She Allowed The Seduction

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Husband witnesses wife having sex with lover, he gets angry and turned on. Hubby then chases lover away and forces anal sex on wife since he thought lover was about to do that.

Writer's Note: This is my first story of this type and even though my stories are on another story site I decided to go ahead and submit them here in the same order I placed them there. I so hope to get some comments. I will answer them, if Storiesonline sends Email addresses. This story was inspired by some by KK and The Troubador. I also hope to submit my others very soon.

Tony stood, where he had frozen in shock, in the doorway to their living room. His eyes were still open wide and his mouth was gaping open. He just couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had suspected it for weeks, but here was undeniable proof that his wife of twelve years was having an affair.

She was draped on her stomach, over a red and blue futon, legs wide open, with her knees suspended in the air and just the balls of her feet pressing against their light blue carpet. Her sexy butt was sticking out in the air. Some guy, he didn't know, was standing right behind those lovely cheeks of hers swiftly moving his hips forward and back.

The futon was positioned just right allowing him a perfect view of the man's dick entering and leaving his wife's pussy. Tony was standing behind the man and off to one side which let him see everything from just the right angle. He couldn't see her clitoris, it was under her, but he had a great shot of her anus, that sweet brown puckered opening he had been trying to talk her into allowing him to enter. She would sometimes allow him to push one finger in part-way, but that was as far as he had gotten. He could also see the man's hairy butt well enough to see inside the crack as his butt cheeks separated every time he pulled backward. The crack would close as he pushed forward.

Mary, Tony's wife, was groaning every time the guy pushed his instrument of pleasure further into her slit, which had been up till now reserved for her husband.

As he stood there completely in shock a small corner of his mind was analyzing the situation. Tony knew, from his years of experience fucking her that she was approaching a climax, not close yet but definitely headed toward one. From the wetness of the back of her thighs and from the smell in the air he was sure she had already had a climax. That same part of his mind was analyzing his feelings. There was shock, anger, hurt, something which was almost rage and surprisingly enough at the same time he was getting turned on. This was the most sensuous thing he had ever seen. He had watched porno a time or two, but this out did them. Watching the guy's dick pull out from his wife's pussy, seeing how it separated her slit's lips, then pushing back in, and hearing her groan was the biggest turn on ever.

Another part of his mind was telling him that he had been right all along. His suspicions had began a few weeks earlier. He didn't know what specifically had aroused them, but he could pin point the time he knew something was going on. After twelve years of marriage and going with Mary two years before that, he knew her. At first he wasn't sure what she was hiding, but he had set out to find out. It just never occurred to him that she was having sex with another man. But one night, four weeks ago, while they were making love he had licked the upper part of her legs. He had tasted her cum, in about the middle of the inside of her thigh. He knew that when really excited she leaked a lot of her sweet nectar, and that she wasn't that excited yet during this session. He recalled that she had taken two showers since the last time they had had sex but there was a film of her sticky juices covering part of her leg even though there was none above that one spot. While still licking her he had thought about it, and didn't think she was masturbating. She had a couple of times for him, but it was too foreign to her make up, to make a habit of it. It mystified him but it hadn't stopped him. He kept licking upward. They had gone on to have some good sex but he kept wondering how her "juice" had gotten there.

A few days later there was that phone call he had caught just a part of. He wasn't supposed to be home that day, just like he wasn't supposed to be home today, but he woke up that day feeling like he was sick. One of those twenty four hour flues, so he had stayed home. After few hours he had felt better and decided to walk around, in his bare feet. As he neared the kitchen he had heard his wife speaking to someone. She said something about not this week but maybe next. Then I can't wait till then either. He snuck around the living room till he was standing just behind her. She was standing just inside the doorway leading into the kitchen. He had crept up to the wall and leaned against the section of the wall right next to the open doorway. He could hear a man's voice from the speaking even though not what he was saying. This was immediately followed by Mary giggling in the way she did when Tony said something suggestive to her.

She then said in her sexy voice, "that does sound like fun but we can't talk now, as I explained already."

Pause as the man had said something, finally she said, "See you then."

He had decided to sneak away at that point, which he did. Afterwards, thinking about how that conversation had sounded, he spent some time thinking about their relationship. Had it gone sour without him realizing, or was he spending too much time at work? He tried to analyze their relationship while going about his everyday affairs. That may have been why he had forgotten an important insurance form his boss had told him to fill out. His employers were changing insurance carriers and the new one needed some info immediately. He had to come back home to get it, after discovering, a couple of hours after he gotten to work, he didn't have it.

