The Temptation and The Result

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, First, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Man endures huge temptation, once home decides he missed out, then is glad he did miss it.

Writer's Notes: A bit different but hope you enjoy it and as usual I would like comments,


He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had never seen, except with one person, anything like that. Jesse was bent over facing away from him. She was buck naked and he could clearly see her butt, into the crack of her butt and a part of what was between her legs. More specifically he could see what was inside the crack of her butt, her anus and as he shifted his eyes downward he could clearly make out what was underneath that puckered brown opening. Her pussy was open and he could make out some of the pink of the inside. God, that was so arousing it was almost intoxicating, especially because it had been over eight days since he had had sex with his wife. He had a hardon that felt harder than steel.

He thought back to when this had started. He had been exercising at his gym when he had meant Jesse, a tall almost stocky woman with auburn hair. They had talked, just chatting about the exercises and such. Over the next two months they talked more and had even enjoyed some refreshments at the healthbar, the gym, had after some workouts. John had always made sure she knew he couldn't stay long because he had to get home to his wife but all they did was talk about general things. One day she asked him to take her home since she had had car problems. He had been reluctant to do that since she lived alone but finally did anyway. She just got out of the car once they arrived, said thank you and let him drive off. He was both relieved and disappointed that she hadn't asked him in. He had been there three times after that, Once on a weekend to fix something for her, but again even though he had been on his toes waiting for some pass, she never even hinted that there was something else she wanted. Again he was relieved and disappointed at the same time.

He wondered about that disappointment because he would have refused any advances she may of made. And so far today he had done just that. She had asked him to do a special favor and take her to a friend's house to get something. She had been wearing a nice short jacket but once at the friend's house she had taken it off revealing a low cut blouse. A tight blouse that showed off the size and shape of her breasts. When she bent over, even slightly, he could see their tops quite well. Her bra most be a half one. He hadn't noticed at first but she had been wearing a nice pair of shorts, tight shorts. Of course he had noticed the shorts but he hadn't noticed how tight and short they were. She had nice looking legs as well as nicely shaped breasts, as well as he could tell through her blouse they seemed to be nicely shaped that is. Almost immediately she begun to entice him. Three times she had suggested they do something more, but he had said no each time. It had started with a suggestion that could have been taken three different ways. He made sure she knew he would say no to the sexual acts. Of course he had thought it a joke at first and had chuckled a bit but than it had turned serious a few minutes later when her suggestion was clear. She had bent over revealing that she was not wearing a bra under her low cut blouse. He had gotten a good look at the top of her breasts including her nipples. She said he could see more if he wanted. He had almost said of course he wanted to but stopped himself and said that it wouldn't be a good idea if he did. She just nodded and told him what she wanted moved. What they had come for. He loaded a box into his car and than helped him load a bigger box into his trunk. He got a good look at her legs. That didn't help his mood any for they were nice looking legs and he was already turned on.

One more trip inside and she tried to kiss him promising a deep French kiss. That had been tempting but he managed to grab her by the shoulders and gently push her away. He looked into her face and said no. She just nodded again and went into another room. A minute and half later she shouted to say she needed his help to move something. He should have realized Jesse wasn't going to give up, but he went in anyway. She had her blouse unbutton showing off her naked breasts in all their glory. He had sucked in his breath automatically and starred for a few seconds, quite a few seconds actually he thought.

Finally he turned to the side and said rather angrily, "I already said no, I will not cheat on my wife."

She said, "Hey I'm only getting comfortable, I'm hot and sweaty. There is something I need you to move."

"Only if you button your top."

"Okay, spoil sport."

"What do you want moved?"

"Actually the word is removed." Like a dunce I turned and looked as I said, "What?"

Instead of buttoning her blouse she had removed it all together and now she said, "I want you to remove my shorts."

Jim stared at her in amazement and anger.

She continued, "But if you won't than I will have to."

And she did. She just slipped her hands in the waist band and in one quick push they were down at her feet, she quickly kicked them away. He gasped again, for either she hadn't been wearing any panties or they were in the shorts, because she was naked.

After a few seconds of shock He said, "No, you don't" and went over to retrieve her shorts.

But as he bent over to pick them up she said, "Ok, (sigh) I will get my blouse".

He had to look to see what she was doing and she had bent over to pick up the blouse. That's where she was now. Bent over away from him showing off her privates.

