Missy: The Joys of Pregnant Sex

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Lactation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bill and Missy have just married and when Missy asks Bill to fuck her and give her a new baby, they succeed. Now, three months into her pregnancy, Missy is starting to show and Bill finds her so sexy he can't keep from fucking her. They both enjoy their new state of expectancy.

Chapter 1

Sure enough, when Missy had asked her new husband, Bill, to fuck her and see if they could get her knocked up with another baby, she'd been right on the money. Missy had been there before and she felt that if her new husband would fuck her she'd conceive. It must have happened that first time, because in no time at all, Missy had taken an early pregnancy test and the results were very positive. She was tickled pink to know that she and Bill were going to have a baby of their own -- and it wouldn't hurt her feelings at all if the baby was a girl. Missy thought she'd love to have a little baby daughter to spoil and lavish with all her love.

Bill and Missy were totally in love with each other. They enjoyed being with each other so much and Missy was so thankful that they'd met and fallen for each other. Bill's fucking her and giving her another baby was just super icing on their marital cake.

In three months, Missy began to show her advancing pregnancy. She tried to describe for Bill the changes in her body that she knew would take place from her past experiences. She knew that like most men, Bill would probably find her even sexier as a knocked up mother-to-be and she was so right. Bill took Missy the night she told him "they were pregnant" and he fucked her three times before he was finished. He told her he wanted to fuck her all he could while she was still not that advanced in her expectant motherhood.

"Well, Bill, I won't be that fragile for a long time yet, baby, but you just keep thinking that, OK?? I want you to fuck me every time we can manage it," Missy said as she led Bill to the bed again for another hot sexy fuck with her husband.

Bill found Missy so sexy, and he only had to think about her to get a full raging hardon. He had a huge one in his pants at that moment, and he couldn't wait to put it deep inside Missy's sexy wet pussy. Missy was starting to show her pregnancy in her belly. He loved her "little bump" and he also knew from looking, feeling with his hands, and Missy telling him that her breasts were already starting to swell in her pregnant condition as well. Bill loved that a lot. Missy already had very sexy tits and now they were going to be even sexier.

"Honey, I've thought you were so gorgeous and so hot since the day I first laid eyes on you, but now that you're carrying our baby, Missy, I can't get enough of you, girl," Bill said and he quickly helped Missy get undressed and she got down, helping him out of his clothes as well, and she took his big thick hardon in her hand and her mouth, sucking him for several minutes but only working to get him ready for their hot fuck together. Missy thought she might suck Bill off later and take his cumload in her mouth. She knew he loved it when she did that, but right now, she was so horny that she needed fucking badly. She needed her hubby's big thick cock fucking her hot wet pussy and splashing his cumload deep inside her already pregnant belly.

Bill let Missy suck him and caress him and then he could wait no longer. He picked Missy up, took her over to their marital bed, and he arranged her where her legs were dangling over the side but where her nice rounded ass was just enough on the bed to keep her from falling off. then, Bill leaned down, spreading Missy's thighs and he started eating her hot pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Missy moaned and whimpered as Bill quickly brought her off with his mouth. He just licked and kissed her pussy and she was soon creaming in his face. Then, Bill stood with his huge erect cock jutting from his groin, and took two fingers rubbing up and down over Missy's pussy, gathering her own hot wetness and then using it to lubricate the head of his cock. He got the head fully wet and silky lubed and then he leaned over, spreading his wife's shapely legs, and aimed his cockhead straight into her pussy lips. Bill was so horny to make love to Missy that he was more than ready to enter her pussy and fuck her.

Bill pushed his hips forward, looking down and watching as Missy's pussy lips spread to let him slip inside her tightness. "mmmmmmmmmm, oh yeah, honey, oh yeah, give me all your big dick, Bill," Missy moaned and she spread her legs slight further apart to give her lover/husband room to really fuck her good.

As Bill got his cock seated fully inside Missy's tight hot wet pussy, he reached up, caressing her nice little pregnant belly that was showing and then he reached up as he started thrusting in and out and cupped both of her large naked breasts in his firm muscular hands. He cupped both of Missy's swollen tits and he began to smoothly and steadily drive his hard cock in and out of Missy's pussy. In only a few minutes, Bill had Missy orgasming again, and he kept on steadily fucking her until his own first orgasm approached as well. Bill kept on bucking his ass back and forth as his first jism load spurted up the tube of his dick and deep inside Missy's pussy. He couldn't get her pregnant again -- yet -- but he still loved giving his sexy hot wife his sperm load.

Though that evening, Missy and Bill fucked again and then Bill capped off their evening by eating her cream pie and bring Missy off two more times.

Chapter 2

Missy and Bill enjoyed her new pregnancy more and more with each passing day. Bill had never been through the experience of having a pregnant wife before and it was mostly a new experience for him. All that he'd seen about having Missy pregnant so far, however, he had really liked. He loved the knowledge that the result of their sexy loving fuck together that night months earlier had been the new life growing inside Missy's belly. He also loved how pregnancy had taken his new wife, Missy, from being a very sexy woman in her mid-30s to one of the sexiest looking women he'd ever laid his eyes on. He loved it especially when Missy began to show and when she showed him how her breasts were growing larger and how she was becoming more horny than she ever was normally. Bill laughed when he knew how horny Missy was normally and he wondered how it was possible for her to become any more that way. Bill also loved how pregnancy seemed to put an expectant mother glow all over Missy and she seemed more beautiful than he'd ever noticed her to be before. Bill loved having Missy "with child" and he was already starting to think about how many more times they might want her to be knocked up with a baby in her belly in the years ahead.

