Dear Dr. Phil

by Spiller

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Desc: Sex Story: My first child-birth was a shock and it changed my sex-life considerably. I even neglected my poor husband. A week's holidays in Jamaica changed all that, but it also changed me so much, I'd like Dr.Phil to put me on the track, back to my own self.

I wish I could write this letter to dr. Phil, and that he would take me to his show.

Heavens, no. I'd be millions too shy to go there, and I would hate for my 'problem' to become public knowledge. I could never face my neighbours, knowing that they knew what I have done, and I could never risk my teaching career. I am sure I would not have a career; I am sure I wouldn't even have a job. Yet, I should love an outspoken, matter-of-fact psychologist like dr. Phil to tell me, what is wrong with me. Why I have changed so much. Of course I know the mechanics of it, I just don't understand myself.

You see, up till three months ago I was your all-American typical housewife and mum. God, I was so typical it almost hurt. I was good-looking in that clean, suburban fashion: Blonde, curly hair (with the aid of my hairdresser), a fine figure formed in the gym and without much damage from a childbirth; always a kind smile on my face, be it in church or in school. Happily married to my high school sweetheart, the moment we both had finished our college educations. Oh, boy, was I in love. He was such a sweet, handsome, and romantic boy. Whenever I saw him I turned into jelly and bubbles, and all I wanted was to kiss him, hold him, and love him.

We got married, and those first 18 months were sheer Heaven. I could hardly wait for Jim to get home every day. My teaching job let me off 3 or 4 hours earlier than Jim, and when I finally heard his car in the driveway, I was tingling all over. If he had had a hard day, I would pamper him, caress him, serve him his tea and feed him cookies with my lips. If he had had a good day, his strong embrace would make me swoon and my pussy run. If I had had a hard day, he would cradle my head on his shoulder and tell me how I could outshine any of the pretty flowers in our garden, or he would point to a bird flying by, and whisper how he wanted to grow wings, so he could fly me to all the prettiest places in the world and make love to me there.

Our house was number 9 on the little road, and between us we would refer to it as 'cloud 9'. Then I got pregnant. We were ecstatic. The pregnancy was even better than the preceding 18 months. Jim made me feel beautiful and cherished, even when we came to the point where I felt more like an old elephant.

Giving birth to Ann-Marie was a shocking experience. I had never dreamed it would be so hard, hurt so much, and last that long. I am sorry to admit, that for the first three days of her life, I did not feel any of that heavenly, motherly love, I had read so much about. I hurt all over, I was tired to the bones, and I was still numbed by the shock. I fed her, when the nurses brought her to me, but I was just as happy when they took her away. On the fourth morning I more or less woke up, like out of a bad dream. I could see how pretty Ann-Marie was, and for the first time I felt love for the little creature clinging to my swollen breasts.

When we got back home from the hospital, I realised for the first time, what a time- and energy-consuming little thing she was. I had taken a one-year leave from my job, but still I was infinitely more exhausted, just taking care of Ann-Marie. My mind and my body were totally focused on that sweet, smiling, and lively baby. Gone were the bubbles when Jim came home, and the only jelly in my knees was, when Ann-Marie woke up at 3 in the morning, demanding to be fed. Poor Jim. He was so sweet and patient it almost hurt. "Take your time, love. Of course she's a strain on you."

When Ann-Marie was 4 months old, I felt so sorry for Jim that I initiated our first lovemaking since the little devil joined our family. I could not believe we were the same two people, in the same bed, who had painted heaven and happiness on the walls, only 5 months earlier. Where were the bubbles? Where was that all- consuming feeling of love and togetherness? It was by far our lousiest fuck, ever. He did not complain, but I knew Jim was disappointed, and I was ashamed and felt, I let him down.

I should have liked to get some advice from my mother, but she is not a woman to talk about sex. A couple of colleagues from school visited me to see Ann-Marie, and jokingly I brought up the subject.

"Yeah, my Stine cut off all my need for sex, too. I think she was more than a year old before I needed sex the first time."