He most have gasped or probably taken another sudden in take of breath for she looked between her legs at me. I was staring again, I'm afraid. Her butt, even though a little on the big side for his tastes was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Her anus somehow stood out and was starring at him. Jim licked his lips and lowered his eyes to her lovely pussy. His eyes widen as she bent forward a bit more and her pussy lips separated even more. Just a touch but enough for him to notice. Jim felt like his shaft was ready to burst his pants.

She repeated her invitation, Jim could have everything he saw. He just shook his head no and she repeated it but this time she reached up and touched her pussy. She stuck two finger tips in and asked, "You sure you don't want to put you finger where my fingers are or your tongue, or better yet your hard cock, I can see bulging out of your pants."

She moved one finger to her anus and pushed it in even deeper than she had the fingers in her pussy.

She said, "And you can have this too, to stick your fingers in or your hard cock."

His mouth dropped as he stared at her invitation. God, he thought, I am harder than I had been in years. He didn't know how he accomplished it but Jim turned away.

He was sweating, that last invitation almost got him. Jim had never done anal before even though he had wanted to for years. His wife had thought about it but always put it off. Part of him didn't blame her of course but still it was something he really wanted to do. Here was an offer to do just that, it was as he thought later almost an offer I couldn't refuse as that old movie stated. Somehow he did though. Jim turned from that erotic sight and told her to get dressed that moment or I was going to leave without her. He started walking through the room's door and headed toward the front door of the house.

He went straight to his car and sat there waiting for a few minutes, He kept glancing at the the house and thought he saw a drape move. Probably her checking to see if he really was out there. Soon after the curtain moved she came running out, finishing buttoning her blouse as she did. Jim drove her back to her home and unloaded the stuff. She said she was sorry for doing that to him but she had wanted him for quite a while. She finished by asking if he had been tempted.

He said, "Yes, that was the biggest temptation I have ever experienced, and my ego appreciates it... and I didn't say no because of the way you look. I have never cheated and I never will."

"I understand... You should take as a compliment, I don't do that to everyone I like but I knew you would be a good lover... I hadn't planned to do all that but you kept saying no and so I had to up the temptation."

"Part of me appreciates the effort but part of me doesn't." he said with a slightly angered tone.

"I understand."

They drove on in silence as part of Jim called himself a fool but another part was glad to know he could resist such a temptation. He drove to her place and helped her unload than drove away. I had a nasty surprise when I got home though. Mary, his wife, was on the warpath. He don't what set her off but she got all over his case for taking so long in helping Jesse. Jim tried to explain that he had told her that it would take a two or three hours but she wasn't having any of it.

He don't know what had gotten into her lately, but she had been like this for the past few months. He just took it, for he had learned that an angrier response from him only made it worst, and than went off. It was a Saturday and he had things to do in the yard, that was one of the things she seemed to be angry about, that he wasn't at home doing stuff they needed done. He thought it ironic that she didn't seem to be worried that he was off with another woman just that he wasn't home. She calmed down later and they had a peaceful relaxed dinner, which he was surprised by.

The next day begun the same as the morning before had been. Nothing he said or did made any difference, she picked it apart everything. He almost blew up twice but that would not only make him feel bad later but it would make the situation worst. She would be mad longer.

Just before lunch he asked her about something she wanted to do, she got even more angry yelling at him that he should have been able to figure it out using logic. It was simple after all. He wanted to explain to her that he was just double checking to make sure he understood correctly so he wouldn't get yelled at for being wrong, but he had tried that before and she just didn't want to understand. He just took what she said than walked outside.

They lived on the curve of a cal de sac and so he went outside to sit at the curb. Most of the neighbors were still at church or relaxing inside so no one would probably see him sulking. He just didn't understand her these days. She didn't use to be this bad. Maybe the pressures of life was getting to her or it was early menopause starting. He didn't know. He picked up a small rock and using a sideways pitch threw it into the street. Sometimes at times like this he just felt more like crying, or just taking off. He was getting yelled at for stuff that wasn't his fault, and even when he had really done something wrong the "punishment" would be worst than it should be.

He sighed, wishing he had said yes to Jesse yesterday. He hated thinking like this but at the same time if Jesse was to drive up this moment and invite him for a drive back to her place he probably would go.

