The Barnetts

by Max Ryerson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Cheating, Humiliation, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: A guy having fun with his neighbours. The pretty wife next door is his prize. Very little sex in the first chapter.

Chapter 1

Kelly and Tony Barnett live next door to me. I got to know them the first day they moved in. She is in her mid-twenties and he is a few years older. Tony worked as a middle manager in the big city 30 miles away. The name of the company looks respectful but his position was hardly high enough to afford them their house. The neighborhood is the better part of the town and houses here cost at least three quarter-million dollars apiece. So I was a bit surprised to learn that Kelly has a job as the supervisor at a local bakery-cafe. I'm not saying they must be dealing drugs or something like that but the numbers didn't add up. The mystery was solved once I knew her madam name. Her father is a pretty wealthy businessman turned politician. The house was actually the wedding gift from her parents. To Tony's credit, he is no wimps at all. Graduated from Yale with an MBA, five years in the company and people inside the company were already regarding him as the rising star. They would have been able to buy that house with their own money in a few years. But well-to-do parents never hurt, right?

Within weeks after they settled in, I had most of their schedules figured out. Why? You ask. Because Kelly is really a looker. Five-ten, one thirty pounds is a bit on the skinny side but I LOVE the long, shapely legs. The hip is not too wide but cute. I could hardly resist the temptation to touch it. If you are really picky, her chest might not be big enough, but I like her pointy nipples on top of the 36B breasts. Her face is attractive and impeccable. Her blue eyes shine innocent invitation when she looks at you. She wears her blond hair past the shoulders, sometimes makes a bun for more formal occasions. Tony is really a lucky s.o.b. just for his wife. As a young, white, professional couple, they blended in the neighborhood quite well. She got up and went out for her three-mile jogging 6:30 everyday. He left house for work around 7:20 after breakfast with her. Her job is just fifteen minutes away so she wouldn't dress up and leave until 8:00. Sometimes she worked the evening shift and ran errands in the morning. He usually came home around 7:00 but late hours were not unusual. She returned home no latter than 5:30 on typical days but the evening-shift kept her at work until 11:00. If they were both home and the weather's fine, they'd have a walk in the woods adjacent to our back yards, but I've seen him strolled alone.

By now you should know I enjoy prying on people, especially pretty women. I have had practiced this for as long as I can remember. Ever since I found out I could peek at my forth grade teacher's crotch by a small mirror, I've never been anywhere without my trusty mirror. Recently I made a not-so-small fortune on business and I have all sorts of equipment for this hobby. Binoculars, high-power birding telescopes, hidden cameras, cam-corders, night-vision gizmos, you name it, I probably own a few of them. Although I do not have any formal training in Electronics, years of experience has made me pretty handy around hardware. I even built some stuffs myself out of necessity.

As any decent voyeur would know: you WILL get caught eventually. It's only a matter of time before you're busted. I certainly have my share of embarrassment and scare during my life. Of course I'm not going to give it up, I turn mature. The first rule is never, NEVER, shit at where you eat. Your neighborhood maybe very convenient for you but if you get busted, there is a very high probability that someone will know you personally and the home-court advantage will be against you instantly. I've learned this the hard way so now I only do this at public places away from home. Trespass is also a no-no, the property owner might fire a shot gun at you the second you're spotted. Sometimes I'd take the advantages when I visit my clients out of town but I make sure I leave no track and there's no pattern to be predicted. So the only thing I did to the Barnetts was setting-up the surveillance camera pointing at their house from one of my bedroom windows and watched the tapes, most of them fast-forwarded. This sounds boring but it's just to satisfy my curiosity, nothing more. And the fact that Kelly sometimes walked around inside their house with less than decent clothes did not dishearten me, either.

OK, if this is all I did then I wouldn't have had this story. It was about three months after they moved in, one of my younger sisters, Tina, visited me. The visit was not unusual by itself since some of my family members do come to my house from time to time. Tina is the youngest sibling I have. She was still in college at that time. I treated her well and she could really use the pocket money I gave her. So it is natural for her to escape her cramped dorm room once in a while to the big brother's place. That was a day Kelly worked late and I was in my studio rewinding the video tape, knowing the camera wouldn't get any thing worth seeing for another four, five hours. At that time I noticed, from the surveillance camera on the other side of my house, Mr. Tony Barnetts, was walking toward my house. At first I thought he needed to talk to me, maybe borrow something from me, this is not unuaually but soon I saw he had something in his hands. I rushed to the surveillance site and grabbed my night-vision binoculars to have a better look. It's just my hunch, but it does take a voyeur to spot another. Finally Tony stopped at about 30 feet from my second-floor bathroom window. Now I understood, he's peeking at Tina taking a bath, and video-taping it. You see I have a luxurious bathtub in that bathroom right by the large window. Since that side of my house is facing the dense wood across my back yard, I've never bothered closing the blind. It was a funny scenario because I did stuffs like this myself. I wasn't angry or anything like that. It was actually kind of frustrating feeling I had at that time. He was so careless. Certainly he could use some advises from me to improve his chance of surviving the world. Maybe I should invite him over my studio and give him a lesson sometime. If he kept on doing this his way, one of my other neighbors is going to spot him and things will turn ugly. I shook my head and sighed. I didn't care too much about Tony but I hated to see Mrs. Barnett forced to move out here because of her stupid husband's hobby. It's the thought about Kelly sparked my other ideas. A plan quickly formed inside my head. I raised my own cam-corder and recorded about 10 minutes of footage showing Tony pointing his camera at my bathroom. I made sure his face was clearly identifiable through the night-vision lens. By the time he retreated to his house, details of my evil project started to emerge.

