My Dog, My New Sex Partner

by Devil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Zoophilia, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: A women wakes up from a sexual dream and her dog helps her release her pent up sexual desires

Laying in my bed, I had just woken up from a very arousing sexual dream. I could feel the tension in my body needing a release. I turn on my night lamp and reach down and open the door to my night table and bring out my favorite dildo.

I throw the blankets off my naked body, and accidentally throw them over my dog, Sal, waking him up as the blankets hit him. "Sorry Sal," I say, "I did not mean to wake you," and I reach over and give him a pat on the head. Sal moves over closer to me for more attention. "Sorry Sal, I have a need that I have to take care of, but you can watch if you like", as I smile at him and a thought starts to form in my head.

I lay back down with my dildo in my hand and start caressing and rubbing my clit with the tip of it. I spread my legs farther apart as I feel my body starting to respond to my actions. I insert the dildo into my hot wet pussy and start thrusting it in and out slowly. I take my other hand and rub my clit and hard knob of pleasure. I feel the pressure in my body building as I continue these motions, and my mind wonders to thinking of how nice a tongue would feel down there right now.

All of a sudden, a tongue is there, a long, raspy warm wet tongue licking me and my fingers. I suddenly sit up a bit and see Sal. Its his tongue that is licking me, and it feels very pleasurable. "Hey Sal," I say. "That feels good, I think I will let you continue, I was hoping you were going to help me out." So I remove my dildo and fingers, and let Sal take over and finish the job that first my dream and then my self started.

I prop myself up on my pillows and watch as Sal licks me all over my pussy and ass. I admire his golden colored fur, as he buries his head deeper in between my legs. I can see his deep pink shaft, coming out of his protective sheath, and wonder if I would be able to take him all in my body. I have seen his erection before, though not totally hard and it looked big to me even though he is a Golden lab.

I lay my body down to feel the sensations going through my body. I feel Sals tongue, smooth but yet rough and oh, so very nice and long. I feel him working his tongue into my hot pussy, his cold wet nose pressed against my clit. I think to myself, wish I had thought of this sooner as I feel my muscles swelling and throbbing as Sal licks me all over. I feel him working his long raspy tongue.inside of me. wiggling back and forth, trying to lap up all my juices. I feel my body react, my muscles swelling and throbbing with the motions of his tongue.

I take my hand and start playing with my breasts, rubbing my nipples making them hard and erect. I play with them both, pinching and twisting them in motion with Sals tongue licking my pussy.

Hmmmm... this feels wonderful, my body now totally aroused. I then feel Sal removing his tongue from my pussy and start licking my ass. Oh, I can't hold off any longer, I feel the pressure building up inside of me. Sal wiggles his tongue around my ass and pussy, trying to slip his tongue into my ass. His long nose almost inside my pussy... I feel my self coming as his long tongue slips into my ass. I feel my muscles contract around his tongue and also the tip of his wet nose. I squirm and wiggle up and down trying to get him into me more as my body jerks and spasms with convulsions as my pent up desire is released.

I am not done yet though, and neither is Sal. I lay there for a few minutes to catch my breath. Sal continues to lap his long tongue all around my clit, pussy and ass, getting my body aroused and ready again.

I now sit up and lean over Sal as he continues licking my ass and pussy, making my body needing more yet. I bring my hands down and start stroking his shaft. I feel that he is getting hard and he is moist.

Sal brings his front paws onto my shoulders, his tongue licking my face and back. and tries to enter me. I feel his belly fur tickling my breasts and nipples making them hard and erect with the friction that is created, as he is humping his body back and forth against mine. His claws are sharp, and I see my socks on the floor by my bed. I reach down, grab them and put them on Sals front paws. "Ah, that is better Sal, now my skin wouldn't get so scratched" as he resumes his humping motions. I move my hands back down to his shaft and start stroking him harder, feeling his shaft coming out of his protective sheath more.

I am not ready for Sal to enter me yet, but I continue to stroke him and then bring his hardening shaft to my lips. I first run my tongue around his wet tip, tasting his slightly acidic, oily juices.

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