My Dog - My Best Sex Friend

by Devil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story about a woman and her best friend, her dog, going for a walk and end up satisifying each others sexual needs

I had a long day at work and was glad to get home and strip down and put some shorts and a shirt on. I sat down on the couch and my dog Sal comes to join me. He lays his head in my lap, his long golden fur tickling my bare thighs.

I look down at him and say, "Hey Sal, do you want to go for a walk with me down to the lake? It should be quiet seeing that the sun is almost gone from the summer night."

Sal looks up to me as I talk to him and its almost as if he can understand what I am saying to him. He wags his short stub of a tail and wiggles his body to in between my legs.

Hmmm... yes, as I look into his brown trusting eyes, I think a nice walk going through the woods to the lake would be just the thing for both of us right now.

I get up, get Sal's leash, and off to the outdoors we go. It is a beautiful night, warm, with a slight breeze to keep the bugs away. The sun has set, but there is still enough light to see and the moon is full giving a little more light.

Sal and I walk on the path through the woods that goes right to the lake. Sal strains on his leash, marking as many trees as he can and sniffing all the wonderful smells only a dog can smell. I laugh as he comes to me, and rubs up against me, his nose poking into my pussy. I can feel his breath against me and I get a tingling sensation and my mind starts to wonder off thinking if we could find a fairly secluded spot to sit and relax and enjoy each others company.

I look at Sal, and I squat down to his level to give him a hug, and rub his belly. I move my hand further back and scratch in between his legs and then reach for his shaft. I stroke up and down for a bit and feel him starting to get hard. Sal and I have done this before, and he moves his nose farther in to in between my spread legs, licking my crotch and thighs. He seems a little miffed that my shorts are in the way of what he is seeking, as he tries to move them to the side.

I smile and stand back up and tell Sal that we will walk a little farther, and find a little more private spot.

We come to a old building that is used for storage by the town. It is not locked so Sal and I go in. It is fairly dark inside, but once my eyes get adjusted to it, I can see pretty well and see a old moving blanket on a shelf. I pull it down and spread it on the wood floor.

I remove my shorts, and now I am bare from the waist down. I sit down onto the blanket and Sal comes right to me. I give him a hug and he licks my face I feel his fur tickling my legs and shaved pussy, sending little shivers down my spine and spreading to my insides.

Sal moves his head down and starts licking my folds and clit. His tongue is rough, but warm. I lay my body down and enjoy the sensations going through my body. Sals tongue is long and he works it into me. I feel it wiggling around inside me, hitting different pleasure points in my body. Sals nose is against my clit. I feel his breath and wet nose against me, feeling a deep pulsating inside me, needing and wanting more.

I sit up, and get Sal to turn his backside toward me, so his back legs are on either side of my body. I reach and take his shaft into my hand. I stroke up and down feeling his rod getting hard and coming out of his sheath I stroke harder, and then bring my mouth and take the tip of his shaft into my mouth. I run my tongue around, tasting his oily precum. His taste is sweeter than a mans, tasting like a sweet pear.

Sal continues to lick my pussy and I can feel my throbbing and pulsating build with each lick he takes. I have always enjoyed his tongue, and often he has made me cum hard, seeming to know where to place his tongue in and on me giving me new pleasures each time.

I bring Sal farther into my mouth and can feel his erection grow and feel his pulsating. Sal whimpers, almost a moan of pleasure. I moan with him, and know that I want him in me now.

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