Inside the house twenty minutes later, his wife was mostly calmed down as she got a phone call. It was from a partial friend she hadn't heard of in ages. Jesse, they caught up some on what was happening with each other than Jesse threw a surprise her way. She asked Mary if she remembered her wondering if her husband was faithful and would stay that way. It had been during a discussion on husbands Jesse said that she had gotten to know Jim when she found out that he had been exercising at the same gym. In the couple months after that she had found that he was a nice guy. They had talked and he had helped her with some projects. He always spent some time praising Mary and telling Jesse that he was lucky to be married to Mary.

Jesse said, "You're lucky to have such a husband. I bet he is as good in private as he is in public."

"Yeah, he is the same at home as in public."

"I thought so, he just seems like the type that would be. I had a husband that always would get mad at small things wrong I did. He would rant and rave sometimes at the smallest things. We had some good times but he started yelling at me for things I didn't do or that won't all that important and after a while that out did the good times so I left him. Your husband I bet is the opposite."

Mary said, "He does hardly ever yell and has never called me names."

"I bet he also sends you cards and flowers for no reason, or just to say that he loves you."

"Yes he does. In fact he got me a nice card last week." Mary who had been having flashes of her behavior toward her husband lately, added in her thoughts, and I just treated it as something not important She paused as she thought about some of the recent times she had yelled at Jim for small things.

Jesse was saying, "Don't you think?"

"I'm sorry my mind was elsewhere. What did you say?"

"I betcha your mind was on the last time you guys had sex."

"I beg your pardon! You would be wrong, but how did that come up?"

"I was just saying I bet he would be good in bed."

"Why would you say that?"

"Because I got to know him some in the past few weeks as I said. He is gentle, thoughtful and giving. He would do his best to see the girl had a good time. And he would know how to give a girl a good time."

"Yes, without going into private details you're right."

"He is faithful too."

"Well yes but you know all that from just talking with now and than in the past few months?"

"No I know that because I tried to tempt him."

"What!?? You tried to Tempt him!?" Mary said, sounding angry and shocked. "Yes, to start with because you said to."

"When did I say you could tempt my husband."

"Three months ago when some of us where together and you wondered if your husband would always be faithful."

"I remember but I didn't expect any one to try."

"When someone asked what they would get if they succeeded you said they would get a good time with him. That is when I first thought he would be a good lover."

"I was joking."

"Yes, but some of use thought you might be serious underneath. Francine and Becky tried, but their efforts were clumsy and failed. I wanted to sneak up on him, so I made sure that I got to know him first. We talked at the gym and exercised together. I made sure I didn't say anything that could be thought of as a pass. I asked him to drive me home one day. I could tell her was reluctant but I convinced him I really needed it and when he drive me him I was a perfect lady. I thanked him and off he went. Later I got him inside and it was the same thing. He didn't really want to go inside but I convinced him to and again I made sure I didn't say or do anything suggestive. He soon got used to helping me. I even wore skimpy outfits a couple of times but didn't try anything.

"Yesterday I decided to go for it. We were alone and I made sure I was wearing short tight shorts and a tight low cut blouse with no bra. I had worn that before and he hardly gave me a second look. I knew he put out the effort to not look but Saturday he looked. I made sure he saw down my blouse enough to see my nipples. I suggested something but he didn't take the bait. I even rubbed against him a couple of times and he still ignored it. Finally I went into another room and unbutton my blouse and called him in. He eyes opened wide as he saw me and I saw desire in his eyes for a second after the shock wore off, but he turned and told me to button it back up. I wanted him by than, I told you I thought he would be a good lover, and every time he said no it just fired my desire even more. That was when I decided to go all the way. I took off my blouse than called him in a way that would cause him to turn back. Once he was looking I told him wanted him to remove my shorts but if he won't I would. I pushed them down than kicked them away. He still again turned around but this time he went to pick up my shorts. I made it sound like I had given in and was picking up my blouse. But after I made him look I was bent over showing my pussy and butt to him. I thought I had him because he just stood there starring but he told me no and to get dressed. I couldn't believe it but I wanted him more than ever so I tried one more thing. I stuck my finger in my pussy and told him I wanted him there, and I pushed a finger in my butt hole and told him he could have that too. He still managed to turn around and to say no."

Mary stood there for a moment amazed and shocked by her friend's confession and how far she had been willing to go to get Jim. She managed to say that she was glad to hear that Jim was able to withstand that temptation.

Jesse added, "You guys never done anal?"

