She Allowed The Seduction

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Husband witnesses wife having sex with lover, he gets angry and turned on. Hubby then chases lover away and forces anal sex on wife since he thought lover was about to do that.

Writer's Note: This is my first story of this type and even though my stories are on another story site I decided to go ahead and submit them here in the same order I placed them there. I so hope to get some comments. I will answer them, if Storiesonline sends Email addresses. This story was inspired by some by KK and The Troubador. I also hope to submit my others very soon.

Tony stood, where he had frozen in shock, in the doorway to their living room. His eyes were still open wide and his mouth was gaping open. He just couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had suspected it for weeks, but here was undeniable proof that his wife of twelve years was having an affair.

She was draped on her stomach, over a red and blue futon, legs wide open, with her knees suspended in the air and just the balls of her feet pressing against their light blue carpet. Her sexy butt was sticking out in the air. Some guy, he didn't know, was standing right behind those lovely cheeks of hers swiftly moving his hips forward and back.

The futon was positioned just right allowing him a perfect view of the man's dick entering and leaving his wife's pussy. Tony was standing behind the man and off to one side which let him see everything from just the right angle. He couldn't see her clitoris, it was under her, but he had a great shot of her anus, that sweet brown puckered opening he had been trying to talk her into allowing him to enter. She would sometimes allow him to push one finger in part-way, but that was as far as he had gotten. He could also see the man's hairy butt well enough to see inside the crack as his butt cheeks separated every time he pulled backward. The crack would close as he pushed forward.

Mary, Tony's wife, was groaning every time the guy pushed his instrument of pleasure further into her slit, which had been up till now reserved for her husband.

As he stood there completely in shock a small corner of his mind was analyzing the situation. Tony knew, from his years of experience fucking her that she was approaching a climax, not close yet but definitely headed toward one. From the wetness of the back of her thighs and from the smell in the air he was sure she had already had a climax. That same part of his mind was analyzing his feelings. There was shock, anger, hurt, something which was almost rage and surprisingly enough at the same time he was getting turned on. This was the most sensuous thing he had ever seen. He had watched porno a time or two, but this out did them. Watching the guy's dick pull out from his wife's pussy, seeing how it separated her slit's lips, then pushing back in, and hearing her groan was the biggest turn on ever.

Another part of his mind was telling him that he had been right all along. His suspicions had began a few weeks earlier. He didn't know what specifically had aroused them, but he could pin point the time he knew something was going on. After twelve years of marriage and going with Mary two years before that, he knew her. At first he wasn't sure what she was hiding, but he had set out to find out. It just never occurred to him that she was having sex with another man. But one night, four weeks ago, while they were making love he had licked the upper part of her legs. He had tasted her cum, in about the middle of the inside of her thigh. He knew that when really excited she leaked a lot of her sweet nectar, and that she wasn't that excited yet during this session. He recalled that she had taken two showers since the last time they had had sex but there was a film of her sticky juices covering part of her leg even though there was none above that one spot. While still licking her he had thought about it, and didn't think she was masturbating. She had a couple of times for him, but it was too foreign to her make up, to make a habit of it. It mystified him but it hadn't stopped him. He kept licking upward. They had gone on to have some good sex but he kept wondering how her "juice" had gotten there.

A few days later there was that phone call he had caught just a part of. He wasn't supposed to be home that day, just like he wasn't supposed to be home today, but he woke up that day feeling like he was sick. One of those twenty four hour flues, so he had stayed home. After few hours he had felt better and decided to walk around, in his bare feet. As he neared the kitchen he had heard his wife speaking to someone. She said something about not this week but maybe next. Then I can't wait till then either. He snuck around the living room till he was standing just behind her. She was standing just inside the doorway leading into the kitchen. He had crept up to the wall and leaned against the section of the wall right next to the open doorway. He could hear a man's voice from the speaking even though not what he was saying. This was immediately followed by Mary giggling in the way she did when Tony said something suggestive to her.

She then said in her sexy voice, "that does sound like fun but we can't talk now, as I explained already."

Pause as the man had said something, finally she said, "See you then."

He had decided to sneak away at that point, which he did. Afterwards, thinking about how that conversation had sounded, he spent some time thinking about their relationship. Had it gone sour without him realizing, or was he spending too much time at work? He tried to analyze their relationship while going about his everyday affairs. That may have been why he had forgotten an important insurance form his boss had told him to fill out. His employers were changing insurance carriers and the new one needed some info immediately. He had to come back home to get it, after discovering, a couple of hours after he gotten to work, he didn't have it.

As soon as he had turned onto the street, he had seen the strange car. It was parked a couple houses down from theirs but something about it didn't look right. But he didn't have time to think about it and quickly pulled into the driveway. He soon was out of the car and hurrying to the door. It was unlocked which surprised him, but he went though it with little more thought. Even before he had shut the door, he had heard her grasps and moans. Pleasure moans at that. Maybe she was masturbating more he had thought but then he had heard a man's groan. He gasped and slowly, softly closed the door. Next he went to the door leading into the living room, which was where he was now.

He saw it but still had trouble grasping it. While most of his mind was grappling with the sight, part of his mind was still going over their relationship. He thought he had known his wife better then this. They hadn't had sex before their wedding night, but they had spent enough time together for them both to get to know the other. Since the marriage they had gone through monetary poor times and rich times, the birth of two children, the miscarriage of one, disappointments and victories, they had had sex thousands of times. Their honeymoon had been almost a continual two person orgy. They had tried every position known to man. The first time he had been very proud of himself. Even though both had been virgins, he had known enough to take his time and to pleasure her first. Of course, he had soon discovered, pleasuring her was not a chore. He loved her, and he liked making love to her body.

As soon as they had entered their honeymoon room he had helped her off with her wedding dress. That had been a big turn on, he still liked to undress her, but nothing compared to that night when they had carefully slipped the dress off her and she was revealed in her glory. Well, she had been wearing bra and panties but they had been shiny and very white. She had seen his appraisal of her and had blushed. She turned to show off her body saw the look on his face and had gone running to the bathroom.

He said, "Hey?!"

Mary had just turned and with what he could describe as a nervous twinkle in her eye she said, "I got a surprise for you. Its good, you will like it."

So he had waited taking off his tux's tie, he had already taken off the jacket, and later on his shoes. He debated rather he should be completely naked or not. After what seemed like a tremendously long time she came out. She was dressed in one of the sexist nightgowns he had ever seen. He had just seen her in a bra and panties and this covered more skin but at the same time it was a whole lot sexier then her underwear. He had an instant hard on. Over the years, since, she had surprised him with sexy nightgowns every so often. Just a couple of weeks ago she had shown up in a net body suit, which had covered and revealed things at the same time. Now he wondered if he had been the first to see her in that outfit.

On their wedding night she had come to him and kissed him. He resisted the urge to tear off her outfit and throw her on their bed. He could tell that even though she wanted it as bad as he, she was nervous. So he had kissed her, a lot, every type of kissing he could think of. They frenched deeply, he licked the sides of her mouth and both her lips. He gently sucked on each lip, and not so gently sucked on her tongue. She sucked his back. Soon she was groaning in long soft sounds. Next he had kissed and sucked his way down her neck almost to the swell of her breasts. The nightgown kept him going any further but he soon realized the fabric lifted up, so he lifted it. He gasped as he saw her breasts for the first time.

She had heard his gasp, smiling she looked him in the face and asked shyly, "You like them?"

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