Over the next few months, I made sure I had all parts of my plan ready. First was more films and pictures showing Tony as Peeping Tom. I was going to blackmail him, and I needed solid evidences. Next I set up a video camera inside their kitchen to capture their code for disarming the security system. Look it's a bit of lucky on my side but I found out Kelly didn't enable the security system when she left for her morning jog. It's only minutes before Tony got up and entered the kitchen to make coffee anyway, but a couple of minutes is all I need. As I said earlier, I don't usually do this but I figured I had enough stuff to silent Tony even if I ran into him in their own kitchen. The camera was put inside a box similar to the one they store their candles on top of the cabinet. Once Kelly was out of the sight I went in and swapped the boxes. The box was fitted with a camera with lens focused on the keypad by the door. The timer would kick in to start the camera around the time Kelly left for and came back from work. The next day I'd sneak in the same way, swapped the boxes back. To make sure I got the right codes, I repeated this five times until I was absolutely sure about the codes. Now I can enter their house at will. The keys? Ha! Who needs keys when my scanner had already reproduced their garage-door opener!

The key point, I figure, about a successful blackmail is to understand your targets well. Having a piece of evidence that can be held against them is not enough to capitalize the maximum gain. I planted several wireless mini-microphones in their house. Bedroom was of primary interest so I put two by their bed. Kitchen, family room, the study and the telephone were all bugged. After this was done, I could sit in my studio and tuned in their house for real-life soap opera! A few times I listened to the stereo sound coming from their bedroom when they were making love and felt stereo sound plus imagination is more erotic than video broadcasting. They made love frequently. Most of the episodes had them telling each other their fantasies. Believe it or not, over eighty percent of the time it's Kelly that was vocal. Her fantasy usually had her forced to have sex with some guy. Sometimes it's a new customer in her cafe, a masked man follows her to her BMW at the parking lot, or her master had her wearing French Maid uniform while pleasing his guests. Tony seemed to be turned on by these stories and would fuck her like crazy when she gave the details about the sex. He would occasionally contribute his own fantasy. Those from him, strangely, almost always have his wife being raped or gang-banged by his peers. My name was brought out once but she wanted him to stop that at once. That was really disappointing for me, you know. Sometimes he would fantasize having sex with females in his company. A few beautiful wives in our community were mentioned, too. He has pretty good taste, I have to admit.

I kept a log about what their imaginary world in my computer. After several weeks, the correlations were very clear. Her stories contained nobody that was identified. The only ones she knew of were her husband and herself. The sex she had were all forced, or at least unavoidable. Her husband, if appears in her fantasy, only has sex with her. His stories, however, would have everyone clearly named. His wife would have sex, voluntarily or other wise, with almost every male character he talked about.

When I felt I had all the pieces for my project, I waited for the chance to present itself. The day finally arrived. It's Tina who paved the way again for me. That was a day after her big exam. She came to my place with one of her girlfriends, Betty, for a night's relief. I cooked the dinner but made sure I didn't have flour when the pot was already hot so I sent Tina to the Barnetts for a cup of all-purpose flour. This was just to make sure he was aware of the girls' presence. After dinner, I excused myself to the studio and tuned into my neighbor's channel. Once the light in my bathroom was on, Tony told his wife he's taking out the garbage when Kelly was on the phone. He quickly deposited the trash and headed to my bathroom window. I let him watch for a couple of minutes before confronted him. At first he tried to make an excuse but it's really hard to come up with a good reason for being in the neighbor's yard with a cam-corder in the night. I led him into my house to "settle" this. A few tapes and pictures were enough to prove that I knew he had done this many times. Tony was scared. I knew, and I was going to score.

It's really simple to him: he didn't have alternatives but following my commands. He had a great family and a promising career that he couldn't risk ruining. He offered money and I accepted it. Why refuse the free money? But I told him that what I was after is Kelly. He was really scared and begged me not to harm his wife. I showed the first step of my plan in front of him.

Chapter 2

Since he had spied on so many people, it's only fair for his wife to be exposed to other persons, too. Tony opened his eyes wide as I told him exactly what to do. I assured him that if things go well, no one has to know about his peeping habit, including Kelly. It's fairly easy to convince him that's the best way out for him.

