Very Intimate Family

by Tom Land

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, InLaws, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Pam and her husband of three years, Philip, go to visit her parents, Charles and Beth, over a holiday. One evening, Pam broaches a very touchy and seemingly impossible proposal with her parents. And to her surprise, they've been thinking the same things. And the heat builds rapidly.

Pam had been married three years and since she'd been an only child, she'd grown up in the loving adoration of her parents. When she'd married, she and her husband Philip had moved a couple of hundred miles away where they weren't able to come and visit her parents or his all that frequently. Finally, they arranged to come and spend the holidays with Pam's parents and it was one of the most momentous holidays that any of them could remember in a long time.

Pam had been taller than normal during high school, and she'd grown into a beautiful statuesque brunette. Philip was also rather tall and they made a beautiful couple. They looked forward to the day when they'd have children, assuming that they would also share their parents' genes and grow up tall. Pam had even in high school grown into a very attractive teenager but while she'd been one of the prettiest girls in her class, she'd been sort of shy and stayed in the background most of the time. That had changed in her senior year of high school and definitely during her college years. Pam had become much more bold and willing to step out and take chances. That was what led to her and Philip's Christmas visit to her parents' home. Pam had been harboring a longtime sexual fantasy and she'd finally shared it with Philip, hoping he'd help her realize it someday.

Their first evening at home with her parents, Pam and Phil shared dinner with her parents, Charles and Beth, and afterward the four adults sat around in their family room and tried to catch up on what had been going on in their separate lives. Pam knew what she wanted to do but wasn't totally sure what to do in order to make it a reality. She wanted to fuck her own father, Charles, and she had found out that Philip thought her mother was very sexy too. Knowing that and realizing that if she could manage to fuck her father, Philip was equally hot to bed his mother and that was all Pam needed to kick her plans into action.

Pam decided to take a direct route in broaching her desires and those of Philip with her parents that seemed rather unconventional. She decided that when the time seemed right, she was just going to tell them what had been going on in her own mind and in Philip's, too. Pam actually felt that her mother and father would be revolted and ask them to immediately leave their home, but she figured the only way to find out for sure was to let them know what she and Philip wanted to do with them.

After the four of them had been talking and visiting for an hour or more, Pam finally cleared her throat and said, "Mom, Dad, Philip and I would like to share something very personal with you, and we hope you'll at least hear us out and then let us know your response, OK?" Pam looked at her parents and she hoped within herself that what she was about to tell them wouldn't alienate them or hurt them. She hoped her dream of making love with her father would come true, but she really didn't hold out any realistic hope that would happen.

"Sure, honey, we're more than glad to let you tell us anything," Pam's mother, Beth, said.

"Well, Mom and Dad," Pam said in a somewhat hesitating voice, "Philip and I have been talking and we both realized that we share a lot of things in common. One of the things we've both realized recently is that we share some very interesting sexual things in common."

Pam looked directly at both her father and her mother to see how this was going. They seemed to still be with her and then Pam venture into the deep water. "You know that Philip and I have been married three years now and we make love quite frequently. I know that you two have always been very sexy lovers, and I'm pretty sure that you guys still make love to each other on a regular basis, right?"

"Yes, we do make love regularly, Pam," her mother Beth said, as she looked over at her husband, Charles and smiled. "We not only love each other, but we still find each other very physically attractive and desirable," she continued.

"Well, here's what I've wanted to say and I'm just going to say it and let things fall where they may," Pam blurted out. "Daddy, I've been wanting you sexually for several years now, and Mom, Philip has shared with me that he thinks you're very sexy and my husband Philip wants to make love to you, Mom, while Daddy and I fuck each other. I'm sorry to use the f-word, but it's one that Philip and I use and we love saying it because it's very erotic and it really turns us on," Pam said and when she'd said that, she stopped talking to see what the response from her parents would be.

Pam watched her parents' for their reaction to the blatantly sexual thoughts and desires she had just shared with them. She actually felt herself holding her breath and she looked nervously over to her husband Philip as she expected an explosion to result.

Pam's mother first broke the ice: "Pam, I know this may shock you and Philip both, but there are some things that your father and I should have shared with you a long time ago, but we didn't know how to do it anymore than you apparently did." Her mother turned to look at Pam's father and then he picked up where Beth had left off.

"We both love you and Philip very very much, Pam. I think you know how much we love you and you'll soon find out how very much we love your wonderful husband Philip as well. We would probably have shared how we felt with you guys a long time ago but with you and us living so far apart, it just never seemed to work out for us to break the ice and tell you what we've been wanting and thinking about," Charles said. "Pam, I've enjoyed sexual fantasies about you ever since you were a teenager and began to grow into a sexy young woman. Your mother knew how I felt and she was more than willing for me to talk to you and try to see if you held any similar sexual interests. When that never happened, we'd let you move off to college and then get married with never sharing the things we most deeply desired."

Pam was more than shocked by the response she gotten from both her mother and her father. "You mean, you guys have been thinking and having sexual thoughts about me and Philip as well?" Pam asked, as she reached out and took Philip's hand for moral encouragement and in her excitement at what they were both now hearing for the first time.

"What I'm trying to say based on what you'd shared earlier, Pam, is that I've wanted to be your sexual partner for several years now. And, when you first brought Philip home to meet us, your mom quickly realized that she was physically and sexually attracted to Philip as well. So, if you're saying the two of you are interested in swapping mates with the two of us - we accept wholeheartedly."

Pam felt her nipples harden and her breathing began again as she realized that things had turned out far better than she'd ever have hoped. "Mom and Dad, I'm so happy that you want to share this with Philip and me; I can't wait for us to begin," Pam said as she squeezed her legs together, feeling her pussy growing very wet and horny in anticipation of her father making love with her.

Charles stood from where he was sitting and walked over to his daughter, Pam, offering her his hand to help her stand and he pulled her quickly into his loving and hot embrace. Pam rushed into his arms, wanting to feel her father's body against hers for the first time ever in a lover's embrace. She'd often fought the feelings in the past when her father would hug her and she'd wanted to feel his body and his cock pressing against her. Now she could let him hold her and embrace her and let their desires have free rein. Charles pulled Pam's sexy young womanly body against his and this time he did have a large growing hardon for her to feel as he pulled her groin close against him.

At the same time, Philip stood and met Pam's mother, Beth, at her seat on the couch. Beth was a very sexy woman just like her daughter, and Philip had been harboring sexual desires about her for several years. He took Beth in his arms and they began to kiss and caress each other as they stood there. Philip felt his cock growing quickly into an urgent hard thick erection as he realized that he not only had the "green light" to fuck Pam's sexy mother, but that his wife also had the agreement of her parents for her to fuck her father, Charles.

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