Mary was so shocked by the question that she said, "No we haven't I don't know if I could stand the pain."

"You should."

Mary recovered said, "That's kinda private rather we do or not... but how did you know we don't?"

"Jim made a noise when I offered him my butt. It was a kinda whiny hungry noise deep in his throat. I don't think he realized he had made it but I know that sound. Men make it when they want something badly. And I saw how he looked when I stuck my finger in my butt hole. He wanted it badly, in a way that showed that he never had it before."

"I... " Mary started to say but Jesse continued, "Its hurts the first time and even some the first few times but just use a lot of lube and take it easy the first time. Make sure that you control the action and let him know when to move and where it hurts. I think Jim would be very gentile and understanding. The first guy who took my anal cherry was very gentile, I'm glad he was the first guy instead of the second guy who butt fucked me. He was way too rough, if he had been the first I probably won't be enjoying butt fucking now."

Mary listened but at the same blushed and was embarrassed by the turn of the conversation and by the blunt talk.

She said, "Rather we do or not is our business," and even though what she said sounded like a rebuke she said it in a thoughtful voice not angry at all.

"True but think about it."

Mary was thinking but more about what Jesse had said about Jim, and flashes of her yelling at Jim went through her mind. She had been treating her husband badly lately. He deserved better than that. She looked out the living room window at him sitting on the curb. So that's why he was out there.

"How is your husband today?"

"He's doing OK, not acting guilty if that was what you were getting at."

To her self she added, as she watched her husband toss a rock out into the road like he was trying to skip it over water, He's just sitting out there on the curb probably wishing he had given in to you yesterday.

Jesse started to say something in response to that but Mary didn't catch what it was and interrupted her by asking, "Could I borrow one of your very short skirts? I think we are about the same size."

"Uh, I supposed so. Any special reason?"

"Let's just say its for a surprise. But make sure it can go with a crushed blue blouse."

"I know one that would work."

"Can you bring it over right now?"

"I'm not sure if I can."

"We could call it your punishment for trying to seduce my husband." Mary said that light heartily but she really was feeling anger toward Jesse for that.

"In that case I will bring it right over, I don't live that far away, so I can be there in twenty or so minutes."

"Good, I will see you than."

As she hung up the phone she said to herself, that will give me enough time to get Jim away from here. She stuck her head out the door and called to Jim asking him nicely if he would go to the store now and get her something. He said he would, even though by the sound of his voice she knew he didn't want to. He came in and she told him what she wanted and he left.

As he drove away he was feeling put upon as they used to say. Mary had sounded nice when she asked but there had been some steel in her voice that told him he better go or else.

He was back in twenty-five minutes with the things she wanted and as Mary had planned he missed Jesse bringing the skirt over. She had wanted to stay longer to talk but Mary had cut her short explaining that she had things to do before Jim got back, she apologized even though she wasn't really feeling sorry.

She told Jim that was all she needed him for and he could go back outside. He did this time he grabbed some stuff he could work on as he sat on the curb. He was still feeling sorry for himself and wanted to by out of the house. Fifteen minutes later he heard their house door shut and looked up. He felt anger that Mary was probably coming out with something else for him to do. As he looked at his wife his mouth almost dropped open. She was wearing that tight crashed blue blouse that turned him on. It showed off her shape and her breasts just right. God, why was she torturing him like that? They hadn't had sex for over a week and he was already horny especially after yesterday and what Jesse had shown him. She knew what that top did to him and yet she was wearing it probably without thinking of its effect on him. Than his eyes dropped lower and he was even more surprised. That was a short skirt she was wearing, he didn't know she had any that short. It showed off a lot of her legs, and as nice as they were to look at he didn't want to at the moment. In that short skirt they would arouse him even more than her blouse had.

He wondered if she was going out with her friends and where they were going in that outfit. She didn't go to bars but maybe something special was happening. He turned and went back to work, marking some cardboard for a certain use in landscaping. She walked right up to him with a purposeful walk. She was mad about something he thought, and he was going to get it again. She stood right next to him only inches away from touching him.

She said in a certain tone, "Jim, I need to talk to you!"

He looked up at her, for she insisted that he always looked at her when she talked to him especially in that tone. He looked up and up and up those mighty fine looking legs of hers. The shins, knees, thighs upper thighs, than where they connected to her body. She was standing there with her legs apart like she was really angry and he could see in-between her legs. He blinked and his mouth almost fell opened. She was wasn't wearing any panties.