As soon as he had turned onto the street, he had seen the strange car. It was parked a couple houses down from theirs but something about it didn't look right. But he didn't have time to think about it and quickly pulled into the driveway. He soon was out of the car and hurrying to the door. It was unlocked which surprised him, but he went though it with little more thought. Even before he had shut the door, he had heard her grasps and moans. Pleasure moans at that. Maybe she was masturbating more he had thought but then he had heard a man's groan. He gasped and slowly, softly closed the door. Next he went to the door leading into the living room, which was where he was now.

He saw it but still had trouble grasping it. While most of his mind was grappling with the sight, part of his mind was still going over their relationship. He thought he had known his wife better then this. They hadn't had sex before their wedding night, but they had spent enough time together for them both to get to know the other. Since the marriage they had gone through monetary poor times and rich times, the birth of two children, the miscarriage of one, disappointments and victories, they had had sex thousands of times. Their honeymoon had been almost a continual two person orgy. They had tried every position known to man. The first time he had been very proud of himself. Even though both had been virgins, he had known enough to take his time and to pleasure her first. Of course, he had soon discovered, pleasuring her was not a chore. He loved her, and he liked making love to her body.

As soon as they had entered their honeymoon room he had helped her off with her wedding dress. That had been a big turn on, he still liked to undress her, but nothing compared to that night when they had carefully slipped the dress off her and she was revealed in her glory. Well, she had been wearing bra and panties but they had been shiny and very white. She had seen his appraisal of her and had blushed. She turned to show off her body saw the look on his face and had gone running to the bathroom.

He said, "Hey?!"

Mary had just turned and with what he could describe as a nervous twinkle in her eye she said, "I got a surprise for you. Its good, you will like it."

So he had waited taking off his tux's tie, he had already taken off the jacket, and later on his shoes. He debated rather he should be completely naked or not. After what seemed like a tremendously long time she came out. She was dressed in one of the sexist nightgowns he had ever seen. He had just seen her in a bra and panties and this covered more skin but at the same time it was a whole lot sexier then her underwear. He had an instant hard on. Over the years, since, she had surprised him with sexy nightgowns every so often. Just a couple of weeks ago she had shown up in a net body suit, which had covered and revealed things at the same time. Now he wondered if he had been the first to see her in that outfit.

On their wedding night she had come to him and kissed him. He resisted the urge to tear off her outfit and throw her on their bed. He could tell that even though she wanted it as bad as he, she was nervous. So he had kissed her, a lot, every type of kissing he could think of. They frenched deeply, he licked the sides of her mouth and both her lips. He gently sucked on each lip, and not so gently sucked on her tongue. She sucked his back. Soon she was groaning in long soft sounds. Next he had kissed and sucked his way down her neck almost to the swell of her breasts. The nightgown kept him going any further but he soon realized the fabric lifted up, so he lifted it. He gasped as he saw her breasts for the first time.

She had heard his gasp, smiling she looked him in the face and asked shyly, "You like them?"

He could just nod, then nod again harder. Finally, after what seemed like a very long time, he suddenly dipped his head toward one of them. He was so quick he almost smashed into it but managed to stop in time. He ended up with a nipple in his mouth, for the next ten minutes, at least, he sucked, licked and kissed those two mounds of beauty and sexfulness. He left three hickeys on each breast while licking first one around its circumference, then the other. She had been groaning and moaning like a ship full of seasick sailors. Finally he went even lower licking her sternum, then her belly button.

Tony went around the hairy patch just above his goal. He had had to remove her panties to reach that goal. He slowly drew them down over her hips. He watched as her center of femaleness slowly appeared. First the clitoris then the top of the slit, finally the whole thing was revealed to his sight for the first time. He had gasped as he saw the first bit of it. Now he dived in licking her slit's lips, sucking on her clitoris. For what seemed like hours he tasted her, nibbling away at her lips and at her joy button. Her moans had increased in length and loudness. He gently touched her pussy lips and pushed a finger inside. He rubbed the sides and felt her hymen. That was sexy as hell.

Soon she had asked for him to stick it in, but he wanted to see if he could bring her to climax for the first time. A minute or two later she was bucking against his mouth while at the same time trying to push more of his finger inside her. She let out a small scream and arched her back, she froze in that position for a few seconds then dropped back down with a large sigh.

