collapsed he finally gave in to the dark despair that he had fought so hard to keep at bay and wept uncontrollably.

Blinking back the tears he began to walk, thinking, "What am I going to do"? "Why did this happen"? Deep in thought Early wandered aimlessly until he chanced upon a small park overlooking Lake Washington. The sound of waves breaking against the shore had always been soothing to Early so when he found a secluded bench where he could sit and watch the waves he stopped to gather his thoughts. He loved Susan more than his own life and the thought of being without her was unbearable. But he also couldn't live the life of a cuckold, what was he to do?

Early had always been a problem solver; after all he was chief negotiator and troubleshooter for his company. On many occasions he had resolved issues others had quit on. Early almost smiled at remembering the ease with which he had suggested a compromise in his last negotiation that had concluded with all parties being happy and in a profitable position. He clinched his teeth when he thought of the irony that solving that problem was what let him come home two days early. There had even been a comment from the President/CEO of his company that there was probably a Vice-Presidents position waiting for him when he returned to the office on Monday. Surely if he could negotiate with other people to such satisfactory conclusions he could find a solution to his own problems that would make everyone happy.

He pondered his dilemma until finally the overwhelming despair began giving way to other emotions. Determination, loss, and even a hint of curiosity began forming from the morass of jumbled feelings that had tumbled through his mental being since discovering Susan's infidelity. Emerging the strongest and most insistent however were anger and rage. The anger had started out unnoticed as a tiny point of white-hot light in the dark gloom of his despair but the longer Early contemplated his situation the greater it expanded. Early was roused from his stupor by the aching in his jaw muscles from clenching them so tightly in his anger. It was time to quit retreating and form a plan.

The afternoon was spent mulling over remembrances of his life with Susan and how to deal with the current situation. Time passed unnoticed until daytime had faded into dusk.

"Early! Early, I have been hunting all over for you!" Susan's frantic voice penetrated his concentration and he became aware of his wife standing in front of him in the near dark.

"When I finally gathered my wits enough to talk, you were gone. I've been frantic thinking something had happened to you or worse, that you had done something foolish. My God Early, I would die if something happened to you!"

Her eyes were swollen and red from crying and even now had tears running down her cheeks. She still wore the skirt and blouse she had been wearing when she had come home this morning.

"Susan, what are you doing here?" he answered in a dead voice. "How did you find me"?

"I got in the car and started driving around, trying to think of where you might go. When I could finally think straight I knew you would be somewhere near the water. I nearly called the police I was so worried"!

"I'm sure," Early grunted in reply.

"Please don't hate me," Susan wailed as tears once again begin to flow.

"I don't hate you, quite the contrary, I love you beyond understanding. If I didn't love you I wouldn't be in so much pain"

His comment cut into Susan like a knife and she began sobbing nearly out of control. "Please Early, lets go home and talk, I need to explain what happened. It doesn't have to be like this, what I did with John had nothing to do with you, with us"!

"Susan, until you understand how absolutely wrong that statement is, it will always be like this! But you're right; we need to go home although I don't want to talk right now."

At Early's last statement Susan sank to the ground almost in hysterics.

Going to her he helped her to stand not by putting his arms around her as he so desperately wanted but holding her arm as they walked to the car. "Give me the keys, I'll drive."

The only sound in the car as they drove home was Susan's subdued sobbing. Her attempts at further communication were pointedly ignored. Pulling the car into the garage Early got out and went directly into the house without waiting for her.

Entering the house he went to the small bar in the family room and poured himself a tall Scotch. "Would you like a drink?"


Without acknowledging her presence any further Early went into the kitchen. It had been many hours since he had last eaten and now that the uncertainty he had lived with for the past few days had become tangible fact he found he was hungry. Making a sandwich in silence he sat down at the breakfast counter to eat it.

Trailing along behind Early, Susan tried to get his attention but he ignored her as if she wasn't there. "Early, you can't keep avoiding me, we have to talk" Susan sat on the padded bench of the window box facing him, looking anxiously across the table at him.

Turning to her without speaking he marveled at how attractive she was even with bloodshot swollen eyes and no makeup, god he loved this woman. Why had she done this thing that shattered him so completely?

Straining barely above a whisper she pleaded, "Early, speak to me, please."

"Would you like something to drink"?

"No I don't want anything to drink! I want you to talk to me!"

"I don't think this is a good time to talk. I might say things I don't mean and would regret later."

"I don't care, I can't stand this. We need to talk now"

"No, now isn't the time to talk, I've spent all day considering if I want to continue our marriage and our relationship. You need to take some time to think about it also. I will however leave you with something you can consider tonight and we can discuss tomorrow."

"First, I do want to stay married if possible. You need to decide if you want to. Before you answer you need to know that there are conditions that will have to be met for it to continue. It's obvious to me we can't continue on like we have in the past so you can imagine what those conditions might be. We can discuss them in detail tomorrow."

"Second, you need to explain to me your vision of being married. What are the obligations and associated duties each of us has within that framework."

"Third, what did your affair entail? I am not sure I want to hear the sordid details but at least I need to know if it was just physical or is there an emotional attachment between you and John."

"Fourth, how did it come about, what led you into it?"

"Susan, you have hurt me worse than you can ever imagine, I would rather you had run over me with the car and killed me. Here we are physically whole but for me at least, the fabric of my life now has this ugly black hole burned through the center. But life goes on and we need to begin the healing process and get on with our lives, either together or separately."

Lapsing into silence he watched Susan through tear blurred eyes as her mouth opened and closed as she tried to say something but couldn't find words. As she looked at Early her widened as if there was suddenly a beginning of comprehension of what he had said and then turned away crying softly, drawing into herself.

"My God! What have I done?"

For a few long minutes more he just sat looking at this woman that was the focus of his life. He desperately wanted to go to her and hold her to him until all of her pain went away, but he remained anchored to his stool as if restrained by an invisible hand.

"I'm going to bed," Early announced suddenly and without looking back made his way to the guest bedroom.

Unable to say anything or make a sound as she silently watched Early's retreating figure, "What must I do to fix this?" she thought to herself. "How can things ever be back to where they were?"

Laying in the darkness with open eyes he listened to the silence of the house. Never had he felt so alone. Staring into the dark, he dreading what tomorrow might bring but also looked forward to actively starting seeking a solution to their problems.

After a while the door opened and Susan whispered his name, softly calling out to him but Early pretended to be asleep, making no response to her calling. Staring at him for a long time finally her shoulders slumped and she quietly closed the door.

Sleep did not come to Early that night, the traits that made him a skillful negotiator and troubleshooter wouldn't let his mind shut down for sleep. He replayed each event, each word and gesture of the last three days over and over again as if he were preparing for a face-off with a tough, difficult opponent. He examined his own emotions, motives, reactions and where his absolute positions were. Most importantly he examined Susan's personality, habits, qualities and all the other things that made her the person she was. He also thought of John Stickner. Although he had met the man on occasion he knew nothing about him. That would soon change. Come Monday morning his staff at work would find out what there was to know about Mr. Stickner. One thing about him Early did know, he had no qualms about going to bed with another man's wife. As his personal deliberations continued and his plan of action continued evolving, he was surprised to find that while his feeling of hurt and pain remained, his anger was increasing and a cold determination to deal with this crises begin forming.

When morning finally came Early had completed outlining a plan.

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