First Time

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bob and Cindy had been dating for nearly two years -- but they'd never made love. They were intimate in touching, kissing and caressing, but the time finally came when Cindy wanted more. She took action to see that more happened.

Bob and Cindy had been dating for two years. They had quickly realized that they cared very much about each other, and they began to fall in love. They thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each other, and they went out lots of nights for dates and enjoyed doing a variety of things together. Bob and Cindy especially enjoyed going to group things where a lot of the other kids at their high school were on Friday nights and weekends but it was after those events, alone in Bob's car that he and Cindy really got to know each other.

They first began slow; kissing and holding each other. And then very quickly they began to caress and touch each other more and more intimately. Bob always thought about the first date he and Cindy had ever gone on and she looked so sexy that he'd gotten a hardon when he first laid eyes on her. She'd been wearing a dark colored bust-emphasizing sweater and a nice matching skirt that looked hot on her petite and very sexy figure. Cindy had nice full C-cup breasts and she wore her clothes that looked nice and not slutty, but they definitely accentuated the sexy maturity of her young teenage body. Bob was not only falling in love with Cindy's personality and her mind but it hadn't taken him long at all to fall into love and lust with her sexy womanly body.

During the intervening months, Bob and Cindy spent more and more time with each other and less and less time in group activities. They found just being alone, having the chance to make out, kiss, caress and all that went along with that intimacy much more interesting than associating with their school friends on a date night. Their sexy playfulness and intimacy grew from touching and kissing, to undressing each other more and more. The night that Bob was finally able to get Cindy to let him take her bra off and let him play with her naked breasts was a major milestone in their relationship. For Cindy, it meant that she really loved Bob and she already had long-term plans in mind with him right in the center of them. Bob wasn't thinking quite that long-term; he just wanted to enjoy Cindy's body and have the pleasure of feeling her up.

Touching and kissing Cindy's breasts moved on to Bob getting his hand down inside her panties, and Cindy unzipping Bob's pants and getting her hand on his hard cock. Then, Bob got Cindy to start giving him blowjobs. Cindy had never sucked another guy's cock and she had a lot to learn, but what Cindy didn't know about sucking cock, she made up for in her desire to pleasure Bob.

That was what made Bob and Cindy's first fuck ever one of the hottest moments of their lives. They were going on a 2-day trip to visit one of Cindy's college friends, and they stopped for the night at a motel halfway to their destination. Cindy and Bob were still both virgins and they really had never talked about actually having sex together. But, that night when Cindy and Bob got ready to go to bed, Cindy was wearing the sexiest negligee Bob had ever seen. He'd seen Cindy semi-naked before but he'd never seen her totally naked underneath a see-through diaphanous nighty that revealed all of her nakedness and her physical beauty to his gaze. Bob's cock was already hard in anticipation of sleeping that night in the same bed with Cindy, but when he saw the way Cindy was dressed, he knew she had far more serious plans in mind for the night together.

When Cindy came into Bob's arms, he pulled her into a close sexy embrace. He was totally naked, and he loved the sexy feel of Cindy's full C-dup breasts pressing firmly against his chest. Their lips met in a very hot sexy kiss and they hands were all over each other's naked bodies. Bob couldn't wait to get the sexy nightie off of Cindy's body, and she had his hard cock in her hands, stroking him and making him wildly hot for her.

"Mmmmmmmm, Bob, I love you so much," Cindy moaned as she felt Bob start pulling her negligee off over her head. She couldn't wait to get naked with her loving boyfriend, and she had another huge surprise in store for him as well.

"Bob, I want you to make love to me tonight. I want you to slide your sexy big dick inside me, baby, and I want you to make us both feel so good. And," Cindy hesitated for a moment, "I want you to know that I'm on the pill. We can't get pregnant tonight, baby, so I want you to make love to me and you can stay inside when you cum."

Those words took Bob's breath away. He couldn't believe it. His beautiful girlfriend was not only naked in front of him, she'd just asked him to make love to her, and she'd told him she was on birth control. With that, Bob went into action with Cindy.

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