After calming down Mary said, "no wonder everyone likes those so much." A pause, then "Get up here now!"

But he wasn't done tasting her sweet nectar and now her even sweeter cum. Finally though he couldn't stand it anymore, crawling back up her, stopping momentarily to suck each nipple again. When he positioned himself right. He, with her hand to help to guide him, pushed his manhood into the her femaleness. He went slow, feeling the head of his penis separating her lips for the first time. He stopped as he reached her maiden head.

As he had entered her he almost screamed out his pleasure, letting out a loud "GAAaaaa... god, araaa."

He had planned to sit, there to let her get used to him, but he couldn't do it. It was just too good. He pulled his shaft almost all the way out then slide it in to her hymen. Once, twice and on the third time he pushed harder with his hips, going through that piece of flesh. She had groaned during the first two strokes but let out a small scream on the third. He pulled back out then pushed in even further, pulled almost out then all the way to the hilt.

He let out another, "Gaaa!" then laid there on top of her, resting and feeling himself inside her.

Seconds later when he could trust his voice he asked, "Are you OK?"

She said, "Now I am," she kissed him then said, "Get moving, we got something to finish."

He did, first pulling himself out all the way then pushing in in all the way to the hilt. he continued the in and out thrusts, with each movement producing more groans from both of them. As he neared his climax, she stared moving against him, fucking back at him, trying to drive him even deeper. Finally he knew his time had come, he had tried to go slow and even had stopped at one point, but she had commanded him to get moving. Now there was no stopping it. He increased his tempo faster and faster finally shoving his dick in hard and fast for two strokes. The good feelings paused for a moment as his body froze on the down stroke. A second later everything let lose. This time he let loose a primal scream as the first glope of cum blasted out from his shaft. He screamed again, softer, almost to himself, as the second one shot out. He lost count from then on, never knowing how long his orgasm lasted or how many shots he pumped into her. Before he could relax though she said in a hurried voice to keep going. He did, not knowing how he stayed hard, or mostly hard anyway. After another ten quick deep strokes she let loose a scream, louder and more primal then her first one, just before she arched her back and froze for a moment with her mouth open wide in a O and her eyes clenched shut. Finally she fell back to the bed letting go of a breath of air.

He fell off her, landing next to her. Both were panting with her recovering first. After his breath was back to normal they cuddled.

She said, "Wow, I knew that was going to be good, but that was something else."

He nodded and could only say said, "definitely."

She said, "I felt you cum, it was so sensuous it almost made me cum. Thank you for not stopping."

"Hey, I'm here to please."

She cuddled even closer to him and said, "You surely did."

Later after, he cleaned up, she sucked him off, allowing him to cum in her mouth. That had been almost as good as their first fuck, only in a different way. He had done it to her and she wanted to do it to him. Later as she was laying on her stomach, he had licked her starting at her neck, down her back to her butt. As he dipped over the slope leading to in between her legs he had spread her cheeks to look at her anus for the first time. He fell in love with it at first sight. It was the first time he had seen an anus in person and he could just stare at it. He didn't know why, seeing what came out of it but that small, puckered brown, opening excited him almost as much as her slit. He wanted to kiss it, to lick it, to rub it. Mostly he wanted to stick his finger, then something even bigger in it. He unhurriedly placed one hand on where her crack begun. Next he spread his fingers and slide them down the crack until two fingers were over that amazing opening. Actually, he thought, it wasn't really open just a sphincter that led to where the sun doesn't shine. He chuckled at that as he placed his hand back at the beginning of her crack, sliding it down again. He repeated that movement three more times. Tony loved the way that not only her butt but especially her anus felt against his fingers.

After examining her backside some more and telling her how sexy it all was he finally couldn't stand it any more. He bent over and began to lick the out cheeks. He slowly made his way over the humps and down the inside of the crack. Closer and closer to his final goal. She was groaning up a storm, even as he left a dozen hickeys all over her buttocks. She suddenly stopped him just as he began to lick her lovely, erotic, puckered sphincter.

At first she thought it too icky for him to make love to, but later he discovered that if she was turned on enough she would allow him to lick it, producing many groans of pleasure from her. She had even allowed him to stick his finger into it up to his first knuckle. Once, a few years later, she was so excited he had gotten his finger to the second knuckle. He managed to finger fuck it for few minutes that time. He almost gave himself an orgasm while doing it.

