An Erotic Swap of Mates

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2004 by Tom Land

Sex Story: Two couples meet in the home of one of them after a wedding reception. They relax, enjoy some snacks and drinks and then move to the Jacuzzi for some serious relaxation. The only catch is that Anne and Larry are married and Pam and Tom are married but Pam's is Larry's serious ex-girlfriend. Then fun begins

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Swinging   Group Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

It was an evening that never should have happened. Not that it "shouldn't" have happened, but just that it was a meeting of four people that no one would have ever expected to find in the same room. Pam and Larry had been serious lovers during their college years, and they'd even thought they might get married after graduation. Pam was a tall, shapely brunette and she and Larry had made love regularly. Living together in an apartment while they attended college, no one would have taken them for anything other than husband and wife, the way they acted around each other. But, in their senior year, suddenly they found themselves growing apart from each other, and in February, they parted ways, Pam had moved in with a girlfriend until a few months later when she began dating some other guys.

After their mutual breakup, Larry had gotten another roommate in a matter of weeks -- Anne, and they had fallen in love and gotten married six months after Larry graduated. They'd been married for a few years and the marriage of a mutual friend of Larry and Pam had brought the foursome back together in the same house one evening. The fourth person in the group was Pam's husband, Tom, who she'd been married to for a year. Larry and Anne still lived in the town where they'd gone to college but Pam and her husband Tom had moved about three hours away in another city.

After they'd attended the wedding of their friends and then gone to the reception dinner, Larry and Anne invited Pam and Tom to come over to their place for some drinks and just to get caught up again on what had been going on in their lives. After a few drinks and some snacks since it had been awhile since the end of the dinner, everyone was really beginning to loosen up and get comfortable with each other. Pam found herself a bit on edge around Larry and Anne originally but after a few glasses of wine, she was feeling her old self around Larry and his wife. The guys were hitting the beer and mixed drinks pretty heavily as well and as the evening wore on, the foursome were all getting very loose in each other's company. Finally, Larry suggested that they all head for the large Jacuzzi that he and Anne always enjoyed relaxing in whenever they were just chilling and wanted to let the warm waters revive their energy and their spirits.

"Sure, Larry," Pam said, "but we didn't bring anything with us to put on in a Jacuzzi."

"Oh, Pam," Larry said, "when did you ever need to wear something in a Jacuzzi? Anyway, you guys are married, Anne and I are married, and you haven't got anything that I haven't already seen, Pam," Larry reminded her in an effort to get her and Tom to join them in the hot tub. "We're all grownups here and we're all big boys and girls. Is there anybody that doesn't know what a naked body looks like?"

Larry started coming out of his clothes and Anne quickly joined him. Pam hesitated for a moment or two and when she saw her husband Tom shedding his clothes to jump in the Jacuzzi with Larry and Anne, Pam stood and began to remove her own clothes as well. Unlike Pam who was a tall shapely brunette, Anne was a very nicely shaped blonde. She'd been a cheerleader in high school and also there at the college where they'd attended. Anne had always been something of an exhibitionist and she had no problems with getting naked in front of Tom and Pam. Pam also had a sexy body and she actually had larger and fuller breasts than Anne did. Larry and Anne were first to climb into the Jacuzzi naked, and then they were joined by Tom. Pam was last and as she came out of her bra and panties, Larry noticed that Pam had started shaving her pussy smooth. He loved seeing Pam's sexy pussy without any of her dark brunette hair crowning it, her pussy lips looked very hot and already possibly a bit swollen in arousal. He realized that he'd already been getting turned on by just being naked in the tub with Anne and Pam but seeing his former girlfriend naked made him get harder much more quickly.

"Wow, this feels so good," Anne said as she laid back and let the warm water bubble up around her naked body with her breasts just bobbing at the surface of the water.

"It sure does," Tom added, as he looked around at the other three people naked there in the hot tub with him. "Thanks, guys, for inviting Pam and me over after the wedding dinner. It's nice to just relax and let Larry and Pam new old acquaintances before we head back home in a little while."

Anne had been sitting in the hot tub a little closer to Tom than she'd been to her husband, Larry, and she noticed that Pam was slightly closer to Larry as well. She felt her pussy get turned on when she sat there and looked at Pam's beauty and her large breasts bobbing just above the water's surface just like hers did. She'd often thought about the fact that Larry and Pam had been lovers and apparently very hot for each other before their relationship broke up. She hadn't talked to Larry much about that part of his life. She found herself sitting there envisioning what sex must have been like been the pretty brunette and her husband back before she ever came onto the scene.

As Larry was sipping at his wine, he suddenly felt a hand wrapping around his semi-rigid cock underneath the water. He looked down and he could tell that it wasn't his wife, Anne, because she was over close to Tom. Then he turned and looked straight into the intent gaze of Pam as she closed her hand firmly around the shaft of his cock and then she began to slowly and firmly stroke his semi-aroused meat up and down. Larry didn't know quite how to respond. His wife, Anne, was right there in the hot tub with him and his ex-girlfriend Pam was jacking him to full erection.

"What is going on here?" Larry said as he leaned back and let Pam have a better angle to stroke his hardening cock.

"Just remembering old times, Larry," Pam said as she bent to the task of bringing back to a full raging hardon. "I thought we might show Anne and Tom how hot you and I used to be when we were together," Pam said as she moved closer to Larry and made it very obvious that she was pairing off with him there in front of the other two.

Larry looked nervously over at Anne, wondering if she was behind this at all. His eyes asked if this was OK with her, and he could tell from Anne's look of sexual curiosity that she was perfectly OK with her husband and his former girlfriend playing together there in front of her and Tom. Seeing in Anne's eyes that she was all right with him and Pam getting it on with her and Tom there too, Larry turned towards Pam and let himself also remember how hot and sexy Pam had been back when they'd been very hot lusty intimate lovers.

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