The Temptation and The Result

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, First, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Man endures huge temptation, once home decides he missed out, then is glad he did miss it.

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He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had never seen, except with one person, anything like that. Jesse was bent over facing away from him. She was buck naked and he could clearly see her butt, into the crack of her butt and a part of what was between her legs. More specifically he could see what was inside the crack of her butt, her anus and as he shifted his eyes downward he could clearly make out what was underneath that puckered brown opening. Her pussy was open and he could make out some of the pink of the inside. God, that was so arousing it was almost intoxicating, especially because it had been over eight days since he had had sex with his wife. He had a hardon that felt harder than steel.

He thought back to when this had started. He had been exercising at his gym when he had meant Jesse, a tall almost stocky woman with auburn hair. They had talked, just chatting about the exercises and such. Over the next two months they talked more and had even enjoyed some refreshments at the healthbar, the gym, had after some workouts. John had always made sure she knew he couldn't stay long because he had to get home to his wife but all they did was talk about general things. One day she asked him to take her home since she had had car problems. He had been reluctant to do that since she lived alone but finally did anyway. She just got out of the car once they arrived, said thank you and let him drive off. He was both relieved and disappointed that she hadn't asked him in. He had been there three times after that, Once on a weekend to fix something for her, but again even though he had been on his toes waiting for some pass, she never even hinted that there was something else she wanted. Again he was relieved and disappointed at the same time.

He wondered about that disappointment because he would have refused any advances she may of made. And so far today he had done just that. She had asked him to do a special favor and take her to a friend's house to get something. She had been wearing a nice short jacket but once at the friend's house she had taken it off revealing a low cut blouse. A tight blouse that showed off the size and shape of her breasts. When she bent over, even slightly, he could see their tops quite well. Her bra most be a half one. He hadn't noticed at first but she had been wearing a nice pair of shorts, tight shorts. Of course he had noticed the shorts but he hadn't noticed how tight and short they were. She had nice looking legs as well as nicely shaped breasts, as well as he could tell through her blouse they seemed to be nicely shaped that is. Almost immediately she begun to entice him. Three times she had suggested they do something more, but he had said no each time. It had started with a suggestion that could have been taken three different ways. He made sure she knew he would say no to the sexual acts. Of course he had thought it a joke at first and had chuckled a bit but than it had turned serious a few minutes later when her suggestion was clear. She had bent over revealing that she was not wearing a bra under her low cut blouse. He had gotten a good look at the top of her breasts including her nipples. She said he could see more if he wanted. He had almost said of course he wanted to but stopped himself and said that it wouldn't be a good idea if he did. She just nodded and told him what she wanted moved. What they had come for. He loaded a box into his car and than helped him load a bigger box into his trunk. He got a good look at her legs. That didn't help his mood any for they were nice looking legs and he was already turned on.

One more trip inside and she tried to kiss him promising a deep French kiss. That had been tempting but he managed to grab her by the shoulders and gently push her away. He looked into her face and said no. She just nodded again and went into another room. A minute and half later she shouted to say she needed his help to move something. He should have realized Jesse wasn't going to give up, but he went in anyway. She had her blouse unbutton showing off her naked breasts in all their glory. He had sucked in his breath automatically and starred for a few seconds, quite a few seconds actually he thought.

Finally he turned to the side and said rather angrily, "I already said no, I will not cheat on my wife."

She said, "Hey I'm only getting comfortable, I'm hot and sweaty. There is something I need you to move."

"Only if you button your top."

"Okay, spoil sport."

"What do you want moved?"

"Actually the word is removed." Like a dunce I turned and looked as I said, "What?"

Instead of buttoning her blouse she had removed it all together and now she said, "I want you to remove my shorts."

Jim stared at her in amazement and anger.

She continued, "But if you won't than I will have to."

And she did. She just slipped her hands in the waist band and in one quick push they were down at her feet, she quickly kicked them away. He gasped again, for either she hadn't been wearing any panties or they were in the shorts, because she was naked.

After a few seconds of shock He said, "No, you don't" and went over to retrieve her shorts.

But as he bent over to pick them up she said, "Ok, (sigh) I will get my blouse".

He had to look to see what she was doing and she had bent over to pick up the blouse. That's where she was now. Bent over away from him showing off her privates.

He most have gasped or probably taken another sudden in take of breath for she looked between her legs at me. I was staring again, I'm afraid. Her butt, even though a little on the big side for his tastes was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Her anus somehow stood out and was starring at him. Jim licked his lips and lowered his eyes to her lovely pussy. His eyes widen as she bent forward a bit more and her pussy lips separated even more. Just a touch but enough for him to notice. Jim felt like his shaft was ready to burst his pants.

She repeated her invitation, Jim could have everything he saw. He just shook his head no and she repeated it but this time she reached up and touched her pussy. She stuck two finger tips in and asked, "You sure you don't want to put you finger where my fingers are or your tongue, or better yet your hard cock, I can see bulging out of your pants."

She moved one finger to her anus and pushed it in even deeper than she had the fingers in her pussy.

She said, "And you can have this too, to stick your fingers in or your hard cock."

His mouth dropped as he stared at her invitation. God, he thought, I am harder than I had been in years. He didn't know how he accomplished it but Jim turned away.

He was sweating, that last invitation almost got him. Jim had never done anal before even though he had wanted to for years. His wife had thought about it but always put it off. Part of him didn't blame her of course but still it was something he really wanted to do. Here was an offer to do just that, it was as he thought later almost an offer I couldn't refuse as that old movie stated. Somehow he did though. Jim turned from that erotic sight and told her to get dressed that moment or I was going to leave without her. He started walking through the room's door and headed toward the front door of the house.

He went straight to his car and sat there waiting for a few minutes, He kept glancing at the the house and thought he saw a drape move. Probably her checking to see if he really was out there. Soon after the curtain moved she came running out, finishing buttoning her blouse as she did. Jim drove her back to her home and unloaded the stuff. She said she was sorry for doing that to him but she had wanted him for quite a while. She finished by asking if he had been tempted.

He said, "Yes, that was the biggest temptation I have ever experienced, and my ego appreciates it... and I didn't say no because of the way you look. I have never cheated and I never will."

"I understand... You should take as a compliment, I don't do that to everyone I like but I knew you would be a good lover... I hadn't planned to do all that but you kept saying no and so I had to up the temptation."

"Part of me appreciates the effort but part of me doesn't." he said with a slightly angered tone.

"I understand."

They drove on in silence as part of Jim called himself a fool but another part was glad to know he could resist such a temptation. He drove to her place and helped her unload than drove away. I had a nasty surprise when I got home though. Mary, his wife, was on the warpath. He don't what set her off but she got all over his case for taking so long in helping Jesse. Jim tried to explain that he had told her that it would take a two or three hours but she wasn't having any of it.

He don't know what had gotten into her lately, but she had been like this for the past few months. He just took it, for he had learned that an angrier response from him only made it worst, and than went off. It was a Saturday and he had things to do in the yard, that was one of the things she seemed to be angry about, that he wasn't at home doing stuff they needed done. He thought it ironic that she didn't seem to be worried that he was off with another woman just that he wasn't home. She calmed down later and they had a peaceful relaxed dinner, which he was surprised by.

The next day begun the same as the morning before had been. Nothing he said or did made any difference, she picked it apart everything. He almost blew up twice but that would not only make him feel bad later but it would make the situation worst. She would be mad longer.

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