That thought brought him to the present as he saw something that really shocked and infuriated him even more. The man stuck a finger into that her anus. Tony watched as the man brought his hand to her butt, then placed the one finger tip to her second opening. After a second the tip slowly penetrated her puckered hole. She groaned her ecstasy, which didn't surprise Tony, but what did and what had infuriated him, was the fact that the finger kept on going. He watched it methodical disappear inside her until it was all the way in. No more finger was outside her anus.

She just moaned louder. She had never let him stick a finger in that far. Now though the stranger fingered fucked his wife's anus for a few seconds then pulled his finger out all the way. Tony heard his wife sighed in disappointment. Next the man positioned two fingers at the opening of that sexy hole and slowly pushed both in. As Mary moaned loudly, Tony almost blew his stack. And amazingly enough at the same time he almost came.

The only thing that kept Tony from doing something, like yelling and screaming his anger as he rushed in to pull the guy off of her, was that he had to spend a few seconds reconciling the two intense emotions he was feeling. During that time the man continued to fuck in and out of his wife's slit, while double finger fucking her rear entry. Her groans indicated that she was closer to a climax. A big one.

Finally what got Tony out of his shock enough to react was that the man shifted position slightly. Tony suddenly knew why he had shifted his feet and what he had planned to do. That knowledge galvanized him into action.

First Tony let out a yell that was supposed to have been a hey, but turned into a primal scream of a different type then he was used to.

This was quickly followed by, "What's going on here?" in a voice Tony didn't recognize as his own.

That analytical part of his brain reproved him for saying such an obvious statement. It was clear what was going on after all, but another part of Tony's mind asked what else was he to say.

His wife stifled another groan and said, "Its Tony, my husband."

The man fucking her pulled out immediately and spun around, moving out of Tony's reach. Tony ended up in his place, standing right behind his wife's butt, breathing hard. The guy quickly grabbed his clothes, which were laying in a pile on an end table In the same movement he ran around the couch, on the side opposite of Tony and went though the door. On purpose or by accident the man barely avoided a hard blow swung by Tony. Meanwhile Mary tried to get up, but Tony pushed her back down.

"Your not going anywhere yet."

He heard the door slam as his wife's lover rushed out of the house. Tony hoped not any neighbors saw a naked man running out of his house, it was better obvious what was going on. He looked down at his wife's butt and pussy. He could see that she was still sexually excited by the way her juices were dripping out, and by the way her lips were still swollen. Even her anus seemed more relaxed then usual, while at the same time pulsating with excitement.

She tried to get up again, but he slapped one bare cheek and said, "Down!"

She started to say, "Tony please listen, I can explain."

He said, "Shut up. Its my turn!"

"Don't be mad like that, I can..."

He interrupted her with another slap and by saying, "Shut up bitch."

She had turned her head sideways to try to look at him and he could see that as he said bitch her head jerked and tears came to her eyes, as if he had slapped her face. He had never called her that before during anytime in their marriage. In fact even in the worst of fights, and they had had some douses, he had never called her any type of name. She couldn't say the same about him, but he had always forgiven her the few times she had called him things.

He could see more tears springing up in her eyes as she began to realize how angry and hurt he was. She also felt some fear because she had never seen him this mad and hurt.

"What you going to do?"

"I am going to get something you have never allowed me to have, but obviously you gave to him."

She didn't know what he meant but wasn't too surprised when she felt him move her a bit repositioning her rear. He quickly undid his belt and zipper and pushed his pants and underwear around his feet in one motion. He almost ripped off his short buttons as he pulled it off since he didn't want its tail to get in his way. He next reached down and shoved one finger into her anus. Hard, all the way to the hilt. She gasped and let out a small sound of pain.

He let his finger rest there enjoying the feel. He pulled it almost out then back down again. He finger fucked her hard as he listened to her moans of pleasure mixed with groans of pain. He finally pulled it and started to stick the finger in between the lips of her still engorged lips. She half screamed not that finger, obviously afraid of some infection. He pulled it out and stuck two fingers from his other hand into her slit of ecstasy. He did it hard and fast and she gasped again. This time mostly in pleasure.

He lightly scrapped the inner sides of her pussy and pulled the fingers out. He next spread the juices he had gathered onto her anus. She was beginning to get the idea of what he attended to do.