"Would you believe it: I was so horny, I had to have Peter lick me out the night before Annie was born, and then: Slam, bang, not once over the next 9 months was my pussy any wetter than Sahara."

Well. At least it was a comfort to know, I was not the only one, and they advised me to bee good to Jim. A little acting was OK, they said, as long as I felt sure I still loved him. "For heavens sake, don't cut him off, Linda. He might be tempted out there, and you wouldn't want that, would you?"

Next afternoon Helga returned with a small gift. "Look, dear, this is a water-based exploration créme. You'll never convince him that you like it, if your pussy is dry. Go to the bathroom, just before you go to bed, and push a small squirt up your vagina. He'll never know it's not your own juice. Once it starts seeping out of you, it'll even taste a bit like it."

We actually survived the next 8 months this way. I became pretty good at acting the sexy wife, and Jim was pretty happy, although not ecstatic, with the sex he got.

When I finally felt the first tinges of lust, I was in for yet another surprise. I mean, it was only natural that I felt like a whore, as long as the sex I provided was only fake, but I had no idea how much this attitude had changed me. All I had ever tried, sexwise, was that supernatural, romantic, in love, good-girl, sex. And it had worked perfectly for me! I loved Jim beyond reason, and invariably I would have one or two orgasms, when we made love. And I did not have to 'work' for them.

Now the bubbles and the jelly had disappeared. Do not get me wrong: In just a week, I loved it. Jim was still my handsome high school sweet heart, and he was not at all a bad lover. My pussy would snap for his cock, and I would tingle all over, when it entered me. But my orgasms did not appear out of the blue. I guess I would have one for every 5 fucks.

I read a couple of manuals on marital sex, but in general I felt, that only the advice to be more active had any relevance to me. So I did become more active, and it worked very well for both of us. The first time I rubbed my clit while Jim fucked me, he got so horny that he was a millisecond from coming on me, before I was ready. It really excited him to watch me masturbate, and one night he grabbed my hand and held it to his cock. "Use this one, he'll love it." Jim took up position between my legs, at a right angle, and his fine cock was really handy as a masturbation tool. That made me very horny, and I rubbed myself through three orgasms on his cockhead. Poor Jim. His cock was so sore, he had the biggest trouble coming, when it became his turn, and next morning we had to cover him with Vaseline and gauze, trying to heal his sore and worn head.

All through this revitalisation of our sexlife, I still deeply and truly loved Jim, and I am absolutely sure that his feelings were the same. He was a lovely and devoted father and husband, and when the time came for me to return to teaching, he was promoted in his company, and he told me I could take another year's leave, if I wanted to. And sure, I wanted to stay at home with Ann-Marie and my Jim.

As our 3rd anniversary was approaching, we had started using fantasies in our lovemaking. Jim printed out different erotic (pornographic) stories from the net. Some of them we found repulsive, but others would ignite fires and desires. Jim's parents wanted to give us a splendid gift for our 3rd anniversary. One week in a luxury hotel in Jamaica, while they would take care of Ann-Marie. "Say yes," my mother in law whispered to me. "Believe me, I remember how it was, when Jim was that age. You two really need a little time all by yourselves to find, what you had when you were alone."

We discussed his parents' proposal. It took us a little less than five minutes to agree, it was a perfect idea. Ken and Lilly (Jim's parents) woke us up early on the day, handed us the tickets, kissed us good-bye, and drove off with a laughing Ann-Marie in the back seat. By ten o'clock we were in the air, by four o'clock we had been picked up in the airport and taken to our hotel, ten miles out of Kingston Town. We were installed in a wonderful two-room suite overlooking the sea, TV in both rooms, refrigerated bar, a huge bathroom with showers and a Jacuzzi, and muted reggae music from the loudspeakers, which the bellboy showed us how to turn up and down.

The bellboy had barely left us when there was a knock at the door. "Room service." He rolled in a butler's tray, carrying a bottle of champagne in a cooler, a bowl of freshly washed strawberries, and a card saying: "Have a good time. We will. Lilly, Ken, and Ann-Marie."

