Good Night Out

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Rape, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: It was a slow week for 'Sharp Investigations' in fact it has always been slow since Mike Sharp had set up his business ten months ago after leaving the Police force. Well thought Mike, asked to leave might be more accurate.

It must have been a good night out, thought Mary, but she couldn't remember much after she had left the wine bar, but she did have this dull throb between her thighs, so she must have been well a truly fucked. She smiled at the thought, she could remember being chatted up by someone, but she couldn't for the life of her remember his name or what he looked like, she must have drunk more that she thought, but she felt he must have been nice; she hoped she left him her phone number.

When Mary came home after work on Monday night there was a small envelope waiting for her on the mat. "Oh no," she cried as she looked at the black and white photograph that was in the envelope. It showed her naked on all fours, being fucked by a man whose head was out of shot. On the back was written, 'call this number' there was a telephone number written below.

"Hello Mary, glad you've got our little souvenir of last Saturday night," the male voice said when Mary's shaking finger had dialled the number.

"What do you want you bastard," she snarled, "Drugging me and take obscene pictures and then making demands on me."

"Mary, Mary, have I made any demands on you," came the smooth voice.

"Oh but you will," she said, "well you can piss off."

"Mary, I sure you wouldn't like your pictures sent to your parents or work colleagues, now would you," the voice said.

"You do what you want, you bastard," with that Mary slammed the phone down. For a few minutes she was shaking with emotion.

"Bastard," she said to herself.

It was a slow week for 'Sharp Investigations' in fact it has always been slow since Mike Sharp had set up his business ten months ago after leaving the Police force. Well thought Mike, asked to leave might be more accurate. His small office, above the 'Hair Fair' hairdressing saloon was furnished only with a desk and a pair of filing cabinets. His phone was still disconnected despite lengthy mails to the Telephone Company. How can I get any business, Sharp thought, if my phone don't work. He smashed the flat of his hand hard against his desk top with frustration. A quite knock on his door interrupted his thoughts

"Yes come in," Sharp called out, nice very nice thought Sharp as a young and pretty girl entered.

"Sharp Investigations?" Mary inquired.

"Yes, please come in," replied Mike standing up and indicated the chair on the other side of his desk.

"Please sit down. Now what can I do for you?" he inquired.

Mary looked around the sparse office and wondered if she was doing the right thing.

"I'm Mary Smith," said Mary, "I received this in the post yesterday."

Mary handed over the picture.

Very tasty thought Sharp, she looks even better with her clothes off.

"I rang the number and this man threatened to send copies to my parents and to my work, I told him to piss off," she said.

"So what do you want me to do?" inquired Sharp, "pay him off for you."

"No way," said Mary with feeling, "I want these pictures destroyed, along with all the negatives."

"I've got to tell you Mary, that it will probably be cheaper to pay him off than to pay me to find him," said Sharp.

"Yes I understand that, but the money is not important and I think he got more than money in mind and I refuse to pay some lowlife like that," said Mary with feeling.

"Ok, I try, my charges are £100 a day plus agreed expenses," said Sharp.

"Thank you Mr Sharp, that's fine, I'll be hearing from you soon I hope."

With that Mary handed over a cheque from £500 and she headed for the door.

"How can I get in touch?" asked Sharp looking up at the departing figure.

"I'll call you," said Mary over her shoulder and she was gone.

Very, very nice thought Sharp as he studied the photograph again.

First thing first thought Sharp, zip along to his bank and deposit the cheque, then off to see Mad Max, not his real name of course, but he likes people to think of him in those terms. Max runs all the dodgy businesses around here, so if this scam is one of his, he didn't want to step on his toes, Max has no sense of humour where money is concerned.

"Is Max in," Sharp asked the bouncer at the Kit Kat club, which acted as Max's headquarters.

"I'll see, stay there Sharp," he replied tersely, then he disappeared into the gloom.

"Come with me," said the bouncer after he returned, and Sharp followed his large shape back into the gloom.

"What can I do for you?" Max said without any preamble.

"I got this client who's being blackmailed over naughty pictures," Sharp said, "I just want to make sure it's not one of yours schemes."

