How To Give Your Teacher An Orgasm

by Tim Mack

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: A College student gets an assignment to write a hot sex story and is told he will get an automatic C, if he fails to give his teacher an orgasm.

I always loved English Literature. I fell madly in love with every female high school teacher I ever had for Enlish Literature. They seemed to get sexier every year. Call me crazy, but English Literature really turned me on.

But when I got to College, my English Literature teacher, just didn't turn me on, but rather she had me steaming with passion. Not only was she a wonderful teacher, but she had a body like you only see in a Playboy Centerfold.

My desk was right in front of her desk. She would sit on the top of her desk facing me. She always wore those real short dresses, and when she crossed her legs, her dress would ride up on her very beautiful thighs. She always wore a plunging bra that exposed the upper part of her magnificent breasts that showed plenty of cleavage, and when she would rock her body back and forth, her breasts would shake and give me an incredible rush.

And her voice, oh, it was so sexy and she had the sexiest lips. She was just a total turn on. I tried to act coy, but I guess she must have noticed me staring up her thighs, more than a few times when she crossed her legs. Then one day while I was glancing up her thighs and noticing her very sexy panties she made a stunning announcement to the class.

She told us that we had to do a composition on a very romantic and very sexual encounter.

Then she smiled and said. "Any composition that fails to give me an orgasm, will get an automatic C."

She then liked her lips as she rocked her body just enough to let her breasts bounce and said. "Turn me on."

This was like a dream come true for me. I had a chance to give my English Literature teacher an orgasm. All day long, I couldn't stop thinking about it. My whole body just tingled with excitement and anticipation.

I ran into my friend, and he said. "Hey. Why don't we grab a burger?"

I said. "Don't have time now. I have to give someone an orgasm."

I guess I should have explained what I meant, but I was driven, and I would not eat or sleep until I was confident that I had a composition to give my teacher an orgasm. So, I wrote it and I got an A+ on it, and oh, did it ever feel good thinking that I must have given her an orgasm with that big A+ written on the top of the composition.

After she showed me the A+ mark, she asked. "Can I keep the composition?"

Of course, I was estatic when she said that, and I said. "Sure, its yours."

It was a while ago now that I wrote the composition that gave my teacher an orgasm. And with no copy, I have to write it from memory. But here is what I can remember of it, just in case any of you may have to write a compostion someday that gives your English Literature teacher an orgasm.

"Birthday Surprise"

I once slept with two girls that were best friends. The first girl was so hot she virtualy wore me out. Don't get me wrong. She was fantastic in bed, but she didn't ever want to stop. The last time I slept with her, we did it three times in a row that night and she still wanted more. She was sexy like crazy, but I just wasn't a machine.

I met her friend, not knowing that they knew eachother and although, she was dynamite in bed, she at least came up for air every once in a while. So one night when we went out to dinner, we ran into my old flame and her best girl friend. My new girlfriend spotted here, and introduced us.

I tried to play it cool, and I just said. "Oh, we met before."

The other girl just smiled and said. "How are you?"

I said. "I'm fine."

And asked. "How are you?"

But when I realized that they were best friends, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would become their topic of conversation.

I knew I had to come clean, so I told the girl I was with that I had slept with her best friend, but that was before I knew her. She seemed to accept that and everything was fine.

It was my birthday the next day and she said to me. "I have a surprise for you, for your biirthday."

I imagined. "Well maybe a party or something."

We went to bed and I started to wonder about the surprise. I tried to coax what the surprise was out of her, but she wasn't telling.

Then she said. "Lets make love. I'm as horny as ever tonight."

At first I thought. "She might be a little cold in bed after finding out that I slept with her best girl friend."

But to my pleasant surprise, we had the best sex ever that night. I had never seen her quite that turned on.

Finaly, I had to say. "Oh, no, not again, I have to get up for work in the morning."

So I fell asleep and left her motor running, but I was totaly spent and I really was at the point of exhaustion and I knew I was going to be really tired in the morning going to work. So after about 5 minutes or so, I fell fast asleep.

Then after a while I awoke and oh, what a surprise. I woke up to feeling a tongue licking and blowing in my left ear and another tongue, licking and blowing in my right ear.

I thought. "Oh, her two Cats must be in bed with us again."

I yelled. "Okay, go away kitty cats."

And then I felt a pair of hands run down my chest and another pair of hands run down my thighs.

And then I heard my girl friend say. "Are you sure you want us kitty cats to stop?"

And then I heard another female voice say. "Purrrrrr, meowwwwwwwwww."

I opened my eyes with amazement and saw, both my girlfriend and her best friend.

The both of them were in bed with me.

I asked. "What is going on?

My current girl friend answered. "We decided to share you."

I then sat up in bed, and said. "Share me. Do you mean that you both want to make it with me together?"

My girlfriends best friend answered. "Yes, both of us want you."

Then she placed her hands on the waist of my shorts.

I said. "You are kidding me. Aren't you?"

She said. "No, we really want this."

And then she started to slide my shorts off.

I said. "My shorts. Why are you taking my shorts off?"

She then replied. "We want you."

I watched with surprise as she pulled my shorts all the way down my legs and then throw them down on the floor.

I said. Whats going on?

My girl friend replied. "This is your birthday surprise. Both of us are going to have wild sex with you at once."

I said. "What?"

She said. "No more talking now."

And stuck her tongue deeply into my mouth. She started to gentley stroke my throbbing cock.

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