Good Night Out

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Rape, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: It was a slow week for 'Sharp Investigations' in fact it has always been slow since Mike Sharp had set up his business ten months ago after leaving the Police force. Well thought Mike, asked to leave might be more accurate.

It must have been a good night out, thought Mary, but she couldn't remember much after she had left the wine bar, but she did have this dull throb between her thighs, so she must have been well a truly fucked. She smiled at the thought, she could remember being chatted up by someone, but she couldn't for the life of her remember his name or what he looked like, she must have drunk more that she thought, but she felt he must have been nice; she hoped she left him her phone number.

When Mary came home after work on Monday night there was a small envelope waiting for her on the mat. "Oh no," she cried as she looked at the black and white photograph that was in the envelope. It showed her naked on all fours, being fucked by a man whose head was out of shot. On the back was written, 'call this number' there was a telephone number written below.

"Hello Mary, glad you've got our little souvenir of last Saturday night," the male voice said when Mary's shaking finger had dialled the number.

"What do you want you bastard," she snarled, "Drugging me and take obscene pictures and then making demands on me."

"Mary, Mary, have I made any demands on you," came the smooth voice.

"Oh but you will," she said, "well you can piss off."

"Mary, I sure you wouldn't like your pictures sent to your parents or work colleagues, now would you," the voice said.

"You do what you want, you bastard," with that Mary slammed the phone down. For a few minutes she was shaking with emotion.

"Bastard," she said to herself.

It was a slow week for 'Sharp Investigations' in fact it has always been slow since Mike Sharp had set up his business ten months ago after leaving the Police force. Well thought Mike, asked to leave might be more accurate. His small office, above the 'Hair Fair' hairdressing saloon was furnished only with a desk and a pair of filing cabinets. His phone was still disconnected despite lengthy mails to the Telephone Company. How can I get any business, Sharp thought, if my phone don't work. He smashed the flat of his hand hard against his desk top with frustration. A quite knock on his door interrupted his thoughts

"Yes come in," Sharp called out, nice very nice thought Sharp as a young and pretty girl entered.

"Sharp Investigations?" Mary inquired.

"Yes, please come in," replied Mike standing up and indicated the chair on the other side of his desk.

"Please sit down. Now what can I do for you?" he inquired.

Mary looked around the sparse office and wondered if she was doing the right thing.

"I'm Mary Smith," said Mary, "I received this in the post yesterday."

Mary handed over the picture.

Very tasty thought Sharp, she looks even better with her clothes off.

"I rang the number and this man threatened to send copies to my parents and to my work, I told him to piss off," she said.

"So what do you want me to do?" inquired Sharp, "pay him off for you."

"No way," said Mary with feeling, "I want these pictures destroyed, along with all the negatives."

"I've got to tell you Mary, that it will probably be cheaper to pay him off than to pay me to find him," said Sharp.

"Yes I understand that, but the money is not important and I think he got more than money in mind and I refuse to pay some lowlife like that," said Mary with feeling.

"Ok, I try, my charges are £100 a day plus agreed expenses," said Sharp.

"Thank you Mr Sharp, that's fine, I'll be hearing from you soon I hope."

With that Mary handed over a cheque from £500 and she headed for the door.

"How can I get in touch?" asked Sharp looking up at the departing figure.

"I'll call you," said Mary over her shoulder and she was gone.

Very, very nice thought Sharp as he studied the photograph again.

First thing first thought Sharp, zip along to his bank and deposit the cheque, then off to see Mad Max, not his real name of course, but he likes people to think of him in those terms. Max runs all the dodgy businesses around here, so if this scam is one of his, he didn't want to step on his toes, Max has no sense of humour where money is concerned.

"Is Max in," Sharp asked the bouncer at the Kit Kat club, which acted as Max's headquarters.

"I'll see, stay there Sharp," he replied tersely, then he disappeared into the gloom.

"Come with me," said the bouncer after he returned, and Sharp followed his large shape back into the gloom.

"What can I do for you?" Max said without any preamble.

"I got this client who's being blackmailed over naughty pictures," Sharp said, "I just want to make sure it's not one of yours schemes."

"Got any of the pictures on you," Max said with a smile.

