Cathy: The Beginning

by 8inchhigh

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Reluctant, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: A Russian university student and her long bus ride home.

Cathy is a beautiful young woman. She is 19 years old. She is 5'5" tall and about 127 pounds. She has waist length dirty blonde hair and gray eyes. She has perky 34B breasts, a slim waist and a perfect heart shaped ass. She is quiet and kind of shy. She does not realize just how sexy she is. Men and some women look at Cathy and their thoughts immediately turn to sex. Cathy is not a virgin but her experience is extremely limited. She lived in a small village about an hour outside of Saint Petersburg. She was in her first year in the University there. She rode a public bus to school each morning and home each night. She had been riding it for a few months and had gotten to know the driver fairly well. The driver's name was Ivan. He was 43 years old and single. To Cathy he was like a kindly older uncle. Little did Cathy know the thoughts that entered his mind as she rode his bus. Normally the bus was half full when Cathy boarded it for the trip home.

One evening when she boarded the bus it was empty except for an older man, Ivan and her. The older man was in his late 50's and smelled of cheap vodka. Unknown to Cathy it was that way on purpose. Ivan had been watching Cathy for months. He had decided that she would be his and quickly put together a plan to have her. He made a deal with the dispatcher to have his route covered expect for Cathy's stop. The dispatcher agreed on the condition that he could join in the fun. As you might guess Ivan agreed and the older man on the bus was Carl the dispatcher.

Cathy sat in the front of the bus as the journey home began. Cathy was in her normal school attire, a white blouse and a knee length black skirt. Underneath her clothes she had a plain white bra, white cotton panties, white stockings and a garter belt. Cathy never wore pantyhose or sexy underwear. Cathy sat with her legs together and her skirt covering her knees. It was getting darker and Cathy was thinking about a boy in school. He was so handsome and she wanted him to ask her out.

Carl got up from his seat and sat next to her. She automatically scooted closer to the window as he sat down. Carl placed his hand on her knee. Cathy pushed it off her knee. Carl placed it back on her knee and gave her an evil look. She removed it again and looked out the window. Carl leaned close and whispered in her ear. He said "Leave it girl, before I get angry"!

Cathy could smell the vodka on his breath and became frightened. As Carl put his hand back on her knee she looked up and saw Ivan watching through the rear view mirror. Carl slowly pushed her skirt up until the tops of her stockings were in plain view. As he caressed her thigh he pushed her legs open. He used his free hand to fondle her breasts through her blouse. Cathy could see Ivan licking his lips as he glanced in the mirror.

Ivan turned the bus onto a deserted dirt road and turned the interior lights on. He drove a ways down the road. Carl in the meantime had worked Cathy's skirt up to her waist so that her white panties were in plain view. With one hand stroking her pussy through her panties he used the other to undo the buttons on her blouse. Once it was unbuttoned to her waist her pulled it out of her skirt and finished unbuttoning it. He was squeezing her perky breasts through her bra when Ivan pulled the bus off the road in front of an old deserted cabin. Carl stood up and grabbed Cathy by her hair. He pulled her into the center aisle of the bus. As he did Ivan came up behind her and pulled her blouse off. Cathy stood there shaking with fear and sobbing quietly.

Carl whispered hoarsely "That's it girl, you behave and you won't get hurt." Cathy glanced at the floor as she shook her head in agreement. Carl released his hold on her hair and stepped back.

Carl said, "Now girl we are going into the cabin. We don't want to hurt you but we will. When we get to the cabin all you have to do is use you hands and mouth to get both of us off. Once you do that we will take you home and forget this ever happened."

Cathy sobbed and said "okay I will try, please don't hurt me anymore."

Ivan and Carl quickly led Cathy to the cabin. Once inside Ivan light a couple oil lamps to provide light. Cathy saw that the room was bare except for a table with the lamps on it and an old beaten up couch against one wall. Carl told Cathy to remove her skirt. As Cathy was doing so Carl and Ivan quickly stripped out of the clothes. The men quickly surrounded Cathy and began fondling her all over. Carl was squeezing her breasts when Ivan undid the hooks and released her breasts. Carl started pinching her nipples and led her to the couch. Carl sat down on the couch and spread his legs.

He said, "You can start with me." Cathy leaned forward and grasped his hard cock. As she stroked it to life she realized it was much bigger then any of her boyfriends. Carl was a little bigger then average. He was 7" long and 4" around when fully erect. Cathy was not sure she could take it all but had to try. She kissed the head of Carl's cock and ran her tongue up and down the shaft. She slipped her mouth over the head and ran her tongue around it. She stroked the shaft as she worked it deeper into her mouth. She was not very experienced but she had a natural talent for sucking cock. Soon she had it buried deep in her throat and could feel his pubic hair tickling her nose. She cupped Carl's balls in her hand and played with them as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

While Cathy was engaged with Carl's cock Ivan was doing his own exploring. He was caressing Cathy's ass and legs. He worked her thighs apart and was rubbing her pussy through her panties. Cathy was starting to enjoy Ivan's attentions when Carl let out a groan. Carl grabbed her hair and started to furiously fuck her face. He stiffened and buried his cock deep in Cathy's throat. As he shot jet after jet of hot cum down her throat Cathy started to panic. She could not breath with Carl's cock in her throat. Then she was fine as she automatically started breathing through her nose. After Carl finished cumming her released his grip on Cathy's hair and allowed her to stand up.

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