Tony looked down at that same anus and noticed that there were streaks of white round it. So that was why her lover had pulled out so fast, and rushed out, he had already gotten his jollies off.

This revelation got him even angrier. Tony and her hadn't made love twice in a row in months. They had plenty of times during the first few years. Then it had stopped pretty much as their love making had diminished for a few years. Now it was picking back up as she was entering her sexual peak, but it still wasn't as it once was. They always seemed to be in too much of a hurry or it was too late at night, when they did have sex, for them to have a double.

He scooped out more of the combine cum produced by his wife and her lover then spread it around the head of his penis. The sight of white cum on his penis and on her anus both angered him and turned him on even more. He was already harder then he had ever been in his life. He was also madder and more hurt then he had ever been. The combined emotions drove him to do what he was planning to.

Finally he repositioned himself, stepped closer and pressed the head of his penis to that brown puckered opening that had been calling him for twelve years. His wife now knew for sure what it was he was going to do and tried to move but he held her as he pushed in.

She said, "No, please."

But he just readied himself again and said, "You gave it to him, you can give it to me, your husband." The last two words were said with much anger and hurt

She said almost waling, "No!... I didn't," but he just pushed another time. Nothing happen, so he pushed harder.

"No! I didn't give that to him, please listen."

She ended her begging in a grunt of pain when he pushed again. This time the bulbous head spread open her anus as it popped in. She let out a sound that sounded like a whimper and a grunt. He stopped for a second feeling the new warmth around the tip of his manhood, then suddenly pushed in as she half screamed. It sounded like it was both in pain and pleasure, but mostly pain.

He grunted in the effort and softly said "Gaaa, so good" as he slide in even deeper. A third of the way in he stopped and let her adjust to him, then pushed in more. She turned her head to him again and he saw tears in her eyes.

She begged, "Please, no more."

But he was still to worked up to stop. Finally, slowly he was in her all the way to the hilt. While he rested for a moment or two he head her sob once.

After a moment of enjoying the feeling he said, "No wonder so many guys like this, Gaaa, so tight."

He pulled out half way and slowly pushed in again. He continued along this vein for a few strokes then increased speed as his climax began to build. He heard her sob again and looked at her. His wife's face was buried in the covering of the futon and her body language suggested she was in pain.

Tony suddenly stopped, leaned against her back and reached around her, shoving his hand under her body. Once he had it where he wanted it he started tickling her clitoris. Then he slowly pulled out part way than pushed back in all the way just as slow. After a few strokes he started rubbing the nub where the clit connected to her body. It was an awkward position for him as he fucked in and out of her anus, while rubbing her joy button, but he kept it up. He could only pull back out so far plus he could only go at a certain speed. He got some help in that the pressure of both bodies pressed her clitoris into his finger.

Soon even with the shock of him finding her, and the pain of his invasion of her rear end, her body was back where it had been. She was moaning and gasping in ecstasy, not believing that anal sex could, all of a sudden, feel so good. Of course it helped, that her body had already been greatly aroused before he started just as it had it helped when he started tickling her clitoris. She began to move with him pressing back against him as pushed inward.

The fraction, warmth of having his dick encased by her rectum plus the movement was getting to be too much for him and he started pumping faster. He found though he kept losing the rhythm while he continued to rub her. Finally his hand, to her dismay, slipped out from under her, and was pulled out. He was just adjusting himself however. He pushed back in, almost setting himself off in the process, to a position that would allow him access to her clit again. He placed his hand back where it had been, but this time he kept only the tips of two fingers pressed against her joy button. Each time he pushed forward he press her body against his fingers. Seconds alter she started pressing her body into his fingers on the in thrust and pushing back into his body on the out stroke. She couldn't decide what she wanted more, his finger pressing against her or his penis deeper in her rectum. Finally his time had arrived, he pulled his hand back away and placed each hand on each of her hips. He begin deep strokes all the way in and almost all the way out. Back and forth, faster and faster. Suddenly during one downstroke the ecstasy paused and he froze. A moment later he let loose a "GaaaAAAA!" as the first shot of sperm blasted out of the slit on top his penis. He repeated the sound again, even though softer and longer, as the second glope shoot out. He lost count of how long his climax lasted and of how many times he shoot cum into her bowels.

In a panic voice she pleaded, "Don't stop... please."

