She Wouldn't Again

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Petting, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a sequle to Charley Ace's story "She wouldn't Would She?" A few months ago when I wrote to compliment the story he said I could write the sequel I had in mind. Again he has to trust her to do the right thing even though it's for a different reason.

The baby, the baby, the baby... that is all she thinks about these days. Of course I don't blame her, our daughter is the cutest thing around and I love talking about her too. It wouldn't be so bad, but she broke her promise to me. She promised me, more then once, that our sex life would not change after the baby was born. I knew that it would of course, but I expected her to at least try to keep that promise. Its like after Jessica was born she forgot, completely. It wouldn't have been so bad if Peggy had at least apologized for breaking it, but she didn't even do that.

I knew my behavior and attitude was lousy but I wouldn't learn for a few days what it almost cost me. If I had known than I would have straightened up and at least tried to talk to my wife about what I was feeling. Instead I started to act like a jerk. I, at least, didn't take it out on the baby but whenever I was around her I ignored my wife. I mean at times while changing Jessica I would completely ignore Peggy even though she was standing five feet away. Of course that only made the situation worse. Peggy did notice how I was reacting. She misinterpreted why, but she probably wasn't that far off. She thought I was jealous of Jessica and her attention to her.

This went on for a couple of weeks until I learned something very disturbing. Peggy was seeing someone else. Well seeing was too strong a word for their relationship, at that time, but she was spending time with him. He was a coworker of hers and had been for over two years. His name was John. She later said while she had known who he was before her pregnancy she hadn't spent much time around him. While she was carrying our sweet daughter John started spending more time with her. He would come by to see how she was, asking if they could work together on projects both were doing, and toward the end of her pregnancy having lunch with her. Almost everyday. He was nice, but not in the same way that Ron the jerk who bet me he could seduce her, had been. And really spent most of the lunches talking shop, especially about projects they were both involved with. Mixed in were compliments on how she dressed and how rosy she looked carrying a child. At first Peggy had been on her guard but John was different from Ron. For one thing he wasn't a playboy, he was quiet and even though he dated, he had a reputation for being a loner.

Toward the end of her pregnancy she went with him to these lunches more often and relaxed during them. He took his time in complimenting her, and after the birth of our child he bought her something to celebrate the birth. Not something for the child, something for Peggy. He most have remembered some of her likes and dislikes from their conversations. I must say that I didn't get her anything special after Jessica's birth. Later I did, but it was too late. That is if something else hadn't happened it would have been too late.

She loved the outfit, a white pants suit with blue flowers as trim made from a silk like material, John got for her and it fitted her just right. She liked the feel of it against her skin. I don't know where he got it but it wasn't in the places I usual shopped. I admit that I was jealous, I mean she goes out on her lunch with this guy and then he buys this outfit for her that she loves. Those conversations most have had a lot of personal details in them for him to know her exact size after the baby was born. That was when it hit me to wonder if they were doing more then just talking, maybe it explained why she wasn't interested in sex with me. She was getting it from someone else. That thought was a shock, especially after what she went through after almost giving in to Ron, but I had heard that woman can change after the birth of a child. With postpartum depression, hormonal changes with nursing and changes in her mind set. Change that much though? I didn't believe it, but than again I had seen how far she had gone with Ron. I didn't like that thought at all.

What added to my concern was that I had found out about John by accident. I saw the outfit and commented on it. She told me rather quickly that a friend had gotten it for her. It wasn't till a couple of days later that she said something, by accident, that led me to think the friend was male. I asked and she reluctantly explained about the lunches.

After another week during which we finally did fuck, twice, one was a quickie, she talked more about John. I could tell she was attracted to him, emotionally if not physically. I tried to tenderly broach the subject of her feelings toward him, but she assured me they were just friends.

I came back with "Yeah, friends that buy nice outfits for each other and spend a lot of time at lunch with each other." in what I thought was an ordinary speaking tone.

I, however, must have sounded very sarcastic for Peggy immediately got mad. She turned on me and informed me in no uncertain terms that the lunches were business related. If they did talk about personal stuff it was just to get to know each other so they could work better with each other. She didn't say it but I got the impression she meant that it was none of my business how personal they got. My eyes narrowed at that thought for it certainly was my business. I don't know if she saw my eyes or realized what my expression meant, but she just kept up with her tirade anyway.

