Sue: A Middle-Aged Hottie

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2004 by Tom Land

Sex Story: Sue and her husband have Tom come to do some work around their house. While the husband is out of town, Sue treats Tom and he realizes in the end that his whole job was to "do Sue".

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

Sue is one of those women who certainly don't look their age; they're sexy, they're beautiful and they know how to use the natural assets they've been given to make them feel good about how they look and to use those assets in luring the men they want attention from. Sue is one of those kinds of women. She's totally hot. One of the things I first noticed about Sue was that she nearly always wore tops and sweaters and dresses that showed off her nice breasts. Oh yeah. One of the first things you notice about Sue in addition to her nice hair, and her pretty face is her sexy fine rounded tits sitting there high on her chest. She wears the kinds of bras that enhance the natural endowment of her chest, and they fixate your gaze on their sexy beauty.

I had admired Sue's sexiness and her beauty from afar and had often fantasized about fucking her until one spring afternoon when her husband called and asked me if I'd come over and do some work at his house. He told me that he'd be out of town all afternoon but that Sue would be there and she could give me access to anything I might need in order to do the necessary job. I began to think about Sue the night before the job was to be done, and my sexual imagination began to run wild with me. What would it be like to fuck Sue there in her own home?? Maybe even in her own marital bed?? Nah, I knew that would never happen.

when I arrived at their house, Sue was wearing a very nice summertime outfit for working around the house during her day off from work. She had on a nice sleeveless pink top and a pair of loosely fitting shorts that did set off her nice body very well. I found myself wondering all the way to their house what kind of top Sue would have on since I'd come to know a bit about how she dressed to show off her tits. I wasn't a bit disappointed.

"Hi, Tom," Sue greeted me and she took me to show the area where the work needed doing. I listened and made sure I knew what information I'd need but at the same time, I was taking in Sue's sexy figure and wishing that I might get some payment for my work that didn't necessarily involve money. Sue told me to let her know if there was anything I needed. I managed to maneuver myself so that I could sneak a peek down the open sleeve hole of Sue's top and I could see that she had on a very sexy lace bra underneath it. My cock got hard in my pants as I stood there close to her. I could also smell her perfume which did nothing to came me down.

I immediately set about doing the work I'd been hired for and a couple of hours later, I was finished. Just as I was going to tell Sue I'd gotten done, she appeared at the back door of the house with a nice frosty glass of lemonade.

"Oh, you're finished already?" Sue asked with a tone of voice that made me think she was genuinely surprised that I'd finished and was just about to tell her I was leaving. "I made some fresh-squeezed lemonade for us if you'd like to come inside and enjoy a glass before you have to go," she offered.

"Sure, never turn down a real glass of lemonade," I said as I was pleased that my chance at Sue wasn't over yet. I went inside and we sat in her dining area at the table, slowly sipping our separate glasses of cool refreshing lemonade. As we sat there, I stared up and down over Sue's body, and quickly noticed that her nipples had grown hard inside her bra and were poking saucily out against the material of her top. I thought I could see the dark circles of Sue's nipples against the background of her pink top but I'm sure through her bra and the top that I was imagining that. We spent nearly 30 minutes just talking about the job and then about different things in our lives, and I suddenly realized that my cock had grown very hard and thick in my pants. I'd been talking to Sue, but my mind had been undressing her and I'd been thinking about taking her to the master bedroom and fucking her brains out.

I finally gave up on any realistic possibility of hanky-panky transpiring between Sue and me but when I got up to leave, I was pretty sure Sue could see my erection in my pants if she was paying attention. I made a move to turn and head out the kitchen door when Sue stood and quickly reached over, placing her hand over the large bulge of my cock inside my pants.

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