"No sorry," Sharp said.

"Oh pity, I could do with a laugh," Max chuckled, "wait outside."

After a few minutes he's called him back in.

"Well it seems that some bastards are working on my patch without a licence," Max said, "I don't like that, I don't like that at all; no respect young people today. Here have a drink,"

Max pushed over a half full bottle of scotch. Mike didn't like the sound of this, Max being genial. All his fears proved out when Max continued after a long drink of his scotch.

"When you find them, I like a call, you get that," Max said softly.

"Yes Max, I'll let you know," agreed Sharp.

"Good, good, go have another drink before you go."

When Mike had finished his second scotch he popped down to his local Nick 'Police Station', Sharp still had a few friends left, so a word to a former colleague produced a local address from the phone number.

Sharp waited until 10pm before parked his car on the opposite kerb to that address. The whole building was in darkness so taking a few tools with him Sharp walked around the building, looking for a way in. An upper window looked a likely bet, and an adjacent drainpipe seemed the way up. With a bit of persuasion with his crow bar, the window popped open and he was in. Unit 3a was on the third floor; the front door was a simple Yale lock that yielded to his credit card, faster than the right key might have. The outer office was laid out for a secretary, with desk and chair, but the inner office was fitted out plusher, with carpet and large desk. In the far corner were three filing cabinets. Sharp started on these straight away, again using his crow bar, he popped the first one without much effort. Just normal office garbage. The second yielded the same but the third he hit pay dirt. Lots of drop files containing negatives, contact prints and sometimes a video. Smith, Smith, no Smith, well thought Sharp he didn't think it's was her real name anyway. There was twenty plus files in each of the three draws. Of course hers was in the bottom draw under 'Taylor'.

It took four trips to transfer all these files to his car and then a short ride to a phone to tell Max the name and address. Once back in his office, Sharp sorted thought the collection quickly, then locked them away, he kept Ms Taylor's file out on his desk to look at in more detail. She sure was a good looking women thought Sharp. He pored himself a drink out of the bottle he kept in the bottom draw.

Next day Sharp was half the way though the files when the phone rang. Oh good thought Sharp, phones working again, the phone company must have received his cheque.

"Yes, Sharp Investigation" answered Sharp, it was Mary

"Any progress yet?" she asked.

"Yes Ms Taylor," Sharp heard a sharp intake of breath from the other end of the phone, "come in this afternoon please," replied Sharp.

"Very well Mr Sharp, I'll be there about four ok," she agreed.

By then Sharp had been though all the files making notes of names, address and their phone numbers. Mary knocked and walked in.

"Nice to see you again Ms Taylor, here are your pictures," said Sharp.

"Are they all there?" Mary asked anxiously, almost snatching the file from Sharp's hand.

"There is about seventy negs, that's two rolls of 35mm film, plus the two contact sheets from them, I don't know if that's the lot, but I suspect it is," he said.

"Thank you Mr Sharp, it's a great relief to have them, what about the bastard who drugged me and took these pictures?" she asked.

"I've informed the authorities about him," said Sharp, "there shouldn't be any comeback on you however, your name was not mentioned."

"Thank you, thank you very much, please keep the rest of the money as a bonus," Mary stood up, smiled at him and left without a backward glance.

The rest of the afternoon Sharp spent watching the Videos. This lot worth a fortune thought Sharp. They were all professionally produced with plenty of action, usually one women with multiple partners. He then thought about Ms Tayler's comments about the man on the phone had more than money in mind for her.

Sally was miserable, almost suicidal; had been since that morning when the picture had arrived in the post. The voice on the phone had sent her to an address in a block of flats where she had been the star of a blue video.

"Come in girlie," this old bloke had said to her, "now your going to be a good girl and do as you are told, ain't you, cause if you don't some pretty pictures will be sent to your Parents."

"Oh no please, I can't, please," begged Sally.

"Now, now girlie" comforts Len "It ain't that bad. Now you go a change into this schoolgirl outfit and we get it over with, shall we."

Sally removed her clothes in the corner of the room trying to hide from the prying eyes of the five men who were there.

"That's right love," soothed Len, "now come over here and sit down, ok Bill, Trevor, time to start."

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