He kept going, half way surprise he hadn't lost his hardness or not most of it anyway. Ten strokes later she hissed and let loose with a primal scream as her back arched. She froze with her head smashed into the futon, with her mouth open in an O and her eyes clenched shut. A couple long seconds later she collapsed back onto the futon, leaving him behind as she did. His manhood hung there leaking cum for a second until he collapsed also. He rolled off of her onto his back and went whew.

Soon though he remembered what had started this and he got up. As he did he saw her pussy streaked with cum, his and her lover's. His had been dripping out of her anus for the force of him being dislodged had pulled his sperm out with his manhood.

"God," he thought, "That's so sensual, I am almost ready for another round."

Out loud he said, "Now that that is over we got some talking to do."

She flipped over and sat up, saying "Hey, that's my line."

He just looked at her and after seeing his face her half smile faded into a sad frown.

Her eyes dropped and she said, "I'm sorry. I didn't do it to hurt you."

"You did though!" A pause, "how many times did you do it anyway?"

"Just nine, Um, uh, today was the ninth time."

"Why? Has our relationship gone that bad, am I not pleasing you enough anymore, or am I spending too much time on my job and taking you for granted."

"The first time was because of a number of things. That last was part of it but not all, not even half. The first time I was angry at you, I was greatly horny, and I wanted to know if I was pleasing to younger men, and I had a couple of other issues that all mixed together."

"So because of all that, you allowed him to fuck you in the ass when you barely let me touch you there?"

She heard the hurt and anger in his voice, looking up at she saw the hurt expression on his face. She knew that he still was very hurt and upset to use words like that.

"No!" she quickly stated in a strong voice but her tone changed to a softer voice as she continued, "I never let him... We never had anal sex."

She looked up, and saw unbelief on his face so she quickly added, "I will swear by anything you want me to. We never had anal sex."

He nodded in relief since he did know her and that was her way of declaring that she was telling the truth. She never lied about anything for any reason after she said that, even if it cost her. Which it had a time or two.

"He was going to try."

"I had told him no anal sex."

"Maybe you did, but I know men, I have only," she noticed how he stressed the word "only" adding pain to his voice as he did, "had sex with you, but I can read guys. He was preparing himself and you for it."

She gasped and said, "I would have put a stop to it."

"You say that now but what would you have done if he had tried hard. You certainly let him use his fingers."

"I did not let him."

"You certainly enjoyed it."

She opened her mouth, but he said, "I saw you, I know you enjoyed it."

Her eyes fell to her lap where her hands were resting, "You're right I did. Next time you and I get that excited I will let you put in one finger or two or even three, all the way in, without a sound of protest."

He said, "If there is a next time."

Her head jerked up at that, tears coming to her eyes as she said, "please don't talk like that. I don't want our marriage to end. I do love you. No matter what you are feeling or thinking right now, I love you only. I will swear by anything you want that I love you and not him, or anyone else."

He nodded again not trusting his voice.

Finally he said, "But even if you did stop him this time there would have been another attempt. I know, your butt is just too sexy to leave alone. One of these days, especially with getting you used to two fingers like that, he would have been able to do it."

"You are right he may have tried, but I tell you with everything inside me that if he had tried I would have told him to take it out. Even if he managed to shove it half way in I would have pulled away from him. Remember I can be stubborn about such things."

He remembered how she was before they got married about sex and how stubborn she had been for 12 years about anal sex, and he recalled a couple of other nonsexual situations where her stubbornness had come into play. He nodded again, not completely convince about this, but still knowing she could very well be correct about not letting that guy take her anal virginity.

It was time to go on to other things, "How many other lovers have you had?"

Her head jerked up again and she gasped. "None. He was the first one I allowed to seduce me."

"The first one?"

"Yes, over the years four men have attempted to seduce me, I have told you about two of them. This guy was number four. He tried again recently and... I let him."

The last three words were said with her eyes down cast and in a soft sad tone.

"Are you telling me the truth about him being the only one and that you did it with him only nine times?"

"Counting today it was nine times. They were over a period of months, And yes I will swear by anything you want that all that is true."

He thought, she is saying that a lot today.

There was a pause and she said, "I never denied you for him. Once he even got me after you because I was determined not to deny you for him."

"But I have had sex with you right after him."

She looked puzzled and he continued, "It was the first loop in of a series of events that convinced me you were having an affair. A few months ago I realized something was up, however I didn't think of an affair until one day while licking your thigh I tasted your cum. I knew that for your cum to get that far down your leg, you would have to be very excited and I knew you had had one shower since the last time we made love."

