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Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Mom gets surprised. In honor of Mother's Day.

It was the same routine every single day. I'd get up at the crack of dawn to finish the laundry, cook breakfast, iron my husband's business shirts and finish any other unfinished business around the home. I did it all. I was a stay at home mother for twelve years now.

I was 38 at the time and I had three children, Josh 17, Emily 10 and Kevin who was 7. My husband Michael was a hard working businessman who hadn't bothered to ask me if I wanted sex for over a year now. He was always busy working and too tired to even touch me once he got home. Honestly sometimes I was too tired myself to even be touched.

It was always something that was keeping me busy. Whether it was PTA meetings, taking Emily to ballet, taking Kevin to baseball practice. Going to one of Josh's basketball games, or going out to pay bills. After doing all this for 12 years, I was feeling tired. My dark brown hair was always pinned up to keep away from my face. I hardly ever wore makeup anymore, little alone dressed up. I always wore sweat pants and a t-shirt or jeans and a t-shirt. I figured this was my life. Nothing else left. All the excitement Michael and I once had was gone. I only had my three children but Josh was busy getting ready to head off to college, Emily would rather be talking on the phone with her friends and Kevin was always at his friends house.

I didn't think anyone would realize all the things I did. I would hardly ever hear a "thank-you" for washing my clothes, or "thank-you" for cleaning my room. I figured it was what mommies did. They kept the house together for everyone. They didn't need to be "thanked."

Everything changed once Mother's Day was around the corner. I really thought Michael had something planned, even though it would be something small. He usually got me flowers, candy, or took me out to a nice dinner. They were small gifts but they at least showed he thought about me. So you know I was very upset when he told me one Thursday night that he'd be going out of town for the weekend and not returning until Monday afternoon. I didn't want to come right out and say "well honey it's mother's day on Sunday," instead I kept quiet as always.

"You'll be OK for the weekend right honey?" Michael asked as we lay in bed watching the evening news.

"Yes." I answered quietly.

"Kristen? What's wrong?" He asked putting the TV on mute.

"Nothing. It's just been a long day. I'm tired."

With that I turned to my side facing away from him and felt my eyes swell up in tears. Michael stayed quiet for a few seconds and then put the volume back on to watch the rest of the evening news.

I couldn't really sleep that night. I kept tossing and turning thinking whether or not I should even stay in this marriage. I loved Michael, but he was slowly drifting away from me. I wanted to stick it out though. Maybe Michael would have some surprise for me when he got back. After all, business was important, it was what kept the bills paid and our children clothed.

The next day Michael was up early putting on his business suit and I walked into the bedroom offering him a cup of coffee. It was still very early that morning but he had to take a seven o'clock flight.

"Coffee?" I said with a smile trying to cover up my hurt.

"Mmm yes thank you honey," he replied taking a sip of coffee.

"So you need me to pick you up on Monday afternoon?" I asked as I folded his clothes into the suitcase.

"No, I'll take a cab. You just worry about the children for now. If you need me call me on my cell, but Kristen please call if it's an emergency only. I will be going from meeting to meeting so I really don't have time for personal conversations."

I felt my heart break. "Yes I understand."

Michael took one last swig of coffee and fixed his tie. I heard the taxi honking for my husband. "Well I better go now," he said grabbing his suitcase and giving me a very quick kiss on the cheek.

I stopped him and pulled him towards me. "That's all the kiss I get? How about a long wet kiss like you used to give me?"

Michael rolled his eyes. "Oh Kristen, I don't have time for all this. I've got to go honey."

I nodded and watched him leave. I didn't bother to go downstairs. I looked out the window from our room and saw him get in the cab and take off. I was hoping he was kidding about the whole trip. Maybe he was lying and trying to surprise me on Mother's Day. It was the only hope I had.

Friday morning I sat at the kitchen table waiting for my children to come downstairs for breakfast. I sipped my coffee reading the morning paper and hear Josh come down first. I was so proud of him. He was finally going to be a college man ready to venture on to adulthood. I had to admit he'd grown to be a very handsome man, reminding me of Michael when he was 18. He came down wearing his black slacks and white polo shirt. His brown hair was neatly combed back and his green eyes looked straight at me and then he smiled. He was very tall, just like Michael, at least 6'0."

