Cyber Space Lovers

by Tim Mack

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two people meet in Cyber Space and then decide they want to key-stroke each other no longer. Now they want to stroke each other in the flesh and they do.

As Jill put on her make up she wondered to herself. "What Bob would be like? Would he look like his picture that he posted in Cyber Space? Or would he look a lot different?"

Even although Jill had never met Bob, she felt as if she new him well.

Jill loved reading all of Bob's romantic journals he posted in Cyber Space. They were meeting for breakfast this morning. She just wanted to see Bob face to face at last. At this point Jill didn't even care if Bob really looked like his picture or not. But she just had a craving to be able to reach out and touch Bob in the flesh. Jill, then started to wonder to herself.

She thought. "What is Bob's voice like? What kind of a walk does he have? What kind of a dresser is he?"

Now Jill was feeling a bit aphrensive.

She tought. "What am I doing? I'm about to have breakfast with someone that I never met. Never touched. And never seen."

But yet, something inside just told her that she had to meet Bob.

As Bob came out of the shower. He thought. "Oh, what am I doing? I'm about to have breakfast with someone I met in Cyber Space. What will I say? What will I do? How do I behave? Should I kiss her? Should I hug her? So many questions, but so few answers."

As Bob finished drying himself, he sprayed himself with some anti-perspirant, then he sprayed himself an extra time thinking to himself that he may need an extra shot of anti-perspirent today.

Yes Bob was a wreck, but he had to meet his Cyber Space girl, just at least once. He dressed and hailed a cab.

He told the cab driver. "Take me to the "Metropolitan Museum Of Art".

The cab driver asked. "The main entrance or the one closer to the Fountain Restaurant?"

Bob said. "Yes, the one closest to the Fountain Resteraunt. I'm meeting somewhere there for breakfeast."

The cab driver asked. "Business breakfeast?"

Bob said. "No, I'm seeing a girl there I met on the web."

The cab driver laughed and said. "Oh, sought of a cyber blind date."

Bob said. "Yeah, sort of."

Then the cab driver said. "I hope she's what you expect her to be and you're not fooled like me."

Bob said. "Fooled."

The cab driver replied. "Yeah, I went out with this dynamite girl. And after a night on the town. She took me back to her place. I ran my hands through her hair. And then her wig fell off. And I realised that she was completly bald."

Bob replied. "Thanks, I really needed a confidence booster like that."

The cab driver replied. "Just give her hair a tug early on, so you don't waste the whole day."

Bob said. "I'll remember that."

Then the cab driver said. "Were here, go get her tiger."

Bob said thanks. "Keep the change and buy your girl a new wig."

The cab driver said. "Thanks and good luck buddy."

Bob said. "Yeah, I'll need it."

Bob walked in to the Fountain Restraunt and there she was, just like her picture. Bob let out a sigh of releif and gave her a big hug.

Jill said. "Oh Bob, I've been waiting so long for this."

Bob said. "You're radiant Jill, absolutely radiant."

Jill stared into Bob's eyes and then she kissed him. Bob huged her and then she wrapped her arms around Bob, until they realised that people were now staring at them.

Bob said. "Sorry Jill, for a moment I forgot that we were in a crowded restaurant."

Jill said. "I did to Bob. Lets order breakfeast and then go somewhere a little more private."

They ate and talked, but food was not what they really craved. Both Bob and Jill were in lust for eachother. They were like two wild cats in heat. They both tried to make small talk, both they both new what they really wanted. No more key strokes, they now wanted eachother in the flesh.

They finished breakfeast and walked out. Bob said. "Where do you want to go now."

Jill said. "My place." And waived down a cab.

Bob new what that meant, and he knew that at last, he would be more than key stroked. They got to Jill's apartment and Jill asked. "How bout a drink Bob?"

Bob said. "No not right now. But thank you."

Then Jill talk off her jacket and said. "Then what do you want right now."

Bob said. "Its you I want right now."

Jill said. "That's what I wanted to hear Bob."

Then she took Bob's hand and walked him into her bedroom. As she closed the blinds, Bob remarked laughingly. "Isnt it a bit early for night time?"

Jill replied. "I waited too many nightimes already for this. The day be damned. Cause I want this night now."

Bob then held Jill's hand and said. "Yes Jill. The day be damned. This is our nightime at last."

Then Bob took Jill in his arms and said. "I'm here for you Jill, I'm here for you at least."

Jill said. "Yes Bob. "No more key stokes."

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