"Got any of the pictures on you," Max said with a smile.

"No sorry," Sharp said.

"Oh pity, I could do with a laugh," Max chuckled, "wait outside."

After a few minutes he's called him back in.

"Well it seems that some bastards are working on my patch without a licence," Max said, "I don't like that, I don't like that at all; no respect young people today. Here have a drink,"

Max pushed over a half full bottle of scotch. Mike didn't like the sound of this, Max being genial. All his fears proved out when Max continued after a long drink of his scotch.

"When you find them, I like a call, you get that," Max said softly.

"Yes Max, I'll let you know," agreed Sharp.

"Good, good, go have another drink before you go."

When Mike had finished his second scotch he popped down to his local Nick 'Police Station', Sharp still had a few friends left, so a word to a former colleague produced a local address from the phone number.

Sharp waited until 10pm before parked his car on the opposite kerb to that address. The whole building was in darkness so taking a few tools with him Sharp walked around the building, looking for a way in. An upper window looked a likely bet, and an adjacent drainpipe seemed the way up. With a bit of persuasion with his crow bar, the window popped open and he was in. Unit 3a was on the third floor; the front door was a simple Yale lock that yielded to his credit card, faster than the right key might have. The outer office was laid out for a secretary, with desk and chair, but the inner office was fitted out plusher, with carpet and large desk. In the far corner were three filing cabinets. Sharp started on these straight away, again using his crow bar, he popped the first one without much effort. Just normal office garbage. The second yielded the same but the third he hit pay dirt. Lots of drop files containing negatives, contact prints and sometimes a video. Smith, Smith, no Smith, well thought Sharp he didn't think it's was her real name anyway. There was twenty plus files in each of the three draws. Of course hers was in the bottom draw under 'Taylor'.

It took four trips to transfer all these files to his car and then a short ride to a phone to tell Max the name and address. Once back in his office, Sharp sorted thought the collection quickly, then locked them away, he kept Ms Taylor's file out on his desk to look at in more detail. She sure was a good looking women thought Sharp. He pored himself a drink out of the bottle he kept in the bottom draw.

Next day Sharp was half the way though the files when the phone rang. Oh good thought Sharp, phones working again, the phone company must have received his cheque.

"Yes, Sharp Investigation" answered Sharp, it was Mary

"Any progress yet?" she asked.

"Yes Ms Taylor," Sharp heard a sharp intake of breath from the other end of the phone, "come in this afternoon please," replied Sharp.

"Very well Mr Sharp, I'll be there about four ok," she agreed.

By then Sharp had been though all the files making notes of names, address and their phone numbers. Mary knocked and walked in.

"Nice to see you again Ms Taylor, here are your pictures," said Sharp.

"Are they all there?" Mary asked anxiously, almost snatching the file from Sharp's hand.

"There is about seventy negs, that's two rolls of 35mm film, plus the two contact sheets from them, I don't know if that's the lot, but I suspect it is," he said.

"Thank you Mr Sharp, it's a great relief to have them, what about the bastard who drugged me and took these pictures?" she asked.

"I've informed the authorities about him," said Sharp, "there shouldn't be any comeback on you however, your name was not mentioned."

"Thank you, thank you very much, please keep the rest of the money as a bonus," Mary stood up, smiled at him and left without a backward glance.

The rest of the afternoon Sharp spent watching the Videos. This lot worth a fortune thought Sharp. They were all professionally produced with plenty of action, usually one women with multiple partners. He then thought about Ms Tayler's comments about the man on the phone had more than money in mind for her.

Sally was miserable, almost suicidal; had been since that morning when the picture had arrived in the post. The voice on the phone had sent her to an address in a block of flats where she had been the star of a blue video.

"Come in girlie," this old bloke had said to her, "now your going to be a good girl and do as you are told, ain't you, cause if you don't some pretty pictures will be sent to your Parents."

"Oh no please, I can't, please," begged Sally.

"Now, now girlie" comforts Len "It ain't that bad. Now you go a change into this schoolgirl outfit and we get it over with, shall we."

Sally removed her clothes in the corner of the room trying to hide from the prying eyes of the five men who were there.