It was after this that I made the decision that was one of my biggest mistakes ever. I decided to check them out. As you know if you read my first story I have followed my wife before. That time it worked out. From what I saw that day when she pulled that fast one on Ron, I was happy I had followed her, but at the same time glad she never found out. This time, however, it didn't work out. When she first mentioned her lunches with John she told me the name of the restaurant they went to. She didn't repeat it and it took me a couple days of trying to remember it before I did. I headed over there one day. It was a nice place and I wondered who was paying for lunch. I had to have lunch there three times before I saw them. Each time I tried to get a table in a corner where I would not be easily seen be them. It worked mostly. I ended up watching them through meals on three different days. They sat in different locations and I was able to see them each time. I wasn't able to hear them at all during two of the three lunches but during the second one they sat close enough so that I could barely hear some of what they said. I could read John's lips and that helped with what I could hear. As far as I could tell they did talk business and some stuff that friends would talk about. I was a bit reassured when they didn't sit next to each other or made any moves that would show they were lovers. Until, that is the third lunch. That day as John was pushing in her chair he kissed the side of her cheek. Peggy didn't say anything, but, even though it was hard to see for sure from my angle, I thought she smiled at him as he sat. My eyes narrowed again. I was sure that had not been a friendship peck.

That day I was determined to follow them as they left. I hurried paid and left before they did. I managed to get in my car and to have the engine running as I waited. Soon I saw them walk out of the door and I followed. They drove back to work. But after leaving her off he drove on, he maneuvered his car so that at one signal he was right next to me, he turned and looked directly at me with a smug smile on his face. Blood drained from my face for two reasons. One was that I must have been spotted by him, at least, and second that smile told me he was after my wife and thought he had won already.

I just went back to work and at quitting time left for home. I knew I would yelled at when I walked in but I had no choice but to go home. There was always a small chance she hadn't seen me. As soon as I got home I knew that chance hadn't been small it was nonexistent. At first she gave me the cold shoulder but soon looked me straight in the eye and let loose with the worst bawling out she had ever given me. The kindest word she used was jerk. She got after me for not trusting her and for daring to follow her. I had to just take it too. She was right I had blown it. She ended by forbidding me to ever follow her or John again.

I just slumped and went to my den to work, actually to try to work. I berated myself all evening. How could I not trust her and spy on her like that? One bright spot was that she didn't make me sleep on the couch or in another bed. She seemed to have calmed down some by bed time. The next day she was still angry but calmed down enough to give me a good bye kiss. That cheered me up a bit.

It cheered me up until I learned, soon after, that she was going to be spending some time at his place after dinner. I don't know if this was a direct consequence of my actions or if it would have happened anyway. She evidently was working, along with others, on a special project. That meant she and John would not be alone. Still I didn't like it at all.

Eight days later I had to go to the airport to pick up my boss. Peggy and therefore John both worked for a company that had offices at the airport so I would be close to them. I hoped my wife would not see me there since she would probably think I was following them again but my boss had called me specifically, telling me to come and pick him up. It was an emergency for the person who was supposed to pick him up couldn't. My boss had to be at the offices to meet with an important client. So I was chosen to get him. He was already on the ground so the whole event took less than half an hour, to arrive, find him, load his luggage and leave. There was no time for spying even if I had wanted to.

Later I found out that John had seen me and had made up a lie to tell my wife. He explained to her that I was there for an hour, following him around. No word about me picking up anyone. He told Peggy that the next time she was at his place for dinner, it was the first dinner where they were alone. She fumed but had calmed down enough after she got home. Or I should say that she calmed down enough to act like nothing was wrong, on the advice of John. I could tell she was upset, but I didn't know how much or for what reason.

A few days later we had sex again but it was not as energetic as usual probably because her heart wasn't in it all the way. A week or so later I spent some time with another woman. She was someone we both knew and Peggy knew I was attracted to. We met, at the friend's invitation, for lunch. I don't know if she just wanted to meet with a friend or if she was trying to seduce me. She seemed to want just to talk about old times, but at a second lunch she threw out a couple of lines that could have been hints that she wanted something more. Later as we met at our house, Peggy was supposed to have been home but got delayed, she stepped close to me, in my space as they say. I ignored her closeness even though it was hard. She was nice looking and I hadn't had sex for few days. Later we met at a park, to walk and talk but she again stepped right next to me. Her closeness seemed to hint at something more. I ignored the hints and even at one point took a step backwards as a hint for her that I didn't want any.

