She Wouldn't Again

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Petting, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a sequle to Charley Ace's story "She wouldn't Would She?" A few months ago when I wrote to compliment the story he said I could write the sequel I had in mind. Again he has to trust her to do the right thing even though it's for a different reason.

The baby, the baby, the baby... that is all she thinks about these days. Of course I don't blame her, our daughter is the cutest thing around and I love talking about her too. It wouldn't be so bad, but she broke her promise to me. She promised me, more then once, that our sex life would not change after the baby was born. I knew that it would of course, but I expected her to at least try to keep that promise. Its like after Jessica was born she forgot, completely. It wouldn't have been so bad if Peggy had at least apologized for breaking it, but she didn't even do that.

I knew my behavior and attitude was lousy but I wouldn't learn for a few days what it almost cost me. If I had known than I would have straightened up and at least tried to talk to my wife about what I was feeling. Instead I started to act like a jerk. I, at least, didn't take it out on the baby but whenever I was around her I ignored my wife. I mean at times while changing Jessica I would completely ignore Peggy even though she was standing five feet away. Of course that only made the situation worse. Peggy did notice how I was reacting. She misinterpreted why, but she probably wasn't that far off. She thought I was jealous of Jessica and her attention to her.

This went on for a couple of weeks until I learned something very disturbing. Peggy was seeing someone else. Well seeing was too strong a word for their relationship, at that time, but she was spending time with him. He was a coworker of hers and had been for over two years. His name was John. She later said while she had known who he was before her pregnancy she hadn't spent much time around him. While she was carrying our sweet daughter John started spending more time with her. He would come by to see how she was, asking if they could work together on projects both were doing, and toward the end of her pregnancy having lunch with her. Almost everyday. He was nice, but not in the same way that Ron the jerk who bet me he could seduce her, had been. And really spent most of the lunches talking shop, especially about projects they were both involved with. Mixed in were compliments on how she dressed and how rosy she looked carrying a child. At first Peggy had been on her guard but John was different from Ron. For one thing he wasn't a playboy, he was quiet and even though he dated, he had a reputation for being a loner.

Toward the end of her pregnancy she went with him to these lunches more often and relaxed during them. He took his time in complimenting her, and after the birth of our child he bought her something to celebrate the birth. Not something for the child, something for Peggy. He most have remembered some of her likes and dislikes from their conversations. I must say that I didn't get her anything special after Jessica's birth. Later I did, but it was too late. That is if something else hadn't happened it would have been too late.

She loved the outfit, a white pants suit with blue flowers as trim made from a silk like material, John got for her and it fitted her just right. She liked the feel of it against her skin. I don't know where he got it but it wasn't in the places I usual shopped. I admit that I was jealous, I mean she goes out on her lunch with this guy and then he buys this outfit for her that she loves. Those conversations most have had a lot of personal details in them for him to know her exact size after the baby was born. That was when it hit me to wonder if they were doing more then just talking, maybe it explained why she wasn't interested in sex with me. She was getting it from someone else. That thought was a shock, especially after what she went through after almost giving in to Ron, but I had heard that woman can change after the birth of a child. With postpartum depression, hormonal changes with nursing and changes in her mind set. Change that much though? I didn't believe it, but than again I had seen how far she had gone with Ron. I didn't like that thought at all.

What added to my concern was that I had found out about John by accident. I saw the outfit and commented on it. She told me rather quickly that a friend had gotten it for her. It wasn't till a couple of days later that she said something, by accident, that led me to think the friend was male. I asked and she reluctantly explained about the lunches.

After another week during which we finally did fuck, twice, one was a quickie, she talked more about John. I could tell she was attracted to him, emotionally if not physically. I tried to tenderly broach the subject of her feelings toward him, but she assured me they were just friends.

I came back with "Yeah, friends that buy nice outfits for each other and spend a lot of time at lunch with each other." in what I thought was an ordinary speaking tone.

I, however, must have sounded very sarcastic for Peggy immediately got mad. She turned on me and informed me in no uncertain terms that the lunches were business related. If they did talk about personal stuff it was just to get to know each other so they could work better with each other. She didn't say it but I got the impression she meant that it was none of my business how personal they got. My eyes narrowed at that thought for it certainly was my business. I don't know if she saw my eyes or realized what my expression meant, but she just kept up with her tirade anyway.

It was after this that I made the decision that was one of my biggest mistakes ever. I decided to check them out. As you know if you read my first story I have followed my wife before. That time it worked out. From what I saw that day when she pulled that fast one on Ron, I was happy I had followed her, but at the same time glad she never found out. This time, however, it didn't work out. When she first mentioned her lunches with John she told me the name of the restaurant they went to. She didn't repeat it and it took me a couple days of trying to remember it before I did. I headed over there one day. It was a nice place and I wondered who was paying for lunch. I had to have lunch there three times before I saw them. Each time I tried to get a table in a corner where I would not be easily seen be them. It worked mostly. I ended up watching them through meals on three different days. They sat in different locations and I was able to see them each time. I wasn't able to hear them at all during two of the three lunches but during the second one they sat close enough so that I could barely hear some of what they said. I could read John's lips and that helped with what I could hear. As far as I could tell they did talk business and some stuff that friends would talk about. I was a bit reassured when they didn't sit next to each other or made any moves that would show they were lovers. Until, that is the third lunch. That day as John was pushing in her chair he kissed the side of her cheek. Peggy didn't say anything, but, even though it was hard to see for sure from my angle, I thought she smiled at him as he sat. My eyes narrowed again. I was sure that had not been a friendship peck.

That day I was determined to follow them as they left. I hurried paid and left before they did. I managed to get in my car and to have the engine running as I waited. Soon I saw them walk out of the door and I followed. They drove back to work. But after leaving her off he drove on, he maneuvered his car so that at one signal he was right next to me, he turned and looked directly at me with a smug smile on his face. Blood drained from my face for two reasons. One was that I must have been spotted by him, at least, and second that smile told me he was after my wife and thought he had won already.

I just went back to work and at quitting time left for home. I knew I would yelled at when I walked in but I had no choice but to go home. There was always a small chance she hadn't seen me. As soon as I got home I knew that chance hadn't been small it was nonexistent. At first she gave me the cold shoulder but soon looked me straight in the eye and let loose with the worst bawling out she had ever given me. The kindest word she used was jerk. She got after me for not trusting her and for daring to follow her. I had to just take it too. She was right I had blown it. She ended by forbidding me to ever follow her or John again.

I just slumped and went to my den to work, actually to try to work. I berated myself all evening. How could I not trust her and spy on her like that? One bright spot was that she didn't make me sleep on the couch or in another bed. She seemed to have calmed down some by bed time. The next day she was still angry but calmed down enough to give me a good bye kiss. That cheered me up a bit.

It cheered me up until I learned, soon after, that she was going to be spending some time at his place after dinner. I don't know if this was a direct consequence of my actions or if it would have happened anyway. She evidently was working, along with others, on a special project. That meant she and John would not be alone. Still I didn't like it at all.

Eight days later I had to go to the airport to pick up my boss. Peggy and therefore John both worked for a company that had offices at the airport so I would be close to them. I hoped my wife would not see me there since she would probably think I was following them again but my boss had called me specifically, telling me to come and pick him up. It was an emergency for the person who was supposed to pick him up couldn't. My boss had to be at the offices to meet with an important client. So I was chosen to get him. He was already on the ground so the whole event took less than half an hour, to arrive, find him, load his luggage and leave. There was no time for spying even if I had wanted to.

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