"Morning mom," he said taking a seat next to me.

"Morning honey. You want some orange juice or coffee?"

"Ah I'll drink some orange juice. Don't worry I'll serve myself," he said sweetly.

I shrugged and let him serve his own juice. He got a plate and served himself some eggs, bacon and sausage links. He went back to sit with me. "So dad's going away this weekend huh?"

"Yeah," I answered weakly.

"He won't be here for you for Mother's Day?"

"I guess not. I don't know maybe he'll surprise me," I said with hope.

Josh stayed quiet and ate his breakfast. "Yeah maybe you will get a surprise."

Saturday morning I woke up around eight, which was considered late to me since I always got up a lot earlier. The morning sun was peering through my window and I stretched out in bed and yawned. The house was awfully quiet and then I heard the phone ringing. I figured it would be Michael, or at least I hoped it would be.



"Norma?" It was my mother-in-law.

"Yes honey, listen Michael called me and told me to take Emily and Kevin to my house for the weekend. It's going to be Mother's Day so he figured you'd want the house to yourself. I believe Josh is going to stay at a friends house."

I felt so confused. "But it's going to be Mother's Day. I don't want to be alone!"

She laughed. "Honey, I think its Michael who wants to be alone with you."

My heart fluttered. Was Michael actually going to the extremes to try to surprise me? Did he really still have that romantic side to him like he used to have? It was still all confusing but it was very exciting to see how my husband was going to surprise me.

"Ok, you can pick Emily and Kevin in a while."

"I will."

After a nice long shower, I headed downstairs to finish cleaning up and noticed Emily and Kevin were waiting for their grandmother to pick them up. They usually loved to stay over since my mother-in-law's had a pool and let them do almost anything they wanted.

"You two behave at grandmas ok?" I told them sternly.

"Yes mom, we always do," Emily said in a devious tone.

Josh came downstairs with a backpack and he gently put his hand on my shoulder. "Hey mom."

I turned and he surprised me with a kiss on my cheek. It made me feel good made me feel loved. "I'm going to spend the night at Chris' house. So the house will be all yours tonight and tomorrow."

"That's fine hun take care and don't have too much fun," I laughed.

He touched my face gently and reached down to kiss my cheek again but instead kissed the corner of my mouth. An inch more and his lips would have touched mine. I quickly moved turned away as soon as I heard my mother's car pull up the driveway.

"Uh... kids, grandma is here," I said nervously.

"I better go to mom," Josh said behind me.

"Yes Ok. I will miss you all. I love you all but please don't forget to call me tomorrow to wish me a happy Mother's Day."

"We won't forget mom," Kevin said and ran out the door with his sister.

I felt Josh's hand touch my back and he gave me a hug. His arms felt very strong from having played sports since he was a child. He'd developed quite a nice physique. "Bye mom and I will call you tomorrow."

"Bye hun."

After a few minutes later, I was left all alone in my home. I was hoping Michael would walk in any minute ready to take me and make love to me. God it'd been such a long time since I'd even seen a cock! I was having these wild urges, like a 19-year-old girl would have.

I knew if Michael surprised me, it would be until later that night or probably tomorrow morning. I went about my business and finished up doing some household chores.

It wasn't until later that afternoon, when I went to check the mail. I saw a few bills had come but then I saw this white envelope, which didn't have a postage stamp. I smiled and sat back on my couch opening it up. It was a letter of sort with instructions.

Dear Kristen,

You work so hard in maintaining this home and keeping us all together, that I'm going to treat you the way you should be treated, like a queen. Here are some instructions you must follow:

1. Go down to Soli's Beauty Salon & Spa for a day of pampering. They'll give you a facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, makeup, haircut and hairstyle. I have enclosed the free gift card.

2. Next, once you get home, there will be a box waiting for you with a sexy little nightgown that I want you to put on. When I get home, which should be around nine at night, you must have it on

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