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Desc: Sex Story: Husband and wife meet a friend.

"I'm a little nervous."

"Yeah? Why?"

"I don't know I just am."

"I don't think there's a reason to be. You've wanted this for a long time."

"Yeah, I know, but wanting it and actually getting it are two different things."

"What is it that you're nervous about, the situation?"

"No, why would I be nervous of that. I'm nervous that I'm not going to do well."

"Ha! You not do well! That's something that won't happen! Look, Honey, I've known you for a long time, right?"


"I know you better than anyone in this world knows you, and I know that in this, there is not a chance of you not doing well."

"Are you sure?"

"It's sure, not shore."

"Don't tease me right now. It's just that, well, I've been conversing with him for a long time, over two years, I think, and I've said a lot of shit. What if I can't uphold the crap I've said?"

"Jess, I've read most of those e-mails, and I know that there is nothing in them that you won't be able to do."

I took my eyes away from my husband's and sighed. I just didn't know, maybe I was getting cold feet.

We are sitting in a hotel room, with one purpose. The purpose is for me to fuck the man that I had longed to for so long. It was finally happening, and I was feeling so confused and nervous that I didn't know if I was going to be able to do it. I looked back at my husband when he called my name.

"Jessica, look, I know what you have to be feeling right now. I feel a little of the same, meeting a guy that's fuck talked to my wife for a very long time, not knowing what kind of person he really is, only knowing him from his e-mails. Believe me; I know what you're feeling." I laughed and nodded my head. It had to be hard for him, usually guys that I fuck he knows personally, and so there are no awkward moments there. I tried to push the thoughts out of my head, and looked down at myself.

"Do I look okay, at least?"

"You look beautiful as always."

I got up and went to the full length mirror. My appearance had changed since the last pictures I had sent to him, and I wondered if he would approve. What use to be my long red hair was now shoulder length, I always cut it off right before the summer, and now it wasn't all red. I had the beautician put blonde highlights in my hair when I had it cut. She told me that it would look great like that, it would really enhance my fair complexion, and I couldn't pass that up.

The rest of me was the same, I am still short, standing at only five foot, though, the sandals I wore gave another five inches to my height, and the mini skirt I wore made my toned legs look much longer. My eyes moved up, landing on my belly. You could see most of it, and I ran my hands along the definition lines in my tummy, lines that I had worked my ass off to achieve from long hours of Tae-Bo. My hands moved up, and over the brown shirt I wore, that read "Hottie" across the chest. I cupped my large, D sized breasts, and smiled. I moved my hands to my sides, and ran them down to my big hips, and then to my round ass. I knew my husband was watching me, so I lifted the skirt up and showed off the fact that I had not bothered to put on panties. I heard him laugh, and I wiggled my ass at him. I looked up again, into my face, with its big blue eyes, high cheeks bones, and full pouty lips. I knew I looked good; I had just wanted to confirm it. I moved back to the bed, and sat down. My husband leaned toward me.

"You should lie on the bed with your legs wide open, so the first thing he sees is your bare pussy."

I laughed and shrugged.

"Sounds good to me."

"You're so dirty."

"What? It's what he's coming here for anyway right?"

Just then there was a knock at the door, and I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest. My hands uncontrollably clasped together and my fingers began to play with each other. My husband looked at me and shook his head.

"Don't do that."

I fought my hands to unclasp and placed them beside me on the bed. I spread my legs, but not as much as my husband had suggested, just enough that he could get a good view of my legs, and maybe catch the fact that I didn't have on panties.

I watched my husband cross the floor and go to the door, all the while I chanted in my head to the guy behind the door, "please be respectful." I knew that if the guy we were meeting was not respectful to my husband, then the meeting would be over. My husband would drag me out of the room behind him, and everything would be done. My heart thumped harder in my chest as the door swung open. I thought about reaching over to the table and lighting a cigarette to calm my nerves, but I stayed planted in my place. I heard the deep voice of our visitor, his light southern drawl, almost identical with my husband's.

"Hello, you must be R.J."

The higher tenor voice of my husband chimed in.

"Yes I am, and you are Theron."


"Alright, come on in."

I watched my husband move aside and held my breath as Theron walked in. I put my head down, but looked up to see him enter the room. There was silence between us, he looked at me, and I caught the unmistakable hint of desire in his dark eyes. My eyes moved quickly to my husband when I heard him laugh.

"Wow, man, I really pictured you differently."

Theron smiled and looked away from me to my husband.

"Is that a bad thing?"

"Not at all."

I looked confusingly at my husband and wondered how he had pictured Theron. It wasn't the best time to ask him, so I kept quiet and began to compare.

I couldn't help but to compare the two of them as they stood together, conversing lightly. Theron stood about two to three inches taller than R.J., and his frame was leaner, that of a possible runner, R.J.'s frame is that of a linebacker. I could tell that Theron kept his body in good condition, but R.J. still out muscled him, and I think Theron took notice of that. I found it interesting that their hair was the exact same color, both had darker brown hair; both combed it back in a professional cut. Theron's face was harder, with a distinctly cut jaw line, thin somewhat pressed lips, and eyebrows that sat in a stern fashion. Theron's eyes are dark brown, so dark that you can barely see the emotion in them. R.J.'s face is more round, more boyish, he too has thin lips, but they are always ready for the mischievous smiles R.J. so loves to give, and his eyebrows set a little higher on his forehead and are spaced further apart, giving his eyes a softer look. R.J.'s eyes are one of my favorite features on him; they're vibrant green, and almost dance with his thoughts.

R.J. had offered a drink to Theron while I was comparing, and as I watched him pour something in a glass my mind began to compare again. I had seen pictures of Theron; I knew R.J. and him were not far off in the size of their cocks. In fact from what I had learned in speaking to Theron for the past two years, they were the same size in length. Both boasting an eight and half inch long cock, though, from my gatherings I assumed Theron was thicker, which scared me a little. I didn't think that anyone could get any thicker than my husband. I wouldn't know for sure until I had them both naked in front of me, and I knew that even then I'd be comparing the two of them. R.J. broke my train of thought by handing me a drink. I looked down at it and frowned, something light brown danced in my glass, and upon smelling it, my face cringed.

"What's this?"

"She speaks!"

Theron looked at me and winked and I smiled softly up at him. R.J. looked at me and gave me that mischievous smile.

"Something to calm your nerves. You're over there practically shaking the whole bed."

I looked down at the liquid again and back to my husband.

"No, really what is it?"

I gave a hard angry look at R.J. who had decided to ignore my question. I wasn't going to drink it, if he didn't tell me what it was. Theron broke my stare.

"I knew that you where from the northeast, but I really didn't think that your accent would be so strong, Jess."

I gave a small shaky laugh. My voice sounding so much different than those of the two men whose voices had just filled the room. Mine was so much quieter, the men had spoke so loudly to each other, mine is so much higher in pitch, I sport a high alto with an uncontrollable soft vibrato, and my thick New York accent was completely opposite of the Texas accent from Theron and the mix of the Missouri and Tennessee accent that my husband has.

"It's usually not so thick, but I'm nervous, so I can't help it."

"Why are you nervous, Jess?"

"I've not a clue."

"Well, if you drink that, you'll be better."

"Hmmm... yeah... what is it?"

My husband broke into the conversation.

"Good god child! It's Crown."

"Oh... ummmm... I'll pass thank you."

I sat the glass on the nightstand, and R.J. shook his head.

"It'll help."

"It'll taste nasty."

"Just drink it down real quick, you won't taste it."

"Ha! Yes I will. Got anything else, anything that isn't gross?"

"Not anything that isn't gross by your standards."

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