Cave of Splendor

by DevilKitten

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Erica and Danielle are two college girls who take a vacation together. Little do they know that they will meet a man named Jack who will take the on one very wild adventure.

Erica was your average college student. She was working on getting her business degree at Arizona State University. All during the spring semester she had locked herself in her apartment to study. She had hardly gone to any parties and didn't date at all. So, to make up for it, her and her friend Danielle had decided to go to Hawaii for the month of June. Danielle's parents owned a condo there, so they only needed money for the flight and food.

Once in the airports they got their leis, their luggage, and headed for the condo. "I'm already feeling much more relaxed." Erica told Danielle. She put on her sunglasses as she stepped out of the cab.

The condo was in a semi-secluded area. It wasn't even a block from the beach, but the nearest building to the little community was a gas station about a mile away. They found condo 239 and unlocked the door. The rooms weren't really decorated, just some furniture and beads seperating door ways.

"Well, lucky for us my parents let people stay here all year, so it's not too dusty or bug-infested. Spiders give me the creeps." Danielle told Erica as she went to claim her bedroom. Erica took the smaller room. It had a walk-in closet and it's own private bathroom, so she wasn't going to complain.

"Let's grab our bathing suits and head to the beach," Erica suggested. I don't really feel like unpacking and hanging everything up right now.

"Totally," Danielle agreed. "I want to test out my new two- piece. It's a little black one that doesn't leave much to the imagination."

Erica slipped into her turquoise bikini, pulled her long blond hair into a ponytail, and grabbed her flip-flops. Her bikini was perfect. I covered everything, but dipped low between her breasts. This perfectly outlined her round breasts. "Hey, Danielle, I forgot my tanning oil. Did you bring any?"

"Coconut or pina colada?" Danielle asked.

"Surprise me." Erica said as she grabbed her towel and headed for the door. She stood around outside, checking out the people who were at the condos at the time while waiting for Danielle. Erica knew her friend was doing her make-up or something. But she also knew it didn't go to waste on Danielle. Danielle was gorgeous, there was no other word to describe her. She had long, curly black hair and eyes that were bluer than her own. Her body was perfectly toned and had some beautiful C cup breasts. Erica was not a lesbian, she figured she was just bi-curious.

"Alright, let's go." Danielle squealed, bounding out the door. The two friends headed to the beach, taking in the sights. Living in Arizona, the never got to see many bodies of water, so smelling the salt and hearing the waves gave them a child-like excitement. As soon as the waves came into sight, they raced to beach.

They flopped their stuff down in the sand, keeping their towels a safe distance from the water. Each grabbed a bottle or tanning oil and began the rub down. Erica gawked at her friend's bikini. Other that tiny pieces of cloth in a few key areas, it was all string. Danielle was right, it left nothing to the imagination.

"Do me?" Danielle asked, indicating to her back. Erica snapped from her trance and took the oil from her friend. She spread some oil between her hands and began to give her friend a nice rub down. She started at her shoulders and worked her way down in long strokes. But, no matter what she tried, she couldn't take her eyes off her friend's cute little ass. Her hands dipped temptingly low, almost to where her eyes were roaming.

"Um, finished," Erica stammered. Danielle swiped the bottle and returned the favor. Erica focused on the ocean, but it was hard because for some reason, Danielle's hands dipped down the front of her shoulders, stopping just before the swell of her breasts. It was very disappointing to Erica when the rub-down ended.

The girls walked down to the water, gradually letting their bodies get used to the cold temperature. They both laughed when they realized their bikinis did nothing to hide their hard nipples. They splashed around for a while and decided to do some sun-bathing. They spread out their towels and closed their eyes for about half an hour.

"Well look what washed up on shore." said a strange new voice, who's owner blocked their sun. Erica squinted at the intruder of their solitude. The voice belonged to a blond hair man who obviously spent a lot of time in the sun. He stood there, about 6 foot, staring down at a pair of the most gorgeous creatures he had ever found. Erica didn't mind looking at him either. He was extremely well built with a bulge in his swim trunks that just screamed for attention.

"Who the hell are you?" Danielle demanded, ever the polite one.

"I'm Jack," He laughed. "And who might the two of you be?" Erica introduced herself and Danielle, who had turned to let the sun hit her back. "You ladies want to go for a stroll?"

"Sure," Danielle said as she got up. "I need to stretch anyway." Erica smiled and followed Jack and Danielle. As they walked she began to realize that, for some unknown reason, Danielle had taken a sudden interest in Jack. She giggled and made excuses to press against him.

"Wait until you see where I'm taking you girls," Jack was saying. "It has a gorgeous view. Of course, not a gorgeous as the two of you." He winked back at Erica when he said this, making her blush. Danielle began to laugh hysterically, calling Jack a charmer.

They reached a rocky part of the beach. Danielle didn't want to climb over the rocks, but Jack insisted. He led them into an opening in the rocks, a small cave. From the cave you got a magnificent view of the ocean, without having to be around anyone else. Unlike most caves, this one had a sandy floor, perfect for relaxing out of the sun.

They sat down to talk, Danielle between Jack's legs and Erica under his arm. They talked about everything and nothing really. After a few minutes of this Erica felt Jack's hand squeezing her breast rhythmically. Danielle didn't notice so Erica let it continue.

She hadn't felt this way in a long time, she feltaroused. She had completely forgotten how a man could make her feel. She closed her eyes and let everything around her disapppear. That is until she heard Danielle moan.

She looked down at her friend to see Jack's hand under her friend's bikini bottom. She was fascinated by what was going on between the three of them. She began to imagine that Jack's hand was her own and felt her own wetness start. She tentatively reached out to touch Danielle's breast. Erica was not prepared for her friend's reaction. Danielle simply turned her head and smiled at Erica, giving her the ok to continue.

"Well lucky me," Jack said. He turned to kiss Erica, letting his tongue slip into her mouth. Their tongues exploed each others mouths while they continued to caress each other. Erica felt a hand removing her swimsuit, but she didn't object. A mouth began to gently suck on her nipple. It slowly dawned on her that the mouth on her nipple belonged to Danielle.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time." Erica heard her freind say. She tore her mouth from Jack's and watched her friend's mouth on her breast. She just stared for a full minute before her shaking hands began to undo Danielle's bathing suit.

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