However, as I learned later, John somehow learned of the lunches and told another lie. He said he had seen us kiss and that it looked like I was falling for this woman. Since I was attracted to her that seemed to make sense to Peggy, especially since she had also by this time come to the realization that our relationship was in a valley. It was at this time that she also finally admitted to herself that she was attracted to John, that all those lunches had not just been for business reasons and the dinners, now with just the two of them, were more like dates than she had wanted to admit. Soon after this realization hit she began to go out with him on dates. She didn't tell me they were dates but she had, as she told me later, started to think of them that way. After only a couple I knew what they were, it was her attitude, the way she fussed over deciding what to wear and other cues I could not explain. She had decided that if I could fall for someone else so could she. During this time they did not have sex, but after a three or four weeks of these dates they did kiss. I know because I saw them kiss once when he left her off, for he had started to pick her up instead of meeting somewhere. It was a short kiss but I knew it was more than a friendship peck.

That was when I decided to fight back. I wasn't going to just let him waltz in and steal my wife away like that. I began to buy her flowers again, to tell her how much she meant to me, the few times we had sex I made love to her using what I had learned over the years on how to please her.

At one point I kissed her softly a few times gradually getting harder and harder, I slowly unbuttoned her top and than slipped it off, I hugged her and while I had my arms around her I undid her bra. When it was off I told her how exciting she still was to me even after all the time we had been married. I licked her breasts concentrating on the nipples. She likes having the aureoles licked than having the nipples sucked. I did that for quite some time and she was headed toward a climax just from what I was doing to her breasts. Soon I gently laid her down on the bed and took off her pants and panties. Again I told her how much she meant to me and how beautiful that part of her body was. I climbed onto the bed and leaned over licking her pussy. Gently at first but than faster and more heated as I grew more excited and she groaned more. Soon I was flicking my tongue over her clit, hard and fast. She almost screamed and climaxed right than. A minute later she did climax but I just kept on going, sucking and licking in ways I had learned she liked. I pushed two fingers into her very wet cunt and pushed them in until I found her G-spot. I massaged that while I sucked hard on her clit. I would stop sucking for a moment every few seconds to bite her clit. At this point in our loving making she usually liked me to bite hard so I did. Soon she was screaming her way through another orgasm. Even though this was for her I couldn't stand it anymore so after a couple more minutes of licking, rubbing and biting I climbed on top of her. She received me with open arms wanting what I was about to stick into her. I quickly maneuvered myself into the right position and humped against her as I searched for the wet entrance to her love tunnel. It only took a couple of tries and I was in. She gasped and bucked against me wanting it in all the way now. I obliged her and shoved it all the way in with one shove. She gasped-moaned than sighed in relief. I pulled out than pushed back in and soon had a good fucking rhythm going, hard and fast like she wanted. Soon I was at the point where I knew I was cuming. The pressure inside my cock built up and and I could only speed up my thrusts. She humped against me and groaned in ways I knew she was close too. After another minute of both of us humping she let out a scream of yes quickly followed by something unintelligent. That did it for me and I shouted that I was about to fill her wet cunt with my jism. She said yes do it and I did ramming my cock in hard and letting lose with a blast of cum. I also let loose with a shout. She finished with her spasms just before I did but she held on as I continued to ram it in hard. Finally I was done and she laid back and smiled saying thank you. I said it was a pleasure to pleasure her. Later she turned away from me. I saw her face in our mirror, she looked unsure and I didn't think that was good.

I learned much later that these efforts did have some effect on her. Her romantic feelings toward John slowed their growth, even though most of what I did came too late. At times she wasn't sure if John had told her the truth about my relationship with the other woman but she knew how I had been treating her and how combative I was. I won't want to lose her to another man even if I was falling for another woman.

All this effort on my part was not too little. I showered her with love and romance, even taking her out to romantic candle light dinners at a place she loves. But as I said already most of it was too late. He had already told her the first lie and soon after I began this strategy he told her the second. I didn't know what I was up against and therefore couldn't fight back effectively. Of course during this time in our relationship, I am not sure if I had known what I was up against, it would have made a difference. She says otherwise but I think if it had come down to believing me or him she would have believed him, especially about the mutual friend I was supposedly falling in love with.