"That's right love," soothed Len, "now come over here and sit down, ok Bill, Trevor, time to start."

Two bright lights were switched on and the camera panned to point at Sally.

"Ok lets start," said Len, "what's your name girlie?" he asked.

"Sally," she whispered.

"Ok now how old are you?" he asked.


"No, no love, let's start again and remember you're fourteen, right," said Len.

"Ok what's your name girlie?" he asked as the camera started rolling again.


"Good, now how old are you?" he asked.


"Lovely, there's a good girl, Ok lads time for you to get acquainted."

Two guys sat beside her and started to strip the terrified girl out of her clothes. Len who was behind the video camera was calling out instructions to them.

"Ok guys undress her, right get her tits out, oh great pair girlie. Ok guys push her down on her back, now spread her legs, great, ok Bill stick your cock in her cunt now ok, good, now Trev push yours in her mouth good; don't cum too quick you pair of wanker. Good fuck her nice and slow, come on guys get in sync, ok, now Trev pull out and spray your cum all over her face, great Trev. Right Bill spray yours over her tits, great."

It went on and on, it was a nightmare. She was not a virgin, but she had done things that afternoon that she had never done before, and all in front of a camera.

"Ok that's a wrap guys, you can go, ok," said Len.

"Thanks, call us when you need us again, ok," said one of the studs with a smile.

"Ok lads, time for the finale," said Len.

"Can I go now," said Sally getting up, searching for her own clothes.

"Soon girlie, it's time for me and the lads to have some fun," laughed Len.

"No please, haven't I done enough. Please," Sally whimpered.

Len inserted a new tape in his camera and called his two assistance's over.

"Ok lads, leave some for me," he laughed out loud. The two guys pounce on the naked girl and took turns between her legs while Len focus his camera on the writhing threesome; soon Len left the camera and joined them on the floor.

"Ok girlie, you can go now," said Len, "just remember anytime I call, you'll come running," he laughed at her tears, his hands fondling her naked body again.

She had been physically sick afterwards, but she could see no way out. At the tender age of eighteen her life was in ruins. If anyone she knew saw that video, she would kill herself. Then the phone rang; oh no not again, she thought, please I can't do that again.

"Miss Andrews please," said a new voice.

"Speaking," said Sally with a sinking stomach.

"Good day Miss," said Sharp, "I'm from Sharp investigations, I have some property of yours that I have recovered recently. If you would like to come to my office, for a small recovery fee, you can pick it up."

"Fee, how much, I haven't got much money, please," Sally sobbed.

"Please don't cry miss, its only £25 to cover expenses," said Sharp soothingly.

"Oh, £25, what's the catch, please I had enough," cried Sally.

"No catch miss, just come along and pick up your property ok," said Sharp.

Sally entered Sharps office some 45 minutes later.

"Mr Sharp, I'm Sally Andrews," Sally said.

Sharp recognised her straight away from the pictures and video he had watched.

"Yes Miss," Sharp went over to his filing cabinet and took out the Andrews File.

"Here we are. If you could sign a receipt and they're yours for the princely sum of £25," said Sharp.

"You don't want anything else?" Sally asked incredulously.

"No Miss just £25 please," Sharp said.

"If you need any further help concerning these," Sharp tapped the folder, "please call me," Sharp gave her his card. "It's all part of our service."

Sally thanked him and handed over five fivers, signed her name and fled, in case he changed his mind and made her do something disgusting. She would have agreed to do anything to get her hands on what she now had in her bag. For the first time in weeks she smiled happily and not a smile for the camera smile.

Only £25 thought Sharp, but 50 times £25 was still a lot of money Sharp's door opened and large man entered.

"Max wants to see you," he said gruffly.

When Max asked to see someone it's not a request, so Sharp picked up his coat and followed.

"Sit down, have a drink," said Max, as soon as Sharp had entered Max's office.

Well he seems to be in a good mood, thought Sharp.

"Here." said Max, throwing over a thick envelope, "for your help over that blackmail thing."

"Thanks Max," said Sharp, opening the envelope and seeing a thick wad of bank notes.

"Tony here," Max indicated the guy behind him, "had a word with this bloke, Peter something or other, the one you told us about and he gave us all the names we wanted."

