Hello New Orleans

by Heathen57

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Part of the "Almost Like a Song" series. Mickey's sister relates her ordeal of starting a new life with the help of Dave's family.

(So Adios to Amarillo, )

Authors Note: This is the sixth story in a series using the same main characters. The others in order are: Wolf Creek Pass, Silverton, Canyon Trilogy, Las Vegas Nights and Amarillo by Morning. I suggest you read the previous stories for background of these characters.

What a long day. From utter despair of having to go back to my parents to relief when my sister and her boyfriend 'rescued' me and even found me a new place to live.

Michelle -- No, she asked me to call her Mickey now -- and I had always been close. We would comfort each other when our father would discipline one of us, if you can call a whipping until your butt was covered in bleeding welts discipline. She was also the one who explained what was really happening when I had my first period. All my mother would say was that I was going to have "the curse" every month and I had to stay away from boys or they would kiss me and I would become pregnant. Then she told my father who declared me a slut like my sister and forbade me from ever even talking to a boy.

Mickey took me aside and after drying my tears, told me what the real deal was. She also told me about using some of my allowance for tampons and how to take the big pads that mother would buy and dispose of them.

It became my turn to comfort her when Father caught her with a boy. After she had passed out from the beating, I didn't dare go to her since I would have the same done to me. But as soon as she got to her door, I helped her in and comforted her. Then I cleaned her cuts and doctored them as best I could. I also brought her food since Father demanded that she could come down to eat when she got hungry.

I was so scared when she left home. She and Father had a terrible argument, and he slapped her. She went upstairs and grabbed her personal stuff and after hugging me, walked out the door. I wanted to go with her, but I was too young. I felt so alone and scared. After she left, Father refused to even allow us to speak her name. He said she had shamed the entire family and was a harlot.

I endured life as best I could. I had to go to public school since the town had no Christian school and Mother said I was too headstrong to teach at home. Father would spy on me to make sure I didn't talk to any of the other people, especially boys. I had to wear those awful dresses and the other girls made fun of me.

The only thing that kept me sane was that Mickey would call late on Saturday night. I would turn the ringer on the phone down and cover it with a pillow after everybody else would be in bed. We would talk sometimes for an hour. I know it cost her more than what she had, but she told me it was worth it to make sure I was all right.

Father caught us talking one night and he yelled at her, and then beat me for disobedience. She then took to sending letters to a friend of hers who would pass them to me at church. I missed her voice, but it was better than nothing.

Then came the night of my first date. Father was against it but finally agreed to let me go since there were others that would be there. Mother again cautioned me that boys were evil and that if I kissed one it would lead to me getting pregnant.

She was right in a way. I did end up pregnant, but not in the way she said. My date raped me and took my virginity. A few weeks later I had missed my period. I talked to the boy who had raped me and he told me to get lost. I couldn't get in touch with Mickey, and I was at my wit's end. I couldn't take another beating and then ridicule from my parents so I tried to take the easy way out. Mother found me in the bathtub with deep cuts on both of my wrists and called 911. I spent a week in the hospital. Of course my parents found out about the baby, so I knew I was in for another beating at the very least.

Then Mickey shows up here with this absolutely gorgeous hunk of a man. She had met him when he rescued her from a blizzard. He is handsome, sweet, and he treats her like a queen. Too bad he is my sister's. I want one like him.

As Dave moved the bus (Mickey called it a coach) away from my parents house and out onto the highway, I sat next to my sister on the sofa and cried in relief and probably a little fear. As bad as my home life had been, I had never been out "on my own". It was really scary. The world is a big place and I had no idea what was out there.

Since I had left with nothing but the clothes on my back and they were Mickey's, Dave decided that we needed to stop at a mall. I didn't have any money, but Mickey said not to worry about it.

I had never been to a mall before. Father had deemed them "Dens of Sin" and anything that Mother could not make was purchased at the local Wal-Mart. I was excited but a little nervous at the same time. This place was huge! We parked out at the far end of the lot. Dave was going to relax while we shopped, but Mickey talked him into coming along. He grumbled a bit about becoming the community pack mule, but he was smiling so I guess he really didn't mind.

As we stepped out of the bus Dave got between us, and held his arm out from his body so we could each grab an arm. I linked my arm through his and we strode across the lot and into the double glass doors. The smells of all kinds of food hit my senses like a wall. I had not been eating much and it smelled so good.

Mickey giggled at my reaction. I was sniffing the air and smiling. She touched Dave's arm and said, "I think we could all use something to eat." Since I had never tasted 'heathen food' as my father called it, Dave suggested that we start with pizza. "The main food group of teens and college kids" he called it, and after the first mouthful I could see why. This was definitely going on my must have list. The crust was thick and chewy and the combination of all the toppings was delicious. I ended up eating three slices before I was stuffed.

While we were eating, I looked around at all the people moving around. The girls were dressed in low-cut jeans and crop tops. The boys had baggy jeans and big shirts. Couples were walking around holding hands, or had their arms around each other's waists. There were even couples standing in more out of the way places kissing and running their hands all over each other.

As I watched them I could feel heaviness in my chest because I had never had the chance to enjoy the love of a boy. Further down, I could feel a tingle in my pussy as I fantasized about being with a boy who loved me.

Dave must have seen me watching the couples because when Mickey left to dump the trash, he leaned over and put his hand on my forearm. He whispered just loud enough for me to hear, "Don't worry, that will be you soon enough." I blushed, but I was also very grateful for his touch as well as his words.

We started out hitting places that specialized in teen clothing. The jeans I had on were just a little baggy on me but the first ones Mickey picked out were so tight that you could see every curve of my legs and butt, and they rode very low on my hips. I came out of the dressing room, and Dave whistled at me. I blushed again, but decided that I had to have these pants.

Mickey asked me to pull up my shirt a bit to see how they looked. When I did Mickey looked with a critical eye. I looked down and with horror realized that the 'Granny panties' that Mother insisted that I wear were showing far above the top of the jeans. I shoved the hem of the shirt back down as far as I could with tears of embarrassment forming in my eyes.

Mickey quickly gave me a hug and told me to hurry and change back into my other jeans. I brought them out to the counter where Mickey had 3 other pairs and shirts to match! Dave gave them his credit card (platinum!) and we were out the door.

Mickey walked up to a shop that had the most revealing underwear I had ever seen displayed in their front windows. Dave followed us in and found a chair near the dressing rooms. Mickey took me around showing me all kinds of different panties, some of which seemed to be nothing but strings and a bit of lace. She grabbed several different styles that she thought would fit and to my surprise, she picked up a few for herself.

We shared a dressing room and Mickey immediately popped her top off to try on the bra that she had picked out. Her breasts were firm and bounced just a little as she pulled the bra she was wearing off. I was embarrassed to see her topless, but it was as if she didn't even think about it.

I slowly pulled my own top off revealing the bra I had borrowed from her. My own breasts were starting to swell from the pregnancy so her bra had been almost a perfect fit. When I let the cups drop, I felt my nipples crinkle in the cool air.

"Being pregnant does have some advantages," Mickey commented with a giggle.

I blushed, but grinned back at her. She had me slip on a low cut bra made from a soft lacy material. It matched the panties that she had talked me into earlier. It fit just right, and the padded underwire gave me even more of a lift. I had never felt so sexy before. I could feel my nipples stand out more and there was a definite wetness in the panties that I had on.

We made our selections and headed out to find Dave. He teased a bit by asking Mickey since he was paying for this stuff, he should at least get a show of what she had bought for herself. She gave him a quick but passionate kiss, and promised she would show him later.

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