Bill came home after work one afternoon when Missy was now 6 months along, and he had been so horny to make love to Missy all day long that he couldn't wait until after supper. Bill's cock was semi-hard even before he arrived home, but when he saw Missy standing there at the kitchen sink, her obviously pregnant belly sticking out in front of her as she stood there in a maternity top and shorts, Bill walked over and took her immediately into his arms, kissing her passionately.

"Ohhh, Missy, I love you so much. I missed you so much today, baby, and I couldn't wait to get home tonight so I could be deep inside your pussy, sweetie," Bill moaned as he pulled his wife's pregnant body close in his arms, and he felt his cock pressing out tight against his pants. Her pregnant belly already was keeping him from being able to hold her as closely against his hardon as he usually could, but he didn't care about that. He had another thought in mind for how he could let Missy know how much she had him turned on.

Bill kissed Missy and their tongues dueled with each other in a sexy hungry lovers' kiss. Bill's hand slipped up onto Missy's full rounded breast through her maternity top and he heard her moaning as he played with her erect nipple under his fingers. Missy's tits were so sexy and now they were even sexier, Bill thought as he pulled Missy over by the table where they normally ate their breakfast. He stood there holding her and letting his hands wander all up and down over her sexy body.

Bill wanted to make love to Missy and there wasn't anything else he wanted to do more than that at the moment. He started unbuttoning Missy's top, peeling it back off of her shoulders and revealing the nice sexy maternity bra she was wearing. He showered her upper breasts with kisses and caresses, as he felt her groping and caressing his hard cock inside his pants. Bill got Missy out of her top and then he had her shorts off, too. Then, he lifted Missy up onto the side of the kitchen table and he quickly pulled his own shirts, pants and briefs off, standing there in front of Missy, totally naked and his hardon jutting up lustily out of his crotch.

"I love you, honey, and I want to make you feel so good, Missy," Bill said and he reached down, gently grazing his fingers up and down over Missy's pussy mound underneath the thin moist material of her panty. He loved how Missy's pussy always got so wet and soaked through her panties. He loved how Missy got wet for him all the time, and how wet and slippery he knew her pussy would be when he got to the point of sliding his cock inside her.

"Mmmmmmm, Billll!" Missy said as she loved the feel of his fingers across her horny wet pussy underneath her panties. "Oh, honey, you make me so hot for you," she said as she put her hand over Bill's and encouraged him to caress and touch her more.

"You're the one who makes me hot, honey," Bill said, and he reached up, took the waistband of Missy's panty and she raised her ass up from the table as Bill slipped them down and off her body. With Missy's pussy bared, Bill spread her thighs and he had her lie back on the table so he could eat her pussy before he fucked her. Missy loved being eaten, and she eagerly spread her legs, feeling Bill's fingers and mouth against her horny cunt. Missy moaned at the touch of his lips on her pussy and her clit. She let him slide his fingers inside her pussy and he diddled her clit until Missy could hardly stand how much he was turning her on. She moaned and then put her hands on Bill's head, encouraging him more to eat her and kiss her hot wet pussy. Finally, Missy felt her orgasm explode in her groin and she moaned and moaned how much she loved Bill and how much she wanted him inside her.

After Bill finished bringing Missy to climax orally, he had her sit up and he reached behind her back, undoing the clasp to her bra and he removed her bra, exposing her sexy big naked tits to his gaze and his hands and mouth. Bill leaned over, taking Missy's left breast in his hand and he closed his lips firmly over her nipple, licking it and sucking firmly on the hard little nub in his mouth. Then, he switched over to her right breast, sucking and licking that nipple the same way. Missy loved having her breasts fondled and kissed. Now that she was expecting, her tits were much more sensitive to touch, kiss and caress than they normally were. She knew that it wouldn't take much to make her cum with Bill sucking on her nipples and caressing her big swollen breasts.

Bill's cock was throbbing in his arousal. He was ready now to do what he'd been thinking about all day long. He stood up between Missy's spread thighs, and he took his wet fingers from her pussy juices and spread that all over the head of his cock. He got his cockhead well lubed and then he positioned his swollen cockhead at the tight wet lips of his gorgeous wife's pussy and he pushed firmly forward, letting her hot pussy take him inside her body. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm," Bill moaned as he felt the wetness and tightness of Missy's pussy engulf his hard cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssss, baby, yesssssssssss," Missy moaned and she spread her legs a bit further to let Bill have good position to fuck her. Bill kept pushing inside her and his cock smoothly filled her pussy until he felt his nuts smack against her. Missy loved how Bill made love to her, and she was so horny for him to fuck her and fill her pussy with his large cumload. She too thought about the night they'd fucked and she'd conceived and she hoped they'd have more nights like that in the future. She loved it when Bill fucked her and gave her a baby.

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