We did have a couple of discussions during this time. One was while she was changing Jessica. At one point she said "damn" and I thought it was at what I had just said but when I reacted to it she explained that she hadn't gotten the new diaper on in time, Jessica had just peed on the changing table. She had to clean it up which ended our discussion.

This battle for her love went on for another month and I knew I was losing. Just by the way she acted around me and him the few times I saw them together. I saw them kiss again and it was more passionate and she abandoned herself more to it than that first time. And the little kisses she gave him after wards told me she was close to being in love with him if she wasn't already.

I knew I was taking a large chance but I needed to know if they were planning on making love, so I began to listen in on telephone conversations. I was able to catch half a dozen of his calls to her. Most were harmless chats about business deals with one being a date request. The sixth one I hit pay dirt and it made me glad I had taken the chance. John came out and asked her if she had thought more about consummating their love. I shouted in my mind and almost shouted out-loud "Consummating?!"

I knew what that meant, they were going to do it after all.

She said she had but still didn't like the idea, she and I were still married and still living together as man and wife. John that jerk, explained that she and I were living together but not as man and wife, not the way she felt for John and I felt for the other woman. Again I almost gave my self away by shouting, "I love Peggy not any other woman", but somehow I stopped myself.

Peggy said she still wasn't sure if that was true, but even if it was we were still married. I rejoiced over that but then my heart came close to stopping as he talked her into going over that evening to talk more about it in person. God, I wanted to tell her not to, that it was a trap. Once they started kissing, and he was telling her in person how much he loved her, that would be that. But I couldn't say anything without her knowing I had listened in on a private conversation. That would have really set her off and probably have driven her into his arms and bed. I had never been so frustrated in my life. I sat there listening with one ear and at the same time berating myself for being an idiot. I should have seen this earlier, I should have not acted like a jerk but talked more with her about how I was feeling, I should have bought her something to celebrate the baby's birth like he did.

Finally he said bye, in a romantic excited way but she was a bit cold in her response. I don't know if he knew her well enough to catch it but I did. She hadn't made up her mind yet on who she was going to love. I almost sagged in relief, there was still time for me to do something. What I could do that wouldn't reveal that I had listened, I didn't know. I had to say something, but as I headed to the kitchen she was grabbing her purse and heading out the door. Over her shoulder she just said something about having to go buy something. It could have been for the baby even though Jessica was spending her first night over with her parents. For which I was glad so she won't be caught up in this. I just stood there dumbfounded. My first thought was she was going to buy a special nightie for tonight.

I waited and waited 'till she came home but once home she kept puttering around, not giving me a chance to say anything. I wondered if she was doing it on purpose, or was nervous about that night. Finally she cooked something quick for dinner but neither one of us ate much. She probably was thinking about later that night, or perhaps of Jessica being away for the first time, and still deciding what she wanted to do. I couldn't eat, my stomach was in knots. I tried to say that I loved her and was glad we had been married all those years and how we, mostly her, had produced a lovely child. She kept being sidetracked by her thoughts instead of listening.

Finally she showered and left. I ran to the door, since she hadn't warned me she was about to leave and was able to get out I love you more than anything as she got into her car. She gave me a funny look like she was suspicious that I knew somehow. She drove away without responding. That hurt but I had to do something so I decided on the one thing I could do since I didn't know where he lived. I hurried to my car and took off after her. I was very glad Jessica was at grandparents'. I wondered for a moment if he choose tonight because Jessica would be gone. Peggy would be distracted thinking about the baby so maybe would be more likely to go along with him. I didn't know, maybe he didn't care enough about the baby to think of her.

I knew I was taking another big risk but I was desperate. I had succeeded in following her once. I thought I could again since she was preoccupied and alone this time. On the way the disturbing thought struck me that they had figured out that I had been listening and that this was a set up, but I couldn't take the chance it was for real.

After about thirty-five minutes of driving we came to a two story building. The building contained two condos, next to each other. Each one was skinny with two or three rooms down stairs and two or three upstairs. She stopped and got out. I quickly parked down the road, hopefully out of sight if she looked down the road for some reason. Peggy didn't as she went to the front door of one. She was let in and I was left to try to figure out what to do. I moved the car closer but still far enough away that it would not be seen even if they looked out a window.