"That was probably the first time, afterward we were done we made sure none of his cum was left on me. We never thought about mine."

He ignored her comment not trusting what he might say, "The next event which led me to realize you were cheating," here she winced not only at the words but at his hurt tone, "was a phone call I over heard last week when I was sick. You were talking to some man and I could tell from your responses that it was not about the weather."

She looked amazed because she had thought him too sick to get out of bed much less be able to walk around without her knowing it.

He continued, "The last link in the chain actually happened a month ago. You came home late after dinner when you were supposedly at a special meeting. I was so horny I couldn't see straight after not having sex with you for almost a month. You said you were tried, but you wanted it too just not long and drawn out. Which meant no oral sex. I sucked your breasts and wanted to go down on you, but you were absolutely against it that night. We finally had intercourse and I commented on how wet you were. You lied by saying that after almost month you were as horny I was. You further stated that you had been dreaming of this all day, and had played with yourself for a moment and had almost masturbated all the way."

He paused for a moment to get control of his voice, "I have had enough sex with you, including my own sloppy seconds, that when I thought about it later, I knew you were lying. That night you had an orgasm so quickly, it wasn't hard to figure out that it was because someone else had gotten you excited, and that your body was still sexually aroused. And I knew you were so wet because you already had already cum."

"That was the third time and I didn't lie to you that night. I did go to that meeting, I just left early. I hadn't had sex for over three weeks just like you. I was extremely horny, and I had thought about masturbating that day. I turned to him instead of masturbating."

There was a pause again, "So explain again why you let him seduce you."

"I thought about that after the first time I had sex with him, and again just now as you were talking. I can't explain why except that it was a number of factors that happened all at once. As I said I was mad at you for forgetting something important, you were working overtime and just forgot. I was going through a time when I wondered about how I looked to other men."

He opened his mouth but she continued, "I am in my forties, and even though I know you find me attractive and sexy, you have tried to say it in many different ways, but you love me and I wanted to be sure that wasn't the only reason you still found me attractive. It has been over nine years since the last guy tried to get into my pants. On top of that, as you have noticed I have been increasingly horny lately. Maybe as some charts say I am in my sexual prime. Or maybe its the beginning of menopause, I don't know but that day I was the horniest I have been in a long time. It was so strong that if I had been home I would have masturbated, or called you to come home early."

He nodded again for she had done that a couple of times. Called him that is and said it was an emergency and she needed him now. The first time after rushing home he found her wearing a new, mostly see through, nightie. He didn't ask what was the emergency, he knew it was because she was burning up and he needed to put out her fire.

She continued, "As I said there was a couple of other issues, minor ones but they all combined together. I met him at a food court I was having a late lunch at. I remembered him, he is fifteen years younger then me but he still had put the moves on me a while back. we talked about different things and then his demure changed as did what he was talking about. I think he could tell I was horny. Maybe my smell or something, but after chatting some more about things that felt good, and lots of compliments on how I looked, he asked me to have a drink with him. I said yes, knowing why he wanted a drink with me, but it was a rush for a younger man to want me. We went to a nice lounge and I had three drinks, a martini and I forget what the others were. After the second one he slide next to me and started the process. He said nice things about my figure, especially my breasts. He kissed me and we frenched a couple of times, I started the frenching. He touched my leg and as we kissed I let him slowly slide his hand up my leg."

Her voice trembled, and she looked down again, "I knew what he was doing. I... I... I could have stopped him at anytime. I did resist him at first but then something came over me. All the hurts and pains, my sexual feelings, and my anger at you all made me decide to take some pleasure."

She looked up with tears in her eyes and she said, "Please forgive me, but after that decision I never once thought about how this would hurt you. I let him reach my panties which were very wet. He could feel it and I felt his triumph but I didn't care. I had met him at work therefore I knew he was a nice guy and that his wife was busy on many trips. That explained why he needed sex. And he is in his thirties and he wanted me. That was why I decided to have a drink with him. To bask in his desire for me.

"I let him trickle my clitoris then I touched him. He jumped when I did but soon he settled down and had a poker face on while I stroked his manhood through his pants. I... I touched him because I wanted to see what someone's else's penis would feel like."

"Did you l... like touching him... was he bigger than me?"

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