School Bus

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Today was very hot and the drive back home was long and dusty. At about 6 miles from home she waved goodbye to the last of her friends and now she was all alone with just the driver.

It was over 30 miles from her front door to the college and the only way Cathy could get there was by the School Bus. She had been doing so quite happily for a number of years but now she was in the 6th form she had noticed that the new driver was looking at her strangely. It wasn't difficult to understand why, gone was the gangling child and suddenly she had developed into a very attractive curvy girl. It was not only the bus driver she noticed looking at her, but lots of other men were openly leering at her now.

Today was very hot and the drive back home was long and dusty. At about 6 miles from home she waved goodbye to the last of her friends and now she was all alone with just the driver. From where she was sitting she could see his eyes in his rear view mirror staring at her. The bus stopped at a junction and while waiting for the traffic she sensed his eyes on her again.

"Come up and sit with me girlie," he called out to her.

Being a good and obedient girl that was used to taking orders from adults she got up and slowly walked up the isle and sat down on the front seat. The bus took off with a jerk causing her to hold on tightly and making her already short skirt to rise up just a little more. Before she could steadier herself and pull her skirt down the bus slammed to a stop and the side doors opened.

"Hi Tom," said the new comer.

"Hi Chuck," replied the driver, "sit down next to missy here."

"Hi yeah missy," Chuck leered at her from close range, "you got a name?"

"Cathy," she whispered for in truth she was very scared to be alone with these two older men.

She was very shy in front of any men but these two were very intimidating.

"You're a pretty little thing," Chuck said and he placed his gnarled hand on her exposed thigh.

"Yeah she sure is," commented the driver, "she's got a nice pair of tits on her too."

"Have you now," said Chuck, his eyes peeling away her white school blouse.

Being so hot today she had shed her blazer when she first boarded and left it at the back of the bus, so now she couldn't cover up from his leering eyes.

"Bet they feel nice too," commented the driver.

"Expect so," said Chuck his hand still squeezing her thigh. "What do you say missy," he chuckled showing his rotten teeth, "do they feel nice."

"P-please," she stuttered her voice almost gone with fear.

"I think that was an invitation to find out don't you Tom," observed Chuck.

"Sure sounded like one to me," chuckled Tom.

"Oh no please," she said and tried to fend off his hands.

Just then the bus front wheel dropped into a deep hole and Cathy lost her balance and almost bounced onto Chuck's lap. Chuck took his opportunity and grabbed her nearest breast and squeezed hard.

"Fucking lovely," he said fending off her hands that were trying to dislodge his.

"Please stop," she said trying to fight her rising panic.

"Fucking girl invites me one minute than tries to stop me the next," comments Chuck, "needs to be taught some manners."

"Please, I never," she said.

"Pull over Tom and we'll teach her to behave properly," said Chuck.

"Sure thing", replied Tom with a chuckle.

Tom pulled the bus off the highway into a deserted lay-by and then got out of his driving seat and joined his friend sitting next to the scare girl.

"Now what's your Principal going to say when we tell him what you've been up to?" leered Chuck.

"What!" she said her eyes going from one unfriendly face to the other.

"Causing trouble on my bus," commented Tom.

"Yeah and disrupting the other passengers too," said Chuck.

"But I haven't," she protested.

"Now who's he going to believe?" said Chuck, "a little trouble maker like you or two upstanding citizens like us."

"No please," she cried and tears sprang from her deep blue eyes, "I haven't done anything."

"Well I suppose we could forget your bad manners," said Chuck lifting her head up with two fingers under her chin. "What do you say Tom?"

"Nay, I say we tell her Principal about the slut," Tom said with a big grin, "tell him how she led us on by taking her school uniform off in front of us."

"What! I did no such thing," she shouted hotly.

"So where's your blazer then?" said Tom.

"What," she said.

"Now that's not nice Tom," said Chuck, "getting this lovely girl into trouble like that. I'm sure she doesn't want to get into trouble, do you?"

"Please no," she wept again, "I'm a good girl."

Chuck still sitting beside her placed his hand back on her exposed thigh.

"Of course you are Missy," he said, "old Tom here just likes to cause trouble that's all. Tell you what you just let us have a quick feel of those titties of yours and we'll be on our way."

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