I quickly got out of the car and rushed to a window. I saw that one curtain was partially open. I took one more huge chance, a double one this time, but I had to see what was happening. I had been able to watch with Ron and I wanted to even more now. The double chance was that not only might one or both of them see me peeking in but a neighbor might see me and call the cops about a Peeping Tom. I had to take the chance. It was the living room, Peggy and John talked some, I could not hear but I think I could understand the gist of it from reading lips a little and by their gestures. He tried to kiss her a couple of times and she turned her head but she answered him with something about love. I couldn't understand what exactly. Did she love him or love me or both or did she not know? It could be she loved him but still respected her wedding vows. But I knew they had kissed before, I had seen them more than once. Maybe she knew where the kisses could lead tonight.

God, I was so frustrated. He was able to influence her and I wasn't able to say anything in my defense or in the defense of our marriage. After quite a few minutes they left the room but instead of going to the front door the went up the stairs. I could hear them climb the steps even through the walls and I knew where they were going. It had probably been his idea. But how was I going to keep watching?

I turned around desperately looking for a way up, Climbing up to the balcony was out. I thought I could but probably would make too much noise and would be too easily spotted standing there next to the window. I saw a hill right next to his building. It looked like they had been building a road and put up this mound of dirt temporally. I tried to quickly ran up the side. It wasn't easy since the loose dirt kept slipping but once I got near the top I turned and looked. I was not quite at the right height. I climbed higher then had to move over a few steps to see his bedroom window. I couldn't believe it I was almost within jumping distance of the balcony. I quickly noticed that his drapery was only half way shut. I could see into the room.

By the time I was able to see what was happening they were standing there. I couldn't see the whole bedroom just a narrow slice of the middle. I did see most of the bed, which was not reassuring.

They talked, than he moved closer and this time she accepted his kiss. Please Peggy don't I begged in my mind. Resist him like you did Ron, please.

After a few kisses, some deep were tongue probers, I saw him begin to unbutton her blouse. I almost threw a fit. He undid all of them and slowly slipped it off, probably because he was waiting for a protest. If so one never came. After it was off he carefully unsnapped her bra and slide it off. She put her arms out so he could do it more easily. I was beside my self, she was helping him seduce her.

They kissed some more than he started caressing her breasts. Obviously taking it slow. She scooted back away from John, when he began to suck on a nipple. In my head I said, Good girl, Peggy, remember your vows and that I still love you.

I could tell that he was speaking but could not hear what he was saying. I imagined that he was saying something about loving her always, that her body turned him on like nothing else. Perhaps he was even saying that he was effected so deeply because it was her body. Things that I had said to her in the past, but hadn't recently. God, I had been such a fool and now I may be paying for that foolishness.

I watched in horrible fascination while he began to lick and suck on her breasts. I felt like crying. She was allowing him to do that. I could see she was enjoying it. I knew that once he got inside her and fucked her that it would most probably be over between us. I mean the good feelings from the sex would add to and support the feelings she had toward him. I wasn't completely sure why she didn't respond to my words of love but consummating their love would do it for him. He licked all around each breast, working his way from the base to the tip. She most have told him about liking that in one of their "friendship" discussions. I thought that with heavy sarcastic tones I didn't blame myself for.

She closed her eyes in bliss and she mouthed words of love to him. God, this was worse than with Ron and that had been bad enough. I was about to lose not only her faithfulness but her as well.

She jumped as he suddenly began to rub her clit through her pants. She shook her head no, I saw her lips form the word and he stopped. But I knew it would be only for a short time. He stopped licking her breasts and started nuzzling her neck. I got a glance at the side of his mouth and it was moving. He was probably reinforcing what he was doing with words of affection. And I thought likely, and later as I talked to her I was proven right, that he was putting me down. How I didn't deserve her and didn't really care for her like John did. She stated as she explained later that he added that I had already lost her by falling for that other woman.

After a while, longer that I thought it would take including another abortive attempt, he was able to start to rub her clit through her pants. In my mind I had been encouraging her to resist but even though she was fighting him, it was only a matter of time. I knew she was fighting him because she would have taken off her own clothes if she had given in and accepted what he was saying. I was so frustrated I could only watch.

