Tracy: Her Pregnant Moments of Desire

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tracy and her husband are about to have a baby. But, in her sixth month, Sam is out of town, and Tracy becomes so horny for hard cock that she can't resist a one-night stand to take care of her needs.

Tracy was very much pregnant. She'd wanted to be "with child" more than anything and now she was -- she was every bit of six months along and Tracy loved being big with the baby growing inside her belly. She and her husband, Sam, had been wanting a baby and now she was over two-thirds on the way to becoming a first-time mommy.

Tracy loved to feel her swollen pregnant belly. She just delighted in the miracle of actually being knocked up and she was looking forward to giving birth and having her baby to love and care for. Sam liked to call her "my knocked up hottie" and Tracy enjoyed seeing her pregnant profile in the full-length bedroom mirror every day when she was getting dressed. Sam was away on a trip for the entire weekend so Tracy began to think about what she'd do with herself. One thing she'd discovered about being pregnant was that she was always horny for sex. It seemed like she was already ready for a fuck and Sam had been making love to her less instead of more to her dismay. Before she'd gotten pregnant, it seemed like they fucked nearly every night and sometimes more than once on weekends. They had been lovemakers since before they'd gotten married and up until she became pregnant and now she needed Sam's hard horny cock more and was actually getting it less and less it seemed.

Tracy had a couple of sexy girlfriends that she knew were bisexual. Maybe she could get one of them to play with her overnight. Tracy started thinking about Krista and Bev so intently that she really started getting very turned on. She needed an orgasm so badly.

That afternoon Tracy had finished her shopping and was lying down to rest for awhile. She often talked to the baby growing inside her belly and this afternoon was no exception. She told her baby how happy she was that it would soon be there with her and Sam and she loved it so much. After awhile her thoughts moved gradually to sex again and she wished Sam would come home and fuck her.

Finally, Tracy couldn't wait and she got dressed to go out for something to eat. At a little cafe a few miles from the house, Tracy took a booth by herself and tried to focus on her food. She couldn't keep her eyes off a couple of good-looking guys sitting at a nearby table. Her pussy grew wet and her nipples were poking about underneath her blouse as she felt her horniness making itself known again. Tracy really needed sex. Before she knew it, she had her hand in between her thighs and was rubbing her pussy through her pants. She closed her eyes and actually felt a small orgasm explode in her groin as she rubbed herself.

When Tracy opened her eyes, the two strangers were noticing her getting herself off. She flushed in embarrassment and then felt like asking them to help a horny pregnant woman out. Tracy didn't have to ask -- Ted and Robert had more than noticed her dilemma and they fully realized that here was an attractive sexy young pregnant woman who was by herself and obviously very in need of sex.

Ted walked over to Tracy's table and just at down beside her. "Miss, do you need any help?" he asked, knowing the reality whether she'd admit it to him or not. Tracy caught her breast and then whispered, "yes, I'm horny and my husband is out of town this weekend and I'm going to be all alone." After saying it, Tracy couldn't believe she'd blurted out those very words.

Tracy's Latina hotness bubbled to the surface and she looked Ted in the eyes, "Why don't you and your friend get us a room somewhere so we can play in private?" Tracy struggled with her overwhelming sexual need and her sudden willingness to be unfaithful to Sam, her husband. But, Tracy rationalized that she half suspected Sam's "business trip" was a cover-up for him to shack up with some other woman all weekend. She'd noticed signs of Sam's straying recently and she convinced herself as she sat there that he was off fucking another woman and one weekend's indiscretion on her part wasn't going to hurt anything.

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