Max then throw over a small piece of paper.

"I want you to look them up and have a word," smiled Max.

"Oh, you know Max, I no good at this strong arm stuff," Sharp said, wondering what Tony did to that poor bloke.

"Nah, nothing like that, just a chat to bring them into the fold. Offer my protection, that sort of thing," said Max.

"Oh," Sharp said, thinking how do I get out of this, but there's no way you can say no to Max.

"That money," Max said, "can count as your retainer as well," Max chuckled.

"Ok Max," said Sharp resigning himself to his fate, "what's the deal?"

"Well I'm feeling generous," said Max lighting up a large cigar, "I offer total protection from the authorities and others, they will continue to supply the girls and I distribute the end product. They will then share 50% of the take, net of course."

"Of course," Sharp said, "ok Max, I'll be you messenger boy."

"Good man," said Max with a big smile, "by the way what are you going to do with all my pictures you nicked from his offices?"

"I thought I sell them back," said Sharp, "you know for a small fee."

"Knight in shining armour ah," smiled Max, "No I don't think so, I'll send someone round to pick them up, here have another drink."

When he was back in his office, Sharp counted the cash. £1000, well that's some compensation for the loss of earning, thought Sharp. At two Miss Anderson arrives to pick up her file and pay £25. She was a tall slim black girl of about twenty. She was going to be the last of the lucky ones, from now on all the girls in the files were in Max's hand. Sharp pitied them, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Sharp waited till after six, for the address for the cameraman was obviously his home.

"Is Len at home?" Sharp asked to the pretty teenage girl who answered the door.

"Dad," she shouted over her shoulder, "some bloke for you."

"What do you want, whatever you selling, I'm not buying," he said when he came to the door.

"I'm here about Peter, can we talk somewhere quite," said Sharp.

"Yeah, come into the back room," he said with a scow, "we're not to be disturbed," he shouted to the rest of the household.

"Now Len," Sharp said, "I don't know what deal you had, but it's all changed now, you're being taken over."

"And what if I don't care to be taken over," Len asked belligerently.

"Len, Len you don't have that luxury, said Sharp, "when you started making those videos you didn't clear it with Max. He is not a happy bunny, he's all for dropping you in some deep hole somewhere. I convinced him that's there was money to be made; you'll be contacted when you are needed. By the way, where's your personal collection?"

"Collection, what Collection?" answered Len.

"Come on Len, I'm not stupid, where to you keep your personal tapes."

"What tapes?"

"Len, Len, if you cause trouble, Max will cut his losses, but before he does, he would force your wife and daughter into being porn stars and make you do the filming, before he'll drops you in 20ft of water wearing concrete wellies."

"There're in the garage," omitted Len reluctantly.

"Show me," demanded Sharp.

There was about 50 or so, Sharp recognised some of the names on the boxes.

"I'll take these," said Sharp, "help me carry them to my car."

This time when the phone rang, Sally answered it happily; it was that nice man from the detective agency.

"Of course I can come round and see you, in about an hour," she said. He was cute she thought, time to change into something more sexy.

"Hello Miss Andrews, nice to see you again," said Sharp, "this has just surfaced, I believe it belongs to you," Sharp handed over the video.

"Where did this come from?" Sally asked nervously, "and is there any more out there."

Suddenly she remembering the finial session and thankfully she knew it must be the only one.

"I can't be sure Miss Andrews, but I think that's the end to it," Sharp replied. Confirming her own thoughts.

"Oh thank you Mr Sharp, what do I owe you?" she sighed in relief.

"No that's all right," said Sharp, you have already paid."

"Perhaps I can invite you to dinner to say thank you," she asked seductively.

"Yes I would like that," said Sharp, thinking of the great body he had seen performing in the video.

"Mr Watts, I'm Sharp" said Sharp when they meet in his photographic studio.

"Yes what can I do for you," he said.

"I expect you have heard about Peter," said Sharp, "well I represent the management of the company that's taken over your operation."

"And pray why should I let myself be taken over," he answered with a sneer. Sharp didn't like this man at all.