What was going on? He almost said that outloud but it was a nice view though and it wasn't one he could resist even though he would pay for it later by being so turned on he couldn't stand it. Well, he would just have to take care of it himself than. It was dark up her skirt so he couldn't make out every detail of her lovely pussy but he knew it well enough to picture what he couldn't see. After all these years and watching two babies come out of it it still turned him on more than he could say. This time he didn't mind having to look her as she talked, it gave him an excuse to look at another part of her body.

She started talking, he was distracted so he didn't catch every word, and he really wasn't interested in hearing it anyway but it seemed to deal with sulking and being out where the neighbors could see. One thing he did notice was that the tone of her voice wasn't as biting as usual. It was almost as if she was saying those things just half heartily.

Finally after two or three minutes of that she suddenly squatted down. She just bent her knees and sat there with her knees pointing toward him. It was so fast it startled him into leaning backwards for a moment. When he had recovered he looked at her and saw something even better. Her skirt had ridden up a bit and her legs were separated. He's eyes widen for a moment as for now he had a perfect beaver shot of between her legs. There was enough light to make out every detail. He automatically glanced across the street to make sure no one else could see. That would embarrass her.

No body was around to see, of course there could be someone in one of the houses looking out at that moment but they won't be able to see that far up her skirt anyway.

She said very gently, "I know what you have been looking at while I was talking."

His eyes widen as fear of another bawling out arose in his emotions. She most have noticed it though for she continued quickly with, "I'm not angry, I... I like it that you still find me that attractive."

He gaze went up toward her face since that was not what he had been expecting. He's eyes went over her breasts and he stopped his upward motion as he realized he could see her nipples pressed against the blouse. They won't hard but they were easily seen, he's eyebrows went up as he realized that she wasn't wearing a bra either. So that's why her blouse had been even sexier than usual. He looked at her with puzzlement wondering why she was dressed like that. He was so turned on he felt like just shoving her on the grass pushing his pants down and taking her right there, that would certainly give the neighbors something to talk about.

She said, "I know you like what you see and I dressed this way on purpose to get your attention."

His mouth tighten and his eyes narrowed at the the idea that she had set out to arouse him.

She most have read that expression, she was doing that a lot right now he thought, also since she said, "I didn't wear this as a tease, this outfit was meant to be an invitation."

His eyes had wondered back down to the beaver shot and now they zipped back up to her face with a questioning look but before he could do more than open his mouth for a question, she continued, "I know we haven't had sex for a while and I know I have been mistreating you so I wore this outfit to give you a treat and to say let's get it on."

She pause that said, "Let's go inside now, my knees are getting tried."

She straighten up and turned to head into the house, he was up like a shot and begun to follow her.

Mary looked over her shoulder and said, "I have a surprise for you in the bedroom... you will like it."

He continued to follow her into the house amazed by this turn of events. He knew he most look like a puppy dog eager for attention following someone, but he didn't care. Once inside they headed for the bedroom and once in there she turned to him, kissing him hard.

When they finally stopped she stepped back and said, "Undress me, I like it when you undress me and I know how much you like doing it."

He just nodded and begun to undo her buttons. His hands shook at first not from nervousness but from his desire. He hadn't been this hot in months, possibly years. He took a deep breath and finished the job than gently slipped the blouse off her shoulders. It dropped to the floor and he stepped back taking in the beauty and sexiness of her breasts. He sucked in his breath at the sight. He suddenly bent over part way and began to suck on her right nipple. At the same time he grabbed hold of the left one and squeezed, not too hard but not as gently as usual either. He groaned around the nipple he sucking. He next licked it, and licked it some more. He switched to the other, sucking and licking the left one and squeezing the right. This went on for few seconds and she finally she reminded him that she was still wearing something.

He stood back up, hugged her tightly mumbled something about how sexy she was and that he loved her than reached down behind her and unzipped the skirt. It fell to the floor around her feet and she stepped out of it. He took two steps back and looked her over. He drew in another sharp intake of breath as he did. God, you're so beautiful and sexy, he thought. She kissed him and unzipped his pants as she did.

