Rape Video

by JAX

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Desc: Sex Story: It was 3 years ago now since this nightmare had all started, the night that I was taken off the dark street and driven to a quiet location where I was brutally raped by 3 men.

I awoke with a start with my dream still fresh in my mind.

"Shit," I said out loud.

My PJ top was wet from my sweat so I took it off leaving me naked. I lay down again but still my dream lingered in my mind. Once again I was ashamed of my body for it was betraying me again. I could feel my pussy was very wet and I had this urge to rub it, to make myself come then I knew I could sleep again.

It was 3 years ago now since this nightmare had all started, the night that I was taken off the dark street and driven to a quiet location where I was brutally raped by 3 men. If that wasn't bad enough, they also videoed my humiliation as well, forcing me to stay silent or they threatened to release the footage to all my friends and family.

My hand slipped between my open thighs and my body twitched as my fingers found the right spot. My mind was filled with those images again, their laughing voices as one after another they forced their cocks into me. I didn't last long, I never do; soon my body erupted with an intense orgasm, leaving me limp and spent. The rest of the night I was blissfully dreamless.

I awoke again when my alarm went off at 7, I quickly showered and dressed and ran for my train. Now for the next 20 minutes I could relax before the bedlam of my working day would start. It was as bad as normal but before I knew it, it was 5 and time to go home.

He was sitting opposite me and I knew he recognized me as soon as I did him. He was the one who hit me in the stomach to stop me from screaming. I still see his smiling face every night and feel his fist land forcing my breath from my body. He winked at me and licked his lips.

"No please god this can't be happening to me again," I said silently.

The train stopped and I was tempted to run, but he got up and stood in the doorway baring my way out. The train started again and he sat down in the spare seat beside me.

"Look who we have here," he leaned close to whisper in my ear.

I looked about the carriage for some help but the few people left had the noses deep in their evening paper.

"Funny I was only thinking about you the other night," he whispered, "so I found your tape and I watched it."

"Please no," I said almost to myself.

"I must say you look even better now," he leered, "so what it 2 maybe 3 years now."

I didn't answer I just blinked away a small tear.

"Here let me have your bag," he said taking my handbag from my limp fingers.

"So Jenny of 21 Station View," he said reading a envelope he had found, "it's so nice to see you again and I bet the rest of the lad will be glad too. Now if I can find your telephone number in here, I'll give you a ring sometime."

"Please no," I said.

He held my mobile phone and was looking through its menu for the number.

"Ahh, there we are," he said, "good home number too."

And he wrote them down on the side of his newspaper.

"This is your stop I believe," he said as the train slowed.

He got up and took my arm.

"I'll walk you home," he said and pulled me from the train.

My mind was in neutral and I didn't know what to do.

"Here we are," he said and pulled me down the side of my flat.

"Haven't got time now Jenny," he said "but we'll get together with the gang later, all right?"

"No please just leave me alone," I managed to get out.

"Don't be silly," he chuckled, "the gang will be just dying to see you again."

He pushed me up against the wall and unbuttoned my coat.

"Yeah, always remember you having great tits," he said his hand squeezing me so that my breasts hurt. "Got it's no good I just got to have a quickie."

His hands thrust under my skirt and ripped my knickers from my body.

"Open up for me," he demanded.

"Please no," I pushed at him but was unable to move him at all.

My legs were forced open and I felt his thing nudging up against my pussy opening.

"Y-yes," he cried as his cock slid into me.

I tried to stifle my own cries but still a hiss left my clamped lips. His hips pounded into me for a minute or two then with a big sigh he came and became still.

"Fucking ace," he said, "now sorry but I gotta fuck and run but I'm already late."

"Shame," I said sarcastically.

Then he was gone leaving me to find my torn knickers in the dark.

What am I going to do? I asked myself as I lay soaking in the bath. I didn't want to leave my nice flat but now he had my address and phone number I couldn't see I had much of a choice. Perhaps one fuck would keep him happy and he wouldn't bother me again. This thought gave me hope but it was short lived.

"Hi Jenny," he said as I opened my front door.

It was the first guy, their leader, the one who did it to me first.

"We didn't believe Rob at first when he said he bumped into you," he said, "we got out your video and had a good laugh watching it. So we decide to come and call, invite you out for a good time."

"No please leave me alone," I begged.

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