"The biggest mistake you made was to start up your operation on Mad Max's patch and not offer him a cut," Sharp explained, "not a good idea. He didn't get that name for nothing you know. You're lucky to be alive, but Max would rather make money out of you than go to the trouble of burying you, but he will if he has to."

Sharp paused to let this sink in and then continued.

"Things will carry on as before, Peter will bring you the drugged girls for you to photograph. Later Len will provide the film crew and the men to make the films. The only difference is that Max will distribute the end product thought his chain of sex shops and you will be paid generously out of the profits."

"And what if I say no," said Watt.

"I expect things will carry on much the same without you, Max has other photographers he could use," said sharp, "and you will fulfil another important role as foundations somewhere; it's your choice."

With that Sharp left to get ready for his dinner date with Sally.

Three hours later Sharp was cock deep inside the luscious Sally, after a quick drink they had returned to Sharp's Flat, where their clothes were shed and the fun began. Despite her recent bad experience with men, Sally was a very sexual girl and generally enjoyed sex with handsome men, in her eyes Mike was definitely cute. She could feel her first orgasm building as Mike thrust into her wet pussy until she froze, crying out with pleasure.

"Oh my, that was great," she cooed, "anytime soon do you think we can do that again," she added with a giggle.

"Give me a minute love," panted Sharp, "I'm not a teenager any more you know."

"Sure lover," she replied sweetly, "will this help."

Her hot mouth devoured his limp cock. Her administrations soon had the desired effect and Sharp's newly hard cock was soon pumping into her wet pussy again.

"Oh yes, that's good," she whimpered, "harder you bastard."

Soon her second orgasm rolled on and on until she lay limp while sharp deposited his second load of sperm deep within her.

It was an easy scam, thought Peter, all you had to do was to look believable as Gas men, slip a couple of knock out drops into her tea and you had all the time in the world to look round for any valuables. Unfortunately it wasn't that easy, as he was about to find out. It was all Joe's fault and the good looks of the mark they had chosen. Everything went to planned until she was under the influence of the drops Joe had put in her tea. Peter's had left them to look around upstairs and when he returned with a handful of cash, Joe was stripping the semi conscious woman.

"What are you doing man?" he asked, staring at the almost naked housewife.

"Man have you seen this tart, look at the tits on her," Joe answered.

"Come on man, we'll haven't got time for this," Peter said.

"Just give me five, ok," he said, undoing his jeans to release his hard cock.

Peter watches opened mouthed as Joe pushes his meat into her. He lasted all of ten thrusts and came deep inside her.

"Do you want ago?" Joe asked zipping himself up.

"No man," Peter said somewhat taken aback by Joe's behaviour, "we've got to be out of here.

"Man o Man she was something special," Joe said, later on in the Pub, then he smiled at the memory.

"Yeah right," Peter replied, "you've left a deposit inside her for the police to match."

"No way, she won't report us, she'll be too scared of what her old man will say, he's a right bastard," Joe chuckled, "wouldn't mind second helpings though. Look we can do this, if we make it impossible for her to tell her hubby or anybody about it, and we can go back anytime we want."

"Ok," Peter said, "how?"

"Easy, we just film her, you know, at it, with that video camera of yours," Joe smiled.

"And we can make her pay cash as well if you want," he added.

Joe was right, she was too afraid of what her bully husband would say if he found out what had happened that morning. Once she had recovered, all she could think about was a hot bath to wash away the dirty feelings and then to get on with her life. It was not to be, two days later, she answered the front door when they pushed her back into her house.

"Come on slut, let's have some fun," Joe grabbed the beautiful woman.

"Oh no please," pleaded Mrs Stevens.

Joe took no notice of the struggling woman and started to strip her.

"Please no," she started to shout hoping someone would hear her plight.

"Be quite slut," snarled Joe, slapping her hard across her near naked breasts.

All the time Peter was taping everything, through his viewfinder he witness his mate strip the woman naked and push her to the floor.

"Spread 'em slut," commanded Joe.

"Please no," tears now streaming down her pretty face.

Joe took no notice of her cries and forced her thighs open with his knees and thrust into her dry pussy.