It was all very romantic, and posh beyond anything we had tried before. We turned off the air-con, opened the balcony doors, quickly stripped and had a cool shower. God how I enjoyed it. Nothing to disturb us for ages, sitting naked in the warm breeze, which made the curtains, flow like waves, sipping champagne and eating cooled strawberries. I felt pampered and pretty, and the way my husband ogled me, told me I was.

"Sorry, I didn't think about it. I should have brought some of the naughty stories. Right now would be a perfect moment for me to read one loud for you." Jim was one big, bright smile when I turned to look at him. Actually that big smile sent a flash of lust through my body, just as much as his words about a naughty story.

I raised my glass to toast him, while I lifted my left leg over the armrest. "A toast to your imagination," I smiled. "Maybe you can find something else, or you can make up one."

"Some of these hotels have a pay-channel with pornographic movies. Would you like to watch one with me?"

"Would you believe it? I don't know if I'd like it, 'cause I've never seen one!"

"Then it's about time, don't you think? I'll check the TV in the bedroom to see if they've got any."

He came back a few minutes later. "They've got plenty of naughty channels." He picked up the cooler with the champagne, kissed me as he passed by my chair and said:"May I invite madam to a naughty break on our double bed?"

We settled down on our naked backs, each with a refreshed glass of champagne in hand, holding hands with the free hand. On the screen a well-sculptured guy was caressing a good-looking dark-haired woman. He played with her breasts, kissed them, and soon his hand was on her pussy. She willingly spread her thighs, and my own pussy started to tingle, when I watched his fingers separate her lips and start diddling her clit. "Turn up the sound," I said. I want to hear them, too."

That was when my 'problem' started.

The woman was groaning, and a little later she humped her pussy against his hand. "Oh, please fuck me, Johnny, I'm so horny."... "I'm not going to fuck you, but I want you to be really horny. I want to take you right to the brink, but I'm not going to let you come."... "Don't be cruel, Johnny. Why do you tease me so?"... "Because in a few minutes I'll take you down to the bar, and I know that when you are this horny, you are going to let a lot of guys feel you up, and even let some of them fuck you, when I tell you to do it."... "Please, Johnny, please let me come." She fucked her pussy violently against his hand, but he just withdrew it.

His words really set me on fire. Not even remotely had I had fantasies in that direction, but his words alone set my pussy gushing. Jim may have felt the shivers, because he let go of my hand and moved his own down to cover my pussy. While the dark-haired woman threw a thin dress over her naked body, Jim pushed a finger between my lips and felt how wet I was. I groaned, almost like the woman on the film, when he touched my clit.

"I think my Linda likes to watch porn movies," Jim said.

"Mmmm. I'd like to see if he means what he said," I panted.

"About having the guys at the bar feel her up and fuck her?"

"Yes," I groaned. "What a perfectly wicked idea." I squeezed my thighs rhythmically around his hand. "Don't bring me off, Jim, I want to see more."

The next scene was a bar with about 12 men and only two women. The man led his dark-haired girl to the bar, helped her up on one of the stools, then turned her to sit sideways to the bar and pushed her legs wide open. He ordered two drinks and took his own drink to one of the tables. A man at the bar had observed what was going on, and a minute later he went up close to the girl, saluted her with his drink and moved in to stand between her open legs. While they talked his right hand moved in to feel her pussy. We could see his hand moving, and then the camera focused on her face. She looked ecstatic. A horny smile on her mouth, and her eyes almost closed. He pulled his hand out from under her skirt and brought it to his mouth. He said something to the girl and then sucked his fingers clean. Then he put his glass on the bar, and while his left hand caressed her tits, he waved to one of the other guys to come over. Soon a big, black guy was standing behind the girl, unbuttoning the top of her dress, while the guy in front of her had unzipped his pants and brought out a hefty cock. The girl leaned back against the black guy and spread her thighs even more, and a deep groan escaped her, when that fat cock was pushed into her willing pussy.

God, it made me horny. I spread my legs a little wider and gasped: "Oh, my God, Jim. Fuck me. Fuck me, please. I don't think I was ever so horny. Fuck me."

