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Desc: Sex Story: Another chat story...

Freezer Guy: Hi there

FrozenGirl: hi... thanks for the pics in the club i liked

Freezer Guy: Ok :-) Anytime

Freezer Guy: So, how have you been lately?

FrozenGirl: are you going to post anymore

Freezer Guy: Maybe. I'm still looking for them all over the Net.

FrozenGirl: i've been fine, just busy with work

Freezer Guy: ANd the freezings?

FrozenGirl: well work has really gotten in the way of any fun i could have but i still have my fantasy

Freezer Guy: Cool.

Freezer Guy: Well, at least you could fulfil it, by being hypnotised and programmed to freeze.

FrozenGirl: yes i miss all the hypnosis stuff and chatting in the club...

Freezer Guy: I see.

Freezer Guy: Once I've met a girl from Canada (online) who just loved being frozen or turned into a statue.

FrozenGirl: you did... tell me about it

Freezer Guy: We chatted for a long time, for weeks, then she just went away.

Freezer Guy: And we didn't see eatch other again for some time.

FrozenGirl: oh sorry

FrozenGirl: did you actually get to met her

Freezer Guy: But I send her an e-mail.

Freezer Guy: In real life?

Freezer Guy: No

FrozenGirl: i forgot your from brazil

Freezer Guy: And she answered.

Freezer Guy: Yeah

FrozenGirl: but dosen't your girlfirend like to do it

Freezer Guy: Well, this canadian told me that she was running away from it. It was interefering too muh in her personal life, this string wish to get frozen.

Freezer Guy: She told me that we could talk about anything but that.

FrozenGirl: oh... too bad

Freezer Guy: Yeah...

Freezer Guy: I didn't even answered her back.

Freezer Guy: She was denying her own wishes, her own fantasies.

FrozenGirl: i bet she still likes it...

Freezer Guy: She does. She told me that she loved being a statue, and being someone else's possession, but she was avoiding it.

Freezer Guy: Terrible...

Freezer Guy: Well, now, the nice things: did you see the new Stuckfast's video?

FrozenGirl: not yet hes sending me a copy so i can tell everyone about it... a womens point of view

Freezer Guy: Cool

Freezer Guy: i'm curious: when ws the first time you got frozen in place?

FrozenGirl: hmmmmm... it was over 10 years ago... i've always like the idea of being immoblie though even through high school

Freezer Guy: How did it happen?

Freezer Guy: You got really frozen?

FrozenGirl: my bf at the time ask me to freeze and i did... i was sitting in a chair in his bedroom and froze solid... i knew everything that was going on around me... i enjoyed it

Freezer Guy: Why did he ask you that? Did he know that this was your fantasy?

FrozenGirl: no... he didn't it was wierd... i really think he was scared to let me know he liked it... but he found out i did... and from then on i would freeze... now he especially liked it when i had a dress and hose on, and heels he would freeze me and take my shoes off and well...

Freezer Guy: Cool!

Freezer Guy: But when was the first time you really froze? I mean: really frozen in place by another person. In hypnosis.

FrozenGirl: with hypnosis it was during a hypnosis stage show about 4 or 5 years ago... the hypnotist froze me on stage...

Freezer Guy: Oh, that old rotine: freezing standing and then putting you over two chairs, right?

FrozenGirl: nope... i ws talking and he had put it in my head that everytime he turned to face me i would freeze doing whatever i was doing at the time then when he turned back around i would continue talking and doing whatever i was doing

Freezer Guy: And what wwere you doing? Just talking? Wow! This is very erotic indeed!

FrozenGirl: well everyone said my hands would sometiems be in the air cause when i talk i move my hands... habit... and i would stop in the middle of a sentence with my mouth in whatever position i was saying... they said i didn't move a muscles or blink... then when he turn around i would continue talking and moving

Freezer Guy: SO you didn't notice that you were being frozen? was this just a kind of "pause" effect, in which time just stopped for you?

FrozenGirl: mostly it was like a time stop thing i remeber hearing his voice... we actually taped it but not on video just audio... its so cool... the audience was full about 100 and i don't remember any one there

Freezer Guy: Were you seated?

FrozenGirl: yes

Freezer Guy: Cool!

Freezer Guy: How did you feel?

Freezer Guy: Dumb question

FrozenGirl: well since i love hypnosis... it was great... have you ever been hypnotised... if you ever are you'll just want to be put under over and over

Freezer Guy: But then, I presume you got more and more interested in that kind of hypnosis, since you felt that you could be realy frozen in place.

FrozenGirl: oh yes

Freezer Guy: So, you went to look for a hypnotist to put you under.

Freezer Guy: And to mke you freeze.

FrozenGirl: not really looking... just went to a show and he actually did it... and what a pleasent surprise... but here lately i haven't been able to find any hpnotic shows anywhere...

Freezer Guy: I mean: after this show.

FrozenGirl: well i didn't go to one... found someone online who just refreshed some command words for freezing

Freezer Guy: Cool

Freezer Guy: But did you use this words with someone in real life too?

FrozenGirl: i did... but i haven't for a long time... its been a while since i was put under so i probally need a little refresher...

Freezer Guy: And sometimes you got frozen by surprise?

FrozenGirl: well there was a "control switch" which i had control of ( i know this sounds strange) sorta like i could turn it on in my head in order for the commands to work... that a way i couldn't be surprised... like at work and so

Freezer Guy: Oh, but then, there should be any time in which you got frozen by surprise, right? Without knowing this would happen, like if someone at work said a phrase with the command word on it, and you would freze in place.

FrozenGirl: if i let it happen... now i was told that some of the command like "stop" i would not remember being froze... and freeze i would... and slow freeze which is my favorite... where the freeze starts at my feet and works its way up my body...

Freezer Guy: DId you let it happen by any chance?

FrozenGirl: nope not yet... he would always ask me...

Freezer Guy: And of course you don't remember even hearing the word "stop".

FrozenGirl: nope... i really don't think it really works but he said it does... but like i said its been a while

Freezer Guy: What was the longest time you remained frozen in place?

FrozenGirl: hmmmmm... unusally its not a long long time... but as long as the other person is enjoying themself i'll stay frozen for as long as they want... let me see... maybe 5 min... but this is 5 min here and 5 minutes their

Freezer Guy: And do you stay rigid, or still pliable?

FrozenGirl: rigid... but... can be moved sorta like a mannequin

Freezer Guy: Cool

Freezer Guy: Have you ever been picke up while frozen?

FrozenGirl: well its 11 pm here and i have a busy day at work tommorrow can we chat later

FrozenGirl: and yes i have...

Freezer Guy: Ok, Nice and stiff dreams! :-)

FrozenGirl: you too, and glad we got to chat again...

Freezer Guy: Yeah. :-)

FrozenGirl: :) bye

Freezer Guy: Bye, my pretty FrozeGirl

Frozen Girl: hi sweetie

Freezer Guy: How have you been?

Frozen Girl: fine... except for all the stuff in my club

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