"Oh no!" she screamed in pain, and for the first time she noticed the camera lens capturing her defilement.

Almost before it got going it was over, Mrs Stevens thanked the Lord, both men had had their turn between her legs and both had come very quickly.

"Now listen slut," said Joe, "one word from you and this tape will be sent to your hubby, ok."

After this threat both men left her naked on her living room carpet.

It was still very slow for Sharp Investigations, but at the moment all the bills were paid, and even the telephone worked. Sharp sat with his feet up on his scarred desk with a happy smile on his face. Sally had given him a good workout last night and his body ached pleasantly from their hour-long sex session. She some girl, Sharp thought, just then the phone rang, breaking his daydream.

"Hi lover," cooed Sally.

"Hi gorgeous," answered Sharp, visualising her body, naked at the other end of the phone line.

"You busy?" she asked.

"No, not really, why? Want me to come over and come all over you," he suggested, with a laugh.

"That'll be nice, but no, can you talk to a friend of mine, she in trouble," she said.

"Sure sweet thing, what sort of trouble?" Sharp asked.

"Best if you talk to her yourself," she said and gave him her address.

Half an hour later, Sharp was knocking on the front door of a very nice semi. A stunning looking, late twenties/early thirties woman invited him in.

"Please my husband must never know," she said very nervously.

"Of course," Sharp replied reassuringly.

Over the next few minutes Mrs Steven, please call me Vicky, told her sorry tale of the two 'Gas Men'.

"I thought that it would end after their first visit, but they came back," she broke down and sobbed for some minutes.

Sharp put his arm around her and made reassuring noises.

"The second time they came around," she sobbed, " they called me all sorts of names, pulling my clothes off and filmed me, you know, as they did it to me."

"Why didn't you report them the first time they came around?" asked Sharp.

"Oh no, I couldn't, my husband would have killed me," she sobbed.

"But you were drugged and raped," said Sharp.

"I know, but he wouldn't have believed me," her eyes still wet from her tears.

"They said if I told anybody, they would show the tape to my husband," her sobs again racked her shapely body.

"Can you tell me anything about these two guys, names and descriptions," continues Sharp, after her sobs had slackened off.

"Well, one's name is Joe, he's the nasty one, he slapped me around a bit when I started to yell, and the other one is called Peter," she said, "there're both young say about twenty, tall and dark."

"Ok love, I'll ask around and see if I can come up with anything," Sharp said, "also I want you to put my mobile phone number into your phones memory and try and ring me if they turn up again, ok."

"Thank you Mr Sharp," she said hugging the Private Investigator. Sharp had to rearrange his trousers before leaving to hide the lump she had just given him.

It didn't sound like one of Mad Max's schemes, thought Sharp, but I'll better check, he also likes to be kept informed of any nefarious activities on his patch.

"Is Max in?" asks Sharp to the large Bouncer on the door of the Kit Kat club.

"Wait here Sharp," said the bouncer who then disappeared into the gloom of the club.

"Ok come with me," he said when he had returned.

"Hi Sharp," said the big bulk of Max, "what can I do for you today." Sharp quickly related the interview with Mrs Stevens.

"Yes you're right, it isn't one of my schemes, no class, probably two yobbo's."

Max picked up the nearby phone and gave out the descriptions to somebody at the other end.

"We'll see if any of my boys knows them shall we, meanwhile have a drink," said Max. "You're becoming a stand up citizen since leaving The Bill," he added with a smile.

Just then the phone buzzed, Max picked it up and listened for a minute and then slammed the phone down.

"Thanks Sharp, leave this one to me ok," he said, his face twisted into an angry snarl.

Sharp left quickly not wanting to be in Max's way, it looks like some of his boys were freelancing, not a good idea.

Sharp went straight home where Sally was waiting for him.

"Did you see Vicky?" she asked.

"Yeah, a good looking woman," Sharp smiled at the memory of her body against his.

"You keep your hot sweaty hands off her, unless I'm there as well, that is," she smiled back. "What are you going to do about her problem?" she continued sounding worried.

"Don't worry, things should be sorted very soon," said Sharp.

"Oh good, I knew you could help her," she smiled, "will Sir take a cheque or will he take payment in kind."