That night, I tuned in the "bedroom stereo" when the Barnetts were ready for bed. Tony followed my order telling Kelly that I was going to a business trip and asked them to babysit the plants in my house. He went on and told her that I had quite some collections of adult items that they could help themselves when I was away. Kelly was not sure about using my stuffs without my knowledge but Tony kept on telling her that she would look wonderful on the French maid uniform that I bought for my ex-girlfriend. This seemed to excite her and they ended the conversation by getting into a fast-paced fucking period. The nights before my "business trip" heard similar stories from their bedroom. Kelly was more and more into the act that I had no doubt that she would follow Tony's suggestions. And I knew that everything that they did in my den would be recorded by four concealed video cameras triggered by motion sensors.

When I came back two days later, I couldn't believe my eyes. The Barnetts really used my collections. They watched one of my X-rated videos but the screen was quickly forgotten when they engaged into sex positions of their own. Kelly stripped out to her birthday suit and put on the French maid uniform, which didn't cover much of her body. Tony spanked Kelly with the whip a few times before fucking her fiercely on the floor for over an hour. What amazed me more is that they came back the next day and had another session started better than the first one. Too bad the tapes ran out at the middle of that. But I was sure I could get more of these hot footage if I execute my plan smartly.

During the months following their first outing at my place, I ordered Tony to bring up more and more sex scenes in their fantasy dialog's. The settings moved gradually into public places. After just three weeks, Tony was able to get Kelly to have sex at a deep spot in the woods. That, incidentally, had a few of my cameras installed and running. But I need more, so I grabbed the chance when one day Tony's boss was going to a vacation for two weeks and he was the one to sit in. I demanded Tony to bring his wife to have sex inside his boss's office. He didn't really want to do it because that was too risky. I reminded him that the "Peeping Tom" tapes alone were enough to put him in jail. Eventually he gave in and we planned it for a week before he was able to talk her into it. The actual footage was not as impressive as the other ones but it served my purposes better. Now Tony was under my total control.

It was now time to bring in some help. From Kelly's fantasy, I was able to pinpoint the kind of guys that frequent her sex dreams. My buddy Chad was invited for this part. I had Chad dress the way Kelly described in her fantasies and showed up a few times at the cafe where Kelly works. I fine-tuned his behavior just to strike Kelly's mind. More and more she was excited just because Chad looked the way she want it and she would come back home and add more details about the sex she was to have with him. I told Chad to avoid eye contact with her. Better not to let her see his face at all because what she wanted to see is someone she doesn't know. Make himself a stranger helps to drop her defense. The cafe had usually two waitresses plus Kelly for light hours like Monday afternoons. Sometimes it is possible to get by with just one waitress but that means Kelly would have to wait tables besides her normal duty of supervising the cafe and the bakery next door. The actions on the day of harvest w also carefully orchestrated. As soon as the noon-shift waitress left for the day. The other waitress got a phone call that her apartment was burglarized and the police were expecting her to come home for loss assessment. Although that means Kelly would have to run the cafe by her own for a while, she agreed to let her leave early since the second afternoon-shift waitress was due to arrive any time. In reality, the next waitress was not able to get to work on time because her car had flat tires minutes before she left for work. At the same time, we put out signs to block the sidewalks lead to the cafe so no more customers could get through. Twenty minutes later, the last customer left the cafe. It was time! Chad went in. Without looking at her, he flipped the sign on the door to show "Sorry, we're closed!" toward outside. Kelly started to protest but Chad ignored that and proceeded getting behind the counter, exactly as in her dream. She panicked for a minute. When she thought about the alarm she was already cornered. Chad pushed her into the employee-only office. Kelly started to scream but her voice was soon muffled by his mouth. With her preoccupied by Chad inside the office, I went in with cameras in three bags. The location's to place them were calculated, too. Within a minute I was done and out. The kiss Chad gave Kelly had obviously calmed her down. He carried her out to the counter, gently lifted her narrow skirt to her waist. He produced a knife from his pocket and cut her pantyhose and panties away. Her cunt was already wet, she had rehearsed this so many times in her fantasies and now she's actually living it. The reality had blended with her imagination. Without warning, Chad stood up and trusted his penis into her. Kelly threw her head back and let out a satisfying moan. He moved in and out of her steadily for five minutes. Her moans and groans grew louder and louder. All of a sudden, Chad stopped, withdrew his member from her love hole. She cried out her disappointment and begged him to continue. He stood up and held her waist in one hand, while rubbing her clitor gently with the other. Kelly went crazy with his teasing. She hooked her long legs around him. Ankles crossed behind his back, she grabbed his shoulders and pull toward him. Her voice was quivering: "Why? Why do you stop? Why don't you fuck me? Please fuck me! Please!" With that, Chad dragged her to a large table and fucked her on top of it. I was sure both of them enjoyed it. He fucked her many times, in different places, in different positions, and in all her holes, too. For thirty minute, she was truly fucked. When Chad was done both of them were exhausted. He left her on top of the counter while he retrieved video tapes for the security cameras and the three cameras I brought in. She didn't care even if she saw what he was doing.

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