However, after what I assumed to be more words of love, he unzipped her pants. As he did I saw her take something out of a pocket and placed it carefully on the bed. Her cell phone, of course, she was still being a good mother and wanting to keep that handy in case of an emergency with the baby. It was one of the latest with text messaging and such. I felt for my cell phone and found nothing. I panicked for a second.

Did I leave it at home? I wouldn't have time to go get it! I calmed down a bit and thought about the car. I half slide half ran down the hill, to my car. After fumbling with the keys, I got the door open. Once the door was open the over head light came on and I saw... nothing. No cell phone. I knelt down and felt along the floor on both sides and found it on the passenger side, I don't know how it got there but I almost kissed it as I stood up. I closed the door and checked the battery level. It was up all the way. God, I had imagined it having only a few minutes of time left. Something was working out, for once. Maybe there was a God after all. I used the text messaging to leave the emergency note and called her number. I went back to my place on top of the dirt pile and was shocked to see her pants off and that she was laying on her back, on the bed. That had been fast, it hadn't taken me that long to find the cell phone.

Her phone did a little dance, so she had set it on vibration not ring. I wondered if that was on purpose. She glanced at it and must have been able to read the screen for her hand reached out suddenly and she picked it up, pressing the button to receive.

She said "Hello?" and suddenly I panicked. I didn't know what to say. In my excitement of looking for and finding my cell phone I hadn't thought that far ahead. I said "Hello, um, this is an emergency."

She began to ask about the baby but I said, "This is not with the baby she is fine as far as I know, this is with our marriage."

She groaned in pleasure, I saw John begin to use one finger to rub her clit through her panties. At least she was still wearing them. Than she said "huh?"

"Please listen, I love you more than I can say, I, uh, I love you, very much. It would hurt me more than I can say if I was to lose you." I paused than said "I love you so much."

She said, "You said that,"

"I know but its true and I don't know what else to say. I know I have not said it to you much lately and I have not acted like it much but I do."

About that time I heard a distance voice, obviously John, ask who it was. She answered him and he said something about that jerk husband of hers. She groaned two times, each twice as long as the first time, as he pressed down even harder. I gritted my teeth but I asked myself if I had heard an angry sound just before the pleasure sound? I hoped so.

I spoke again, "I don't want our relationship to end please believe me."

She said, through clenched teeth, "he says the same thing."

"I know, but haven't I proved it over the years, haven't our time together been happy? Mostly anyway?"

"Yes it", moan, "has"

"Then please come home right now and we can talk. We've been able to talk through things before."

I saw her move the phone away from her mouth as a series of groans and other ecstasy sounds came out.

I didn't know if I could compete with what he was doing, she was getting closer to cuming. I had a bright idea that would prove to be a big mistake.

I said, "I know why you are there and what he is doing. Please leave and come home."

He said something I didn't catch and than I saw her body language change. She was angry, and as she brought the phone back to her mouth and spoke I knew it was with me.

"What did you do follow us like you followed John to the airport even after I said never do that again?"

I tried to say no but it sounded like John said something with hang up in it and she did. The phone at my ear went click.

She had hung up on me!!!

I later learned that she had gotten angry because I had by accident reminded her of John's lie about my trip to the airport.

I took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself and decided to try again. I did the emergency text and pressed the speed dial number for her cell phone. I knew she would answer it to make sure it wasn't about Jessica, even though she would think it was probably me again.

As soon as she said hello I said, "Please don't hang up this is really an emergency."

I saw begin to move the phone as John increased his rubbing and said something.

I said, "Please don't, Oh god, I need to talk to you, Please listen, for whatever love you have left for me please, listen."

I saw her take the phone by her other hand but instead of pushing the button she placed the phone next to her ear. She could still hear me but have her hands free.

I could hear her groaning and knew she was getting closer. Just than John stopped rubbing and pushed his hand under one of the leg-bands of her panties. One second he was rubbing through the material and the next he had his fingers inside the panties touching her naked pussy. I heard him sigh passionately. I knew he must be getting turned on big time, which I didn't blame him for. As worked up as I was, I was hot just by watching her naked charms and his manipulations.

She tried to say no and even repeated it but than she gasped loudly as his fingers reached her fuck hole and were shoved in. I could barely make out the bulge in her panties that showed where his hand was.