She came into his arms and they kissed, two minutes later Sharp was thrusting between her shapely legs.

"Oh yes you bastard, harder," Sally shouted. She pushed herself against him to increase the friction between their bodies.

"Oh yes, oh!" she sighed, her orgasm stimulated Sharp to pump his sperm into her.

"What did you do?" Sally asked Sharp over the phone, two days later, "Vicky just called."

"What did she say," Sharp asked.

"Not much, I think she's in shock," Sally said.

"Ok I pop round and have a chat," Sharp said.

"Oh hello Mr Sharp," said Mrs Steven somewhat strained, "come in and have some tea."

Over said cuppa Mrs Stevens told Sharp of her early morning visitor.

"He said his name was Max," she said, he apologised to me for the inconvenience caused and gave me this," she said handing Sharp a plain envelope containing a thick wad of cash.

"What else did he say?" asks Sharp, handing back the envelope.

"Well he said, that I wouldn't be bothered by those two lads any more, in fact the world wouldn't be bothered by them any more, it was so scary."

"It's ok Vicky," Sharp said, putting his arm around her, its over now, you won't be bothered again, ok."

Sharp had to grit his teeth and bear the closeness of this luscious body leaning up against him or Sally would probably cut his nuts off.

"Max wants to see you," said the large bouncer.

Sharp had extracted himself from the embrace of the delectable Mrs Stevens and was having a cup of tea back at his office. Any request from Max must be treated as a command.

"Thanks for coming over," Max said, "here take this," throwing over the now familiar white envelope. "Just to update you and I don't want this to get around, ok."

"Sure Max," said Sharp feeling the thickness of the money in front of him.

"Well it seems that two of my lads thought that they could have a bit of fun with this rather attractive young lady, those two lads have now succumbed to the Darwin syndrome," Max laughed.

He held up his hand to stop Sharp interrupting.

"Not heard of it, well it's when you die without issue, due to you own stupidity; their genes won't be past on."

It's quite a sobering thought that because of me, two youngsters are now dead, well it was their own fault really, anyway Sally's waiting for me and I have plenty of Max's money to spend on her.

"Max asked me to call in" Sharp said to the bouncer on the door of the Kit Kat Club.

"Yeah right," he replied, "Go right in."

Once through the front door, Sharp made his was through the dark corridors to Max's office at the back of the club, pausing only to watch the bra come off the stripper on stage. Nice tits he thought.

"Come in Sharp and have a drink," offered Max, pushing over a bottle of Scotch.

"As I have said before, you're becoming at stand up guy since you've left the Bill, looking out for my interest and such."

"Thanks," Sharp replied nervously.

"So I decided to hire you on a permanent basis," he said, "your fees are what £100 a day plus right," Sharp nodded is agreement. "So if I pay you £500 a week I get the weekends thrown in for free," Max laughed.

Sharp mind was filled with dread, but you can't say no to Max.

"Your first little job for me," Max carried on as if all was agreed, "is to get rid of all those dolly girls you found for me the other week."

"What, I thought," max held up his hand to interrupt.

"Before you start, I'm very grateful for your gift, but I've cherry picked the best ones and the rest are just dead weight," he said.

He reached for the phone and requested the packages be brought in, in fact there was three large cardboard boxes brought in.

"This is what remains of the stuff you brought me, ok," he said, "now I want you to see each of them and make things right, and I don't won't any comebacks, ok."

"Sure Max," Sharp gulped his reply, for he knew what happened to Max's people if they fucked up.

Back at his office Sharp unloaded all three boxes and sorted out the prints and negatives into piles with names and address of the girls. When he had finished he counted out thirty-five different names; some of them looked right crackers. Sharp called it a day, locked up his office and headed home where Sally was waiting for him.

"How was your day love?" cooed Sally, as she greeted her lover.

"Fine, good to be back with you," Sharp said, eyeing up the beautiful girl in front of him. It didn't escape his notice that Sally was dressed in a short summer dress without any evidence of underwear. He took her into his arms and kissed her, his hand's rooming over her body to confirm his assumption.

"You're a little slut," Sharp said with a smile.