"I'll do it one better, my sweet." Quickly he pulled my legs together and dragged them in between his own, so he could hold them tight, leaving me no opportunity to spread out. His right hand lay flat on my belly, until he moved it down to let one finger slip into my sopping crack. Slowly and deliberately he masturbated my clit, which didn't bring me any release, it only added to the burning fire in there. He kissed and licked my breasts, and in between he said a lot of horny things to me. "Oh, my sweet little wife likes to see another sweet little wife behave like a whore, does she?"

"Yes," I groaned and tried to hump my clit against his finger. On the screen she had come to number three guy, and she was screaming and yelling when she had an orgasm. I almost had one of my own, just looking at her.

"What if I told my sweet little wife that I'd like to see her do the same? What if I told her it would make me horny to see her fuck a number of strangers? Would she like that?"

"Oh, my God. Don't say that," I cried. "Please, Jim, fuck me, I can't stand this any more."

"I asked you a question. Would you like that?"

"Don't get angry, please, Jim. YES, I'd love it. I think I'd go berserk like that girl on the TV. Fuck me now, Jim."

Finally he let go of my legs, and as soon as I had spread them, he rolled on top of me and fucked me hard and violently. It took me one minute to reach a wonderful orgasm. I screamed and moaned while heavenly currents ran through my body, all of them ending in my convulsing pussy. When I was coming down from the mountain Jim stopped for a moment. My breathing was almost back to normal, when he started moving on me again, but this time with small, shivering movements. When I opened my eyes again they were met with the sight of Jim's face almost contorted in passion. His cock felt like a piece of glowing hot iron in my pussy.

"So my horny little wife would like to be fucked, like that girl on the screen? By a lot of total strangers?"

"Oh, Jim, I'm sorry, it's the first time I watch a porno movie. Yes, it made me so crazy to see her do it. Did you like to see it?"

"Oh, yes, I still like it. Watch how she's carrying on, and feel how hard I am. She must be fucking number 5 or 6. The only thing that would make it even better, would be for my horny little wife to do the same."

I could not really believe my ears, but his words sent new tingles of naughty desires through my body, and I felt my pussy get even softer and a lot more wet. I was almost sobbing when he finally started fucking me again. I had like a big, hungry hole inside me, and the hunger could only be stilled by a cock moving in me. Jim's was absolutely adequate for the moment, and he brought me off twice more, before he finally collapsed on top of me, pumping a huge load into my sloppy pussy.

I had a long journey back from dreamland. Jim turned off the TV with the remote, lay down beside me with his head supported on his left elbow, while his right hand rested quietly on my belly. For a long while we did not say anything. I guessed that the experience had been just as earth-shattering for Jim as it had been for me. Finally Jim whispered:

"Wow. That was something, love."

"I can't believe I got that horny," I whispered.

"I can. I'm happy that you did."

"I never thought of anything like it. Even in my wildest fantasies."

"I did."

"You thought of the woman in the film?"

"No, I thought of you."

"No-oo. You didn't, did you?"

"Yes I did. In the months after we had Ann-Marie I masturbated a lot. It became one of my favourite fantasies, because it would make me come immediately."

"Didn't it make you jealous? I mean, to think of other men doing it to me?"

"No, not at all. Well, in the beginning I was horny as hell while I masturbated, but as soon as I had come, I felt tinges of jealousy. Once I had used that fantasy a number of times I didn't feel any jealousy, even after I had come."

"I'm as shocked at you as I am at myself. I just don't know what came into me. You know how much I love you. I always did. I know we have changed since we had Ann-Marie, but I still love you so much. I never even contemplated doing it with another man. How on earth could that movie make me so horny?"

"Do we have to explain everything?"

"No, not at all. I just wondered if it was something in our past or something in my past."

"I don't know, really. Probably something in our past before we met."

I turned to look into his eyes. "I have to know if this is something you have dreamt of doing for real."

I felt his hand creep down towards my pussy. I pushed it away and whispered: "Have you?"

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