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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Zoophilia, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: A husband returns home unexpectedly to find his wife locked with a friend's pet. He eventually gets his revenge for the betrayal.

It took Jon nearly a year to arrange it, but now his careful planning and meticulous timing was coming into fruition. Having past the wrought iron gates and driven down the grass covered gravel drive, the end game was now in full swing, like a run away juggernaut, it was unstoppable.

He could picture when it all started, the re-run going through his minds eye as he drove towards destiny.

It seemed that it had been one of those days. One of those occasional days when anything and everything that could go wrong would go very wrong. The car had stopped for some inexplicable reason, probably electrical. He had managed to drive for just over a mile from his home towards the office, before it broke down.

His Mobile cell phone was on the blink. He was waiting, almost patiently, for a replacement handset. Chances were, it was sitting on his desk at that very moment.

So he walked back home to call the breakdown people and let them know at work, that he would possibly not make it in today and to cancel his appointments.

To add to the electrical component conspiracy, it rained. A frequent April shower that had more than a touch of December about the icy coldness of the giant raindrops that pounded his hatless head.

So it was, that some hour and fifteen minutes after leaving his house for the office, a very bedraggled and unhappy Jon, turned the key to the front entrance door.

It was the noises coming from the day room that first aroused his curiosity. A sort of moan and grunt, mixed together, told him that someone was in the room, behind the closed door. It wasn't a sound he expected. Alice was supposed to be playing Golf at the country club today.

Slowly and quietly, he turned the polished brass doorknob and pushed the door open. The scene that greeted him took his breath away and left him temporarily bereft of comprehension.

April was laying face up, half on and half off of one of the Chesterfield leather settees. She was totally naked; her pert breasts pointing at the ceiling, bathed in sweat and grunting, like a pig around its food trough. Her trembling legs were parted with her feet flat on the floor. Between her knees was a chocolate spotted Springer. His rear was firmly pressed into her groin while he stood, motionless.

They were obviously tied. Locked in a primeval impregnation although, Jon couldn't quite work out just how they had managed to lock in this particular position.

It was the dog that first noticed him. It looked at Jon and whimpered a little as it looked at him piteously. Jon was shocked at the sight, but he almost laughed out loud when April noticed him and in her shock, shoved her self backwards, expelling the dogs cock and fluids with a loud pop and gush that missed the prepared towel, laid on the floor.

The dog, now free of the woman, scuttled away to hide behind the other settee, his paws skittering over the polished beech flooring in an effort to gain traction. April instinctively, tried to cover her mons with one hand and her breast with the other. A frozen moment passed between them. Frightened eyes looked into confused eyes, communication lost and all the shared history, crashed to the bottom of a widening ravine that separated them.

The car broke down. It was the only thing he could think of to say. It came out apologetically and feeling as if he had intruded, Jon left April to clean up while he changed from his wet clothes and called in. His working day was a ruin now, so the couple of hours delay before the auto rescue people could recover his car, wasn't the major catastrophe it would normally have been.

An hour had passed since his return to the house to find April in her compromising position, before he saw her again. She had dressed in slacks and a loose blouse. It wasn't her golf attire Jon noticed.

Want some lunch? She yelled from the kitchen. Got some very nice turkey ham in the fridge, bit of salad with it?

He answered in the negative, but accepted a glass of white wine which he sipped as his wife of twenty years gabbled on about any subject that she could think of to fill the silent void.

At last, when he could stand no more of her prattle, he asked the first question of a series of questions that might help him understand what he had witnessed.

Whose dog?

Dog? Oh you mean Cadbury; he belongs to Tom and Francine. They are away in Toulouse for the weekend. I always look after him when they go off.

I've never seen him before?

He usually stays in the barn at night, so you wouldn't have I suppose.

I see.

Cadbury is a champion. April was desperately trying to fill the cold void again, with useless information.

A champion what? She wasn't sure if he was being ironic or sarcastic but decided to ignore it.

He got a first a Crufts. Best in breed no less. He's worth a fortune at stud. It was Jon's turn to ignore the obvious entrée into a barbed reply.

Is he better than a man? The question slipped out before he really thought, he dreaded the response and waited for the axe to fall. It didn't, or if it did, it didn't come down with any cutting force.

A dog is very different from a man. It isn't a question of whether he is better or not, just completely different. You only have to compare the anatomy to see that it is never going to be the same.

Somehow, I missed the anatomical differences in Biology. I must have been away that day. His hurt was plainly evident to her now, but she carried on blithely.

I have been looking after Cadbury for a couple of years now. We never had a dog and he is so friendly.

So I saw.

We haven't been doing that for all that time, only a couple of months I guess, perhaps since last summer when they went to the Algarve.

About the same time as we stopped having sex? He looked at her, and remembered the young woman she once was, with auburn hair in flowing tresses and a cheery smile constantly plastered across her face. Where did the time go?

Has it been that long? She tried to remember when they had last been intimate and failed.

I think so. He changed the subject slightly to avoid the pain that waited for him along that particular road. Do you and he do this often?

Hmm yes, well every time he is over. Jon, it makes no difference to us. I love you just the same as I always have.

Jon stayed quiet and thought about her statement. Did she love him? Or was she used to the comforts is success brought? The jury was out on that one.

They sat silently for a while, each contemplating the state of affairs now that it was out in the open and what the future was to be as a result.

Jon broke the silence.

I would like to video the two of you, just for myself you understand. It might help me to come to terms with it.

I... you don't seem to mind too much. She didn't answer his suggestion, wanting to think about performing in front of a viewfinder for a moment or two.

They finished lunch, or rather, she finished her lunch and Jon drained his glass. The Automobile Rescue called to say his car would be in the shop for a couple of days. Jon arranged for a courtesy car to cover the period and that afternoon, April and Cadbury were the starring couple in a video.

Jon, tight lipped operated the camera as April took the dog in her mouth, sucking on the huge red and purple veined shaft and getting as much as she could into her before gagging. As an introduction to the anatomy of a canine, it was a lesson like no other for Jon.

She making sucking noises, pulling in air around the rim of the dogs cock, it vibrated and sent the hound wild. He humped her face, but she controlled his depth with a free hand, preventing him from stabbing her throat too deeply.

When the dogs climax was obviously imminent, she stopped sucking and pushed him away. It was the first time Jon got to see the dog fully exposed and his knot unsheathed. Fascinated, he closed in on the throbbing weapon.

April lay on the edge of the Chesterfield with her legs spread and feet on the floor as Jon had found her earlier. I get better control this way she explained and patted her stomach to attract Cadbury's attention.

He jumped up and with a practiced ease, placed a paw on either side of her waist. He started to hump air while adjusting his position, ever getting closer to her waiting sex. Eventually, they coupled, his sharp tip penetrating her with her guidance. Cadbury shifted and scrabbled until her was deep inside her and furiously fucking her cunt in a blur of motion. Jon lay on the floor and pointed the camera up so that he could get to see the depth of this dogs cock in her pussy. He was rewarded very quickly when Cadbury's knot passed April's outer lips and disappeared into her body.

His humping slowed and cum leaked from around the side of his cock. April raised her knees and crossed her ankles, locking the dog and pulling him further into her. She could hardly breathe quickly enough, the demand for oxygen was so great, causing her to gasp in ragged sobs of ecstasy. Jon got up from his vantage point and panned out, capturing both his wife and her deep-seated lover, as they finalised the act.

Cadbury, tried to disengage, but all he succeeded in doing was turning and, once again, Jon was privy to how they came to be in the position he had found them earlier.

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