"I thought that's why you loved me," she replied.

Sharp resumed kissing the shapely girl, and pushed her towards the couch. Her legs opened to allow him access to her dripping pussy.

"Oh yes you bastard, I been waiting all day for this," she gasped.

Sharp released his now hard cock and thrust it deep within her, no further foreplay required.

"Oh yes, harder," she shouted.

Despite her previously bad experiences with men, Sally was a very sexual girl that needed plenty of attention. This suited Sharp perfectly; for he needed her hot young body to sink his hard cock into too. He thrust into her with long hard strokes, bringing the young girl quickly to a crashing climax, the sight of her orgasm took him over the edge and he came shortly after.

The next day Sharp started tracking down the young girls.

"Miss Allen please," Sharp said over the phone. "Ah yes Miss Allen, Sharp investigations here, can you come in and identify some of your property. Yes Miss, about seventy pictures of what I believe are yours. Yes Miss there is a recovery fee of a hundred pounds, at eleven then ok, good bye."

Well that was the first. As soon as Miss Allen entered his office, Sharp recognised her straight away as the girl from her pictures, she was a buxom five foot three blond, how on earth had Max considered her 'dead weight'. Sharp tossed the two proof sheets over to the girl to check.

"I think there's no doubt that you're the model," said Sharp to the open mouthed Blonde.

"Please, where did these come from?" she stammered.

"I think you've been very fortunate Miss, these came from a Porno gang that was broken up recently and these," Sharp tapped the proofs, "came onto the open market."

"Oh no," she muttered, her eyes wide from shock.

"You are very lucky that you were never contacted by this gang, anyway for a hundred pounds recovery fee there're yours," said Sharp.

"Please I haven't got one hundred pounds," she whimpered.

"That's ok love," soothed Sharp, "I hold them for you until you have."

"No! No, please I must have them, can't I owe you," She pleaded.

"Sorry Miss, but they'll be safe with me," Sharp assured.

"No please, I can't let anybody see these, I can't," she stuttered, "please can't I pay you in kind."

Her hands moved up to her generous sized bust and squeezed them together, she looked at Sharp and tried to look sexy. Sharp leaned back into his padded office chair.

"Why don't you show me what you've got in mind Miss," he said.

With red face she crossed her arms and pulled her thin jumper over her head, revealing her well filled M&S bra.

"Very nice Miss," smiled Sharp.

She got out of her chair and removed her short skirt, revealing her matching pair of knickers.

"Please continue," encouraged Sharp, who had seen her naked body before of course in the pictures now lying forgotten on his desk.

Soon she was naked, her tits drooped quite a bit, but that was only to be expected with their large size.

"Come over here," Sharp said.

He got out of his chair, taken her hand and leading her to the sofa in the corner of his office.

"There's a good girl, open those legs for me," said Sharp, "that's right."

Sharps hard cock disappeared into her wet pussy, her hips immediately thrust back at him. Sharp mauled her big tits savagely until he deposited his sperm deep inside her.

"Thank you Miss Allen, I believe that concludes our business and your account is settled in full," Sharp said with a smile.

He handed over her pictures, Sharp then watch her hurriedly dress and depart clutching her well-earned prize.

"Well one down and thirty four to go," Sharp said to himself, "I hope Sally is feeling tired tonight."

But of course she wasn't, she demanded a long session with Sharp thrusting between her shapely legs. On the plus side, Sharp was able to last until Sally had come twice. With every thrust Sally beautiful tits moved enticingly, stimulating Sharp to greater effort.

"Oh lover," she cooed, "that was the best yet."

"Yeah, great," he smiled, thinking of the thirty or so pretty girls he had yet to see and hoped some of them had cash.

"Please Mr Sharp," pleaded a Mrs Black, "if my husband saw these, he'll divorce me in a flash."

"That's ok Miss," Sharp consoled the beautiful late twenties woman in front of him, "no one will see these until you come up with the money, then there're yours to do with as you please. Of course you are very lucky not to be contacted by those perverts, I can tell you that you wouldn't have enjoyed the experience." Sharp continued, "I had the pleasure of extracting a girl, much younger than you, from their clutches."

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