Suddenly though she sat down on the bed, pushed down his pants and underwear in one movement, than grabbed hold of his hardness. It was super hard and precum was almost dripping off of its head. She just as quickly moved her head forward, opening her mouth as she did. He gasped as he felt her mouth envelop his shaft. As she began to suck he jerked as he spasmed in ecstasy. All he could do was groan. Two minutes later as she was licking the head and even nibbling around the edges he warned her that he was close. She put her mouth over the head taking half of him in. She made happy sounds around his hard cock. Suddenly he pulled out slightly and said that he was almost there.

She pulled back and said, "Its Ok. This is a special gift for you."

As she closed her mouth around his shaft again his eyes opened wide for a second with that, she hardly ever allowed him to cum in her mouth. Only two or three times a year. Sometimes it was a full blow job and sometimes it was after they had fucked and she cum. But now he was going to enjoy it, the few seconds he had left anyway.

He said, "Its going to be a big load," through gritted teeth than went back to groaning.

He jerked again almost pulling out of her mouth as his body spasmed again. He didn't know what she was doing to him but it already felt better than being in her pussy, at times. Half a minute later he let out a sound that to her always sounded like what she thought a bull moose would make. It was deep and guttural, starting in the back of his throat. Before he was half way through the moose call she felt a new wetness form in her mouth as something hit the back of her throat. Almost immediately this was followed be a second and a third. He let out a second less loud sound as the second glope of his sperm shot out of his cock, landing on the back of her throat.

At the first of his climax his head went back and now it went forward as his body spasmed. His body almost jerked him out of her mouth. Her eyes went wide as yet another full glope hit the back of her mouth. He had been right it was a big load. She swallowed for a third time as his body partly relaxed. His shaft jerked a couple more times and he was able to open his eyes and watch her swallow twice. God, that was exciting to see her gulp down his cum, he hardly ever got to see that. And since he was looking at her from a slight angle he could see the white stuff his body produced, slip out of her mouth under his hardness. God, he couldn't stand it anymore. He pulled out and pushed her back onto the bed. She scooted up and he almost fell on top of her as he mashed his mouth against hers. He grabbed her tongue and sucked on it mindless of the last bit of his cum she hadn't been able to swallow yet. It slipped into his mouth and down his throat, with him barely registering what it was.

He moved his body slightly as it found from years of practice the right angle to allow him to just slip his shaft into her waiting hole. He bottomed out with one fast push as she groaned into his mouth and begin thrusting hard and fast. After a few minutes he thought of something he hadn't done yet and slipped out and then slipped his body down off the foot of the bed. Her legs were opened and dipped his head between them and begin to lick her pussy. It was dripping now and looked even more arousing. He described outloud what he thought of the sight.

She smiled and said, "I forgot how good that feels when (Pant-groan) you admire me like that, but this is for you, (groan) I... want to make love to (MOAN) you."

"If this is for me I want to taste you."

(Groan) "but that was not my surprise I got (MOAN) something else for you (Gaaspmoan)."

He wondered to himself that if that blow job hadn't been her surprise than what was it and would he live through it. That had been incredible. He didn't have an answer so he continued his licking of her pussy and sucking of her clit. Soon her hands were on his head egging him on. He sucked, licked the inside walls of her slit and even pushed in two fingers all the way back to her G-spot. She almost screamed as he suddenly sucked on her clitoris at the same time he stroked her G-spot. Her hands increased their pressure against his head pushing him closer. For a moment he used his tongue to fuck her but than went back to using his two fingers on her special spot inside as he went back to sucking her special spot outside. He starting nibbling that nub of flesh outside and soon she was moaning as load as he had been as she sucked him. She let out an EEEGGGAHHH and started bucking against his fingers. Her head went back and her back arched as a climax ripped through her body. Her mouth froze open than relaxed as she fell back to the bed. He continued to lap up her juices, enjoying himself immensely.

After a couple minutes he scooted back up at her urging and inserted his double hard shaft back into her. She gasped out a moan and hugged him tight. He just lay there for a minute or so than began to thrust in and out. He fucked her for a few long minutes than felt his orgasm building and from her sounds hers was getting close also. He speeded up his rhythm and soon he changed it to short quick thrusts. She was groaning constantly as he was.

He felt the familiar build up of ecstasy than just as she let out an EEiiiiii sound and arched her back his hit. He pushed in deep and felt his sperm rush up the shaft. It burst forth into her pussy as a bellow forced its way out of his mouth. She was bucking against him almost screaming her joy in his ear. She relaxed first and two seconds later he relaxed laying on top of her. He kissed her hard, than softly.