She shook her head and said no again but he began to finger fuck her. In and out, faster and faster. I could see his hand move. I decided I better start speaking again.

"Peggy, I love you more than words can say, I don't want us to break up, please come home." I almost cried when I said that last but then I got another inspiration I hoped would work better than the last one.

"Think of Jessica, she needs both her parents... together. Not you and a stepfather but me and you together. We are her parents, we can love her better if we love each other, please Peggy."

Suddenly one of her hands reached out to press against her clit. His arm was off to one side so the clitoris was clear. Peggy started bucking against his hand in that obscene fucking motion again, just like with Ron. She began massaging her clit hard and fast and soon she opened her mouth in a wordless scream and arched her back. My hard cock became even harder as she climaxed. That always did excite me.

She relaxed and reached for the phone as he continued fucking her with his hand. John slowed the movement of his fingers to a leisurely pace and spoke. He must have spoken louder since I heard him as a tiny voice through the speaker.

He explained, "I have loved her for years and I'm glad to finally make you cum. It is an experience I will never forget." Than he paused and said, I'm glad you didn't listen to your bastard of a husband. He obviously doesn't love you as much as I do, even if he did at one time he doesn't now."

I was gritting my teeth as I heard that but all I said was that I did love her more than ever.

Than she did something that put me in shock. She said something I missed most of but it sounded like it was something about fucking. He moved out of my small range of sight and she sat up, grabbed the phone and pushed the button again. I heard the click in my phone at the same time. I couldn't believe it! She hung up on me again! I stood in shock, for a few seconds there I thought about one last try, but before I could punch the right number again I saw a movement in the window. It was dark but looked like a naked back and as I watched in horrible fascination it moved closer to the bed. It blocked my view of her. I saw her legs move and the back stayed put probably as he kissed her. That is what it looked like from what little I could see. But then her legs moved, I thought she was laying back down. Next I saw him climb on top of her. That's why he had moved away to get undressed and that's what she had said that she wanted him to fuck her.

I almost dropped the phone in shock. I just stood there looking down. Finally I shook my head and decided it was time to leave. Earlier I had thought about putting a stop to it by throwing a something through the window. But in the mood she was in that would make it worse. She would fuck him for sure and he would be able to have charges set against me. If it had been a situation like with Ron I would have whatever the consequences but this was different. It had been a war and I had lost.

Maybe I should have after all, at least they would have known I still cared enough to do something. But it was too late she had made her choice. I stood up and turned to walk to the car. I had gotten half way there when I heard a door open. At first I thought it was a neighbor checking to see what was going on or the same neighbor warning me he had called the cops. At that point I didn't care if they did come and haul me off to jail.

But as I took another step I heard a voice I didn't expect say something I really didn't expect.

"Hey, you better not leave I need a ride home," Peggy said.

I turned swiftly and my jaw dropped. There standing in the doorway of John's condo was Peggy fully dressed. He was behind her also fully dressed. I was thinking but... but I saw him climb on top of her. No way they could have fucked, gotten dressed, and come down the stairs that fast. Even if he had cum very quickly, which would have been very likely, there still hadn't been enough time.

She walked up to me and told me to close my mouth. I did and we walked to the cars. I finally said that I didn't need to give her a lift home she had her own car. She agreed but said that was the first thing that popped into her head. As she got into her car she said she would see me at home and drove off.

I glanced at John still in the doorway. He looked angry but there was also a determined look on his face like he wasn't going to give up. I got in my car, thinking that's my Peggy you beat another seducer, I felt like pumping my fist in the air, and drove off.

On the way my cell phone rang. I wondered if it was John saying he wasn't going to give up fighting for her. I was going to let him know that I wasn't either. However it was Peggy, which surprised me. She said that was dirty bringing Jessica into this. said I was sorry but I had been desperate,

I paused than said, "No, I"m not sorry. I love you and I will do anything to save our marriage."

She hung up without a word which had me wondering all the way home, what she was going to say once we got there. She obviously got home first even though I had raced home. I ran up the stairs to our room and she was getting undressed. Again she had no bra on.

I said, "Okay where is your bra?"

"I... I took it off because it was bothering me..."

Her voice trailed off as she realized when she had said that before. She blushed and looked down.

"I... almost did it again... but it wasn't for the same reason... as you know."

"I know and I know what you almost did... again."

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