He said, "That was good. I needed that... both of them."

He toppled-slide off of her, laying next to her so they could coddle as she usually liked to do afterwards. It was something he had gotten to like also. He hadn't been that thrilled with it in the beginning but found that now he missed it when they weren't able to. She kissed him and agreed that it was good and that she had needed it too.

She than said, "That was not your surprise either. I have something else in mind as soon as we have rested a bit."

She coddled next to him, enjoying the warmth of his body and his presence.

A few minutes later he started to play with her nipples, lazily stroking, pinching and caressing them.

She sighed in joy and said, "Good you're still horny."

"Its been so long I could probably do it four times."

She smiled and said he just might but than asked him to lick and suck on her butt.

Jim was happy to oblige her. He liked licking her butt, especially in between the crack. She hadn't requested that for a few months but she had many times in the past few years.

She turned over on her stomach and lifter her rear in the air to give him better excess. He got up on hands and knees and moved over behind her. He thought even after two climaxes he was going to be hard again very soon with that sight. He loved starring at her but especially when he could see her anus and her pussy at the same time. So beautiful and arousing. He just starred at it for a minute.

She asked, "You still there?"

"Yes, I was just admiring the view."

"Good, you still want to."

He bent forward and kissed her butt, first one cheek than the other than he licked that cheek. He slide his tongue across it in long sweeps leaving trails of his saliva. After a minute he switched to the other one repeating the tongue sweeps. He put one hand on the cheek he had just licked and began to message it. She liked that too and he liked doing it. God, it was so sexy his manhood was hard already. Another minute of that and he used both hands to separate the crack and he licked inside. First the right side than the left, slowly making his way down to his main target. He left two hickies, one on each side, behind as he did. Finally he lightly ran his tongue over her brown puckered opening. Than again and again. Finally he could resist anymore and he dived into licking her anus. Licking it hard and fast. He even putting his mouth against it so he could chew it. She was groaning big time now. He massage her cheeks some more and even played with her clit, rubbing it with one hand. Soon he pushed two fingers in her pussy and found her G-spot. He caressed it gently as he licked and chewed her, other smaller, tighter hole. She was defiantly on her way to another orgasm.

She suddenly surprised him though with a request for him to push a finger into her anus. Boy, she most be turned on she only had requested that a couple of times over the years. He did eagerly. He placed the tip of the finger against the puckered spot than slowly pushed in. Easing it in all the way. She groaned and soon he pulled back out and pushed back in. He did it once more and she groaned loader. He smiled at himself and began to slowly finger fuck her rectum. He had only done that once or twice before and he enjoyed it. Not as good as sticking his shaft in, he was sure, but still better than nothing. After a couple of minutes of that she surprised him with another request.

"Could you stick two fingers in please?"

Wow he thought she had never request that before. He had tried it twice but had only been allowed to get them in half way.

"There's a tube on the dresser please put some of the stuff in it on your fingers first."

A tube on the dresser? She most have been planning this. Not a bad surprise. He quickly got up found a tube that said K-Y jelly and opened it. She asked that he made sure there was some on her anus as well as his fingers. He didn't think she needed all that much just for two fingers but if she wanted it she would get it anyway. He liberally coated the two fingers he was going to use after he got behind her again. Next he put a dollop of jelly on the right place, pushed it in some than made sure it spread all around that exciting round orifice. Finally he placed the two fingers against her butt hole. He pushed. They went in easier than he expected. Maybe because of how turned on she was and the lubrication. Not to mention his licking. He kept the pressure on the fingers, slowly sliding them in deeper and deeper, until they were all the way in. She groaned in a little pain once but than moaned in pleasure. He left them in all the way as he reveled in the feeling of the two fingers inside that hole. Than he carefully pulled them out slowly and pushed back in. Pulled them almost out and pushed in again. She didn't protest in fact she grunted in ecstasy. He continued the slow motions and a fourth time he pulled them all the way out by accident but quickly placed them again against the anus and pushed in. All the way in one slow motion. She just grunted, he pulled out and pushed back in again She gasped with a good feeling sound.

After a minute she said, "That was not my surprise either."

His eyebrows went up wondering what it was than. But he continued to finger fuck her brown opening. God, it was making him so excited he almost started to wank his cock. Instead his used his the fingers of the other hand to fuck her pussy. He made sure her clit got attention too.

Finally she groaned and moaned than said, "push in something bigger."

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